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2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport Trading Cards

2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport Trading Cards


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Following up the popular 2014 release, 2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport returns to the hobby with autographs for top athletes across the sporting world and even a few surprises. Seeing a price decrease from the previous edition, every hobby box yields five autographs.

While the early checklist includes expected names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Hank Aaron, Jack Eichel, Lionel Messi, Mike Tyson, Roger Federer and Tom Brady, a few unlikely subjects are also featured. Although they are not athletes themselves, Chevy Chase is found based on his dream sequence in Fletch where he played for the Los Angeles Lakers and Al Pacino also makes an appearance from his time as head coach Tony D'Amato in Any Given Sunday. These are similar to the Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy autographs from 2014 and should be equally popular.

Like most of the high-end releases from Leaf, autographs come in several familiar forms. This includes regular Autographs, Autographed Patches, Pure Autographs and Cut Signatures.

Another interesting option includes a dual cut autograph pairing of Pete Rose and former MLB Commissioner Bart Giamatti. The two are forever linked as Giamatti was at the helm when Rose was banned from baseball.

Collectors can also find limited Bat Relics for Babe Ruth that feature game-used memorabilia from his time with the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. These are the only non-autographs in the product.

Total 2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport production is limited to 399 cases.

Release Date: 4/29/2016
Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 4 boxes per case
Price Point: High-End Multi-Sport Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors, Hit Seekers

2015 Leaf Q Box Break

  • 5 Total Hits (Autograph, Autographed Relic, or Babe Ruth Bat)
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2016 Leaf Greatest Hits Autographs #GH-MJ2 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers Auto

2016 Leaf Metal Draft Pink Prismatic #BA-LT1 Laquon Treadwell Auto Football Card

2015-16 Leaf Metal Draft #LUTH Lucas Thierus AUTHENTICATED Rookie Hockey Card

2015 Leaf Trinity Patch Autographs Bronze PA-NP1 Nick Plummer Auto Baseball Card

2016 Leaf Trinity Signatures #A-AK1 Alex Kirilloff Minnesota Twins Auto Card

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Bronze Etched Foil #BA-JK1 James Kaprielian Auto Card


2015 Leaf Q Terry Bradshaw Auto Red 6 of 10!!! SP Steelers HOF QB


2015 Leaf Q Larry Bird Auto Autograph 09 10 Multi Sport SSP Red Parrallel Card

2015 Leaf Q Marcus Mariota Auto Autograph Rookie RC #d 10 10 Ebay 1 1

2015 Leaf Q BO Jackson Auto Autograph Jersey Patch #d 4 10

2015 Leaf Q Jersey Patch Auto Autograph Cal Ripken Jr

2015 Leaf Q Bob Griese Auto Autograph Red Version 5 10 Miami Dolphins

2015 Leaf Q Jim Kelly Auto Autograph Red Version 2 10 HOF Bills

2015 Leaf Q - MAGIC JOHNSON - Auto -
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Set Checklist

2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport Trading Cards Set Checklist

Autographs Set Checklist

33 cards. Redemption cards noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25 or less, Red #/10 or #/5, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
All subjects not included for printing plates. View specific options with the full spreadsheet.
2015 Leaf Q Autograph Base Chipper Jones

A-AI1 Allen Iverson
A-AP1 Al Pacino
A-BF1 Brett Favre
A-BG1 Bob Griese
A-BJ1 Bo Jackson
A-CC1 Chevy Chase
A-CJ1 Chipper Jones
A-CR1 Cristiano Ronaldo
A-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. (Redemption)
A-DR2 Dennis Rodman
A-FT1 Frank Thomas
A-HH1 Hulk Hogan
A-IL1 Ivan Lendl
A-JC2 Jimmy Connors
A-JE1 Jack Eichel
A-JK1 Jim Kelly
A-JR1 Jerry Rice
A-LB1 Larry Bird
A-LM1 Lionel Messi
A-MJ1 Magic Johnson
A-ML1 Mario Lemieux
A-MM1 Marcus Mariota
A-MP1 Mike Piazza
A-NJR Neymar Jr.
A-P1 Pelé
A-PMB Paul McBeth
A-PR1 Patrick Roy
A-RF1 Roger Federer
A-SP1 Scottie Pippen
A-TB1 Terry Bradshaw
A-TB2 Tom Brady
A-TG1 Todd Gurley
A-YM1 Yoan Moncada


Cut Signature Set Checklist

1 card.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Red #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1.

CS-GC1 Gary Carter


Dual Cut Signature Gold Set Checklist

1 card, serial numbered #/5. Redemption cards noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/3, Silver Spectrum #/2, Gold Spectrum 1/1.

DS-01 Bart Giamatti / Pete Rose (Redemption)


Dual Memorabilia Autographs Set Checklist

1 card.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Red #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1.
2015 Leaf Q Autograph Dual Patch Ripken Rose

DAM-01 Cal Ripken Jr. / Pete Rose


Flashback Memorabilia Autographs (2014) Set Checklist

2 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

AM-BG1 Bob Gibson
AM-KC1 Ken Climo


Flashback Pure Autographs (2014) Set Checklist

5 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/26 or less, Green #/10 or #/5, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1
Card #P-HS1 not found in Purple Parallel.

P-BG1 Bob Gibson
P-DR1 Dennis Rodman
P-HS1 Hope Solo*
P-JH1 Jack Ham
P-KC1 Ken Climo


Memorabilia Autographs Set Checklist

20 cards. Redemption cards noted below.
Card #AM-DW1 not found in Silver base.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Red #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
All subjects not included for printing plates. View specific options with the full spreadsheet.
2015 Leaf Q Autograph Patch Gold Ink Nolan Ryan

AM-AI1 Allen Iverson
AM-BH1 Bobby Hull
AM-BJ1 Bo Jackson
AM-BL1 Bob Lilly
AM-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. (Redemption)
AM-DW1 Dominique Wilkins*
AM-FT1 Frank Thomas
AM-HA1 Hank Aaron (Redemption)
AM-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon
AM-JE1 Jack Eichel
AM-JK1 Jim Kelly
AM-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. (Redemption)
AM-LT1 Lawrence Taylor
AM-ML1 Mario Lemieux
AM-NR1 Nolan Ryan
AM-PM2 Paul McBeth
AM-PR1 Patrick Roy
AM-RF1 Roger Federer
AM-TT1 Thurman Thomas
AM-WB1 Wade Boggs


Memorabilia Bat Set Checklist

2 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Red #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1.
2015 Leaf Q Bat Memorabilia Babe Ruth

BRB-01 Babe Ruth - New York Yankees
BRB-02 Babe Ruth - Boston Red Sox


Pure Autographs Set Checklist

13 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/25 or #/24, Green #/10 or #/8, Red #/5, Purple 1/1.
Card #PA-LH1 not found in Red or Purple Parallels.*
2015 Leaf Q Pure Autograph Roger Federer

PA-CF1 Carlton Fisk
PA-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
PA-DR1 Dennis Rodman
PA-FB1 Fred Biletnikoff
PA-FT1 Frank Thomas
PA-JK1 Jim Kelly
PA-JW1 Jameis Winston
PA-LH1 Lou Holtz*
PA-MJ1 Magic Johnson
PA-MT1 Mike Tyson
PA-NR1 Nolan Ryan
PA-PR1 Pete Rose
PA-RF1 Roger Federer

Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

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