2015 Topps Finest Baseball Cards

2015 Topps Finest Baseball Cards


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Finest is a brand that doesn't keep it simple and quaint. It might very well be the closest thing the hobby has to being experimental in the design department. 2015 Topps Finest Baseball is no different. It might not be as colorful as the previous year's set, but it makes up for it with lots of lines and angles. Boxes have a pair of autographs.

For several years, Finest has gravitated largely towards rookies, particularly when it comes to autographs. 2015 Topps Finest Baseball shifts back in the direction of veterans and retired stars. How far is that shift is remains to be fully seen, but there are new inserts that focus on the past and present over the future.

The base set has 100 total cards, mixing veterans and rookies. It's Finest, so there are lots of Refractors. Besides the basic Refractors, there are seven numbered versions: Prism, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange (#/25), Red (#/5), and Superfractor. Base cards also have Printing Plates. Randomly inserted hot boxes have all base cards switched out for Black Refractors.

For the first time in Finest Baseball, collectors can also find short print variations. They aren't limited to just the base cards either. Variations have Refractor (#/25), Red Refractor (#/5) and Superfractor (1/1) parallels.

Finest Autographs are essentially signed versions of the base cards. These also have lots of Refractors parallels, all of which are serial numbered: Blue, Green, Gold, Orange (#/25), Red (#/5) and Superfractors (1/1). Printing Plates are also available for autographs.

Finest Greats Autographs come inserted at a rate of one per case. These come with on-card signatures from veterans and retired legends. In addition to the regular versions, color comes in the form of Gold, Orange (#/25), Red (#/5), Superfractors (1/1) and Printing Plates.

New for 2015 Topps Finest Baseball are Finest Affiliations Autographs. These have two signatures and come serial numbered. Red Refractors (#/5) and Superfractors (1/1) are the only parallels for these.

Finest Generations is a new set of inserts dedicated exclusively to players from the past. They have three parallels plus numbered autographed versions.

Finest Careers Die-Cut has a structure similar to Upper Deck's old Baseball Heroes inserts. The ten-card set focuses on one recently retired player (yet to be announced) with each card focusing on a different milestone. Putting a set together won't be easy as cards fall just one per case. Parallels include Refractor (#/25), Red Refractor (#/5) and SuperFractor (1/1).

While 2015 Topps Finest Baseball puts a bigger emphasis on current and retired players, rookies aren't left out entirely of inserts. Finest Firsts highlights rookies appearing in the product for the first time. Both base and autographed versions have multiple levels of Refractors.

Sticking with the throwback inserts that were introduced in 2013 Topps Finest and continued on, this set has 1995 Topps Finest inserts that use the 20-year-old design for current players.

The Rookie Redemption returns. Those who land one will get an autograph from a yet-to-be-determined 2015 rookie.

2015 Topps Finest Baseball sticks with a mini box format with two minis making up a master box.

Product Configuration: 12 packs per box (6 per mini box), 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Base Card
Target Audience: Set Builders, Autograph Collectors

2014 Topps Finest Baseball Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 60 Total Cards
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Frank Thomas 2015 Finest Greats Autograph

2015 Topps Finest Autographs Green Refractor #FA-CW Christian Walker Auto Card

2015 Topps Finest Autographs Green Refractor #FA-CW Christian Walker Auto Card




2015 Topps Finest Green Refractor #88 George Springer Houston Astros Card

2015 Topps Finest Green Refractor #88 George Springer Houston Astros Card

2015 Topps Finest Gold Refractor #91 Dilson Herrera New York Mets Baseball Card

2015 Topps Finest Gold Refractor #91 Dilson Herrera New York Mets Baseball Card

2015 Topps Finest Greats Autographs #FGA-TG Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves Auto Card

2015 Topps Finest Greats Autographs #FGA-TG Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves Auto Card

Dalton Pompey 2015 Finest Firsts Autographs #FFADP Toronto Blue Jays Canada RYC


Brandon Crawford 2015 Topps Finest Gold Refractor 50 #71 Giants Free S H
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User Reviews

  1. Bowman Sterling, Bowman Platinum and Finest….Mashup style! Not really liking the look personally.

  2. While I don’t personally like the mock up of these cards I’m glad to see a set like this focusing on veteran and retired players. Let the bowman sets like this deal with rookies. Hopefully the price of the boxes don’t get super expensive and the value is there when you actually buy a box.

  3. 1st Kris Bryant rc? I would say so. I don’t think panini counts as a true mlb card.

  4. No checklist yet?

  5. Card #111 is Kris Bryants rookie card. Panini does count, but he has not had a card in a Panini base set yet.

  6. I agree with Dan, I’d say First Kris Bryant RC. I know Archives comes out on the same day and also has a Kris Bryant SP RC, but I think Finest has to get the nod because it will be the first Kris Bryant RC with an original design. I don’t think you can count Panini……you can’t have a “first RC” card with no team logos.

  7. Tell the collectors that pay thousands and thousands to buy Panini cards or those that make thousands and thousands selling Panini cards that Panini doesn’t count

  8. I actually purchased a box today of the 2015 Topps finest and I love the cards look and design. The only issue I had was that I got a number of doubles, which isn’t cool because each box contains 60 cards. Overall its worth the $98.

  9. Do you know why there are pictures of a ’15 Finest Tom Seaver autograph card when they are showing pics of what these cards look like but I don’t see a Seaver auto listed in the checklist? Am I missing something?

  10. Wesley Likely a mock-up from when they first announced the set.

  11. Love Topps Finest. I like this years style better than last years. To all those who say Panini doesn’t count: For years Topps has had the market, doing their best to keep others out. For that alone Panini counts. They make a great product at a great price. This years Diamond Kings is a great example. Not to mention the 1st Babe Ruth Relics and Autographs since 2005.

  12. Like this years design better than last years. Although some of the Refractors are hard to pick out. overall great product

  13. I like this design, very contemporary look. One question about the autographs set list. On the secondary market I have not seen a single “base” auto for most of the veterans on this checklist. No Kershaw, Sale, Trout, Freeman, etc. Only parallel autos listed, which does not make sense. Are there no base autographs for most of these players in the checklist?

  14. Kevin Haven’t looked too closely for this set but have seen similar things in a lot of other sets.

  15. The color and design looks even better up close. However, I would rather they leave out the Generations inserts in favor of a few more color refractors.

    @Samir: You may want to check your doubles again. I had a few doubles which turned out to be refractors instead of another base card. I missed the refractors the first time through. Same with the prism refractors.

  16. Do you know how many base short prints there are per case?

  17. Isaac I believe it’s 1-2. They are very tough.

  18. Purchased 2 boxes.
    Out of the 82 regular base cards – 38 doubles.
    Even received two autos of the same player, though one
    was a blue parallel.
    Went through all doubles and they were not refractors.

  19. Dear Topps, please go back to putting the word “Refractor” under the card number if the card is a refractor. This takes away any guess work for us. I have a hard enough time determining what is for dinner that night.


  20. I love the on card autographs, and that only a couple of players were redemptions (except multi-player signed cards). A lot of excitement in the store I go to when we were busting cases and we saw the redemption cards knowing it was almost certainly a Bryant. The look is much better than the last two years, but the ability to keep value is awful. I stick to Finest mostly for tradition’s sake, and 80% of my cases did not have enough hits to make up for the $800-ish price tag for a case. It’s buying an entire pack of scratchoff lottery tickets. But I guess that is what we do now… hope we get the one Superfractor to pay for the case and move on to the next product, leaving commons and refractors and useless inserts as casualties on the store counter.

  21. At first, I didn’t like the design. As I went through a box, it started to grow on me a bit. It truly felt like a collection, that is nonstandard. The variety of color was nice. But in the end, it’s still too busy for my tastes. Some of the inserts are really nice. Not sure that I would purchase another box. One and done. It was fun breaking my first box. But like watching a big block-buster movie like Star Wars, the second go-around is a bit stale. Too afraid that is how it would feel if I were to get a second box.

    If these end up in a retail buy-back package, it would be cool to come across one or two. Just, not sure that I could take them in large doses.

    @ Chas, no. Not like buying scratch off lottery tickets. Not at all. There is no guarantee that there is ever to be any money to be made for anyone. Scratch off lottery tickets guarantee at least one, or a handful of winners. Sorry, but baseball cards are still a hobby. Not an investment.

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