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2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards

2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards

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2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football continues the tradition of Leaf's gridiron sets that are centered around the US Army All-American Bowl, but this time with a chromium finish. Each box promises eight autographs from some of the top names in high school football.

Only containing signed cards, each hobby box will yield several of the design options. Among the choices are base Metal Autographs, numbered to 50 copies or less. There are also several limited parallels including Alternate Flag. The Selection Tour Autographs (#/50 or less) offer hard-signed options and more rare parallels like Inscriptions. Rounding out the choices, Patch Autographs (#/35 or less) are reserved for the top players and skill positions and feature quality game-worn patches and sticker autographs.

Unlike previous years, every participant in the event signed for 2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football and the game was played on January 9, 2016 at the Alamodome. The full player roster can be seen on the U.S. Army All-American Bowl website. The annual high school all-star game boasts major names in college and NFL circles as alumni, including Andrew Luck and Odell Beckham Jr.

There are also base cards for the set but they are not part of the hobby offering and are only found through select online distributors. 2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl is limited to 199 cases.

Release Date: 5/27/2016
Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 8 cards per pack, 15 boxes per case

2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football Hobby Box Break

  • 5 Metal Autographs
  • 2 Selection Tour Autographs
  • 1 Patch Autograph
  • 8 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

101 cards. *Base cards available through online distributors only and not found in boxes.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Yellow #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 1

01 Dexter Lawrence
02 Jacob Eason
03 Shea Patterson
04 Derrick Brown
05 Isaac Nauta
06 Tavien Feaster
07 Mique Juarez
08 Mecole Hardman
09 Caleb Kelly
10 Demetris Robertson
11 Jonathon Cooper
12 Trayvon Mullen
13 Tyler Vaughns
14 Jeffery Simmons
15 Feleipe Franks
16 Justin Madubuike
17 Jack Jones
18 Tommy Kraemer
19 DeMario McCall
20 Devin Asiasi
21 K.J. Costello
22 Antwuan Jackson
23 Julian Rochester
24 Janarius Robinson
25 Ben Cleveland
26 John Raridon
27 Brandon Peters
28 Nigel Warrior
29 David Long
30 Binjimen Victor
31 DeKaylin Metcalf
32 Austin Mack
33 Erick Fowler
34 Curtis Robinson
35 Tren'Davian Dickson
36 Brian Burns
37 Breland Brandt
38 Raekwon Davis
39 Byron Murphy
40 Jordan Elliott
41 Michael Pittman
42 Michael Onwenu
43 Javon McKinley
44 Landon Young
45 Brendan Ferns
46 Xavier Kelly
47 Donnie Corley
48 Dylan Crawford
49 Marquez Callaway
50 Jake Hausmann
51 Josh King
52 Carter Coughlin
53 Daelin Hayes
54 Garrett Rand
55 Trevon Sidney
56 Michael Jordan
57 Jordan Fuller
58 Jamel Cook
59 Cole Van Lanen
60 Lavert Hill
61 Drake Jackson
62 Shaquille Quarterman
63 Camilo Eifler
64 Tramonda Moore
65 Ahmmon Richards
66 Melquise Stovall
67 Clark Yarbrough
68 John Simpson
69 Jawon Pass
70 Frank Martin II
71 Josh Ball
72 Mark Jackson Jr.
73 Simi Fehoko
74 Bryan Edwards
75 Cameron Chambers
76 Josh Brown
77 Jaleel Laguins
78 Chase Lucas
79 Demetric Vance
80 Luke Wattenberg
81 Sewo Olonilua
82 Charles Oliver
83 Matt Farniok
84 Connor McGovern
85 Ross Blacklock
86 Kyle Porter
87 Vavae Malepeai
88 Tyler Byrd
89 Javon Kinlaw
90 Tony Jones Jr.
91 Brandon Randle
92 Kash Daniel
93 Chanse Sylvie
94 Marshall Long
95 JJ Molson
96 John Shannon
97 Malek Young
98 Drue Chrisman
99 Johnny Den Bleyker
100 Skyler Southam
101 Connor Culp


Metal Autographs Set Checklist

102 cards. *Unnumbered Silver Metal Base and Flag Etch cards not available in packs.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/50 or less, Purple Prismatic #/25 or less, Pink Prismatic #/20 or less (Card #33 - #/7), Black Prismatic #/15 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Prismatic 1/1, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional).
FLAG ETCH PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/12, Purple Prismatic #/10, Pink Prismatic #/7, Black Prismatic #/5, Green Prismatic #/3, Red Prismatic #/2, Gold Prismatic 1/1, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional).
2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 2

01 Ahmmon Richards
02 Antwuan Jackson
03 Austin Mack
04 Ben Cleveland
05 Binjimen Victor
06 Brandon Peters
07 Brandon Randle
08 Breland Brandt
09 Brendan Ferns
10 Brian Burns
11 Bryan Edwards
12 Byron Murphy
13 Caleb Kelly
14 Cameron Chambers
15 Camilo Eifler
16 Carter Coughlin
17 Chanse Sylvie
18 Charles Oliver
19 Chase Lucas
20 Clark Yarbrough
21 Cole Van Lanen
22 Connor McGovern
23 Curtis Robinson
24 Daelin Hayes
25 David Long
26 DeKaylin Metcalf
27 DeMario McCall
28 Demetric Vance
29 Demetris Robertson
30 Derrick Brown
31 Devin Asiasi
32 Dexter Lawrence
33 Donnie Corley
34 Drake Jackson
35 Drue Chrisman
36 Dylan Crawford
37 Erick Fowler
38 Feleipe Franks
39 Frank Martin II
40 Garrett Rand
41 Isaac Nauta
42 Jack Jones
43 Jacob Eason
44 Jake Hausmann
45 Jaleel Laguins
46 Jamel Cook
47 Janarius Robinson
48 Javon Kinlaw
49 Javon McKinley
50 Jawon Pass
51 Jeffery Simmons
52 JJ Molson
53 John Raridon
54 John Shannon
55 John Simpson
56 Johnny Den Bleyker
57 Jonathon Cooper
58 Jordan Elliott
59 Jordan Fuller
60 Josh Ball
61 Josh Brown
62 Josh King
63 Julian Rochester
64 Justin Madubuike
65 K.J. Costello
66 Kash Daniel
67 Kyle Porter
68 Landon Young
69 Lavert Hill
70 Luke Wattenberg
71 Malek Young
72 Mark Jackson Jr.
73 Marquez Callaway
74 Marshall Long
75 Matt Farniok
76 Mecole Hardman
77 Melquise Stovall
78 Michael Jordan
79 Michael Onwenu
80 Michael Pittman
81 Mique Juarez
82 Nigel Warrior
83 Raekwon Davis
84 Ross Blacklock
85 Sewo Olonilua
86 Shaquille Quarterman
87 Shea Patterson
88 Simi Fehoko
89 Skyler Southam
90 Tavien Feaster
91 Tommy Kraemer
92 Tony Jones Jr.
93 Tramonda Moore
94 Trayvon Mullen
95 Tren'Davian Dickson
96 Trevon Sidney
97 Tyler Byrd
98 Tyler Vaughns
99 Vavae Malepeai
100 Xavier Kelly
101 Connor Culp
102 Connor Culp


Freshman Class 2016 Relics Set Checklist

10 cards. *Available via social media promotional programs and not found in packs.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/35, Gold #/20, Red #/15, Blue Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Gold Spectrum (FB) 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 3

FC-01 Tavien Feaster / Dexter Lawrence - Clemson
FC-02 Cameron Chambers / Donnie Corley - Michigan State
FC-03 Shea Patterson / DeKaylin Metcalf - Ole Miss
FC-04 K.J. Costello / Simi Fehoko - Stanford
FC-05 Tyler Byrd / Marquez Callaway - Tennessee
FC-06 Isaac Nauta / Jacob Eason / Mecole Hardman - Georgia
FC-07 Dylan Crawford / Brandon Peters / Devin Asiasi - Michigan
FC-08 Javon McKinley / Tony Jones Jr. / Daelin Hayes - Notre Dame
FC-09 Michael Pittman / Trevon Sidney / Tyler Vaughns / Jack Jones - USC
FC-10 Austin Mack / DeMario McCall / Binjimen Victor / Jake Hausmann / Jordan Fuller - Ohio State


Patch Autographs Set Checklist

40 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/35, Gold #/20, Red #/15, Blue Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Gold Spectrum (FB) 1/1, Printing Plates (Promotional).
*EW cards noted below.
2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 4

PA-AM1 Austin Mack
PA-AR1 Ahmmon Richards
PA-BE1 Bryan Edwards *
PA-BP1 Brandon Peters
PA-BV1 Binjimen Victor
PA-CC1 Cameron Chambers
PA-CK1 Caleb Kelly
PA-CL1 Chase Lucas
PA-DA1 Devin Asiasi
PA-DC1 Donnie Corley
PA-DC2 Dylan Crawford
PA-DH1 Daelin Hayes *
PA-DL1 Dexter Lawrence
PA-DM1 DeKaylin Metcalf
PA-DM2 DeMario McCall
PA-DR1 Demetris Robertson
PA-FF1 Feleipe Franks
PA-IN1 Isaac Nauta
PA-JE1 Jacob Eason
PA-JF1 Jordan Fuller
PA-JH1 Jake Hausmann
PA-JJ1 Jack Jones
PA-JM1 Javon McKinley
PA-JP1 Jawon Pass
PA-KJC K.J. Costello
PA-KP1 Kyle Porter *
PA-MC1 Marquez Callaway
PA-MH1 Mecole Hardman
PA-MJ1 Mique Juarez
PA-MP1 Michael Pittman *
PA-MS1 Melquise Stovall
PA-SF1 Simi Fehoko
PA-SO1 Sewo Olonilua
PA-SP1 Shea Patterson
PA-TB1 Tyler Byrd
PA-TD1 Tren'Davian Dickson
PA-TF1 Tavien Feaster
PA-TJJ Tony Jones Jr.
PA-TS1 Trevon Sidney
PA-TV1 Tyler Vaughns


Tour Autographs Set Checklist

100 cards. *Unnumbered White cards not found in packs.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Black #/15 or less, Yellow #/10 or less, Red #/5 (Cards #ATA-BE1 and #ATA-KC1 - 1/1), Printing Plates (Promotional).
2016 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Bowl Football Cards 5

ATA-AJ1 Antwuan Jackson
ATA-AM1 Austin Mack
ATA-AR1 Ahmmon Richards
ATA-BB1 Breland Brandt
ATA-BB2 Brian Burns
ATA-BC1 Ben Cleveland
ATA-BE1 Bryan Edwards
ATA-BF1 Brendan Ferns
ATA-BM1 Byron Murphy
ATA-BP1 Brandon Peters
ATA-BR1 Brandon Randle
ATA-BV1 Binjimen Victor
ATA-CC1 Cameron Chambers
ATA-CC2 Carter Coughlin
ATA-CE1 Camilo Eifler
ATA-CK1 Caleb Kelly
ATA-CL1 Chase Lucas
ATA-CM1 Connor McGovern
ATA-CO1 Charles Oliver
ATA-CR1 Curtis Robinson
ATA-CS1 Chanse Sylvie
ATA-CVL Cole Van Lanen
ATA-CY1 Clark Yarbrough
ATA-DA1 Devin Asiasi
ATA-DB1 Derrick Brown
ATA-DC1 Donnie Corley
ATA-DC2 Drue Chrisman
ATA-DC3 Dylan Crawford
ATA-DH1 Daelin Hayes
ATA-DJ1 Drake Jackson
ATA-DL1 David Long
ATA-DL2 Dexter Lawrence
ATA-DM1 DeKaylin Metcalf
ATA-DM2 DeMario McCall
ATA-DR1 Demetris Robertson
ATA-DV1 Demetric Vance
ATA-EF1 Erick Fowler
ATA-FF1 Feleipe Franks
ATA-FM1 Frank Martin II
ATA-GR1 Garrett Rand
ATA-IN1 Isaac Nauta
ATA-JB1 Josh Ball
ATA-JB2 Josh Brown
ATA-JC1 Jamel Cook
ATA-JC2 Jonathon Cooper
ATA-JDB Johnny Den Bleyker
ATA-JE1 Jacob Eason
ATA-JE2 Jordan Elliott
ATA-JF1 Jordan Fuller
ATA-JH1 Jake Hausmann
ATA-JJ1 Jack Jones
ATA-JK1 Javon Kinlaw
ATA-JK2 Josh King
ATA-JL1 Jaleel Laguins
ATA-JM1 Javon McKinley
ATA-JM2 JJ Molson
ATA-JM3 Justin Madubuike
ATA-JP1 Jawon Pass
ATA-JR1 Janarius Robinson
ATA-JR2 John Raridon
ATA-JR3 Julian Rochester
ATA-JS1 Jeffery Simmons
ATA-JS2 John Shannon
ATA-JS3 John Simpson
ATA-KC1 K.J. Costello
ATA-KD1 Kash Daniel
ATA-KP1 Kyle Porter
ATA-LH1 Lavert Hill
ATA-LW1 Luke Wattenberg
ATA-LY1 Landon Young
ATA-MC1 Marquez Callaway
ATA-MF1 Matt Farniok
ATA-MH1 Mecole Hardman
ATA-MJ1 Michael Jordan
ATA-MJ2 Mique Juarez
ATA-MJJ Mark Jackson Jr.
ATA-ML2 Marshall Long
ATA-MO1 Michael Onwenu
ATA-MP1 Michael Pittman
ATA-MS1 Melquise Stovall
ATA-MY1 Malek Young
ATA-NW1 Nigel Warrior
ATA-RB1 Ross Blacklock
ATA-RD1 Raekwon Davis
ATA-SF1 Simi Fehoko
ATA-SO1 Sewo Olonilua
ATA-SP1 Shea Patterson
ATA-SQ1 Shaquille Quarterman
ATA-SS1 Skyler Southam
ATA-TB1 Tyler Byrd
ATA-TDD Tren'Davian Dickson
ATA-TF1 Tavien Feaster
ATA-TJJ Tony Jones Jr.
ATA-TK1 Tommy Kraemer
ATA-TM1 Tramonda Moore
ATA-TM2 Trayvon Mullen
ATA-TS1 Trevon Sidney
ATA-TV1 Tyler Vaughns
ATA-VM1 Vavae Malepeai
ATA-XK1 Xavier Kelly



Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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Not a bad product at all! One big question though: do you know why they are allowed to make these cards? I feel like they would violate some kind of NCAA rules. Thanks!

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