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2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Cards

2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Cards


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Prospecting to the extreme, 2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball returns with a ton of autographs per box and and a much lower production run.

Covering the Perfect Game National Showcase, the all-autograph release includes some of the best high school talent in the country. Although the subjects are not currently household names, the potential for greatness makes the product particularly intriguing to prospect collectors.

Similar to 2014, 2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball includes a total of 25 autographs per box. Among these are two autograph relics and one Trinity Pure Autograph per box, on average. Like most Leaf products, a variety of limited parallels are also available.

While the features largely match up to the product from last year, the 2015 edition ups the ante with a print run that is roughly half the amount. Dropping from 199 cases down to 99 cases, 2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball is considerably more limited.
2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Cards

Product Configuration: 25 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 15 boxes per case
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Box Break

  • 1 Trinity Pure Autographs
  • 2 Autographed Jersey/Patch Cards
  • 22 Additional Autographs
  • 25 Total Cards
Top eBay Listings

COLE STOBBE 2015 Leaf Perfect Game All-American Rookie SILVER Acetate Auto

David Hamilton 2015 Leaf Perfect Game 5 Card Auto Lot 50 10 35 25 Texas

Maverick Handley 2015 Leaf Perfect Game 6 Card Auto Lot 30 35 25 5 Stanford

Brenden Heiss 2015 Leaf Perfect Game 5 Card Auto Lot 50 30 1 1 Arkansas

Jared Herron 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Auto 3 Card Lot 50 30 Florida State

Garrett Hodge 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Auto 4 Card Lot 30 5 1 1 Kennesaw State

Anthony Holubecki 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Auto 2 Card Lot 50 30 Notre Dame

Travis Hosterman 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Auto 3 Card Lot 50 30 Blue Jays

Herbert Iser 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Auto 6 Card Lot 50 35 25 10

2015 Leaf Perfect Game WALKER ROBBINS RC Purple AUTOGRAPH AUTO 1 1 - Cardinals

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Perfect Game Clear Blue #BA-CC1 Carlos A Cortes Auto

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Perfect Game Clear Blue #BA-CC1 Carlos A Cortes Auto

Herbert Iser 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Autograph Card # 1 5

Tanner James 2015 Leaf Perfect Game Auto 3 Card Lot 50 30 Texas A

M.D. Johnson 2015 Leaf Perfect Game 3 Card Auto Lot 50 30 10 Dallas Baptist

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Set Checklist

2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Set Checklist

Base Autographs Set Checklist

309 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Gold #/50 or less, Blue #/30 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1, Blank Back 1/1 (Slabbed)
2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Base Autograph Riley Pint

PG-AB1 Andrew Belcik
PG-AB2 Arnaldo Brito
PG-AB3 Austin Bodrato
PG-AB4 Austin Biggar
PG-AC1 Alex Carballo
PG-AD1 Andrew Daschbach
PG-AG1 Aaron Greenfield
PG-AGB Alfredo Garcia-Barrios
PG-AH1 Anthony Holubecki
PG-AJ1 Austin James
PG-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
PG-AL1 Adam Laskey
PG-AL2 Anthony Locey
PG-AM1 Alec Marsh
PG-AM2 Anthony Masiello
PG-AM3 Anthony Molina
PG-AM4 Austin McNicholas
PG-AM5 Alek Manoah
PG-AP1 Aaron Pilkington
PG-AR1 Adam Reis
PG-AS1 Aaron Schunk
PG-AS2 Andres P. Sosa
PG-AS3 Austin Shenton
PG-AS4 Alex Speas
PG-AT1 Alexis Torres
PG-AT2 Avery Tuck
PG-AV1 Alvaro Valdez
PG-AV2 Antonio Velez
PG-AW1 Austin Wilhite
PG-AW2 Austin Wood
PG-AY1 Andrew Yerzy
PG-BA1 Brock Anderson
PG-BB1 Ben Baird
PG-BB2 Blake Brady
PG-BC1 Brandon Chinea
PG-BD1 Brad Demco
PG-BF1 Blair Frederick
PG-BF2 Brandon Fraley
PG-BG1 Braxton Garrett
PG-BH1 Brenden Heiss
PG-BM1 Brandon Martorano
PG-BM2 Brandon McIlwain
PG-BO1 Braeden Ogle
PG-BP1 Breonn Pooler
PG-BR1 Brandon Reitz
PG-BR2 Brian Rey
PG-BR3 Ben Rortvedt
PG-BS1 Bryson Smith
PG-BS2 Blake Sabol
PG-BV1 Brett Vosik
PG-BW1 Bo Weiss
PG-BW2 Bryse Wilson
PG-CB1 Cameron Blake
PG-CB2 Chris Bashlor
PG-CB3 Christian Bullock
PG-CB4 Cooper Bradford
PG-CC1 Cal Coughlin
PG-CC2 Cameron Cannon
PG-CC3 Carlos A Cortes
PG-CC4 Conner Capel
PG-CC5 Cory Campbell
PG-CC6 Chase Cheek
PG-CC7 Cole Cardey
PG-CJ1 Cameron Jabara
PG-CJ2 Christian James
PG-CJ3 Cole Jackson
PG-CJ4 Cooper Johnson
PG-CK1 Caleb Kilian
PG-CK2 Carter Kieboom
PG-CK3 Charles King
PG-CL1 Connor Lunn
PG-CM1 Chase Murray
PG-CM2 Christian Moya
PG-CR1 Colten Rendon
PG-CR2 Cole Ragans
PG-CS1 Cam Shepherd
PG-CS2 Chase Solesky
PG-CS3 Cole Stobbe
PG-CW1 Camryn Williams
PG-CW2 Coleman Williams
PG-CW3 Colton Widdows
PG-CW4 Colton Welker
PG-DB1 Dallas Beaver
PG-DB2 Daniel Bakst
PG-DB3 Dusty Baker
PG-DC1 David Clawson
PG-DD1 Dakota Donovan
PG-DD2 Davis Daniel
PG-DF1 Drake Frix
PG-DF2 Dominic Fletcher
PG-DF3 Drake Fellows
PG-DG1 Dalton Griffin
PG-DH1 David Hamilton
PG-DH2 Dion Henderson
PG-DL1 DeShawn Lookout
PG-DM1 Drew Mendoza
PG-DO1 Dylan O'Connell
PG-DP1 Drew Parrish
PG-DP2 Delvin Perez
PG-DR1 Daniel Rivero
PG-DR2 Deaundre "D.J." Roberts
PG-DS1 Daniel Seres
PG-EM1 Easton McGee
PG-EM2 Evan McKendry
PG-EN1 Erikson Nichols
PG-EO1 Evan Odum
PG-ER1 Eric Rivera
PG-ER2 Edward "EP" Reese
PG-FDV Francisco Del Valle
PG-FT1 Francisco Thomas
PG-FV1 Frank Vesuvio
PG-GA1 Graham Ashcraft
PG-GB1 Grant Bodison
PG-GD1 Gianluca Dalatri
PG-GG1 Grant Gambrell
PG-GH1 Garrett Hodges
PG-GH2 Greer Holston
PG-GK1 Grae Kessinger
PG-GL1 Gavin Lux
PG-GR1 Garret Rukes
PG-GS1 Garrett Stallings
PG-GS2 Graeme Stinson
PG-GV1 Gregory Veliz
PG-HC1 Hunter Coleman
PG-HF1 Hayden Freeman
PG-HG1 Holden Groff
PG-HI1 Herbert Iser
PG-HS1 Hunter Seay
PG-IA1 Ian Anderson
PG-IF1 Isaiah Flowers
PG-IM1 Ian McEachern
PG-JB1 Jeff Belge
PG-JC1 Jared Cenal
PG-JC2 Jimmy Crabtree
PG-JD1 Jack Dashwood
PG-JE1 Jack Eagan
PG-JE2 Jake Eissler
PG-JF1 John Flowers
PG-JG1 Jackson Gillis
PG-JG2 Jorge Gutierrez
PG-JG3 Justin Glover
PG-JG4 Jason Groome
PG-JH1 Jared Herron
PG-JH2 Jeremy Houston
PG-JJ1 Johnathan Jahn
PG-JJB JJ Bleday
PG-JK1 Jack Khawly
PG-JL1 Jesus Luzardo
PG-JL2 Jose Layer
PG-JL3 Justin Lavey
PG-JL4 Joshua Lowe
PG-JM1 Jacob Matheny
PG-JM2 Jordan McFarland
PG-JO1 Jean Carlos Correa Oppenheimer
PG-JP1 Jacob Parrott
PG-JP2 Joey Polak
PG-JR1 Joey Rose
PG-JR2 Joe Rizzo
PG-JS1 Jarron Silva
PG-JS2 Joe Sheridan
PG-JS3 Joe Skinner
PG-JS4 Jordan Santos
PG-JS5 Josh Smith
PG-JS6 Josh Stephen
PG-JS7 Jaren Shelby
PG-JT1 Jimmy Titus
PG-JV1 Javier Valdes
PG-JW1 James Williams
PG-JW2 Jaquez Williams
PG-JW3 Joey Wentz
PG-JW4 Jonathan Worley
PG-KB1 Keenan Bell
PG-KB2 Kevin Brophy
PG-KC1 Kyle Cuellar
PG-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
PG-KK1 Karl Kauffmann
PG-KL1 Khalil Lee
PG-KL2 Kole Lane
PG-KM1 Kevin Milam
PG-KM2 Kyle Muller
PG-KR1 Kevin Roliard
PG-KY1 Kenyon Yovan
PG-KY2 Kyle Young
PG-LB1 Logan Boyer
PG-LB2 Luke Bandy
PG-LB3 Luke Berryhill
PG-LC1 Luis Curbelo
PG-LC2 Luis Colon
PG-LF1 Logan Foster
PG-LL1 Lael Lockhart, Jr.
PG-LM2 Livingston Morris
PG-LS1 Landon Silver
PG-LVR Luke Van Rycheghem
PG-MA1 Michael Amditis
PG-MB1 Michael Bienlien
PG-MC1 Marc Coffers
PG-MC2 Matthew Cronin
PG-MC3 Matthew Coello
PG-MDJ MD Johnson
PG-MF1 Matthew Fraizer
PG-MF2 Michael Feliz
PG-MF3 Mario Feliciano
PG-MG1 Mauro (Paul) Gozzo
PG-MG2 Mitchell Golden
PG-MG3 Max Guzman
PG-MH1 Morgan Harrison
PG-MH2 Maverick Handley
PG-MM1 Matt Mervis
PG-MM2 Mitchell Miller
PG-MM3 Morgan McCullough
PG-MM4 Mickey Moniak
PG-MP1 Mark Potter
PG-MR1 Matt Rowland
PG-MR2 Michael Ruff
PG-MS1 Mason Studstill
PG-MT1 Mason Templet
PG-MV1 Mitchell Verburg
PG-NB1 Nicholas Baldor
PG-NC1 Nikolas Constantakos
PG-ND1 Nick DiPonzio
PG-NJ1 Nolan Jones
PG-NK1 Nicholas Kahle
PG-NL1 Nick Long
PG-NQ1 Nicholas Quintana
PG-NS1 Nathan Sweeney
PG-NS1 Nick Silber
PG-NW1 Nathan Walker
PG-NW2 Nick Wilhite
PG-NW3 Nonie Williams
PG-PC1 Pablo Cedeno
PG-PM2 Parker McHale
PG-PP1 Pedro Pages
PG-PP2 Preston Price
PG-PT1 Paul Tillotson
PG-QH1 Quinn Hoffman
PG-RC1 Ryland Cox
PG-RG1 Ray Gaither
PG-RG2 Ryan Garcia
PG-RH1 Rian Haire
PG-RH2 Riley Hogan
PG-RK1 Ross Korosec
PG-RL1 Reggie Lawson
PG-RM1 Rigsby Mosley
PG-RM2 Ryan McHale
PG-RM3 Ryan Mejia
PG-RO1 Ryan Orr
PG-RP1 Robert Peto
PG-RP2 Riley Pint
PG-RR1 Ryan Reynolds
PG-RR2 Ryan Rolison
PG-RS1 Reed Smith
PG-RS2 Reid Schaller
PG-RS3 Riley Self
PG-RT1 Riley Troutt
PG-RT2 Rylan Thomas
PG-RW1 Rankin Woley
PG-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn
PG-SB1 Sawyer Bridges
PG-SB2 Seth Beer
PG-SD1 Scott Dubrule
PG-SG1 Salvatore Gozzo
PG-SK1 Sean Keating
PG-SM1 Santino Miozzi
PG-SM2 Shane Martinez
PG-SR1 Steven Revilla
PG-SS1 Spencer Steer
PG-ST1 Spencer Taylor
PG-SVS Spencer Van Scoyoc
PG-TB1 Trace Bucey
PG-TB2 Tucker Bradley
PG-TB3 Tyler Baum
PG-TB4 Tyler Blohm
PG-TB5 Tyler Benninghoff
PG-TC1 Trevyne Carter
PG-TD1 Thomas Dillard
PG-TD2 Tristan Duncan
PG-TD3 Tyler Daughtry
PG-TD4 Tyler Duvall
PG-TF1 Tyler Fitzgerald
PG-TH1 Travis Hosterman
PG-TJ1 Tanner James
PG-TJ2 Thomas Johns
PG-TK1 Tyler Keysor
PG-TL1 Todd Lott
PG-TM1 Tobias Myers
PG-TM2 Travis Marr
PG-TM3 Trey Morgan
PG-TM4 Tyler Mondile
PG-TM5 Tyler Musselwhite
PG-TP1 Todd Peterson
PG-TS1 Thomas Spinelli
PG-TT1 Tre Turner
PG-TT2 Tuck Tucker
PG-VR1 Vincent Ramos
PG-WE1 Will Ethridge
PG-WF1 Wyatt Featherston
PG-WJ1 William Jensen
PG-WP1 Will Proctor
PG-WR2 Walker Robbins
PG-WT1 Wyatt Tyson
PG-WW1 Will Wilson
PG-YR1 Yelin Rodriguez
PG-ZH1 Zachary Hess
PG-ZK1 Zac Kristofak
PG-ZL1 Zach Linginfelter
PG-ZS1 Zachary Strickland
PG-ZW1 Zachary Watson
PG-ZZ1 Zach Zientarski

Autographed Jersey Set Checklist

64 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver, Gold #/25, Red Foil #/10, Silver Prismatic #/5, Gold Prismatic 1/1
2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Brandon McIlwain Autographed Jersey Patch

JA-AB1 Austin Biggar
JA-AD1 Andrew Daschbach
JA-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
JA-AL1 Anthony Locey
JA-AM1 Alek Manoah
JA-AS1 Alex Speas
JA-AT1 Avery Tuck
JA-BG1 Braxton Garrett
JA-BH1 Brenden Heiss
JA-BM1 Brandon McIlwain
JA-BR1 Ben Rortvedt
JA-BS1 Blake Sabol
JA-BW1 Bryse Wilson
JA-CB1 Christian Bullock
JA-CC1 Chase Cheek
JA-CJ1 Cooper Johnson
JA-CK1 Carter Kieboom
JA-CK2 Charles King
JA-CR1 Cole Ragans
JA-CS1 Cole Stobbe
JA-CW1 Colton Welker
JA-DF1 Dominic Fletcher
JA-DF2 Drake Fellows
JA-DH1 David Hamilton
JA-DH2 Dion Henderson
JA-DM1 Drew Mendoza
JA-DP1 Delvin Perez
JA-ER1 Edward "EP" Reese
JA-FT1 Francisco Thomas
JA-GH1 Greer Holston
JA-GK1 Grae Kessinger
JA-GL1 Gavin Lux
JA-GV1 Gregory Veliz
JA-HI1 Herbert Iser
JA-IA1 Ian Anderson
JA-JB1 Jeff Belge
JA-JG1 Jason Groome
JA-JL1 Joshua Lowe
JA-JR1 Joe Rizzo
JA-JS1 Jaren Shelby
JA-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
JA-KK1 Karl Kauffmann
JA-KL1 Khalil Lee
JA-LB1 Luke Berryhill
JA-LC1 Luis Curbelo
JA-MF1 Mario Feliciano
JA-MG1 Max Guzman
JA-MH1 Maverick Handley
JA-MM1 Mickey Moniak
JA-NJ1 Nolan Jones
JA-NQ1 Nicholas Quintana
JA-NW1 Nonie Williams
JA-RL1 Reggie Lawson
JA-RP1 Riley Pint
JA-SM1 Shane Martinez
JA-SVS Spencer Van Scoyoc
JA-TB1 Trace Bucey
JA-TC1 Trevyne Carter
JA-TD1 Thomas Dillard
JA-TF1 Tyler Fitzgerald
JA-TM1 Tyler Mondile
JA-WR1 Walker Robbins
JA-ZH1 Zachary Hess
JA-ZL1 Zach Linginfelter

Perfect Game PURE Autographs Set Checklist

47 cards
PARALLEL CARDS (Hand numbered): Blue #/15 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1
2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Baseball Pure Blake Rutherford

PPG-AB1 Austin Bergner
PPG-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
PPG-AL1 Anthony Locey
PPG-AT1 Alexis Torres
PPG-AT1 Avery Tuck
PPG-BG1 Braxton Garrett
PPG-BM1 Brandon McIlwain
PPG-BR1 Ben Rortvedt
PPG-BR2 Blake Rutherford
PPG-BS1 Blake Sabol
PPG-CC1 Carlos A Cortes
PPG-CK1 Charles King
PPG-CR1 Cole Ragans
PPG-CS1 Cole Stobbe
PPG-DF1 Dominic Fletcher
PPG-DF2 Drake Fellows
PPG-DH1 David Hamilton
PPG-DH2 Dion Henderson
PPG-DM1 Drew Mendoza
PPG-FT1 Francisco Thomas
PPG-GB1 Grant Bodison
PPG-GL1 Gavin Lux
PPG-HI1 Herbert Iser
PPG-IA1 Ian Anderson
PPG-JB1 Jeff Belge
PPG-JG1 Jason Groome
PPG-JL1 Joshua Lowe
PPG-JR1 Joe Rizzo
PPG-JS1 Jaren Shelby
PPG-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
PPG-KK1 Karl Kauffmann
PPG-KL1 Khalil Lee
PPG-LB1 Luke Berryhill
PPG-LC1 Luis Curbelo
PPG-MF1 Mario Feliciano
PPG-MG1 Max Guzman
PPG-MM1 Matt Manning
PPG-MM2 Mickey Moniak
PPG-MT1 Mason Thompson
PPG-NJ1 Nolan Jones
PPG-NQ1 Nicholas Quintana
PPG-NW1 Nonie Williams
PPG-RL1 Reggie Lawson
PPG-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn
PPG-TF1 Tyler Fitzgerald
PPG-WR1 Walker Robbins
PPG-ZH1 Zachary Hess

Flashback - Perfect Game Autographs Set Checklist

1 subject
Versions: PURE, Metal, Valiant

Trent Clark

Base Set Checklist

309 cards. Issued separately.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Blue #/25 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1, Blank Back 1/1 (Slabbed)

01 Aaron Greenfield
02 Aaron Pilkington
03 Aaron Schunk
04 Adam Laskey
05 Adam Reis
06 AJ Lewis
07 Alec Marsh
08 Alex Carballo
09 Alexis Torres
10 Alfredo Garcia-Barrios
11 Alvaro Valdez
12 Andres P. Sosa
13 Andrew Belcik
14 Andrew Yerzy
15 Anthony Holubecki
16 Anthony Masiello
17 Anthony Molina
18 Antonio Velez
19 Arnaldo Brito
20 Austin Bodrato
21 Austin James
22 Austin McNicholas
23 Austin Shenton
24 Austin Wilhite
25 Austin Wood
26 Ben Baird
27 Blair Frederick
28 Blake Brady
29 Bo Weiss
30 Brad Demco
31 Braeden Ogle
32 Brandon Chinea
33 Brandon Fraley
34 Brandon Martorano
35 Brandon Reitz
36 Breonn Pooler
37 Brett Vosik
38 Brian Rey
39 Brock Anderson
40 Bryson Smith
41 Cal Coughlin
42 Caleb Kilian
43 Cam Shepherd
44 Cameron Blake
45 Cameron Cannon
46 Cameron Jabara
47 Camryn Williams
48 Carlos A Cortes
49 Chase Murray
50 Chase Solesky
51 Chris Bashlor
52 Christian James
53 Christian Moya
54 Cole Jackson
55 Coleman Williams
56 Colten Rendon
57 Colton Widdows
58 Conner Capel
59 Connor Lunn
60 Cory Campbell
61 Dakota Donovan
62 Dallas Beaver
63 Dalton Griffin
64 Daniel Bakst
65 Daniel Rivero
66 Daniel Seres
67 David Clawson
68 Davis Daniel
69 Deaundre "D.J." Roberts
70 DeShawn Lookout
71 Drake Frix
72 Drew Parrish
73 Dusty Baker
74 Dylan O'Connell
75 Easton McGee
76 Eric Rivera
77 Erikson Nichols
78 Evan McKendry
79 Evan Odum
80 Francisco Del Valle
81 Frank Vesuvio
82 Garret Rukes
83 Garrett Hodges
84 Garrett Stallings
85 Gianluca Dalatri
86 Graeme Stinson
87 Graham Ashcraft
88 Grant Bodison
89 Grant Gambrell
90 Hayden Freeman
91 Holden Groff
92 Hunter Coleman
93 Ian McEachern
94 Isaiah Flowers
95 Jack Dashwood
96 Jack Eagan
97 Jack Khawly
98 Jackson Gillis
99 Jacob Matheny
100 Jacob Parrott
101 Jake Eissler
102 James Williams
103 Jaquez Williams
104 Jared Cenal
105 Jared Herron
106 Jarron Silva
107 Javier Valdes
108 Jean Carlos Correa Oppenheimer
109 Jeremy Houston
110 Jesus Luzardo
111 Jimmy Crabtree
112 Jimmy Titus
113 JJ Bleday
114 Joe Sheridan
115 Joe Skinner
116 Joey Polak
117 Joey Rose
118 Joey Wentz
119 John Flowers
120 Johnathan Jahn
121 Jonathan Worley
122 Jordan McFarland
123 Jordan Santos
124 Jorge Gutierrez
125 Jose Layer
126 Josh Smith
127 Josh Stephen
128 Justin Glover
129 Justin Lavey
130 Keenan Bell
131 Kenyon Yovan
132 Kevin Brophy
133 Kevin Milam
134 Kevin Roliard
135 Kole Lane
136 Kyle Cuellar
137 Kyle Muller
138 Kyle Young
139 Lael Lockhart, Jr.
140 Landon Silver
141 Livingston Morris
142 Logan Boyer
143 Logan Foster
144 Luke Bandy
145 Luke Van Rycheghem
146 Marc Coffers
147 Mark Potter
148 Mason Studstill
149 Mason Templet
150 Matt Mervis
151 Matt Rowland
152 Matthew Cronin
153 Matthew Fraizer
154 Mauro (Paul) Gozzo
155 MD Johnson
156 Michael Amditis
157 Michael Bienlien
158 Michael Feliz
159 Michael Ruff
160 Mitchell Golden
161 Mitchell Miller
162 Mitchell Verburg
163 Morgan Harrison
164 Morgan McCullough
165 Nathan Sweeney
166 Nathan Walker
167 Nicholas Baldor
168 Nicholas Kahle
169 Nick DiPonzio
170 Nick Long
171 Nick Silber
172 Nick Wilhite
173 Nikolas Constantakos
174 Pablo Cedeno
175 Parker McHale
176 Paul Tillotson
177 Pedro Pages
178 Preston Price
179 Quinn Hoffman
180 Rankin Woley
181 Ray Gaither
182 Reed Smith
183 Reid Schaller
184 Rian Haire
185 Rigsby Mosley
186 Riley Hogan
187 Riley Self
188 Riley Troutt
189 Robert Peto
190 Ross Korosec
191 Ryan Garcia
192 Ryan McHale
193 Ryan Mejia
194 Ryan Orr
195 Ryan Reynolds
196 Ryan Rolison
197 Ryan Zeferjahn
198 Rylan Thomas
199 Ryland Cox
200 Salvatore Gozzo
201 Alek Manoah
202 Alex Kirilloff
203 Alex Speas
204 Andrew Daschbach
205 Anthony Locey
206 Austin Biggar
207 Avery Tuck
208 Ben Rortvedt
209 Blake Sabol
210 Brandon McIlwain
211 Braxton Garrett
212 Brenden Heiss
213 Bryse Wilson
214 Carter Kieboom
215 Charles King
216 Chase Cheek
217 Christian Bullock
218 Cole Ragans
219 Cole Stobbe
220 Colton Welker
221 Cooper Johnson
222 David Hamilton
223 Dominic Fletcher
224 Drake Fellows
225 Drew Mendoza
226 Edward "EP" Reese
227 Francisco Thomas
228 Gavin Lux
229 Grae Kessinger
230 Greer Holston
231 Gregory Veliz
232 Herbert Iser
233 Ian Anderson
234 Jaren Shelby
235 Jason Groome
236 Jeff Belge
237 Joe Rizzo
238 Karl Kauffmann
239 Kevin Gowdy
240 Khalil Lee
241 Luis Curbelo
242 Luke Berryhill
243 Mario Feliciano
244 Maverick Handley
245 Max Guzman
246 Mickey Moniak
247 Nicholas Quintana
248 Nolan Jones
249 Nonie Williams
250 Reggie Lawson
251 Riley Pint
252 Santino Miozzi
253 Sawyer Bridges
254 Scott Dubrule
255 Sean Keating
256 Seth Beer
257 Shane Martinez
258 Spencer Steer
259 Spencer Taylor
260 Spencer Van Scoyoc
261 Steven Revilla
262 Tanner James
263 Thomas Dillard
264 Thomas Johns
265 Thomas Spinelli
266 Tobias Myers
267 Todd Lott
268 Todd Peterson
269 Trace Bucey
270 Travis Hosterman
271 Travis Marr
272 Tre Turner
273 Trevyne Carter
274 Trey Morgan
275 Tristan Duncan
276 Tuck Tucker
277 Tucker Bradley
278 Tyler Baum
279 Tyler Blohm
280 Tyler Daughtry
281 Tyler Duvall
282 Tyler Fitzgerald
283 Tyler Keysor
284 Tyler Mondile
285 Tyler Musselwhite
286 Vincent Ramos
287 Walker Robbins
288 Will Ethridge
289 Will Proctor
290 Will Wilson
291 William Jensen
292 Wyatt Featherston
293 Wyatt Tyson
294 Yelin Rodriguez
295 Zac Kristofak
296 Zach Linginfelter
297 Zach Zientarski
298 Zachary Hess
299 Zachary Strickland
300 Zachary Watson
301 Cole Cardey
302 Cooper Bradford
303 Delvin Perez
304 Dion Henderson
305 Hunter Seay
306 Joshua Lowe
307 Luis Colon
308 Matthew Coello
309 Tyler Benninghoff

Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Reviews

  1. How many Autos for this Guy? Trent Clark – Flashback – Perfect Game Autographs RED Version? Thanks

  2. My concern:

    Is Leaf taking care of these kids when they approach them with this product in mind, and getting their autograph? What I mean is, I sure hope they aren’t taking advantage of these kids, because, you know, they aren’t professional ball players, so they do not have the full force of a professional union behind them. And a large corporation using young kids’ names for a profit, without giving back to the kid or their families is sick.

    It’s kind of the reason why I think college football and baseball players NEED to get paid. Particularly if the NCAA is selling the rights to EA and other sports games producers to use names of the players. Corporations and their greedy CEO head honchos taking advantage of young people: YUCK! Virtually everyone else profiting off the entertainment and hard work provided by amateur athletes, except for the athletes themselves. Just, totally not cool.

    I do assume these high school players are being paid for this by Leaf. Otherwise, the price is quite high for such a long shot of a risk.

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