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2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards – Checklist Added

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Marking the first UD foray into an all-female Marvel superhero release, 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems is a high-end card set with multiple insert technologies and themes. Every hobby box includes five quality cards and a bonus Exquisite pack.

Centered around heroines, the 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems base set totals 60 cards, each numbered to 225, along with a trio of base parallels that are as limited as ten copies per subject.

Driven by inserts, 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems offers great variety to collectors with several per pack. Among these are Crystal Clear PETG cards with an acetate stock that fall in every box. The 20-card set features four parallels: Red, Blue, Green and Purple. Other options include Diamond Mine (#/30) with manufactured gemstones that come in Single, Dual, Triple and Quad editions. They also add Gold (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

Playing off the iconic Jambalaya line are Gem-Balaya inserts while Shadowbox combines multiple layers with a thick stock. These are joined by Diamond Cut cards with a die-cut jewel design and acetate stock. Original Art Sketch cards average four per 20-box case and feature hand-drawn artwork.

In addition, collectors can find a special one-card Exquisite pack in every box of 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems. Exquisite base cards feature art by Ariel Olivetti in four numbered tiers with the fourth tier limited to 30 copies. There are also Nameplate variations with metal plates for each base subject. Lastly, more distinct options from the bonus packs include Emma Frost Collection inserts on textured stock or Diamond Skin cards made with lab-created diamonds.

Release Date: 12/7/2016
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box (+ 1 Exquisite pack), 20 boxes per case (2 inners)

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Box Break

  • 1 Gem-Balaya, Diamond Mine, Diamond Cuts Insert or Sketch Card
  • 1 Crystal Clear PETG Insert
  • 1 Other Premium Insert
  • 2 Base/Parallel Cards
  • 1 Exquisite Pack (1 card)

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems 20-Box Case Break

  • 4 Sketch Cards
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Checklist

Base Set Checklist

60 cards. Serial numbered #/225.
PARALLEL CARDS: Ruby #/99, Sapphire #/25, Topaz #/10, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 23

1 Captain Marvel
2 Kitty Pryde
3 Firestar
4 Lady Sif
5 Tigra
6 Black Widow
7 Magik
8 Dazzler
9 Madame Hydra
10 Storm
11 Mockingbird
12 Hellcat
13 Mystique
14 Blink
15 Namora
16 Valkyrie
17 Scarlet Witch
18 Psylocke
19 Gamora
20 Elektra
21 Echo
22 Misty Knight
23 Wasp
24 Black Cat
25 She-Hulk
26 Polaris
27 Enchantress
28 Diamondback
29 White Tiger
30 Nebula
31 Silver Sable
32 Typhoid Mary
33 Satana
34 Spider-Woman
35 Hela
36 Jocasta
37 Stature
38 Hawkeye
39 Black Panther
40 Spider-Gwen
41 Silk
42 Lady Bullseye
43 Crystal
44 Maria Hill
45 Moondragon
46 Lady Deadpool
47 Ms. Marvel
48 Quake
49 Madame Masque
50 Spectrum
51 Dagger
52 Umar
53 Firebird
54 Red She-Hulk
55 Smasher
56 Jean Grey
57 Medusa
58 Squirrel Girl
59 Elsa Bloodstone
60 Thor


Battling Beauties Set Checklist

15 cards. 1:4 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 24

BB-1 Black Cat/Silk
BB-2 Black Widow/Black Widow
BB-3 Red She-Hulk/She-Hulk
BB-4 Storm/Callisto
BB-5 Black Widow/Ms. Marvel
BB-6 Valkyrie/She-Hulk
BB-7 Storm/Emma Frost
BB-8 Black Widow/Lady Bullseye
BB-9 Gamora/Phyla-Vell
BB-10 Sera/Angela
BB-11 Lady Deathstrike/X-23
BB-12 Scarlet Witch/Magik
BB-13 Elektra/Black Widow
BB-14 Ms. Marvel/Ms. Marvel
BB-15 Angela/Gamora


Crystal Clear Set Checklist

20 cards. 1:1.5 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red - 1:5, Blue - 1:12, Green - 1:30, Purple - 1:60.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 25

CC-1 Elektra
CC-2 Medusa
CC-3 White Tiger
CC-4 Lady Sif
CC-5 She-Hulk
CC-6 Captain Marvel
CC-7 Maria Hill
CC-8 Jean Grey
CC-9 Black Cat
CC-10 Enchantress
CC-11 Mystique
CC-12 Spider-Woman
CC-13 Mantis
CC-14 Silver Sable
CC-15 Firestar
CC-16 Black Widow
CC-17 X-23
CC-18 Kitty Pryde
CC-19 Scarlet Witch
CC-20 Hellcat


Diamond Cut Set Checklist

50 cards. Specific group odds noted below.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 26

Diamond Cut Pear - 1:4
DCP-1 Hellcat
DCP-2 Armor
DCP-3 Echo
DCP-4 Lady Bullseye
DCP-5 Madame Masque
DCP-6 Squirrel Girl
DCP-7 Hela
DCP-8 Elsa Bloodstone
DCP-9 Mercury
DCP-10 Spectrum
DCP-11 Maria Hill
DCP-12 Jubilee
DCP-13 Moondragon
DCP-14 Ko-Rel
DCP-15 Ruby Summers
DCP-16 Darkstar
DCP-17 Domino
DCP-18 Smasher
DCP-19 Sharon Carter
DCP-20 Spitfire
Diamond Cut Trillion - 1:6
DCT-1 Black Panther
DCT-2 Valkyrie
DCT-3 Psylocke
DCT-4 Lady Sif
DCT-5 X-23
DCT-6 Satana
DCT-7 Medusa
DCT-8 Mantis
DCT-9 Ms. Marvel
DCT-10 Dazzler
DCT-11 Rescue
DCT-12 Aurora
DCT-13 Blink
DCT-14 Spider-Girl
DCT-15 Red She-Hulk
Diamond Cut Round - 1:8
DCR-1 Spider-Woman
DCR-2 Mystique
DCR-3 Wasp
DCR-4 Namora
DCR-5 Storm
DCR-6 Tigra
DCR-7 Mockingbird
DCR-8 Kitty Pryde
DCR-9 White Tiger
DCR-10 Thor
Diamond Cut Heart - 1:24
DCH-1 She-Hulk
DCH-2 Scarlet Witch
DCH-3 Black Widow
DCH-4 Jean Grey
DCH-5 Captain Marvel


Diamond Mine Set Checklist

30 cards. Serial numbered #/30
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/5, Black 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 27

Diamond Mine Single
SDM-1 Spider-Gwen
SDM-2 Thor
SDM-3 Tigra
SDM-4 Quake
SDM-5 Mockingbird
SDM-6 Magik
SDM-7 Lady Deadpool
SDM-8 Snowbird
SDM-9 Diamondback
SDM-10 Dagger
SDM-11 Black Panther
SDM-12 Red She-Hulk
Diamond Mine Double
DDM-1 Silk
DDM-2 Mystique
DDM-3 Valkyrie
DDM-4 Elektra
DDM-5 Misty Knight
DDM-6 Spectrum
DDM-7 Enchantress
DDM-8 Psylocke
DDM-9 Blink
DDM-10 Medusa
Diamond Mine Triple
TDM-1 She-Hulk
TDM-2 Jean Grey
TDM-3 Scarlet Witch
TDM-4 Black Cat
TDM-5 Wasp
Diamond Mine Quad
QDM-1 Black Widow
QDM-2 Storm
QDM-3 Captain Marvel


Focus Frames Set Checklist

15 cards. 1:8 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 28

FF-1 Silk
FF-2 Arachne
FF-3 Elsa Bloodstone
FF-4 Lady Hellbender
FF-5 Umar
FF-6 Gwenpool
FF-7 Tarantula
FF-8 Captain Marvel
FF-9 Mantis
FF-10 Firebird
FF-11 Kitty Pryde
FF-12 Lady Deathstrike
FF-13 Black Panther
FF-14 Spiral
FF-15 Thor


Gem-Balaya Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:10 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 29

GB-1 Spider-Woman
GB-2 Black Widow
GB-3 Mystique
GB-4 Scarlet Witch
GB-5 Gamora
GB-6 Mockingbird
GB-7 Thor
GB-8 Elektra
GB-9 She-Hulk
GB-10 Kitty Pryde
GB-11 Madame Hydra
GB-12 Spiral
GB-13 Misty Knight
GB-14 Enchantress
GB-15 Jean Grey
GB-16 Hawkeye
GB-17 Ms. Marvel
GB-18 Spider-Gwen
GB-19 Storm
GB-20 Captain Marvel


No Boys Allowed Set Checklist

20 cards. 1:5 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 30

NBA-1 Lady Bullseye/Daredevil
NBA-2 Thor/Thor
NBA-3 Black Cat/Spider-Man
NBA-4 Black Widow/Deadpool
NBA-5 Magik/Legion
NBA-6 She-Hulk/Daredevil
NBA-7 Elektra/Bullseye
NBA-8 Madame Masque/Iron Man
NBA-9 Red She-Hulk/Red Hulk
NBA-10 Lady Deathstrike/Wolverine
NBA-11 Elektra/Daredevil
NBA-12 Kitty Pryde/Absorbing Man
NBA-13 Typhoid Mary/Daredevil
NBA-14 Hope/Cyclops
NBA-15 Umar/Doctor Strange
NBA-16 Silver Sable/Jack O'Lantern
NBA-17 Squirrel Girl/M.O.D.O.K.
NBA-18 Silk/Electro
NBA-19 Wasp/Absorbing Man
NBA-20 Shanna The She-Devil/T-Rex


Shadowbox Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:10 packs.

SB-1 Thor
SB-2 Storm
SB-3 Gamora
SB-4 Red She-Hulk
SB-5 Nebula
SB-6 Squirrel Girl
SB-7 Hela
SB-8 Spider-Gwen
SB-9 Captain Marvel
SB-10 Silver Sable


XOXO Set Checklist

30 cards. 1:2 packs.

XO-1 Enchantress
XO-2 Mockingbird
XO-3 Lady Deathstrike
XO-4 Viper
XO-5 Typhoid Mary
XO-6 Pepper Potts
XO-7 Mary Jane Parker
XO-8 Jean Grey
XO-9 Diamondback
XO-10 Clea
XO-11 Colleen Wing
XO-12 Jessica Jones
XO-13 Gwen Stacey
XO-14 Elektra
XO-15 White Tiger
XO-16 Deathbird
XO-17 Medusa
XO-18 Scarlet Witch
XO-19 Jocasta
XO-20 Black Cat
XO-21 Black Widow
XO-22 Storm
XO-23 Mystique
XO-24 Misty Knight
XO-25 Chimera
XO-26 Domino
XO-27 Sharon Carter
XO-28 Red She-Hulk
XO-29 Black Swan
XO-30 Shanna The She-Devil


Sketch Artist List

79 artists. Serial numbered 1/1.
Gem Sketch - 1:20 packs; Gem Character Sketch - 1:6.66 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 31

Aaron Felizmenio
Abdul Ghofur
Albert Morales
Andrew Lopez
Andy Carreon
Anthony Tan
Anthony Wheeler
Arturo Romero
Ashleigh Popplewell
Babisu Kourtis
Barush Merling
Bienifer Flores
Bobby Breed
Bryan Tillman
Cassio Batista
Chris Foreman
Chris Meeks
Chucky Penero
David Hindelang
Dominic Racho
Don Beniga
Don Mark Noceda
Edde Wagner
Edward Cherniga
Elise Strong
Elvin Hernandez
Emanuel Braga
Eric Fournier
Erwin Ropa
Eugene Commodore
Fabian Quintero
Federico Blee
Geanes Holland
George Vega
Gilbert Monsanto
Harold Edge
Helga Wojik
Ian Quirante
Irma Ahmed
Israel Arteaga
James Hill
James Hooks
Jason Adams
Jennifer Allyn
Jim Faustino
Jim Nelson
Joe Jusko
John Sloboda
Jomar Bulda
Jon Rademacher
Juno Sanchez
Ken Racho
Kevin Sharpe
Leon Braojos
Luro Hersal
Lydi Li Tubillara
Lynne Anderson
Marcelo Ferreira
Mariano Fadrilan
Mark Tannacore
Mauro Fodra
Mel Joy San Juan
Melike Acar
Melvin Serrano
Mick & Matt Glebe
Mike Hartigan
Mitch Ballard
Natasa Kourtis
Nathan Nelson
Nicole Virella
Patricio Carrasco
Peejay Catacutan
Rhiannon Owens
Rich Molinelli
Rico Renzi
Ryan van der Draaij
Thiago Vale
Tim Dowler
Tom Nguyen

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Exquisite Checklist

Base Exquisite Set Checklist

50 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Nameplate Variant #/10.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 32

1 Luke Cage #/ 199
2 Gladiator #/ 199
3 Diamondback #/ 199
4 Baron Zemo #/ 199
5 Viper #/ 199
6 Colossus #/ 199
7 Enchantress #/ 199
8 Bullseye #/ 199
9 Nova #/ 199
10 Namor #/ 199
11 Black Bolt #/ 199
12 Psylocke #/ 199
13 Doctor Octopus #/ 199
14 Emma Frost #/ 199
15 Sabretooth #/ 199
16 Black Cat #/ 199
17 Ultron #/ 199
18 Winter Soldier #/ 199
19 Spider-Woman #/ 199
20 Punisher #/ 99
21 Iceman #/ 99
22 Doctor Strange #/ 99
23 Green Goblin #/ 99
24 Mystique #/ 99
25 Red Skull #/ 99
26 Blade #/ 99
27 Hawkeye #/ 99
28 Captain Marvel #/ 99
29 Ghost Rider #/ 99
30 Jean Grey #/ 99
31 Loki #/ 99
32 Storm #/ 99
33 She-Hulk #/ 99
34 Beast #/ 99
35 Scarlet Witch #/ 99
36 Black Widow #/ 50
37 Cyclops #/ 50
38 Daredevil #/ 50
39 Captain America #/ 50
40 Black Panther #/ 50
41 Magneto #/ 50
42 Kitty Pryde #/ 50
43 Hulk #/ 50
44 Venom #/ 50
45 Thor #/ 50
46 Iron Man #/ 30
47 Deadpool #/ 30
48 Thanos #/ 30
49 Wolverine #/ 30
50 Spider-Man #/ 30


Emma Frost Collection Set Checklist

15 cards. 1:3.33 Exquisite packs
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 33

EFC-1 Emma Frost
EFC-2 Emma Frost
EFC-3 Emma Frost
EFC-4 Emma Frost
EFC-5 Emma Frost
EFC-6 Emma Frost
EFC-7 Emma Frost
EFC-8 Emma Frost
EFC-9 Emma Frost
EFC-10 Emma Frost
EFC-11 Emma Frost
EFC-12 Emma Frost
EFC-13 Emma Frost
EFC-14 Emma Frost
EFC-15 Emma Frost


Emma Frost Diamond Skin Quad Set Checklist

15 cards. 1:10 Exquisite packs
 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Trading Cards - Checklist Added 34

DS-1 Emma Frost
DS-2 Emma Frost
DS-3 Emma Frost
DS-4 Emma Frost
DS-5 Emma Frost
DS-6 Emma Frost
DS-7 Emma Frost
DS-8 Emma Frost
DS-9 Emma Frost
DS-10 Emma Frost
DS-11 Emma Frost
DS-12 Emma Frost
DS-13 Emma Frost
DS-14 Emma Frost
DS-15 Emma Frost

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User Reviews


I really like this set. It’s different from what we usually get and there is a lot of variety in it. I just wish it wasn’t so limited. I understand it makes it less rare or valuable but it’s just so unrealistic to be able to complete a set like this or even come close to it


Really enjoyed this set. The checklist is a little low but there are so many inserts it makes up for it. I like that the art changes between the blue /25 to give more variety.

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