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2019 Upper Deck Alien 3

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist

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Covering the third installment of the Alien franchise, Upper Deck Alien 3 takes collectors on a journey to the foundry and prison at Fiorina "Fury" 161. Each Hobby box contains one metal card, one rip card, and one autograph or sketch card.

This is the third movie-specific Alien set from Upper Deck in recent years, joining Alien from 2017, and Aliens from 2018.

In addition to Sigourney Weaver returning as the sci-fi icon Ellen Ripley, the 1992 film marks David Fincher's directorial debut. Fincher would go on to direct Seven, Fight Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, and Gone Girl, among others.

Despite being first announced in 2018 and slated to release in 2019, the set did not actually make it to collectors until 2021.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 1

Upper Deck Alien 3 Base / Inserts

The 100-card base set in 2021 Upper Deck Alien 3 pulls images straight from the movie to give fans a nice refresher course. There are also two parallel styles. This includes a special Movie Poster Puzzle Back version that forms a larger image. Overall, there should be one parallel per pack.

In addition, the various inserts use the film for inspiration and combine to average one per pack. Behind the Scenes is a UD staple that pulls back the curtain on the production of Aliens 3. Other options include Dillon’s Dogma, Harmonious Brotherhood, and The Dragon. There is also the playful, chess-themed Bishop Takes Queen insert.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 2

Choose Your Cut displays a scene from the theatrical version alongside the same scene from the director's edition to let collectors decide their favorite.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 3

Upper Deck Alien 3 Autographs / Rip / Metal

That only leaves the hits, and the 2021 Upper Deck Alien 3 checklist is not short on choices. The Mug Shots line provides the main actor autographs in single and dual form. These combine with the Sketch cards to fall one per Hobby box.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 4

The Lead Works plays into the film's setting on a metal-producing facility with actual metal cards. The most limited editions are The Lead Works Autograph cards, numbered to 25. Collectors can expect one metal insert per box.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 5

Finally, if the scary chestburster scene still haunts your dreams, turn away now. The Chest Burster rip cards also come one per box, and house a little extra inside. When ripped, the cards reveal exclusive miniature cards.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 6

This includes Chest Burster Mini cards numbered to as low as 15 copies, and rare Chest Burster Autograph cards.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards Checklist 7

Release Date: April 7, 2021
Product Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 15 packs per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

Upper Deck Alien 3 Hobby Box Break Average

1 each of the following:

  • Autograph or Sketch card
  • Chest Burster rip card
  • Lead Works metal card

Set Checklist

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Checklist

Subject to change.


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Bar Code (1:4), Rust/5 Stack (ePack).
MOVIE POSTER BACK PARALLELS: Tier 1 #1-60 (1:2), Tier 2 #61-90 (1:8), Tier 3 #90-100 (1:240).

1 USS Sulaco
2 Cryosleep
3 Breach
4 Cryogenic Chambers
5 Fiorina 161
6 Abandoned Structures
7 Lone Survivor
8 Ripley Survives
9 Isolation
10 Ripley's Crew
11 Dillon
12 Morse
13 Clemens
14 Facehugger
15 Newt
16 Trepidation
17 Examination Table
18 Dig Deeper
19 Traumatic Event
20 Dissent
21 Cremated
22 Slaughterhouse
23 Sudden Realization
24 Chestburster
25 Xenomorph
26 Golic
27 Castaway Planet
28 Barcode
29 Indiscernible Residue
30 Andrews
31 Bishop's Remains
32 Encounter
33 Escape the Carnage
34 Devastating Truth
35 Ripley's Conscience
36 Dragon
37 Traumatic Tale
38 Aaron
39 Golic's Ranting
40 Urgency of Their Situation
41 Infirmary
42 Syringe
43 Acid-Stained Tile
44 Shocked Silence
45 Grim Realization
46 Time Freezes
47 Clemens' Eyes
48 Xenomorph Stalks
49 Paralyzed
50 Kinship
51 Mess Hall
52 Anguished Screams
53 Initiative
54 Helpless
55 Air Vent
56 Out of Commission
57 Leader
58 Ventilation Ducts
59 Highly-Flammable Liquid
60 Combustible Chemical
61 Alien Antagonist
62 Catastrophic
63 Predatory Instincts
64 Explosion
65 Retreating
66 Rage
67 Weyland-Yutani
68 Recovery Mission
69 Permission to Terminate
70 Permission Denied
71 Chase
72 Fallen Comrades
73 Lead Works
74 Rescue Team
75 Refinery
76 Ripley Contemplating
77 Precipice
78 Mystery
79 Bioscan
80 Embryonic Queen
81 Time is of the Essence
82 Satellite Transmission
83 Awaiting Acknowledgement
84 Alien Specimen
85 Sacrifice
86 Torment
87 Drastic Measures
88 Dillon Faces His Demon
89 Molten Metal
90 Sacrifice Won't be in Vain
91 Grisly Remnants
92 Michael Bishop
93 Lure the Alien
94 Scorched and Scowling
95 Unrelenting Pursuer
96 Bait the Xenomorph
97 Sprinkler System
98 Veil of Deception
99 Bishop's Dismay
100 Plunges into the Forge


2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Autograph Checklist


The Lead Works Autographs Set Checklist

9 cards. Serial numbered #/25.

LW-CD Charles S. Dutton
LW-CF Christopher Fairbank
LW-CJ Christopher John Fields
LW-DW Danny Webb
LW-LH Lance Henriksen
LW-PG Peter Guiness
LW-PM Paul McGann
LW-RB Ralph Brown
LW-VN Vincenzo Nicoli


Mug Shots Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:28 packs.

MS-CD Charles S. Dutton
MS-CF Christopher Fairbank
MS-CJ Christopher John Fields
MS-DU Charles S. Dutton
MS-DW Danny Webb
MS-LH Lance Henriksen
MS-PG Peter Guinness
MS-PM Paul McGann
MS-RB Ralph Brown
MS-VN Vincenzo Nicoli


Mug Shots Autographs Green Foil Set Checklist

12 cards. 1:60 packs.

MS-CD Charles S. Dutton
MS-CF Christopher Fairbank
MS-CJ Christopher John Fields
MS-DU Charles S. Dutton
MS-DW Danny Webb
MS-LH Lance Henriksen
MS-PG Peter Guinness
MS-PM Paul McGann
MS-RB Ralph Brown
MS-SW Sigourney Weaver
MS-VN Vincenzo Nicoli
MS-WE Sigourney Weaver


Mug Shots Autographs Inscriptions Set Checklist

10 cards.

MS-CD Charles S. Dutton
MS-CF Christopher Fairbank
MS-CJ Christopher John Fields
MS-DU Charles S. Dutton
MS-DW Danny Webb
MS-LH3 Lance Henriksen
MS-PG Peter Guinness
MS-PM Paul McGann
MS-RB Ralph Brown
MS-VN Vincenzo Nicoli


Mug Shots Dual Autographs Set Checklist

2 cards. 1:240 packs.


DA-CD Danny Webb/Charles S. Dutton
DA-DP Danny Webb/Paul Mcgann


Chest Burster Mini Autographs Checklist

8 cards. Inside Chest Burster cards.

M-CD Charles S. Dutton
M-CF Christopher Fairbank
M-CJ Christopher John Fields
M-DU Charles S. Dutton
M-PG Peter Guiness
M-PM Paul McGann
M-RB Ralph Brown
M-VN Vincenzo Nicoli


2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Relic / Sketch Checklist


30th Anniversary Diamond Relics Set Checklist

1 card. Serial numbered #/30.

30TH-CD Charles Dutton


Sketch Set Checklist

41 artists. 1:100 packs.

Abdul Ghofur
Alex Mines
Ashleigh Popplewell
Ashley Marsh
Barry Renshaw
Bryan "SilverBaX" Sheppard
Carolyn Craggs
Charles Hall
Charlie Cody
Chris Ralston
Chris Thorne
Darren Coburn-James
Edgar A. Hernandez
Garrett Dix
Glen Kertes
Ian MacDougall
James Dickson
Jay Manchand
Jeff Mallinson
Jeffrey Benitez
Jennifer Allyn
John Haun
Karl Jones
Kate Carleton
Kursat Cetiner
Larry Haines
Laura Atkinson
Lloyd Mills
Matt Stewart
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mitch Ballard
Mohammad Jilani
Norvien Basio
Patrick Scullin
Paul Shiers
Rebecca Sharp
Ronnie Crowther
Semra Bulut
Tim Fagaly
Wayne Barnes


Sketch ePack Puzzles Achievements Checklist

14 artists.

SKT2 Ashley Marsh
SKT2 Glen Kertes
SKT2 Ian MacDougall
SKT2 James Dickson
SKT2 Jay Manchand
SKT2 Jennifer Allyn
SKT2 Karl Jones
SKT2 Larry Haines
SKT2 Mohammad Jilani
SKT2 Norvien Basio
SKT2 Rebecca Sharp
SKT2 Semra Bulut
SKT3 Mohammad Jilani
SKT4 Tim Fagaly


2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Insert Checklist


Alien Resurrection Achievements Set Checklist

12 cards. ePack only.


AR-1 Cloned Ripley - Complete The Dragon Set
AR-2 Alien Embryo Extracted From Ripley - Complete Choose Your Cut Set
AR-3 Ovomorphs and Humans - Complete Behind the Scenes Set
AR-4 Goodbye Doctor - Complete Harmonious Brotherhood Set
AR-5 Alien Experiments - Complete 5 Stack Achievement Set
AR-6 Swimming Aliens - Complete Bishop takes Queen Set
AR-7 Up The Ladder - Complete Dillon's Dogma Set
AR-8 Ripley Church Area - Complete Lead Works 1-15 Set
AR-9 Ripley Alien Nest - Complete Silver Bar Code Set
AR-10 Queen Alien - Complete Lead Works SP 16-25 Set
AR-11 Mutation - Complete Lead Works SSP 26-32 Set
AR-12 Alien Ejection - Redeemed Achievement Cards 1-11


Behind The Scenes Set Checklist

6 cards. 1:8 packs.

BTS-1 Fiorina 161
BTS-2 Dillon
BTS-3 Xenomorph
BTS-4 Ripley
BTS-5 Bishop's Head Prop
BTS-6 Stunt Coordinators


Bishop Takes Queen Set Checklist

12 cards. 1:8 packs.

BTQ-1 They Don't Want to Kill It
BTQ-2 I'm Carrying the New Queen
BTQ-3 No Speeches, No Prayers
BTQ-4 They Just Want the Beast, You Know That
BTQ-5 She's in the Lead Works with the Beast
BTQ-6 I Wanna Die
BTQ-7 I'm Not the Bishop Android
BTQ-8 We Wanna Kill It and Take You Home
BTQ-9 We Can't Allow It to Live
BTQ-10 You Must Let Me Have It!
BTQ-11 Ripley Jumps
BTQ-12 Ripley Falling Toward the Furnace


Chest Burster Set Checklist

28 cards.
Base odds - 1:16 packs; SP print runs noted.

CB-1 Bishop II
CB-2 Junior
CB-3 Aaron
CB-4 Morse
CB-5 Murphy
CB-6 Rains
CB-7 Dillon
CB-8 Golic
CB-9 Gregor
CB-10 Jude
CB-11 Dillon
CB-12 Ripley
Short Prints
CB-13 Bishop II #/50
CB-14 Junior #/50
CB-15 Aaron #/50
CB-16 Morse #/50
CB-17 Murphy #/50
CB-18 Rains #/50
CB-19 Dillon #/50
CB-20 Golic #/50
CB-21 Gregor #/50
CB-22 Jude #/50
CB-23 Dillon #/50
CB-24 Ripley #/50
CB-25 Oxen #/25
CB-26 Oxen #/25
CB-27 Dog #/15
CB-28 Dog #/15


Chest Burster Minis Set Checklist

20 cards. Inside Chest Burster cards.

M-1 Alien
M-2 Alien
M-3 Alien
M-4 Alien
M-5 Alien
M-6 Alien
M-7 Alien
M-8 Alien
M-9 Alien
M-10 Alien
M-11 Aaron
M-12 Dillon
M-13 Murphy
M-14 Rains
M-15 Jude
M-16 Golic
M-17 Gregor
M-18 Dillon
M-19 Clemens
M-20 Ripley


Choose Your Cut Set Checklist

11 cards. 1:4 packs.

CYC-1 Ripley
CYC-2 Andrew Rumour Control
CYC-3 Oxen
CYC-4 Dillon Discussing Golic
CYC-5 Golic Eating In Kitchen
CYC-6 Dillon's Speech
CYC-7 Ripley Responds
CYC-8 Moving To The Furnace
CYC-9 Motivating Prisoners
CYC-10 Cigarette Lighting
CYC-11 Ripley's Death


Dillon's Dogma Set Checklist

12 cards. 1:7.5 packs.

DD-1 Angry God
DD-2 Why the Pain
DD-3 Do You Have Any Faith Sister
DD-4 We've Got to Discuss Some Matters
DD-5 He's Never Lied to Me
DD-6 We Stand Together
DD-7 The Apocalypse is Upon Us
DD-8 You Want Help from Us
DD-9 This is a Time for Rejoicing
DD-10 That World Out There Doesn't Exist for us Anymore
DD-11 Lay low Be Ready and Stay Right
DD-12 We're All Gonna Die, Onl


The Dragon Set Checklist

8 cards. 1:6 packs.

TD-1 Dragon
TD-2 Dragon
TD-3 Dragon
TD-4 Dragon
TD-5 Dragon
TD-6 Dragon
TD-7 Dragon
TD-8 Dragon


Harmonious Brotherhood Set Checklist

8 cards. 1:6 packs.

HB-1 Ripley
HB-2 Aaron
HB-3 Morse
HB-4 Bishop II
HB-5 Murphy
HB-6 Rains
HB-7 Junior
HB-8 Golic


The Lead Works Set Checklist

32 cards, including 10 SP and 7 SSP.
Odds: Base - 1:24; SP - 1:50; SSP - 1:200.

LW-1 This is a Lead Works Isn't It?
LW-2 What are We Gonna Use for Bait?
LW-3 My Door Ain't Working!
LW-4 Did Anybody Hear Anything?
LW-5 Dragon
LW-6 Pissed Off!
LW-7 Yoo-Hoo!
LW-8 Safe
LW-9 Improvising
LW-10 Here Kitty Kitty
LW-11 Door 3 Closed
LW-12 Dragon Mouth
LW-13 He's Dead!
LW-14 Looking at Dragon
LW-15 Dragon Eating Guy
Short Print SP
LW-16 Run as Fast as You Can!
LW-17 She's in the Lead Works
LW-18 Move!
LW-19 Let it Go!
LW-20 Shut the Door!
LW-21 I'm Staying!
LW-22 Dillon!
LW-23 Pour The Lead!
LW-24 Lead Pouring on Dragon
LW-25 Gotcha!
Short Print SSP
LW-26 Stay Where You Are!
LW-27 I'm Here to Help You
LW-28 You're a Droid!
LW-29 It's Very Quick, Painless
LW-30 You Have To Trust Me
LW-31 You Must Let Me Have It!
LW-32 No!


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mark reiser

Do you know if there has been any talks of future box releases highlighting the other films?

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Is there a Sigourney Weaver signature collection card in this series?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

We won’t know specific cards until UD puts out the checklist.

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