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2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards

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An iconic film in the world of science fiction, 2017 Upper Deck Alien brings back the scary good debut for an updated cardboard take. In this instance, old-school designs are joined by modern hits, which fall two per box.

Of course, this is not the first set to detail the original movie, as 1979 Topps Alien gave collectors their earliest taste of Alien trading cards. Also, UD previously offered an overall look at the franchise with 2016 Upper Deck Alien Anthology.

2017 Upper Deck Alien Base / Inserts

Going retro in honor of the 1979 film, the 2017 Upper Deck Alien base set features 100 cards highlighting movie footage. The "retro" aspect comes into play for both the design and the card stock. Applying a more current component of the hobby, parallels include Silver Foil, Blue Foil (#/99), Red Foil (#/25) and Canvas (#/15). There are also one-of-one Printing Plate cards that were used in the production of the set.

Consisting of seven different options, the inserts offer background details such as behind the scenes information and deleted scenes.

2017 Upper Deck Alien Hits

Providing a diverse supply of premium hits, the 2017 Upper Deck Alien checklist features authentic signatures as well as a variety of relics. Each box delivers one manufactured Semiotic Patch, which highlights the symbols used to note specific items in the film.

All other hits combine to represent the second premium pull in each box. These include hobby staples like actor Autographs and hand-drawn Sketch cards. The more unique choices consist of Robot Parts, which is a manufactured relic set based around Ash, the robotic crew member on the Nostromo. Meanwhile, Mineral Ore offers actual pieces of mined rock. Most likely to elicit a squeal of delight (or terror), the Alien Egg Shadow Box cards have something waiting inside.

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 1

Release Date: 11/15/2017
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Manufactured Semiotic Patch Card
  • 1 Other Hit
    • (Autograph, Sketch, Alien Egg Shadow Box, Android Parts OR Mineral Ore)
  • 1-2 Parallels
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Checklist

Odds noted below for Hobby (h) and ePack (e) as applicable.

Base Set Checklist

100 cards. 3 per pack.
RETRO PARALLELS: Canvas #/15, Printing Plates #/4.
MODERN PARALLELS: Silver Foil (1:1 h/e), Blue Foil #/99, Red Foil #/25, Printing Plates #/4.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 23

1 The Nostromo
2 The Signal
3 Kane Rises
4 The First Meal
5 Mother Calls
6 Unfamiliar Territory
7 Mother Intervened
8 The Clause
9 Course Changed
10 The Descent
11 Rough Landing
12 Status Check
13 The Departure
14 Problems Amidst Problems
15 The Source
16 Amazed
17 Into Second Position
18 The Space Jockey
19 The Wound
20 A Warning?
21 Down a Tunnel
22 Eggs and a Mist
23 A Closer Look
24 An Egg Opens
25 Kane's Condition
26 Defense Mechanism
27 Burning Through
28 Collecting Data
29 Questionable Actions
30 Missing
31 Found It!
32 Conflicting Verdicts
33 Time to Sleep
34 Kane Awakes
35 The Final Meal
36 Interrupted Meal
37 Chest Pain
38 Kane's Son
39 Ash Intervenes
40 In Shock
41 Kane's Funeral
42 Sleep Later
43 In the Dark
44 Ready?
45 It's Only Jones
46 Jones?
47 The Alien Grew
48 Scaredy Cat
49 Jones Hisses
50 Face Within a Face
51 In the Air Ducts
52 Movement Detected
53 Clear the Way
54 Signal Lost
55 Move Dallas!!
56 Wrong Choice!
57 Dead Silence
58 Stick to the Plan
59 Unable to Clarify
60 Special Order 937
61 Warning the Others
62 Ash Turns on Ripley
63 Inhuman
64 Removing the Problem
65 Ash is an Android!
66 Not One of Us
67 Lambert Strikes
68 Seeking Answers
69 Only Bad News
70 One Last Look
71 Fire and Ash
72 New Plan
73 Meow
74 Unsteady
75 Another Task
76 Looking for Jones
77 Frozen with Fear
78 Get Out of the Way!
79 A Heroic Death
80 Still Claimed
81 More Dead Silence
82 Deaths Confirmed
83 Final Task
84 Mother Counts Down
85 Ripley Ascends
86 With Arms Loaded
87 An Obstacle Arises
88 Need More Time!
89 Unrelenting Mother
90 Proceed with Caution
91 Take No Chances!
92 Almost Safe
93 The Nostromo is no More
94 Ready to Sleep
95 It Still Lives!
96 Prepare for Battle
97 Flush it Out
98 Back to Plan A
99 Lived to Tell the Tale
100 Cast


Stasis Signatures Set Checklist

Overall odds: 1:48 hobby/ePack. Individual group odds listed below.

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 24

SSS1 Sigourney Weaver as Ripley - A 1:3,127
SSS2 Ian Holm as Ash - B 1:241
SSS3 Yaphet Kotto as Parker - D 1:109
SSS4 Veronica Cartwright as Lambert - D 1:109
SSS5 Tom Skerritt as Dallas - B 1:241
SSS6 Ron Shusett, Executive Producer / Writer - C 1:139
SSS7 Chris Foss, Concept Artist - C 1:139


Stasis Signatures Dual Set Checklist

5 cards.
Overall odds: 1:180 hobby/ePack. Individual group odds listed below.


SSD1 Sigourney Weaver / Ian Holm - A 1:6,300
SSD2 Ron Shusett / Chris Foss - D 1:394
SSD3 Yaphet Kotto / Ron Shusett - B 1:1,575
SSD4 Tom Skerritt / Ian Holm - C 1:450
SSD5 Veronica Cartwright / Tom Skerritt - C 1:450


Stasis Signatures Triple Set Checklist

5 cards.
Overall odds: 1:432 hobby/ePack. Individual group odds listed below.

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 25

SST1 Tom Skerritt / Ian Holm / Veronica Cartwright - D 1:733
SST2 Chris Foss / Yaphet Kotto / Ian Holm - B 1:3,154
SST3 Veronica Cartwright / Ron Shusett / Tom Skerritt - C 1:2,102
SST4 Yaphet Kotto / Veronica Cartwright / Tom Skerritt - D 1:733
SST5 Sigourney Weaver / Ron Shusett / Yaphet Kotto - A 1:6,307


Aperture Autographs Set Checklist

7 cards. Serial numbered #/50.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 262017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 27

AA1 Tom Skerritt as Dallas
AA2 Ian Holm as Ash
AA3 Veronica Cartwright As Lambert
AA4 Sigourney Weaver as Ripley
AA5 Yaphet Kotto as Parker
AA6 Ron Shusett, Executive Producer / Writer
AA7 Chris Foss, Concept Artist


Alien Egg Shadow Box Set Checklist

1 card. 1:270 hobby/ePack.

AES1 Alien Egg Shadow Box


Nostromo Minerals Ore Relics Set Checklist

3 cards. 1:270 hobby/ePack.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 28

MO1 Bismuth
MO2 Calcium
MO3 Cobalt


Robot Parts Manufactured Relic Checklist

3 cards. 1:270 hobby/ePack.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 29

R1 Synthetic Core
R2 Fiber Optics
R3 Tubing


Semiotic Patch Manufactured Relic Set Checklist

29 cards. 1:18 hobby/ePack.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 30

SP1 Pressurized with Artificial Gravity
SP2 Artificial Gravity Absent
SP3 Cryogenic Vault
SP4 Airlock
SP5 Bulkhead Door
SP6 Non-Pressurized Area Beyond
SP7 Autodoc
SP8 Photonic Systems
SP9 Laser
SP10 Astronic Systems
SP11 Hazard/Warning
SP12 Artificial Gravity Area/Non-Pressurized Suit Required
SP13 Non-Pressurized Area/No Gravity/Suit Required
SP14 Exhaust
SP15 Area Shielded from Radiation
SP16 Radiation Hazard
SP17 High Radioactivity
SP18 Intercom
SP19 Directions (Up/Down/Left/Right)
SP20 Life Support System
SP21 Pressurized Area
SP22 Pressure Suit Locker
SP23 Bridge
SP24 Computer Terminal
SP25 Storage Non-Organic
SP26 Storage Organic
SP27 Maintenance
SP28 Ladderway
SP29 Refrigerated Storage


Deleted Scenes Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:10 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 31

DS1 Ripley and Parker
DS2 Ripley Soothes Lambert
DS3 Entering the Derelict
DS4 Airlock Sequence
DS5 Cocooned Dallas


How It's Done Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:10 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4 (#HID2 - 1/1).

HID1 The Nostromo Children *
HID2 The Blue Light
HID3 The Hand and The Egg
HID4 View into the Cockpit
HID5 Android Innards


Inside the Nostromo Set Checklist

6 cards. 1:10 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 32

NOS1 Mess Hall
NOS2 Mother
NOS3 Bridge
NOS4 Medical Bay
NOS5 Hyper Sleep Chambers
NOS6 Airlock


Paranoid Android Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:10 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 33

PA1 The Signal Must Be Investigated
PA2 Breaking Quarantine
PA3 Let's Not Be Too Hasty
PA4 It Has To Go Back
PA5 Don't Touch It!


Special Order 937 Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:7 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4 (#S08,S09 - 1/1).
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 34

SO1 Ridley Scott's Storyboards
SO2 Jet Engine Scraps
SO3 The Space Jockey
SO4 The Derelict
SO5 The Nostromo Set
SO6 The Eggs
SO7 Facehugger Surgery
SO8 Chestbursting *
SO9 The Alien *
SO10 Ron Cobb's Concept Alien



Weapons & Tools Set Checklist

9 cards. 1:8 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 35

WT1 Flamethrower
WT2 Cattle Prod
WT3 Harpoon Gun
WT4 Coolant Tanks
WT5 Exhaust Port
WT6 Medical Scanner
WT7 Motion Tracker
WT8 Self Destruct Bolt
WT9 EVA Suit


Xeneology Set Checklist

6 cards. 1:10 hobby/ePack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates #/4.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 36

X1 Dual Mouth
X2 Acid Blood
X3 Exoskeleton
X4 Domed Head
X5 Facehugger Tail
X6 Chestburster Tail


Sketch Artist Checklist

70 cards. 1:72 hobby/ePack.
2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 37

Abdul Ghofur
Achilleas Kokkinakis
Allen Geneta
Andre Toma
Andy Duggan
Anthony Tan
Ashleigh Popplewell
Benjo Camay
Bobby Breed
Brendan Purchase
Brian DeGuire
Bryan "SilverBaX" Sheppard
Chris Henderson
Chris Meeks
Chris Thorne
Chris West
Cruddie Torian
Daniel Gorman
Darwin Alcazar
David Hindelang
DeJon Parnell
Dominic Sobrito
Eric Fournier
Fabian Quintero
Francisco Flores
Geoffrey Gwin
George Vega
Harold Edge
Helio Oliveira
Ian Quirante
Ingrid Hardy
James Hill
Jason Adams
Jason Crosby
Jason Flowers
Jessica Hickman
JJ Dzialowski
John Haun
John Sloboda
Juan Navarro
Justin Castaneda
Kate Carleton
Keir Lyles
Ken Racho
Kenneth Siemens
Marco Carrillo
Mariano Fadrilan Jr.
Mark Dail
Mark Tannacore
Matthew Parmenter
Melike Acar
Michael Duron
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mitch Ballard
Morgan Taylor
Norvien Basio
Patricio Carrasco
Patrick Giles
Raymundo Racho
Rich Molinelli
Robert Jimenez
Ryan Edwards
Shao Siong
Sherwin Santiago
Ted Dastick Jr.
Tim Shay
Todd Aaron Smith
Tony Scott
Victor Rodriguez
Walter Rice


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Product Review

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Product Review

Reviewed by Trey Treutel

Good: Some very innovative hits; Sigourney Weaver autographs; deep coverage of the film.

Bad: Standard inserts feel a little bland; higher price point for two hits when one is a manufactured patch.

The Bottom Line: Although it revisits a 1979 movie, 2017 Upper Deck Alien does an admirable job mixing retro and modern aspects in the set. Focusing on just the first film, the signer list is a bit sparse, and the box price might be a tad high, but it's a pretty cool entertainment release.

Staff Rating:
3.9 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.0/5.0

Offering most of the old-school look and feel, the base set is decidedly retro. I like it. Some of the images from the film are grainy, but that is easy to understand given the age of the film. While I have no real issue with the "modern" parallels that add a bulky, foil-accented frame to the base design, along with a glossy finish, I would have preferred an Alien Green foil instead of the Red or Blue, which clashes (to my eyes).

Although the autograph cards would have been better hard-signed, the main Stasis Signatures design is solid if not overly memorable. On the other hand, the Aperture cards are quite interesting, with a design that allows collectors to either expose or hide the image of the signer, which is set inside a small circle. I never got to see one in action myself, but the Alien Egg Shadow is another example of an effort to be unique, as the card can be "opened."

Using the same basic design with a thick card and large cut-out viewing area, Nostromo Minerals has actual pieces of bismuth, calcium or cobalt, while Robot Parts contains manufactured pieces. I don't personally care for commemorative relics as a standard card element, but I did think the Semiotic Patch set was a clever way to utilize an aspect of the film that many might overlook. It also felt more cohesive that just a few random alien patches.

Perhaps due to the creativity used for the hit cards, I felt the seven standard inserts needed a little more in the design department. The only one to really catch my attention was Xeneology, which used the green exterior background to frame the alien image.

Checklist: 4.0/5.0

With the 100-card base set, and an assortment of inserts, the main 2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie checklist is fairly manageable for set collectors. The base set will take at least two boxes to complete, and although the inserts only come a few per box, the set sizes are all on the smaller side.

The other checklist of note is for the signers. All things considered, 2017 UD Alien hits most of the key names, including Tom Skerritt as Dallas, Ian Holm as Ash, Veronica Cartwright as Lambert, Yaphet Kotto as Parker, and Sigourney Weaver as Ripley. While this is great, the movie has a very limited main cast and collectors won't likely be as excited for a writer or concept artist signature. Yaphet Kotto is the only new cast signer for 2017, but, to be fair, all of the other main actors from the film are now deceased. Director Ridley Scott would have been a nice addition here, though.

Value: 3.25/5.0

Priced at about $120-130 per box at the time of this review, the value output can struggle when you know one hit is going to be a Semiotic Patch. Also hurting the value is the fact that another UD Alien set came out in 2016, with nearly all the same signers, plus several from other films in the franchise.

On the plus side for value are Sigourney Weaver autographs and the multi-subject cast signatures. There are also the quality sketch cards and Nostromo Minerals redemptions.

The Fun Factor: 4.25/5.0

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie is a fun set because you can really see that UD put in some effort to be distinct. Even the box itself adds to the enjoyment as it mimics an Ovomorph egg that opens to reveal the packs. It was all these little details and the various design elements that really stood out to me, and I found it to be a very exciting break.


2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Hit Gallery

The box used for this review was provided by Upper Deck Entertainment.

2017 Upper Deck Alien Movie Trading Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He collected football and basketball cards as a kid and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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