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2019 Topps Home Run Challenge

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Baseball Cards

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While most collectors are not likely to hit a home run themselves, the 2019 Topps Home Run Challenge cards let them live vicariously through MLB players, and be rewarded if they guess the exact game that a specific player hits a homer.

The program was first established in 2018, and the 2019 promo is very similar.

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Baseball Cards 1

It is worth noting that the first two months of the 2019 program had some hiccups.

Per Topps, "Regarding the Home Run Challenge: A new set of Home Run Challenge cards will be issued for Mar/Apr and May with new color schemes and the cards will reflect the accurate print runs for those months – minus the cards that were already sent out. An initial group of Home Run Challenge cards were sent out in error. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call customer service for further help and questions. 1-800-489-9149."

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Game Card Details

Inserted into 2019 Topps Series 1 and Series 2 Baseball, the 2019 Topps Home Run Challenge cards average 1:24 Hobby packs and 1:10 packs for all other formats, including Hobby Jumbo and Retail. The only exceptions are the packs found at grocery stores or dollar stores, which do not have the HRC cards.

The 35-card set features many top MLB hitters but guessing a home run is not the easiest thing to do as made clear by the very low print runs in 2018. On every card is a unique scratch-off code. This is your entry. Make it count as you only get one guess per card.

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Baseball Cards 2

So, if you pulled the Ronald Acuña Jr. card, you would determine which game that you believe he is primed for some home run action. Once you input the scratch-off code on the Topps site, you must specify the date of the upcoming Braves game. To win, it can either be a regular dinger or an inside-the-park home run.

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Game Rules / NPN

The complete rules can get a little messy, but the basics are that the 2019 Topps Home Run Challenge promo only corresponds to the 162-game regular season and it excludes MLB playoff tie-breaker games. Also, postponed games use up the entry, so check the weather before you lock it in. Given the logistics of days off and more/less favorable matchups, collectors have until 4 AM EST on the day of the game to confirm the selection. Once a pick is made, it is essentially permanent.

If you want to go deep into the fine print, Topps posted the full HRC rules on their website.

You can also enter the promo for free using the NPN (No Purchase Necessary) option. For this, you must print your name, daytime phone number, mailing address, email address (if any), date of birth, and "TOPPS HR CHALLENGE-19 NPN" on a 3"x5" card. Put that card in a #10 envelope and mail to Topps at the address below. This must be received by June 12 for Series 1 and by July 17 for Series 2.

Topps Company, Inc.
c/o Marketing Dept.
One Whitehall Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10004

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Winners

Now you might be asking, what is the point of all this? Well, if you correctly guess the game for a home run, you win an exclusive parallel card of that player. However, it doesn't matter how many home runs are hit by the player on that specific day; you still only get one parallel card per winning entry.

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Baseball features six different monthly editions. March and April are combined into one group, but the rest of the months get their own unique parallel. The rarity for each month is dictated by the number of collectors who correctly identify a home run for a given player. If the player does not hit a home run in a certain month, or no one guesses the game(s) in question, there are no cards issued.

The 2019 Topps Home Run Challenge grand prize awards one winner (and a guest) travel, accommodations and tickets to the 2020 MLB Home Run Deby.

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Baseball Checklist

35 cards. Found in 2019 Topps Series 1 and Series 2.

2019 Topps Home Run Challenge Baseball Cards 3

HRC-1 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
HRC-2 J.D. Martinez - Boston Red Sox
HRC-3 Giancarlo Stanton - New York Yankees
HRC-4 Jose Ramirez - Cleveland Indians
HRC-5 Khris Davis - Oakland Athletics
HRC-6 Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
HRC-7 Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
HRC-8 Manny Machado - Los Angeles Dodgers
HRC-9 Nolan Arenado - Colorado Rockies
HRC-10 Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
HRC-11 Mookie Betts - Boston Red Sox
HRC-12 Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
HRC-13 Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
HRC-14 Alex Bregman - Houston Astros
HRC-15 Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
HRC-16 Ronald Acuña Jr. - Atlanta Braves
HRC-17 Rhys Hoskins - Philadelphia Phillies
HRC-18 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels
HRC-19 Carlos Correa - Houston Astros
HRC-20 Anthony Rizzo - Chicago Cubs
HRC-21 Gleyber Torres - New York Yankees
HRC-22 Andrew Benintendi - Boston Red Sox
HRC-23 Ozzie Albies - Atlanta Braves
HRC-24 Joey Votto - Cincinnati Reds
HRC-25 Trevor Story - Colorado Rockies
HRC-26 Freddie Freeman - Atlanta Braves
HRC-27 Jose Altuve - Houston Astros
HRC-28 George Springer - Houston Astros
HRC-29 Matt Carpenter - St. Louis Cardinals
HRC-30 Gary Sanchez - New York Yankees
HRC-31 Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs
HRC-32 Cody Bellinger - Los Angeles Dodgers
HRC-33 Miguel Andujar - New York Yankees
HRC-34 Christian Yelich - Milwaukee Brewers
HRC-35 Juan Soto - Washington Nationals


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It was a fun idea and the cards are very high quality. Each month with a different color really made them even more of a challenge to collect and win. So what if it took awhile to get. Nice job Topps!

Lee Champion
Lee Champion

STILL waiting for my winning card to be processed..Why does Topps have this Problem in getting the cards out???


I really want all 35 but that would be like $110.


Beware! Topps redemption calendar for this contest is in error. I entered a code for a game April 1 but the game is not on the MLB schedule That date should have been blacked out for my player. Check the official schedule before entering a game date.

Darrell Sillavan
Darrell Sillavan

awesome way to keep in the game

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