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2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football

2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards

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2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football highlights participants from the annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Every box promises eight autographs from some of the top high school prospects in the country. Among the key names is Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback who led the University of Alabama to the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship win. Jake Fromm, the quarterback from Georgia who lost to Tagovailoa in the title game, also has signed cards.

Like the 2016 release, the main set contains only signed cards with various design options. Choices include the base Metal Autograph cards numbered to 50 copies or less with several color parallels. Additionally, there are limited background image parallels like the low-numbered Alternate Flag.

2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 1

Offering the only on-card signatures in the release, Selection Tour Autographs inserts are limited to 50 copies or less. There is also the rare Inscriptions parallel. Incorporating a relic piece, the sole memorabilia cards are found in the Patch Autographs (#/35 or less) set. Geared to "skilled position and 5-Star caliber players," these signed relics are saved for the very best prospects.

2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 2

Once again, every athlete that participated in the event at the Alamodome signed for 2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football. Although fans and collectors may not be familiar with many of the names on the checklist, notable alumni include Derrick Henry, Ezekiel Elliott and DeMarco Murray.

2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American is limited to just 199 cases. There are unsigned base cards and some relics that are exclusive to online distributors or social media promotions, but these are not found in standard boxes.

Release Date: 6/30/2017
Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 8 cards per pack, 15 boxes per case

2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football Hobby Box Break

  • 5 Metal Autographs
  • 2 Selection Tour Autographs
  • 1 Patch Autograph


2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2017 Leaf Metal U.S. Army All-American Football Checklist

Metal Autographs Set Checklist

101 cards. *Unnumbered Silver Base and Flag Etch cards not available in packs.*
PRISMATIC PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50, Purple #/25, Pink #/20, Black #/15, Green #/10, Red #/5, Gold #/2, Super 1/1, Wave 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional).
FLAG ETCH PRISMATIC PARALLELS: Blue #/10, Purple #/7, Pink #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Red #/3, Gold #/2, Super 1/1, Wave 1/1.
MITCH HALL PARALLELS*: Blue #/35, Blue Flag #/12, Purple #/20, Purple Flag #/10, Pink #/15, Pink Flag #/7, Black #/10, Black Flag #/5, Green #/7, Green Flag #/3, Red #/5, Red Flag #/2, Gold 1/1, Gold Flag 1/1, Super 1/1, Super Flag 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional), Printing Plates Flag (Promotional).
2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 1

BA-AG1 Addison Gumbs
BA-AJ1 Austin Jackson
BA-AJE A.J. Epenesa
BA-AN1 Ariel Ngata
BA-AS1 Aubrey Solomon
BA-AS2 Adam Stack
BA-AT1 Ambry Thomas
BA-AT2 Andrew Thomas
BA-BB1 Bubba Bolden
BA-BB2 Baron Browning
BA-BJS Bruce Jordan-Swilling
BA-BN1 Brett Neilon
BA-BR1 Brandon Ruiz
BA-CA1 Cam Akers
BA-CF1 Chuck Filiaga
BA-CH1 Creed Humphrey
BA-CK1 Cole Kmet
BA-CP1 Colby Parkinson
BA-CY1 Chase Young
BA-DD1 D'Antne Demery
BA-DDB D.D. Bowie
BA-DH1 Darnay Holmes
BA-DH2 Devon Hunter
BA-DIB Deron Irving-Bey
BA-DJ1 Donovan Johnson
BA-DJM D.J. Matthews
BA-DK1 Derek Kerstetter
BA-DL1 Deommodore Lenoir
BA-DM1 Davis Mills
BA-DMC Dylan McCaffrey
BA-DPJ Donovan Peoples-Jones
BA-DS1 DeVonta Smith
BA-DS2 D'Andre Swift
BA-EB1 Eno Benjamin
BA-EB2 Earnest Brown
BA-FS1 Foster Sarell
BA-GJ1 Greg Johnson
BA-HE1 Hunter Echols
BA-HG1 Haskell Garrett
BA-HJ1 Hunter Johnson
BA-HN1 Hamsah Nasirildeen
BA-HR1 Henry Ruggs
BA-IT1 Isaiah Thomas
BA-JB1 Joseph Bulovas
BA-JC1 Jamire Calvin
BA-JF1 Justin Foster
BA-JF2 Jake Fromm
BA-JH1 Jeremiah Holloman
BA-JJ1 Jaylon Johnson
BA-JKD J.K. Dobbins
BA-JL1 Joseph Lewis
BA-JL2 Joshua Lugg
BA-JM1 Jake Moretti
BA-JM2 Josh Myers
BA-JO1 Jeffrey Okudah
BA-JP1 Ja'len Parks
BA-JP2 Jarez Parks
BA-JP3 Jacob Phillips
BA-JP3 Jayden Peevy
BA-JP4 Jaelan Phillips
BA-JT1 Jay Tufele
BA-JW1 Jordan Williams
BA-KJJ K.J. Jarrell
BA-KR1 Kendall Randolph
BA-KR2 Kanan Ray
BA-LD1 Levi Draper
BA-MB1 Montaric Brown
BA-MH2 Mike Harley
BA-MT1 Marlon Tuipulotu
BA-NB1 Nick Brahms
BA-NH1 Najee Harris
BA-NJ1 Netori Johnson
BA-NMB Nathan McBride
BA-OI1 Odua Isibor
BA-OM1 Omar Manning
BA-OM2 Oliver Martin
BA-OS1 OrTre Smith
BA-RB1 Robert Barnes
BA-RL1 Richard LeCounte
BA-RR1 Rutger Reitmaier
BA-SA1 Salvon Ahmed
BA-SC1 Stephen Carr
BA-SN1 Sampson Niu
BA-SR1 Shawn Robinson
BA-SW1 Shaun Wade
BA-TB1 Tray Bishop
BA-TB2 Tarik Black
BA-TC1 Ty Chandler
BA-TD1 Tucker Day
BA-TF1 Thomas Fletcher
BA-TJ1 Ty Jones
BA-TL1 Tyjon Lindsey
BA-TM1 Tate Martell
BA-TM2 Tadarian Moultry
BA-TS1 Tedarrell Slaton Jr.
BA-TT1 Tua Tagovailoa - Shop on eBay
BA-TW1 Tristan Wirfs
BA-WD1 Wyatt Davis
BA-WG1 Willie Gay
BA-WL1 Walker Little
MH Mitch Hall *


Patch Autographs Set Checklist

40 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/35, Gold #/20, Red #/15, Blue Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Gold Spectrum (FB) 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional).
*EW cards noted below.
2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 25

PA-BB1 Baron Browning
PA-CA1 Cam Akers
PA-CK1 Cole Kmet
PA-CP1 Colby Parkinson
PA-DDB D.D. Bowie
PA-DH1 Darnay Holmes
PA-DJM D.J. Matthews
PA-DM1 Davis Mills
PA-DMC Dylan McCaffrey *
PA-DPJ Donovan Peoples-Jones
PA-DS1 D'Andre Swift
PA-DS2 DeVonta Smith
PA-EB1 Eno Benjamin
PA-FS1 Foster Sarell
PA-HJ1 Hunter Johnson
PA-HR1 Henry Ruggs
PA-JC1 Jamire Calvin *
PA-JF1 Jake Fromm
PA-JH1 Jeremiah Holloman
PA-JKD J.K. Dobbins
PA-JL1 Joseph Lewis
PA-JM1 Josh Myers
PA-JO1 Jeffrey Okudah
PA-JP1 Jaelan Phillips
PA-MH1 Mike Harley
PA-NH1 Najee Harris
PA-OM1 Oliver Martin
PA-OM2 Omar Manning *
PA-OS1 OrTre Smith *
PA-RL1 Richard LeCounte
PA-SC1 Stephen Carr
PA-SR1 Shawn Robinson
PA-SW1 Shaun Wade
PA-TB1 Tarik Black
PA-TC1 Ty Chandler
PA-TJ1 Ty Jones
PA-TL1 Tyjon Lindsey
PA-TM1 Tate Martell
PA-TT1 Tua Tagovailoa* - Shop on eBay
PA-WD1 Wyatt Davis


Tour Autographs Set Checklist

100 cards. *Unnumbered White cards not found in packs.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Black #/15, Yellow #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional).
2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 2

ATA-AG1 Addison Gumbs
ATA-AJ1 Austin Jackson
ATA-AJE A.J. Epenesa
ATA-AN1 Ariel Ngata
ATA-AS1 Aubrey Solomon
ATA-AS2 Adam Stack
ATA-AT1 Ambry Thomas
ATA-AT2 Andrew Thomas
ATA-BB1 Bubba Bolden
ATA-BB2 Baron Browning
ATA-BJS Bruce Jordan-Swilling
ATA-BN1 Brett Neilon
ATA-BR1 Brandon Ruiz
ATA-CA1 Cam Akers
ATA-CF1 Chuck Filiaga
ATA-CH1 Creed Humphrey
ATA-CK1 Cole Kmet
ATA-CP1 Colby Parkinson
ATA-CY1 Chase Young
ATA-DD1 D'Antne Demery
ATA-DDB D.D. Bowie
ATA-DH1 Darnay Holmes
ATA-DH2 Devon Hunter
ATA-DIB Deron Irving-Bey
ATA-DJ1 Donovan Johnson
ATA-DJM D.J. Matthews
ATA-DK1 Derek Kerstetter
ATA-DL1 Deommodore Lenoir
ATA-DM1 Davis Mills
ATA-DMC Dylan McCaffrey
ATA-DPJ Donovan Peoples-Jones
ATA-DS1 DeVonta Smith
ATA-DS2 D'Andre Swift
ATA-EB1 Eno Benjamin
ATA-EB2 Earnest Brown
ATA-FS1 Foster Sarell
ATA-GJ1 Greg Johnson
ATA-HE1 Hunter Echols
ATA-HG1 Haskell Garrett
ATA-HJ1 Hunter Johnson
ATA-HN1 Hamsah Nasirildeen
ATA-HR1 Henry Ruggs
ATA-IT1 Isaiah Thomas
ATA-JB1 Joseph Bulovas
ATA-JC1 Jamire Calvin
ATA-JF1 Justin Foster
ATA-JF2 Jake Fromm
ATA-JH1 Jeremiah Holloman
ATA-JJ1 Jaylon Johnson
ATA-JKD J.K. Dobbins
ATA-JL1 Joseph Lewis
ATA-JL2 Joshua Lugg
ATA-JM1 Jake Moretti
ATA-JM2 Josh Myers
ATA-JO1 Jeffrey Okudah
ATA-JP1 Ja'len Parks
ATA-JP2 Jarez Parks
ATA-JP3 Jacob Phillips
ATA-JP3 Jayden Peevy
ATA-JP4 Jaelan Phillips
ATA-JT1 Jay Tufele
ATA-JW1 Jordan Williams
ATA-KJJ K.J. Jarrell
ATA-KR1 Kendall Randolph
ATA-KR2 Kanan Ray
ATA-LD1 Levi Draper
ATA-MB1 Montaric Brown
ATA-MH1 Mitch Hall
ATA-MH2 Mike Harley
ATA-MT1 Marlon Tuipulotu
ATA-NB1 Nick Brahms
ATA-NH1 Najee Harris
ATA-NJ1 Netori Johnson
ATA-NMB Nathan McBride
ATA-OI1 Odua Isibor
ATA-OM1 Omar Manning
ATA-OM2 Oliver Martin
ATA-OS1 OrTre Smith
ATA-RB1 Robert Barnes
ATA-RL1 Richard LeCounte
ATA-RR1 Rutger Reitmaier
ATA-SA1 Salvon Ahmed
ATA-SC1 Stephen Carr
ATA-SN1 Sampson Niu
ATA-SR1 Shawn Robinson
ATA-SW1 Shaun Wade
ATA-TB1 Tray Bishop
ATA-TB2 Tarik Black
ATA-TC1 Ty Chandler
ATA-TD1 Tucker Day
ATA-TF1 Thomas Fletcher
ATA-TL1 Tyjon Lindsey
ATA-TM1 Tate Martell
ATA-TM2 Tadarian Moultry
ATA-TS1 Tedarrell Slaton Jr.
ATA-TT1 Tua Tagovailoa - Shop on eBay
ATA-TW1 Tristan Wirfs
ATA-WD1 Wyatt Davis
ATA-WG1 Willie Gay
ATA-WL1 Walker Little


2017 Leaf Metal Army All-American Football Online-Only Checklist

Not found in packs.

Base Set Checklist

101 cards. *Base cards available through online distributors only and not found in boxes.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Yellow #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1.
2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 27

1 A.J. Epenesa
2 Adam Stack
3 Addison Gumbs
4 Ambry Thomas
5 Andrew Thomas
6 Ariel Ngata
7 Aubrey Solomon
8 Austin Jackson
9 Baron Browning
10 Brandon Ruiz
11 Brett Neilon
12 Bruce Jordan-Swilling
13 Bubba Bolden
14 Cam Akers
15 Chase Young
16 Chuck Filiaga
17 Colby Parkinson
18 Cole Kmet
19 Creed Humphrey
20 D.D. Bowie
21 D.J. Matthews
22 D'Andre Swift
23 D'Antne Demery
24 Darnay Holmes
25 Davis Mills
26 Deommodore Lenoir
27 Derek Kerstetter
28 Deron Irving-Bey
29 Devon Hunter
30 DeVonta Smith
31 Donovan Johnson
32 Donovan Peoples-Jones
33 Dylan McCaffrey
34 Earnest Brown
35 Eno Benjamin
36 Foster Sarell
37 Greg Johnson
38 Hamsah Nasirildeen
39 Haskell Garrett
40 Henry Ruggs
41 Hunter Echols
42 Hunter Johnson
43 Isaiah Thomas
44 J.K. Dobbins
45 Ja'len Parks
46 Jacob Phillips
47 Jaelan Phillips
48 Jake Fromm
49 Jake Moretti
50 Jamire Calvin
51 Jarez Parks
52 Jay Tufele
53 Jayden Peevy
54 Jaylon Johnson
55 Jeffrey Okudah
56 Jeremiah Holloman
57 Jordan Williams
58 Joseph Bulovas
59 Joseph Lewis
60 Josh Myers
61 Joshua Lugg
62 Justin Foster
63 K.J. Jarrell
64 Kanan Ray
65 Kendall Randolph
66 Levi Draper
67 Marlon Tuipulotu
68 Mike Harley
69 Montaric Brown
70 Najee Harris
71 Nathan McBride
72 Netori Johnson
73 Nick Brahms
74 Odua Isibor
75 Oliver Martin
76 Omar Manning
77 OrTre Smith
78 Richard LeCounte
79 Robert Barnes
80 Rutger Reitmaier
81 Salvon Ahmed
82 Sampson Niu
83 Shaun Wade
84 Shawn Robinson
85 Stephen Carr
86 Tadarian Moultry
87 Tarik Black
88 Tate Martell
89 Tedarrell Slaton Jr.
90 Thomas Fletcher
91 Tray Bishop
92 Tristan Wirfs
93 Tua Tagovailoa - Shop on eBay
94 Tucker Day
95 Ty Chandler
96 Ty Jones
97 Tyjon Lindsey
98 Walker Little
99 Willie Gay
100 Wyatt Davis
Bonus Mitch Hall


Base Autographs Set Checklist

101 cards. *Base autographs available through online distributors only and not found in boxes.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Yellow #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1.

BA-01 A.J. Epenesa
BA-02 Adam Stack
BA-03 Addison Gumbs
BA-04 Ambry Thomas
BA-05 Andrew Thomas
BA-06 Ariel Ngata
BA-07 Aubrey Solomon
BA-08 Austin Jackson
BA-09 Baron Browning
BA-10 Brandon Ruiz
BA-11 Brett Neilon
BA-12 Bruce Jordan-Swilling
BA-13 Bubba Bolden
BA-14 Cam Akers
BA-15 Chase Young
BA-16 Chuck Filiaga
BA-17 Colby Parkinson
BA-18 Cole Kmet
BA-19 Creed Humphrey
BA-20 D.D. Bowie
BA-21 D.J. Matthews
BA-22 D'Andre Swift
BA-23 D'Antne Demery
BA-24 Darnay Holmes
BA-25 Davis Mills
BA-26 Deommodore Lenoir
BA-27 Derek Kerstetter
BA-28 Deron Irving-Bey
BA-29 Devon Hunter
BA-30 DeVonta Smith
BA-31 Donovan Johnson
BA-32 Donovan Peoples-Jones
BA-33 Dylan McCaffrey
BA-34 Earnest Brown
BA-35 Eno Benjamin
BA-36 Foster Sarell
BA-37 Greg Johnson
BA-38 Hamsah Nasirildeen
BA-39 Haskell Garrett
BA-40 Henry Ruggs
BA-41 Hunter Echols
BA-42 Hunter Johnson
BA-43 Isaiah Thomas
BA-44 J.K. Dobbins
BA-45 Ja'len Parks
BA-46 Jacob Phillips
BA-47 Jaelan Phillips
BA-48 Jake Fromm
BA-49 Jake Moretti
BA-50 Jamire Calvin
BA-51 Jarez Parks
BA-52 Jay Tufele
BA-53 Jayden Peevy
BA-54 Jaylon Johnson
BA-55 Jeffrey Okudah
BA-56 Jeremiah Holloman
BA-57 Jordan Williams
BA-58 Joseph Bulovas
BA-59 Joseph Lewis
BA-60 Josh Myers
BA-61 Joshua Lugg
BA-62 Justin Foster
BA-63 K.J. Jarrell
BA-64 Kanan Ray
BA-65 Kendall Randolph
BA-66 Levi Draper
BA-67 Marlon Tuipulotu
BA-68 Mike Harley
BA-69 Montaric Brown
BA-70 Najee Harris
BA-71 Nathan McBride
BA-72 Netori Johnson
BA-73 Nick Brahms
BA-74 Odua Isibor
BA-75 Oliver Martin
BA-76 Omar Manning
BA-77 OrTre Smith
BA-78 Richard LeCounte
BA-79 Robert Barnes
BA-80 Rutger Reitmaier
BA-81 Salvon Ahmed
BA-82 Sampson Niu
BA-83 Shaun Wade
BA-84 Shawn Robinson
BA-85 Stephen Carr
BA-86 Tadarian Moultry
BA-87 Tarik Black
BA-88 Tate Martell
BA-89 Tedarrell Slaton Jr.
BA-90 Thomas Fletcher
BA-91 Tray Bishop
BA-92 Tristan Wirfs
BA-93 Tua Tagovailoa
BA-94 Tucker Day
BA-95 Ty Chandler
BA-96 Ty Jones
BA-97 Tyjon Lindsey
BA-98 Walker Little
BA-99 Willie Gay
BA-100 Wyatt Davis
BA-Bonus Mitch Hall


Freshman Class 2017 Relics Set Checklist

10 cards. *Available via social media promotional programs and not found in packs.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Gold #/20, Red #/15, Blue Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1.

2017 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 28

FC-01 Najee Harris / Tua Tagovailoa - Alabama  - Shop on eBay
FC-02 DeVonta Smith / Henry Ruggs - Alabama
FC-03 Cam Akers / D.J. Matthews - Florida State
FC-04 Omar Manning / Shawn Robinson - TCU
FC-05 Joseph Lewis / Stephen Carr - USC
FC-06 Baron Browning / Jeffrey Okudah / Shaun Wade - Ohio State
FC-07 Colby Parkinson / Davis Mills / Foster Sarell - Stanford
FC-08 Jeremiah Holloman / Jake Fromm / D'Andre Swift / Richard LeCounte - Georgia
FC-09 Donovan Peoples-Jones / Dylan McCaffrey / Oliver Martin / Tarik Black - Michigan
FC-10 J.K. Dobbins / Tate Martell / Josh Myers / Wyatt Davis - Ohio State


Jumbo Patch Relics Set Checklist

3 cards.*Available via social media promotional programs and not found in packs.*
**McCaffrey is Autographed.**
SPECTRUM PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/30 (*Henry - #/8), Purple #/15 or less, Green #/9 or less, Magenta #/5 (*Henry #/4), Blue #/3, Silver #/2, Gold 1/1.

JP-01 Ezekiel Elliott
JP-02 Derrick Henry
PA-BONUS Christian McCaffrey Auto **


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Lisa grew up in Arlington, Texas where she regularly attended Rangers games and fell in love with baseball. She began collecting her favorite players' cards when every pack came with a stick of gum. With almost every baseball release, Lisa continues to grow her collection. She is also an avid fan of WWE, MMA, comics and every genre of music. Lisa is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.

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