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2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis

2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis

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One of the most anticipated blind box minis series is the 2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis set. As we’ve seen with recent releases like The Walking Dead Series 2 and Game of Thrones, Funko's attention to detail just keeps getting better.

The 2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis lineup features an eclectic mix of characters from movies and TV. Among those in the set are the Xenomorph Alien, the Predator, E.T. Captain Mal from Firefly, Robocop and Judge Dredd. For card collectors, there's a Mars Attacks Martian. Including variations, there are 18 figures to collect.

2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis 1

These collectible minis are blind boxed, which means that each figure will come in a sealed cardboard box. Inside the box, the figure will be enclosed in a sealed black bag. So, if you think you’re smart and can peel back a corner of the lid to sneak a peek, think again because it isn’t happening.

As with all previous Funko minis the figures are approximately 2 1/2" by 3" inches tall and can be sold individually or by the case. Each case has 12 blind boxes with the usual anticipated random insertion of figures ranging in rarity from 1:12 to 1:72. The random case layout and chase insertions make these figures highly collectible. As well, it can be difficult to complete a full set short of resorting to eBay and purchasing the exact pieces needed.

If there are specific figures that you plan to buy from eBay or a private seller then there are some things you might want to be aware of. You may encounter figures with slight scuffs, blemishes or paint mishaps. Although not ideal for the serious collector, it is completely normal to receive the items like this straight from the manufacturer. Sometimes the minor defects actually add extra character to the figure.

2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis Checklist

Figure rarity is also noted. Click on the links to shop for specific figures on eBay.

2014 Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis 2

The following was contributed by Karyn Caryl of J and K Stuff. Besides baseball cards, she harbors an obsession of all things Funko as well as action figures.

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i got the rocketeer! sweet! whats it worth? i havent seen it for sale anywhere

Cmdr Taco
Cmdr Taco

The xenomorph Alien figures are incorrectly listed here as “queen.” These are warriors/drones.
Also, Mal only comes with a pistol in this set. The shotgun version was a promo only.


It’s Jane from Firefly, not Wash.

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