2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide


Like past years, 2016 Topps High Tek Baseball is a riddle wrapped in a mystery. With that comes multiple designs of varying rarity and plenty of acetate. While still a work in progress, the following guide tackles the many patterns of 2016 High Tek Baseball.

Based on early cards to surface, it appears that the two base designs include a spiral-like vortex and a grid maze. Given the history of the patterns, we expect there to be two clear groups in the main checklist that each fall into one base design and also act as the guide for the much more limited patterns.

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 12016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 2

In addition to several new designs, plus a few carryovers from last year, there are also multiple numbered parallels. This includes:

  • Tidal Diffractor
  • Gold Rainbow #'d (Asia only)
  • Green Rainbow #/99
  • Diffractor #/50
  • Orange Magma Diffractor #/25 (Hobby)
  • Red Orbit Diffractor
  • Black Rainbow 1/1
  • Black Galactic Diffractor 1/1
  • Printing Proofs 1/1

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 32016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 4

We have started compiling a list of which subjects fall into each main design on the "Checklist" tab. See the different designs to surface using the "Patterns" tab above

Please contact us by email with any additional information about the 2016 Topps High Tek Baseball patterns.

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2016 Topps High Tek Patterns A/B Base Set Checklist

The following groups are split based on which base card design they have. Each subject is only found with one main design grouping, but players with home uniform variations have additional choices.

Spiral Vortex - Group A

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 1
HT-AB Aaron Blair - Atlanta Braves RC
HT-AG Andres Galarraga - Atlanta Braves
HT-AJ Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles
HT-AP A.J. Pollock - Arizona Diamondbacks
HT-APU Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels
HT-AR Anthony Rizzo - Chicago Cubs
HT-BW Billy Wagner - Houston Astros
HT-CB Craig Biggio - Houston Astros
HT-CC Carlos Correa - Houston Astros
HT-CE Carl Edwards Jr. - Chicago Cubs RC
HT-CJ Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves
HT-CR Cal Ripken Jr. - Baltimore Orioles
HT-CRO Carlos Rodon - Chicago White Sox
HT-CS Curt Schilling - Arizona Diamondbacks
HT-CSA Chris Sale - Chicago White Sox
HT-DO David Ortiz - Boston Red Sox
HT-DP David Price - Boston Red Sox
HT-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
HT-FT Frank Thomas - Chicago White Sox
HT-GM Greg Maddux - Atlanta Braves
HT-GR Garrett Richards - Los Angeles Angels
HT-HA Hank Aaron - Milwaukee Braves
HT-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox RC
HT-HOL Hector Olivera - Atlanta Braves RC
HT-I Ichiro - Miami Marlins
HT-JAR Jake Arrieta - Chicago Cubs
HT-JB Johnny Bench - Cincinnati Reds
HT-JD Johnny Damon - Kansas City Royals
HT-JG Jon Gray - Colorado Rockies RC
HT-JH Jason Heyward - Chicago Cubs
HT-JM J.D. Martinez - Detroit Tigers
HT-JP Jose Peraza - Cincinnati Reds RC
HT-JR Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers
HT-JS John Smoltz - Atlanta Braves
HT-JV Jason Varitek - Boston Red Sox
HT-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
HT-KS Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs RC
HT-LG Luis Gonzalez - Arizona Diamondbacks
HT-MC Miguel Cabrera - Detroit Tigers
HT-MF Michael Fulmer - Detroit Tigers RC
HT-MM Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles
HT-MS Mallex Smith - Atlanta Braves RC
HT-MT Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
HT-NA Nolan Arenado - Colorado Rockies
HT-NG Nomar Garciaparra - Boston Red Sox
HT-OV Omar Vizquel - Cleveland Indians
HT-PG Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
HT-RA Roberto Alomar - Cleveland Indians
HT-RC Roger Clemens - Boston Red Sox
HT-RJ Randy Johnson - Arizona Diamondbacks
HT-RP Rafael Palmeiro - Baltimore Orioles
HT-RS Robert Stephenson - Cincinnati Reds RC
HT-TG Tom Glavine - Atlanta Braves
HT-TS Trevor Story - Colorado Rockies RC
HT-TW Ted Williams - Boston Red Sox
HT-TYW Tyler White - Houston Astros RC
HT-ZG Zack Greinke - Arizona Diamondbacks

Maze Grid - Group B

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 2
HT-AC Aroldis Chapman - New York Yankees
HT-AM Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates
HT-AN Aaron Nola - Philadelphia Phillies RC
HT-APE Andy Pettitte - New York Yankees
HT-BH Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
HT-BHP Byung-Ho Park - Minnesota Twins RC
HT-BP Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants
HT-BR Babe Ruth - New York Yankees
HT-BS Blake Snell - Tampa Bay Rays RC
HT-BWI Bernie Williams - New York Yankees
HT-CK Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-CSE Corey Seager - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
HT-DG Dee Gordon - Miami Marlins
HT-DW David Wright - New York Mets
HT-ER Eddie Rosario - Minnesota Twins
HT-FH Felix Hernandez - Seattle Mariners
HT-FM Frankie Montas - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
HT-GS Giancarlo Stanton - Miami Marlins
HT-IR Ivan Rodriguez - Texas Rangers
HT-JBA Jose Bautista - Toronto Blue Jays
HT-JBE Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins RC
HT-JC Jose Canseco - Tampa Bay Devil Rays
HT-JDE Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
HT-JDO Josh Donaldson - Toronto Blue Jays
HT-JG Juan Gonzalez - Texas Rangers
HT-KG Ken Griffey Jr. - Seattle Mariners
HT-KM Kenta Maeda - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
HT-KMA Ketel Marte - Seattle Mariners RC
HT-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees RC
HT-MB Madison Bumgarner - San Francisco Giants
HT-MCO Michael Conforto - New York Mets RC
HT-MH Matt Harvey - New York Mets
HT-MK Max Kepler - Minnesota Twins RC
HT-MKE Matt Kemp - San Diego Padres
HT-MMC Mark McGwire - St. Louis Cardinals
HT-MP Mike Piazza - New York Mets
HT-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins RC
HT-MSC Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals
HT-MST Marcus Stroman - Toronto Blue Jays
HT-MTA Masahiro Tanaka - New York Yankees
HT-NC Nelson Cruz - Seattle Mariners
HT-NM Nomar Mazara - Texas Rangers RC
HT-NS Noah Syndergaard - New York Mets
HT-RB Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers
HT-SG Sonny Gray - Oakland Athletics*
HT-SK Sandy Koufax - Los Angeles Dodgers
HT-SM Sean Manaea - Oakland Athletics RC
HT-SP Stephen Piscotty - St. Louis Cardinals RC
HT-TT Troy Tulowitzki - Toronto Blue Jays
HT-TTU Trea Turner - Washington Nationals RC
HT-VG Vladimir Guerrero - Montreal Expos
HT-WB Wade Boggs - Tampa Bay Devil Rays
HT-YC Yoenis Cespedes - New York Mets
HT-YD Yu Darvish - Texas Rangers

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2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Visual Guide

As different patterns roll out, we will add them to the corresponding group. The exact order will not be determined until the design rarity emerges.

Pattern 1

Group 1A - Spiral Vortex 

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 1

Group 1B - Maze Grid 

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 2

Pattern 2

 2A Cube

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 9

2B Buckle

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 10

Pattern 3 - 1:3 boxes

 3A Grass

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 11

3B Wave 

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 12

Pattern 4 - 1:6 boxes

 4A Arrow

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 13

4B Peak

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 14

Pattern 5 - 1:12 boxes

 5A Line

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 15

5B Triangle

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 16

Pattern 6 - 1:24 boxes

 6A Diamond

2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 17

Pattern 7 SpeckTEKular Diffractor - 1:96 boxes


2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 18


2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 19

Pattern 8 Black Galatic Diffractor - 1:248 boxes



2016 Topps High Tek Baseball Patterns Guide 20

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