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Funko Pop Flash TV Series Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery

Funko Pop Flash TV Series Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery


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The Flash quickly established itself as one of the better hero-based TV shows. Not only is it getting critical praise, but its shared universe with Arrow (which also has a Funko set) helped make it a ratings draw as well. This has carried over into the collectibles realm with Funko Pop Flash TV vinyl figures.

Collectors have several main figures to chase for Funko Pop Flash. Of course, there's the titular hero clad in his trademark suit. The Flash is joined by a handful of villains. Reverse Flash is essentially the same figure as Flash, only with a different color scheme. Captain Cold rounds out the initial mix. The evil Zoom figure was a later release.

Entertainment Earth also has a Captain Cold Unmasked exclusive figure, which takes away the hood and sunglasses from the original figure. Another enemy of The Flash includes Gorilla Grodd. The large meta-ape comes as a 6" figure found at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. On the good side, Jay Garrick was issued as a DC Comics Legion of Collectors box exclusive.

Numbered as part of the Pop! Television line, each Funko Pop Flash figure is approximately 3 3/4" tall.

Funko Pop Flash TV Series Vinyl Figures 1 Funko Pop Flash TV Series Vinyl Figures Zoom 1

Funko Pop Flash TV Series Checklist

213 The Flash
214 The Flash Unmasked - 2015 SDCC
215 Reverse Flash
216 Captain Cold
217 Captain Cold Unmasked - Entertainment Earth
342 Jay Garrick - Legion of Collectors
352 Zoom
353 Gorilla Grodd 6" - 2016 SDCC


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