2015 Topps Baseball Complete Factory Set - Hobby Edition

2015 Topps Baseball Complete Factory Set – Hobby Edition


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For some, building a set comes with ripping packs, trips to the show to sift through dime boxes and some trades with friends. Others take a more direct route with factory sets. The 2015 Topps Baseball Complete Set - Hobby Edition delivers all the full collection plus a handful of exclusive cards.

The main draw of the factory set is the 700-card base set. This covers 2015 Topps Series 1 and Series 2.

Also included are five serial-numbered Orange parallels. These are exclusive to the hobby version of the 2015 Topps Baseball Complete Set.

Topps is making just one hobby version of the factory set this year. While there will be others at retail, this is it for this side of the hobby. Blue-box retail sets come with five Rookie Variations instead of the Orange parallels found here.

2015 Topps Baseball Complete Set Hobby Factory Set

Product Configuration: 705-card factory set
Price Point: Low-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Set Collectors

2015 Topps Baseball Complete Set - Hobby Factory Set Break

  • 5 Serial-Numbered Orange Parallels
  • 700-Card Base Set
  • 705 Total Cards
2015 Topps Baseball Factory Set Hobby Version $44.95
2015 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed 705 Card HOBBY Factory Set-5 Parallels # 179! $44.95
2015 Topps Baseball 705 Card Complete HOBBY Factory Set-w 5 Parallell cards $39.99

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  1. 3 Very disappointed, I bought the box that had “Tools 2015 Baseball Complete Set, Includes Series 1&2 Plus a 5-Pack Rookies Variation” written on it for my Grandson as a Christmas present because he wanted an Addison Russell baseball card and after going through the whole box he didn’t get one.

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