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2018 Sportkings Volume 1

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards

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The storied card brand is back with 2018 Sportkings Volume 1. Hobby boxes contain six hits, including two on-card autographs and four memorabilia cards, plus one bonus hit or insert. In addition, Blasters offer one premium card per box.

Produced by Sage, the multi-sport Sport Kings product line mixes champions across multiple disciplines and was last seen as a Leaf set.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Base

Featuring a 50-card base set, the 2018 Sportkings Volume 1 checklist is quite limited, at least for Hobby collectors. Each box has two base cards from a production total of just 100 base sets.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 1

There are also rare Red Back/Red Background (1:2 cases) and Mini (1 per box) parallels

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Autographs / Cut Signatures

Consisting of on-card autographs and cut signatures, the hits in 2018 Sportkings Volume 1 stick with a simple design. This includes hard-signed Sportkings Autograph and Autographed Single Memorabilia cards for many of the base subjects.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 2

Naturally, some of the most legendary options are part of the cut signature inserts. Collectors can find one-of-one Icons cards for all-time greats like Ty Cobb, Muhammad Ali and Joe DiMaggio.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 3

Adding an actual drawing from Gary Kezele are the Century Heroes Cut Signature and Diamond Heroes Signatures Baseball Cut sketch cards.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 4

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Memorabilia

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 has plenty of game-worn memorabilia cards, as well, with four relics per box, including one patch. The selection also consists of Premium Patches and the jumbo Grand PatchSpectacular Patches set (1/1) that displays nameplate letters.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 5

More memorabilia choices include Legends Swatch and Triple Game Worn.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 6

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Sketch / Graded / Other Hits

That's not it, though, as the 2018 Sportkings Volume 1 checklist has various odds and ends. Jared Kelley lends his talents to the one-of-one Sketch cards.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 7

Other case hits include renderings from Paul Madden that were used to make the base cards, and a 9" x 12" print of the Jim Brown base rendering.

Looking back to the original set, graded 1933 Sport Kings cards offer the chance at a PSA 8 for Carl Hubbell, among others.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 8

Release Date: 11/15/2018
Product Configuration
: 10 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 4 Memorabilia Cards
  • 2 Base Cards
  • 1 Mini Card
  • 1 Bonus Hit or Insert


2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 9Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

50 cards. Hobby version has 100 base sets and 50 mini sets in total; Retail is not limited.
Hobby has green text on back; retail has black text.
PARALLEL CARDS: Retail Mini, Hobby Mini (1 per box), Red Back/Background 1/1 (1:2 cases).
2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 1

1 Ty Cobb - Baseball
1 Ty Cobb (Variant) - Baseball
2 Steve Largent - Football
3 Walter Ray Williams, Jr. - Bowling
4 Kevin Vandam - Fishing
5 Tom Condon - Agent
6 Jim Thorpe - Track & Field
7 Buddy Baker - Nascar Driver
8 Rick Barry - Basketball
9 Enos Slaughter - Baseball
10 Allysa Seely - Paratriathlete
11 Chris MacClugage - PWC Racing
12 Ben Hogan - Golf
13 Tim Brown - Football
14 Ross Barnes - Baseball
15 Lori Harrigan - Softball
16 Jim Palmer - Baseball
17 Fred Couples - Golf
18 Bodacious - Bucking Bull
19 Brian Shaw - Strongman
20 Ann Meyers Drysdale - Basketball
21 Shani Davis - Speed Skating
22 Bobby Layne - Football
23 Simone Manuel - Swimming
24 Don Newcombe - Baseball
25 Shawn Michaels - Wrestling
26 Warren Moon - Football
27 Hakeem Olajuwon - Basketball
28 Abby Wambach - Soccer
29 Harry Carson - Football
30 Don Drysdale - Baseball
31 Ferguson Jenkins - Baseball
32 Jim Brown - Football
33 Julie Krone - Jockey
34 Walter Payton - Football
34 Walter Payton (Variant) - Football
35 Phil Mahre - Skiing
36 Jim Kelly - Football
37 Sinjin Smith - Beach Volleyball
38 Dave Scott - Ironman
39 Chris Mazdzer - Luge
40 Howie Long - Football
41 Micky Ward - Boxing
42 Bryan Trottier - Hockey
43 Nate Thurmond - Basketball
44 Joe Louis - Boxing
45 Dick Fosbury - Track & Field
46 Tiki Barber - Football
47 Dara Torres - Swimming
48 John Smith - Wrestling


2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Autograph Checklist

Sportkings Autograph Set Checklist

35 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red #/50, Silver #/25, Emerald #/5, Gold 1/1.
2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 2

A1 Tiki Barber
A2 Rick Barry
A3 Jim Brown
A4 Tim Brown
A5 Harry Carson
A6 Tom Condon
A7 Fred Couples
A8 Shani Davis
A9 Dick Fosbury
A10 Lori Harrigan
A11 Ferguson Jenkins
A12 Jim Kelly
A13 Julie Krone
A14 Steve Largent
A15 Howie Long
A16 Chris MacClugage
A17 Phil Mahre
A18 Simone Manuel
A19 Chris Mazdzer
A20 Ann Meyers Drysdale
A21 Shawn Michaels
A22 Warren Moon
A23 Don Newcombe
A24 Hakeem Olajuwon
A25 Jim Palmer
A26 Dave Scott
A27 Allysa Seely
A28 Brian Shaw
A29 John Smith
A30 Sinjin Smith
A32 Bryan Trottier
A33 Kevin Van Dam
A34 Abby Wambach
A35 Micky Ward
A36 Walter Ray Williams


Autographed Memorabilia Set Checklist

25 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red #/25, Silver #/10, Emerald #/5, Gold 1/1.

AM-AS Allysa Seely
AM-BS Brian Shaw
AM-BT Bryan Trottier
AM-CM1 Chris Macclugage
AM-CM2 Chris Mazdzer
AM-FC Fred Couples
AM-FJ Ferguson Jenkins
AM-HL Howie Long
AM-HO Hakeem Olajuwon
AM-JB Jim Brown
AM-JK Jim Kelly
AM-JP Jim Palmer
AM-KVD Kevin Van Dam
AM-LH Lori Harrigan
AM-PH Phil Mahre
AM-RB Rick Barry
AM-SD Shani Davis
AM-SL Steve Largent
AM-SM1 Simone Manuel
AM-SM2 Shawn Michaels
AM-TB1 Tiki Barber
AM-TB2 Tim Brown
AM-TC Tom Condon
AM-WM Warren Moon
AM-WRW Walter Ray Williams


2018 Sportkings Relic / Cut Sig / Sketch Checklist


Single Memorabilia Set Checklist

28 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red #/50, Silver #/25, Emerald #/5, Gold 1/1.
2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 32

SM-AS Allysa Seely
SM-BB Buddy Baker
SM-BS Brian Shaw
SM-BT Bryan Trottier
SM-CM2 Chris Mazdzer
SM-DD Don Drysdale
SM-ES Enos Slaughter
SM-FC Fred Couples
SM-FG Ferguson Jenkins
SM-HL Howie Long
SM-HO Hakeem Olajuwon
SM-JB Jim Brown
SM-JK Jim Kelly
SM-JP Jim Palmer
SM-KVD Kevin Vandam
SM-LH Lori Harrigan
SM-PM Phil Mahre
SM-RB Rick Barry
SM-SD Shani Davis
SM-SL Steve Largent
SM-SM1 Simone Manuel
SM-SM2 Shawn Michaels
SM-TB1 Tiki Barber
SM-TB2 Tim Brown
SM-TC Tom Condon
SM-WM Warren Moon
SM-WP Walter Payton
SM-WRW Walter Ray Williams, Jr


Premium Patch Set Checklist

20 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red #/50, Silver #/25, Emerald #/5, Gold 1/1.

SMP-AS Allysa Seely
SMP-BB Buddy Baker
SMP-BS Brian Shaw
SMP-CM1 Chris MacClugage (Patch)
SMP-DD Don Drysdale
SMP-FC Fred Couples
SMP-FG Ferguson Jenkins
SMP-HO Hakeem Olajuwon
SMP-JB Jim Brown
SMP-JP Jim Palmer
SMP-KVD Kevin Vandam
SMP-LH Lori Harrigan
SMP-PM Phil Mahre
SMP-SD Shani Davis
SMP-SM1 Simone Manuel
SMP-SM2 Shawn Michaels
SMP-TB1 Tiki Barber
SMP-TB2 Tim Brown
SMP-WP Walter Payton
SMP-WRW Walter Ray Williams, Jr


Legends Memorabilia Set Checklist

14 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red #/50, Silver #/25, Emerald #/5, Gold 1/1.
2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 33

LSM-1 Ray Bourque
LSM-2 Clint Dempsey
LSM-3 Patrick Ewing
LSM-4 Wayne Gretzky
LSM-5 Allen Iverson
LSM-6 Derek Jeter
LSM-7 Jason Kidd
LSM-8 Michael Jordan
LSM-9 David Justice
LSM-10 Karl Malone
LSM-11 Dikembe Mutombo
LSM-12 Steve Nash
LSM-13 Alex Rodriguez
LSM-14 John Stockton


Legends Premium Memorabilia Set Checklist

12 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red #/50, Silver #/25, Emerald #/5, Gold 1/1.

LPM-1 Ray Bourque
LPM-2 Clint Dempsey
LPM-3 Patrick Ewing
LPM-4 Allen Iverson
LPM-5 Derek Jeter
LPM-6 Jason Kidd
LPM-7 Michael Jordan
LPM-8 David Justice
LPM-9 Karl Malone
LPM-10 Dikembe Mutombo
LPM-11 Steve Nash
LPM-12 John Stockton


Triple Game Worn Set Checklist

17 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red, Gold 1/1.

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 6

SKV1-BBB1 Buddy Baker / Buddy Baker / Buddy Baker - Fastest Daytona
SKV1-BBB2 Bourque / Bourque / Bourque - Bruin Best
SKV1-EMI Patrick Ewing / Dikembe Mutombo / Allen Iverson - Georgetown
SKV1-III Allen Iverson / Allen Iverson / Allen Iverson - The Answer
SKV1-JBG Michael Jordan / Jim Brown / Wayne Gretzky - Royalty
SKV1-JJJ2 Jordan / Jordan / Jordan - King of the Court
SKV1-MDM Chris Mazdzer / Shani Davis / Phil Mahre - Winter Games Kings
SKV1-MJO Karl Malone / Michael Jordan / Hakeem Olajuwon - Points Leaders
SKV1-OME Hakeem Olajuwon / Dikembe Mutombo / Patrick Ewing - Block kings
SKV1-PBB Walter Payton / Jim Brown / Tiki Barber - Team Rushing leaders
SKV1-PPP1 Palmer / Palmer / Palmer - Pitching Powerhouse
SKV1-PPP2 Payton / Payton / Payton - Sweetness
SKV1-SKJ John Stockton / Jason Kidd / Michael Jordan - Steal Kings
SKV1-SKN John Stockton / Jason Kidd / Steve Nash - Assist Kings
SKVI-BJE Tiki Barber / Derek Jeter / Patrick Ewing - New York
SKVI-GMT Wayne Gretzky / Mike Modan / Bryan Trottier - 500 Goal Club
SKVI-JJJ1 Derek Jeter / Derek Jeter / Derek Jeter - Pinstripe Favorite


Grand Patch Relic Set Checklist

30 subjects. Serial numbered 1/1.
Total number of versions per player noted.
2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 5

Alex Rodriguez - 3
Allen Iverson (Black) - 10
Allen Iverson (White) - 10
Allysa Seely - 5
Brian Shaw - 4
Buddy Baker - 13
Chris MacClugage - 6
Chris Mazdzer - 5
Clint Dempsey - 11
David Justice - 17
Derek Jeter - 1
Dikembe Mutombo - 10
Enos Slaughter - 1
Ferguson Jenkins - 7
Fred Couples - 6
Hakeem Olajuwon - 10
Jason Kidd - 10
Jim Palmer - 10
John Stockton - 9
Karl Malone - 11
Kevin Van Dam - 6
Lori Harrigan - 4
Michael Jordan - 4
Patrick Ewing - 10
Ray Bourque - 15
Shani Davis - 4
Steve Nash - 12
Tiki Barber - 14
Tim Brown - 12
Walter Payton - 8


Spectacular Patch Jumbo Relic Set Checklist

13 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

SKV1-JP1 Buddy Baker
SKV1-JP2 Tiki Barber
SKV1-JP3 Ray Bourque
SKV1-JP4 Shani Davis
SKV1-JP5 Michael Jordan
SKV1-JP6 David Justice
SKV1-JP7 Karl Malone
SKV1-JP8 Chris Mazdzer
SKV1-JP9 Dikembe Mutombo
SKV1-JP10 Steve Nash
SKV1-JP11 Walter Payton
SKV1-JP12 Enos Slaughter
SKV1-JP13 John Stockton


Century Heroes Cut Signature Sketch Checklist

36 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

CH1-BB Bert Blyleven - Baseball
CH1-BD Bobby Doerr - Baseball
CH1-BG Bob Gibson - Baseball
CH1-BH Billy Herman - Baseball
CH1-BT Bill Terry - Baseball
CH1-CG Charlie Gehringer - Baseball
CH1-CH1 Catfish Hunter - Baseball
CH1-CPB Cool Papa Bell - Baseball
CH1-DD Don Drysdale - Baseball
CH1-EMK Ed "Moose" Krause - Basketball
CH1-GG Goose Gossage - Baseball
CH1-GP Gaylord Perry - Baseball
CH1-HH Harry Hooper - Baseball
CH1-JB Jim Bunning - Baseball
CH1-JJ Jerry Jones - Football
CH1-JK Jim Kelly - Football
CH1-JM Juan Marichal - Baseball
CH1-JM Johnny Mize - Baseball
CH1-JS John Smoltz - Baseball
CH1-LG Lefty Gomez - Baseball
CH1-LG Lou Groza - Football
CH1-LM Lee Macphail - Baseball
CH1-MB Max Baer - Boxing
CH1-MC Mickey Cochrane - Baseball
CH1-MR Maurice Richard - Hockey
CH1-OG Otto Graham - Football
CH1-PS Phill Simms - Football
CH1-RA Red Auerbach - Basketball
CH1-RF Rollie Fingers - Baseball
CH1-RM Rube Marquard - Baseball
CH1-SJ Sonny Jurgensen - Football
CH1-SK Sandy Koufax - Baseball
CH1-TS Tom Seaver - Baseball
CH1-WM Warren Moon - Football
CH1-WS Willie Stargell - Baseball
CH1-YB Yogi Berra - Baseball


Diamond Heroes Signed Baseball Cuts Sketch Checklist

35 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

DH1-AK Al Kaline
DH1-AS Annika Sorenstam
DH1-BC Bobby Cox & Bobby Doerr
DH1-BM Bill Mazeroski
DH1-BR Brooks Robinson
DH1-CY Carl Yastrzemski
DH1-DD Don Drysdale
DH1-DH1 Dave Concepcion
DH1-DPF Gaylord Perry & Bob Feller
DH1-DS Don Sutton
DH1-DW Dave Winfield
DH1-FR Frank Robinson
DH1-GC Steve Garvey & Orlando Cepeda
DH1-GF George Foster
DH1-JM Joe Morgan
DH1-JR Jim Rice
DH1-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr
DH1-LA Luke Appling
DH1-LB Lou Brock
DH1-MM Mickey Mantle
DH1-NR Nolan Ryan
DH1-PhR Phil Rizzuto
DH1-PN Phil Niekro
DH1-PR Pete Rose
DH1-RC Rod Carew
DH1-RH Rickey Henderson
DH1-RJ Reggie Jackson
DH1-RoC Roger Clemens
DH1-RR Robin Roberts
DH1-RY Robin Yount
DH1-SG Steve Garvey
DH1-TP Tony Perez
DH1-VB Vida Blue
DH1-WF Whitey Ford
DH1-WM Wille McCovey


Icon Heroes Cut Signatures Set Checklist

10 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

ICON-1 Muhammad Ali
ICON-2 Roger Bannister
ICON-3 Ty Cobb
ICON-4 Joe DiMaggio
ICON-5 Ben Hogan
ICON-6 Gordie Howe
ICON-7 Magic Johnson
ICON-8 Walter Johnson
ICON-9 Jack Nicklaus
ICON-10 Jim Thorpe


Original Painted Art Card Set Checklist

63 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

ART-1 American Pharoah - Horse Racing
ART-2 Roger Bannister - Track & Field
ART-3 Rick Barry - Basketball
ART-4 Le'Veon Bell - Football
ART-5 Simone Biles - Gymnastics
ART-6 Usain Bolt - Track & Field
ART-7 Bjorn Borg - Tennis
ART-8 Tom Brady - Football
ART-9 Drew Brees - Football
ART-10 Kobe Bryant - Basketball
ART-11 Paul "Bear' Bryant - Football
ART-12 California Chrome - Horse Racing
ART-13 Earl Campbell - Football
ART-14 Ty Cobb - Baseball
ART-15 Dennis Conner - America's Cup
ART-16 Sidney Crosby - Hockey
ART-17 Tim Duncan - Basketball
ART-18 Kevin Durant - Basketball
ART-19 Amelia Earhart - Aviation
ART-20 Marshall Faulk - Football
ART-21 Antonio Gates - Football
ART-22 Arturo Gatti - Boxing
ART-23 Otto Graham - Football
ART-24 Wayne Gretzky - Hockey
ART-25 James Harden - Basketball
ART-26 Julius "Dr. J" Erving - Basketball
ART-27 Derek Jeter - Baseball
ART-28 Calvin Johnson - Football
ART-29 Franz Klammer - Alpine Skiing
ART-30 Sandy Koufax - Baseball
ART-31 Nap Lajoie - Baseball
ART-32 Bobby Layne - Football
ART-33 Mickey Mantle - Baseball
ART-34 JB Mauney - Bull Rider
ART-35 Willie Mays - Baseball
ART-36 Lionel Messi - Soccer
ART-37 Mark Messier - Hockey
ART-38 Phil Mickelson - Golf
ART-39 Rafael Nadal - Tennis
ART-40 Alexander Ovechkin - Hockey
ART Jim Palmer - Baseball
ART Michael Phelps - Swimming
ART Mike Piazza - Baseball
ART Mike Powell - Track & Field
ART Knute Rockne - Football
ART Nico Rosberg - Formula One
ART Nick Saban - Football
ART Brian Shaw Anderson - Stong Man
ART Spider Silva - Mma
ART Kelly Slater - Surfing
ART Sam Sneed - Golf
ART Jordan Spieth - Golf
ART Dawn Staley - Basketball
ART Bart Starr - Football
ART Roger Staubach - Football
ART Michael Strahan - Football
ART John L. Sullivan - Boxing
ART Jim Thorpe - Track & Field
ART Bill Walsh - Football
ART Mickey Ward - Boxing
ART Lenny Wilkens - Basketball
ART Serena Williams - Tennis
ART John Wooden - Basketball


Graded 1933 Sportkings Cards Set Checklist

10 cards.
2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Trading Cards 8

7 Bobby Walthour Sr - Cycling
8 Walter Hagen - Golf
16 William T. Tilden - Tennis
17 Jack Dempsey - Boxing
31 Bobby Walthour Jr - Cycling
33 Eddie Burke - Basketball
36 Willie Hoppe - Billiards
37 Helene Madison - Swimming
42 Carl Hubbell - Baseball
43 Primo Carnera - Boxing


Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews


I’m stuck buying retail of this. Blah.
Couple things

1. States 50 card set. Where is 49 and 50? Who is on the cards?

2. Says Volume I. Where’s Vol II?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Cobb and Payton have variations, so 50 base cards in total. No word on Volume 2.


Very disappointing product. Bought 3 hobby boxes. Got 3 Enos Slaughter unnembered jersey cards…2 in the same box. No great autos or anything else. Spent $630 and got, maybe, $200 worth of cards. To think, I pre-ordered this and was actually looking forward to it. Sage would have been better off doing Sage Autographed Football again instead of this.

Mike Zier
Mike Zier

Awesome! Broke 3 Boxes, Hit a 1/1, Jordan Swatch, but the best of all is all cards are signed on card NO STICKERS! Love this product couldn’t recommend it more

edward tomczyk
edward tomczyk

Repetitive stuff: 7 Fred Couples patches duplicates and triplicates of obscure names
Highlight was a Siidney Crosby original art card
Expecting to lose $2000 on this case

Loved the artwork!
Thank you Sage for picking up this product

Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson

Did a case and loved it!

Jim Brown On Card Auto /5
3 Michael Jordan game used Wizards patches (no other product has these?)
An original painting
Cut auto baseball of a HOF

Very unique product with super low production. It’s not for everyone, but for the money you get some great content.

Kevin Price
Kevin Price

Worst product of 2018. Why waste good paper and ink on something like this. SAGE really dropped the ball on this one.


Hey Trey,

Do you know why Leaf isn’t doing this set anymore? Also, if Sage is doing this set now, why does the sell sheet say Sports Entities, Inc.? Sage’s website appears to be out of commission as well. Seems… odd

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

I didn’t hear a reason why Leaf stopped making Sportkings sets. The Sage site is not amazing and never seems to be up-to-date but was running the last time I checked (Sage Collectibles.com). I believe Sports Entities, Inc. owns the rights to the Sportkings trademark and Sage worked out a deal with them to use the brand to make a card set.

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