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2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards

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2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball returns to the mix for prospect collectors with a quality foil design and all on-card autographs. Each box of the autograph-only product includes seven signed cards.

Covering top rookies, newly drafted players and key international names, Ultimate Base Autographs offers the primary signed option in the product. Clear Autographs is a new addition and utilizes an acetate-like stock. Although Perfect Game already has a standalone set with Leaf, the top names from the event are covered with Perfect Game Clear Autographs.

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 1

In addition, there are a variety of signed inserts. Big Hitters highlights those that are known for their ability at the plate. Armed and Dangerous looks at the top rookie arms.

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 2

All cards in the product can be found in various foil parallels, with print runs as low as one-of-one and several colorful versions.

Although the exact print run was not provided, Leaf did reveal that the production is roughly 66% of standard baseball draft print runs.

Leaf has also used the Ultimate Draft brand for football.

Estimated Release Date: 10/23/2015
Product Configuration: 7 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case
Price Point: Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Box Break

  • 7 Total Autographs
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Set Checklist

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Set Checklist

Base Bronze Autographs Set Checklist

68 cards. Redemptions (R) noted below. Jameis Winston is a Short Print limited to 50 copies.
*Benintendi only has Bronze cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Etched Foil #/25 or less, Gold Etched Foil #/10 or less, Red Etched Foil #/5 or less, Purple Etched Foil 1/1

BA-AB1 Alex Bregman
BA-AB2 Andrew Benintendi*
BA-AJ1 Aaron Judge
BA-AR2 Austin Riley
BA-AR3 Ashe Russell
BA-AS2 Austin Smith
BA-AY1 Alex Young
BA-BB1 Byron Buxton
BA-BB2 Beau Burrows
BA-BL1 Brett Lilek
BA-BR1 Brendan Rodgers
BA-CB1 Chris Betts
BA-CF1 Carson Fulmer
BA-CP1 Cody Ponce
BA-CR1 Cornelius Randolph
BA-CS1 Chris Shaw
BA-CS2 Christin Stewart
BA-DC1 Daz Cameron
BA-DD1 Donnie Dewees
BA-DF1 Drew Finley
BA-DJS D.J. Stewart
BA-DS1 Dansby Swanson
BA-DT1 Dillon Tate
BA-EJ1 Eric Jenkins
BA-GW1 Garrett Whitley
BA-IH1 Ian Happ
BA-JDL Jose De Leon
BA-JG1 Javier Guerra
BA-JG2 Jeison Guzman
BA-JH1 Jon Harris
BA-JK1 James Kaprielian
BA-JM1 Jorge Mateo
BA-JN1 Josh Naylor
BA-JU1 Julio Urias
BA-JW1 Jameis Winston R SP
BA-JW2 Jake Woodford
BA-KA1 Kolby Allard
BA-KBH Ke'Bryan Hayes
BA-KN1 Kevin Newman
BA-KS1 Kyle Schwarber
BA-KT1 Kyle Tucker
BA-LF1 Lucius Fox Jr.
BA-LH1 Lucas Herbert
BA-MM1 Manuel Margot
BA-MM2 Michael Matuella
BA-MN1 Mike Nikorak
BA-MS1 Michael Soroka
BA-NK1 Nathan Kirby
BA-NN1 Nick Neidert
BA-NP1 Nick Plummer
BA-NW1 Nolan Watson
BA-PB1 Phil Bickford
BA-PL1 Peter Lambert
BA-RD1 Rafael Devers
BA-RM1 Richie Martin
BA-RM2 Ryan Mountcastle
BA-SK1 Scott Kingery
BA-SM1 Steve Matz
BA-TC1 Trent Clark
BA-TE1 Thomas Eshelman
BA-TJ1 Tyler Jay
BA-TM1 Triston McKenzie
BA-TN1 Tyler Nevin
BA-TS1 Tyler Stephenson
BA-TW1 Taylor Ward
BA-WB1 Walker Buehler
BA-YA1 Yadier Alvares
BA-YM1 Yoan Moncada R

Armed & Dangerous Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Etched Foil #/25 or less, Gold Etched Foil #/10 or less, Red Etched Foil #/5 or less, Purple Etched Foil 1/1

AD-AY1 Alex Young
AD-CF1 Carson Fulmer
AD-CP1 Cody Ponce
AD-JW2 Jake Woodford
AD-NK1 Nathan Kirby
AD-NW1 Nolan Watson
AD-PL1 Peter Lambert
AD-TE1 Thomas Eshelman
AD-TM1 Triston McKenzie
AD-YA1 Yadier Alvares

Big Hitters Autographs Set Checklist

18 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Etched Foil #/25 or less, Gold Etched Foil #/10 or less, Red Etched Foil #/5 or less, Purple Etched Foil 1/1

BH-CB1 Chris Betts
BH-CR1 Cornelius Randolph
BH-CS1 Chris Shaw
BH-CS2 Christin Stewart
BH-DC1 Daz Cameron
BH-DD1 Donnie Dewees
BH-EJ1 Eric Jenkins
BH-GW1 Garrett Whitley
BH-IH1 Ian Happ
BH-JG1 Javier Guerra
BH-JN1 Josh Naylor
BH-KBH Ke'Bryan Hayes
BH-LH1 Lucas Herbert
BH-RM2 Ryan Mountcastle
BH-SK1 Scott Kingery
BH-TC1 Trent Clark
BH-TN1 Tyler Nevin
BH-TS1 Tyler Stephenson

Clear Auto Set Checklist

7 cards. Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS (hand numbered): Blue #/25 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1

BA-AB1 Alex Bregman
BA-BR1 Brendan Rodgers
BA-DS1 Dansby Swanson
BA-DT1 Dillon Tate
BA-JU1 Julio Urias
BA-SM1 Steve Matz
BA-YM1 Yoan Moncada R

Perfect Game Clear Auto Set Checklist

48 cards
PARALLEL CARDS (hand numbered): Blue #/25 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1

BA-AB1 Austin Bergner
BA-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
BA-AL1 Anthony Locey
BA-AT1 Alexis Torres
BA-AT2 Avery Tuck
BA-BG1 Braxton Garrett
BA-BM1 Brandon McIlwain
BA-BR1 Ben Rortvedt
BA-BR2 Blake Rutherford
BA-BS1 Blake Sabol
BA-CC1 Carlos A Cortes
BA-CK1 Charles King
BA-CR1 Cole Ragans
BA-CS1 Cole Stobbe
BA-DF1 Dominic Fletcher
BA-DF2 Drake Fellows
BA-DH1 David Hamilton
BA-DH2 Dion Henderson
BA-DM1 Drew Mendoza
BA-FT1 Francisco Thomas
BA-GB1 Grant Bodison
BA-GL1 Gavin Lux
BA-HI1 Herbert Iser
BA-IA1 Ian Anderson
BA-JB1 Jeff Belge
BA-JG1 Jason Groome
BA-JL1 Joshua Lowe
BA-JR1 Joe Rizzo
BA-JS1 Jaren Shelby
BA-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
BA-KK1 Karl Kauffmann
BA-KL1 Khalil Lee
BA-LB1 Luke Berryhill
BA-LC1 Luis Curbelo
BA-MF1 Mario Feliciano
BA-MG1 Max Guzman
BA-MM1 Matt Manning
BA-MM2 Mickey Moniak
BA-MT1 Mason Thompson
BA-NJ1 Nolan Jones
BA-NL1 Nick Lodolo
BA-NQ1 Nicholas Quintana
BA-NW1 Nonie Williams
BA-RL1 Reggie Lawson
BA-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn
BA-TF1 Tyler Fitzgerald
BA-WR1 Walker Robbins
BA-ZH1 Zachary Hess

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

Jason Melton
Jason Melton

How many colors are there in the pre production proofs

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

I’ve seen Blue, Gray, Green and Red. They did not come in these boxes so they aren’t on the checklist.

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