2017 Topps High Tek Baseball Pattern Variations Guide

2017 Topps High Tek Baseball Pattern Variations Guide

Continuing the legacy of the 1990s brand known for wild designs, the 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball pattern variations change the background for the entire base set multiple times.

While the differences are usually quite obvious, the main questions are based around which players can be found in each design, and what patterns are the rarest. The main 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball checklist includes 112 cards, and like past years, half the checklist has one selection of patterns with different rarity, and the other half should have its own unique assortment.

Based on early 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball Pattern info, we also know that Pattern 1, which is essentially the base design, has multiple parallels. This includes the new Blackout parallel (shown below for Aaron Judge) that is also found in Pattern 2 at a rate of one per box.

Pattern 1

  • Blackout - 4 per box
  • Tidal Diffractor #/250
  • Green Rainbow #/99
  • Blue Rainbow #/75
  • Orange Magma Diffractor #/25
  • Red Orbit Diffractor #/10
  • Gold Galactic Diffractor 1/1

Stick with us as we work out the 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball pattern variations. Given the expanded format to now offer 40 cards per box, things should come together fairly quickly.

2017 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Gallery

Once all the 2017 High Tek patterns are identified, we will organize them based upon the apparent rarity. The exact order will be fluid until a substantial number of cards have surfaced.

Please reach out via email if you have any additional information about the 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball pattern variations.

Pattern 1 (Base)

Pattern 1A

Pattern 1B

Pattern 2

Pattern 2A

Pattern 2B

Pattern 3

Pattern 3A

Pattern 3B

Pattern 4

Pattern 4A

Pattern 4B

Pattern 5

Pattern 5A

Pattern 5B

Pattern 6

Pattern 6A

Pattern 6B

Pattern 7

Pattern 7A

Pattern 7B

Pattern 8 - SpecTEKular Diffractor (#/15)

Pattern A

Pattern B

Pattern 9 - Gold Galactic Diffractor (#1/1)

Pattern A

Pattern B

2017 Topps High Tek Baseball Pattern Variations Checklist

As mentioned, there are specific groups assigned to each run of patterns. There does appear to be a method to the madness based on position. First basemen, second basemen, third basemen, shortstops and designated hitters come in Group A, while Group B has pitchers, catchers and outfielders. Some players have multiple positions listed, but are still only in one pattern grouping.

Group A

HT-AB Adrian Beltre - Texas Rangers
HT-ABO Aaron Boone - Cincinnati Reds
HT-ABR Alex Bregman - Houston Astros
HT-AD Aledmys Diaz - St. Louis Cardinals
HT-AP Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels
HT-AR Addison Russell - Chicago Cubs
HT-ARI Anthony Rizzo - Chicago Cubs
HT-CA Christian Arroyo - San Francisco Giants
HT-CBE Cody Bellinger - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-CC Carlos Correa - Houston Astros
HT-CP Chad Pinder - Oakland Athletics
HT-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. - Baltimore Orioles
HT-CS Corey Seager - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-DG Didi Gregorius - New York Yankees
HT-DJ Derek Jeter - New York Yankees
HT-DL Derrek Lee - Florida Marlins
HT-DM Daniel Murphy - Washington Nationals
HT-DO David Ortiz - Minnesota Twins
HT-DP Dustin Pedroia - Boston Red Sox
HT-DS Dansby Swanson - Atlanta Braves
HT-DV Dan Vogelbach - Seattle Mariners
HT-ER Edgar Renteria - St. Louis Cardinals
HT-ET Eric Thames - Milwaukee Brewers
HT-FF Freddie Freeman - Atlanta Braves
HT-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
HT-JA Jose Altuve - Houston Astros
HT-JAB Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox
HT-JB Jeff Bagwell - Houston Astros
HT-JBA Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
HT-JBE Josh Bell - Pittsburgh Pirates
HT-JD Josh Donaldson - Toronto Blue Jays
HT-JT Jim Thome - Cleveland Indians
HT-JV Jonathan Villar - Milwaukee Brewers
HT-JVO Joey Votto - Cincinnati Reds
HT-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
HT-KS Kyle Seager - Seattle Mariners
HT-MC Matt Carpenter - St. Louis Cardinals
HT-MCA Miguel Cabrera - Detroit Tigers
HT-MF Maikel Franco - Philadelphia Phillies
HT-MM Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles
HT-MMC Mark McGwire - St. Louis Cardinals
HT-NA Nolan Arenado - Colorado Rockies
HT-NG Nomar Garciaparra - Boston Red Sox
HT-OA Orlando Arcia - Milwaukee Brewers
HT-PG Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
HT-PK Paul Konerko - Chicago White Sox
HT-RA Roberto Alomar - Baltimore Orioles
HT-TA Tyler Austin - New York Yankees
HT-TF Todd Frazier - Chicago White Sox
HT-TM Trey Mancini - Baltimore Orioles
HT-TS Trevor Story - Colorado Rockies
HT-TT Trea Turner - Washington Nationals
HT-WM Wil Myers - San Diego Padres
HT-XB Xander Bogaerts - Boston Red Sox
HT-YG Yulieski Gurriel - Houston Astros
HT-YM Yoan Moncada - Chicago White Sox
Group B

HT-ABE Andrew Benintendi - Boston Red Sox
HT-AG Amir Garrett - Cincinnati Reds
HT-AJ Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
HT-ANP Andy Pettitte - New York Yankees
HT-BA Bobby Abreu - Philadelphia Phillies
HT-BH Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
HT-BP Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants
HT-BZ Ben Zobrist - Chicago Cubs
HT-CC Carlos Carrasco - Cleveland Indians
HT-CK Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-CKL Corey Kluber - Cleveland Indians
HT-CSA Chris Sale - Boston Red Sox
HT-DPR David Price - Boston Red Sox
HT-GM Greg Maddux - Atlanta Braves
HT-GS Gary Sheffield - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-GSP George Springer - Houston Astros
HT-GST Giancarlo Stanton - Miami Marlins
HT-HA Hank Aaron - Atlanta Braves
HT-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
HT-HR Hunter Renfroe - San Diego Padres
HT-I Ichiro - Miami Marlins
HT-IH Ian Happ - Chicago Cubs
HT-IR Ivan Rodriguez - Texas Rangers
HT-JCO Jharel Cotton - Oakland Athletics
HT-JD Johnny Damon - Kansas City Royal
HT-JDE Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
HT-JDL Jose De Leon - Tampa Bay Rays
HT-JE Jim Edmonds - Anaheim Angels
HT-JJ Joe Jimenez - Detroit Tigers
HT-JS John Smoltz - Atlanta Braves
HT-JU Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-JW Jesse Winker - Cincinnati Reds
HT-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. - Cincinnati Reds
HT-KH Kelvin Herrera - Kansas City Royals
HT-KSC Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs
HT-LG Lucas Giolito - Chicago White Sox
HT-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
HT-LW Luke Weaver - St. Louis Cardinals
HT-MAT Masahiro Tanaka - New York Yankees
HT-MB Mookie Betts - Boston Red Sox
HT-MFU Michael Fulmer - Detroit Tigers
HT-MH Mitch Haniger - Seattle Mariners
HT-MMA Manny Margot - San Diego Padres
HT-MP Mike Piazza - New York Mets
HT-MS Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals
HT-MT Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
HT-NS Noah Syndergaard - New York Mets
HT-PM Pedro Martinez - Boston Red Sox
HT-RC Roger Clemens - New York Yankees
HT-RT Raimel Tapia - Colorado Rockies
HT-SK Sandy Koufax - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-SL Seth Lugo - New York Mets
HT-SS Stephen Strasburg - Washington Nationals
HT-TG Tyler Glasnow - Pittsburgh Pirates
HT-TGL Tom Glavine - Atlanta Braves
HT-TR Tim Raines - New York Yankees


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User Comments

  1. Trey,

    Do the different patterns have official names, or is it just 1A/1B, 2A/2B, etc?


  2. No official names that I have seen. I suspect they have some internal designations to keep track. I would prefer they print the pattern name on the card backs as it would help collectors immensely.

  3. Any idea if there is a gold diffractor for 1/1 for each pattern for a given player?

  4. There should be a base one-of-one Gold for Pattern 1 and Pattern 9.

  5. I just checked the Beckett site and found a post with names for each of the patterns.

    I recently participated in an online break at my local card shop – Price Busters Games (Gulf Coast Breakers) – and got 4 Orioles.

    Manny Machado – Pattern 4A
    Roberto Alomar – Pattern 1A & 3A
    Trey Mancini – Pattern 3A

    I also agree that Topps would make it tons easier on collectors if they would print a pattern designation on the back of each card. Or at least make the pattern variation list readily available.

  6. Those aren’t official names. Beckett made those up.

  7. I’m not familiar with these acetate and foil cards. I would like to know if all the different patterns are just for variety or are some patterns considered more valuable than other patterns. Please reply whenever you have time Trey. Thanks, Jim

  8. The patterns offer variety but the central theme is increasing rarity. The higher the pattern number, the more limited the card is, and the more value it has.

  9. Any idea on the frequency of these patterns or how many per box??

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