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2015 Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2

2015 Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2


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Continuing the line of mystery figures that made their debut in 2014, 2015 Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2 again features a wide mix of well-known characters that fall into the science fiction genre.

Covering a large variety of movies and television shows, the Sci-Fi lineup includes Bender from Futurama, Captain Kirk from Star Trek, Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future and even Godzilla. The main checklist includes a total of 15 figures in the full set and a Hot Topic version adds three exclusive options, including variants for Leeloo and Bender as well as a figure for Zoidberg. Full Hot Topic box odds are shown below and the main box odds are available with the full checklist at the bottom of the page.

Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2 box odds Hot topic

Packaged in a blind-box format, the actual figures in each box are intended to be a secret until they are opened by the consumer. Adding to the mystery, the figures have varying odds. While some fall more commonly, others average as little as 1:6 cases. Cases come with 12 individual blind boxes, so the 18-figure set is no small task.

2015 Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2 figures

2015 Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2 Checklist, Odds

Box odds are listed for each character and exclusives are noted. 

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Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2 box odds

Alien Queen - 1:12
Bender - 1:6 (Regular)
Bender Gold - 1:72 (Hot Topic)
Captain Kirk - 1:12
Cylon Silver - 1:6
Cylon Gold - 1:72 (Regular)
Dr. Emmett Brown - 1:24
Dr. Lazarus - 1:36
Facehugger Kane - 1:72

Godzilla - 1:24
Leeloo - 1:12 (Regular)
Leeloo Multi-pass - 1:12 (Hot Topic)
Locutus of Borg (Captain Picard) - 1:12
Neo - 1:12
Starbuck - 1:24
The Iron Giant - 1:24
Voltron - 1:36
Zoidberg - 1:6 (Hot Topic)


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