2015 Funko Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis

2015 Funko Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis

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2015 Funko Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis pair some of the company's most beloved icons with some of its most dastardly. The series of 12 blind box figures includes characters from six different animated films.

The 2015 Funko Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis lineups isn't just random good guys and bad guys. For every protagonist there's a matching antagonist. For example, The Little Mermaid is represented by separate figures for Ariel and Ursula. Lilo and Stitch has Stitch and Captain Gantu. The lineup even reaches into the Pixar canon with Heimlich and Hopper.

All 12 figures are available in equal quantities. There are no short prints or chase figures.

Cases come with 12 sealed boxes, which means that collectors should get a full set from one.

In addition to the 12 basic figures, Hot Topic has exclusives of Simba and Scar from The Lion King as well as Tangled's Rapunzel and Mother Gothel.

Like all of Funko's Mystery Minis products, figures come in a sealed box and bag. You shouldn't know what figure you're getting until it's opened.

2015 Funko Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis Checklist

Anna - Frozen
Ariel - The Little Mermaid
Captain Gantu - Lilo and Stitch
Captain Hook - Peter Pan
Heimlich - A Bug's Life
Hopper - A Bug's Life
Jafar - Aladdin
Jasmine - Aladdin
Marshmallow - Frozen
Mother Gothel - Tangled (Hot Topic)
Peter Pan - Peter Pan
Rapunzel - Tangled (Hot Topic)
Scar - Lion King (Hot Topic)
Simba - Lion King (Hot Topic)
Stitch - Lilo and Stitch
Ursula - The Little Mermaid

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