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2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards

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Now in its third year, 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball sees the brand continue to settle into its identity. Prospects, autographs and stylized designs come together once again. Each box delivers four autographs as well as an autographed relic.

Rookie and Prospect Autographs both come with similar designs save for the fact that rookies are horizontal and prospects are vertical. These autographs come with on-card signatures. Parallels, all of which are serial numbered, include BlueGreen, Gold, Orange (#/25), Red (#/5) and Black (1/1).

Bowman Inception Autographs are a case hit. These mash-up the filtered photo look of Inception with the 2015 Bowman Baseball design. In addition to base versions, there are Orange (#/25), Red (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

New to 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball are Inception Origins Autographs (#/25). Using their own design, the checklist for these include not only rookies and prospects, but select veterans as well.

The cross-brand Bowman Black Collection (#/25) continues along with its Red (#/5) parallels.

Although basic autographs focus on getting signatures directly on the card, autographed memorabilia cards use stickers. This is similar to past Inception releases. Autograph Relics combine an autograph and a game-used jersey swatch. There are also Autograph Jumbo Patch cards that have bigger swatches from premium part of the jersey. Both of these have multiple numbered parallels.

New Quad Auto Relic Book cards (#/10) have autographs and jersey swatches from four different players.

Among the rarities in 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball are Autograph Logo Patch (1/1) and Autograph Letter Book (#/2) cards. The product also has new Future Stars Autograph Relics (1/1) that use the stars from 2014 Futures Game jerseys.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid- to High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Box Break

  • 4 Autographs
  • 1 Autographed Relic
  • 5 Total Cards
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Set Checklist

Prospect Autographs Set Checklist

58 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/150, Green #/99, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, Black 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 23

PA-AB Aaron Blair - Arizona Diamondbacks
PA-ABL Alex Blandino - Cincinnati Reds
PA-AJ Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
PA-AM Austin Meadows - Pittsburgh Pirates
PA-AN Aaron Nola - Philadelphia Phillies
PA-BL Ben Lively - Philadelphia Phillies
PA-BP Brett Phillips - Houston Astros
PA-BS Braden Shipley - Arizona Diamondbacks
PA-BSW Blake Swihart - Boston Red Sox
PA-BZ Bradley Zimmer - Cleveland Indians
PA-CB Christian Binford - Kansas City Royals
PA-CE C.J. Edwards - Chicago Cubs
PA-CM Colin Moran - Houston Astros
PA-CR Carlos Rodon - Chicago White Sox
PA-DP D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
PA-EJ Eric Jagielo - New York Yankees
PA-FB Franklin Barreto - Oakland Athletics
PA-FM Francellis Montas - Chicago White Sox
PA-GG Gabby Guerrero - Seattle Mariners
PA-GH Grant Holmes - Los Angeles Dodgers
PA-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
PA-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
PA-HR Hunter Renfroe - San Diego Padres
PA-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
PA-JB Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
PA-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
PA-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
PA-JH Jeff Hoffman - Toronto Blue Jays
PA-JHA Josh Hader - Houston Astros
PA-JHK Jung-Ho Kang - Pittsburgh Pirates
PA-JT Jake Thompson - Texas Rangers
PA-JW Jesse Winker - Cincinnati Reds
PA-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
PA-KF Kyle Freeland - Colorado Rockies
PA-KP Kevin Plawecki - New York Mets
PA-KS Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs
PA-KST Kohl Stewart - Minnesota Twins
PA-KZ Kevin Ziomek - Detroit Tigers
PA-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
PA-LO Luis Ortiz - Texas Rangers
PA-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
PA-MA Miguel Almonte - Kansas City Royals
PA-MC Michael Conforto - New York Mets
PA-MH Monte Harrison - Milwaukee Brewers
PA-MM Manuel Margot - Boston Red Sox
PA-MO Matt Olson - Oakland Athletics
PA-MP Max Pentecost - Toronto Blue Jays
PA-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins
PA-NG Nick Gordon - Minnesota Twins
PA-NS Noah Syndergaard - New York Mets
PA-RM Ryan McMahon - Colorado Rockies
PA-SC Sean Coyle - Boston Red Sox
PA-SN Sean Newcomb - Los Angeles Angels
PA-TA Tim Anderson - Chicago White Sox
PA-TB Tyler Beede - San Francisco Giants
PA-TG Tyler Glasnow - Pittsburgh Pirates
PA-TT Trea Turner - San Diego Padres
PA-YT Yasmany Tomas - Arizona Diamondbacks

Rookie Autographs Set Checklist

14 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/150, Green #/99, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, Black 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 24

RA-BB Bryce Brentz - Boston Red Sox
RA-BF Brandon Finnegan - Kansas City Royals
RA-CW Christian Walker - Baltimore Orioles
RA-DH Dilson Herrera - New York Mets
RA-DN Daniel Norris - Toronto Blue Jays
RA-EE Edwin Escobar - Boston Red Sox
RA-JB Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
RA-JL Jake Lamb - Arizona Diamondbacks
RA-JP Joc Pederson - Los Angeles Dodgers
RA-MF Maikel Franco - Philadelphia Phillies
RA-MT Michael Taylor - Washington Nationals
RA-RC Rusney Castillo - Boston Red Sox
RA-RL Rymer Liriano - San Diego Padres
RA-SM Steven Moya - Detroit Tigers

Autographs Set Checklist

25 cards. 1 per case.
PARALLEL CARDS: Orange #/25, Red #/5, Black 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 25

BIA-AB Archie Bradley - Arizona Diamondbacks
BIA-AJ Alex Jackson - Seattle Mariners
BIA-AJU Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
BIA-AME Austin Meadows - Pittsburgh Pirates
BIA-AN Aaron Nola - Philadelphia Phillies
BIA-AR Addison Russell - Chicago Cubs
BIA-BB Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins
BIA-BS Blake Swihart - Boston Red Sox
BIA-CE C.J. Edwards - Chicago Cubs
BIA-CR Carlos Rodon - Chicago White Sox
BIA-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
BIA-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
BIA-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
BIA-JB Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
BIA-JGA Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
BIA-JHK Jung-Ho Kang - Pittsburgh Pirates
BIA-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
BIA-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
BIA-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
BIA-MA Miguel Almonte - Kansas City Royals
BIA-MC Michael Conforto - New York Mets
BIA-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins
BIA-TG Tyler Glasnow - Pittsburgh Pirates
BIA-TK Tyler Kolek - Miami Marlins
BIA-YT Yasmany Tomas - Arizona Diamondbacks

Autographed Relics Set Checklist

32 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/99, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, Black 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 26

IAR-AB Archie Bradley - Arizona Diamondbacks
IAR-BB Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins
IAR-BS Braden Shipley - Arizona Diamondbacks
IAR-CB Christian Binford - Kansas City Royals
IAR-CC Carlos Correa - Houston Astros
IAR-CE C.J. Edwards - Chicago Cubs
IAR-DP D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
IAR-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
IAR-GG Gabby Guerrero - Seattle Mariners
IAR-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
IAR-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
IAR-HR Hunter Renfroe - San Diego Padres
IAR-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
IAR-JB Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
IAR-JBA Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
IAR-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
IAR-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
IAR-JRA James Ramsey - Cleveland Indians
IAR-JT Jake Thompson - Texas Rangers
IAR-JW Jesse Winker - Cincinnati Reds
IAR-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
IAR-KC Kyle Crick - San Francisco Giants
IAR-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
IAR-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
IAR-MF Michael Feliz - Houston Astros
IAR-MJ Micah Johnson - Chicago White Sox
IAR-MO Matt Olson - Oakland Athletics
IAR-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins
IAR-RH Rosell Herrera - Colorado Rockies
IAR-RN Renato Nunez - Oakland Athletics
IAR-RS Robert Stephenson - Cincinnati Reds
IAR-SC Sean Coyle - Boston Red Sox

Autographed Jumbo Patches Set Checklist

35 cards. Serial numbered #/50 or less.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/5, Black 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 27

IAP-AB Archie Bradley - Arizona Diamondbacks
IAP-BB Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins
IAP-BS Braden Shipley - Arizona Diamondbacks
IAP-CB Christian Binford - Kansas City Royals
IAP-CE C.J. Edwards - Chicago Cubs
IAP-DP D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
IAP-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
IAP-GG Gabby Guerrero - Seattle Mariners
IAP-HD Hunter Dozier - Kansas City Royals
IAP-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
IAP-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
IAP-HR Hunter Renfroe - San Diego Padres
IAP-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
IAP-JB Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
IAP-JBA Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
IAP-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
IAP-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
IAP-JP Jose Peraza - Atlanta Braves
IAP-JR James Ramsey - Cleveland Indians
IAP-JS Jorge Soler - Chicago Cubs
IAP-JT Jake Thompson - Texas Rangers
IAP-JU Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers
IAP-JW Jesse Winker - Cincinnati Reds
IAP-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
IAP-KC Kyle Crick - San Francisco Giants
IAP-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
IAP-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
IAP-MF Michael Feliz - Houston Astros
IAP-MJ Micah Johnson - Chicago White Sox
IAP-MO Matt Olson - Oakland Athletics
IAP-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins
IAP-RH Rosell Herrera - Colorado Rockies
IAP-RN Renato Nunez - Oakland Athletics
IAP-RS Robert Stephenson - Cincinnati Reds
IAP-SC Sean Coyle - Boston Red Sox

Autographed Logo Patch Set Checklist

20 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

ALP-AB Archie Bradley - Arizona Diamondbacks
ALP-AM Alex Meyer - Minnesota Twins
ALP-BB Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins
ALP-BN Brandon Nimmo - New York Mets
ALP-DP D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
ALP-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
ALP-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
ALP-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
ALP-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
ALP-JB Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
ALP-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
ALP-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
ALP-JP Joc Pederson - Los Angeles Dodgers
ALP-JU Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers
ALP-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
ALP-KC Kyle Crick - San Francisco Giants
ALP-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
ALP-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
ALP-MF Maikel Franco - Philadelphia Phillies
ALP-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins

Autographed Letter Book Cards Set Checklist

20 cards. Serial numbered #/2.
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 28

ALB-AB Archie Bradley - Arizona Diamondbacks
ALB-AM Alex Meyer - Minnesota Twins
ALB-BB Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins
ALB-BN Brandon Nimmo - New York Mets
ALB-BS Braden Shipley - Arizona Diamondbacks
ALB-CC Carlos Correa - Houston Astros
ALB-DP D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
ALB-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
ALB-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
ALB-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
ALB-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
ALB-JB Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
ALB-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
ALB-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
ALB-JU Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers
ALB-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
ALB-KC Kyle Crick - San Francisco Giants
ALB-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
ALB-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
ALB-MS Miguel Sano - Minnesota Twins

Bowman Black Collection Autographs Set Checklist

15 cards. Serial numbered #/25.
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 29

BBC-AJ Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
BBC-BL Ben Lively - Philadelphia Phillies
BBC-BS Blake Swihart - Boston Red Sox
BBC-DH Dilson Herrera - New York Mets
BBC-DN Daniel Norris - Toronto Blue Jays
BBC-EJ Eric Jagielo - New York Yankees
BBC-GG Gabby Guerrero - Seattle Mariners
BBC-JH Josh Hader - Houston Astros
BBC-JW Jesse Winker - Cincinnati Reds
BBC-MF Michael Feliz - Houston Astros
BBC-MH Monte Harrison - Milwaukee Brewers
BBC-MM Manuel Margot - Boston Red Sox
BBC-MO Matt Olson - Oakland Athletics
BBC-SC Sean Coyle - Boston Red Sox
BBC-YT Yasmany Tomas - Arizona Diamondbacks

Future Stars Autographed Relics Set Checklist

20 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.
PARALLEL CARDS: Laundry Tag 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 30

FSAR-BS Braden Shipley - Arizona Diamondbacks
FSAR-DN Daniel Norris - Toronto Blue Jays
FSAR-DP D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
FSAR-FL Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
FSAR-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
FSAR-HO Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
FSAR-HR Hunter Renfroe - San Diego Padres
FSAR-JA Jorge Alfaro - Texas Rangers
FSAR-JB Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
FSAR-JBE Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
FSAR-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
FSAR-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
FSAR-JP Jose Peraza - Atlanta Braves
FSAR-JU Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers
FSAR-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
FSAR-KP Kevin Plawecki - New York Mets
FSAR-LG Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
FSAR-LS Luis Severino - New York Yankees
FSAR-MF Maikel Franco - Philadelphia Phillies
FSAR-MT Michael Taylor - Washington Nationals

Origins Autographs Set Checklist

26 cards. Serial numbered #/25.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/5, Black 1/1
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 31

OA-AB Aaron Blair - Arizona Diamondbacks
OA-AJ Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
OA-BH Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
OA-BL Ben Lively - Philadelphia Phillies
OA-BS Blake Swihart - Boston Red Sox
OA-BSH Braden Shipley - Arizona Diamondbacks
OA-CB Christian Binford - Kansas City Royals
OA-CE C.J. Edwards - Texas Rangers
OA-EJ Eric Jagielo - New York Yankees
OA-GH Grant Holmes - Los Angeles Dodgers
OA-HH Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles
OA-JB Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
OA-JD Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
OA-JG Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
OA-JH Josh Hader - Houston Astros
OA-KP Kevin Plawecki - New York Mets
OA-LO Luis Ortiz - Texas Rangers
OA-MH Monte Harrison - Milwaukee Brewers
OA-MO Matt Olson - Oakland Athletics
OA-MP Max Pentecost - Toronto Blue Jays
OA-MS Mike Stanton - Florida Marlins
OA-MT Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
OA-RM Ryan McMahon - Colorado Rockies
OA-SC Sean Coyle - Boston Red Sox
OA-TA Tim Anderson - Chicago White Sox
OA-TB Tyler Beede - San Francisco Giants

Quad Autographed Relic Book Cards Set Checklist

6 cards. Serial numbered #/10
2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 32

QAR-BASG Archie Bradley - Arizona Diamondbacks
Mark Appel - Houston Astros
Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
Robert Stephenson - Cincinnati Reds
QAR-BGPF Maikel Franco - Philadelphia Phillies
D.J. Peterson - Seattle Mariners
Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
QAR-BHPJ Dilson Herrera - New York Mets
Javier Baez - Chicago Cubs
Jose Peraza - Atlanta Braves
Micah Johnson - Chicago White Sox
QAR-OUAG Mark Appel - Houston Astros
Lucas Giolito - Washington Nationals
Henry Owens - Boston Red Sox
Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers
QAR-RBBM Alex Meyer - Minnesota Twins
Jose Berrios - Minnesota Twins
Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins
Eddie Rosario - Minnesota Twins
QAR-SHWL Michael Lorenzen - Cincinnati Reds
Nick Howard - Cincinnati Reds
Jesse Winker - Cincinnati Reds
Robert Stephenson - Cincinnati Reds

Product Review

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Product Review

Reviewed by Ryan Cracknell

Good: Most autographs are on-card, distinct look.

Bad: Repeat signers make for weak checklist, not much has changed design-wise from last year.

The Bottom Line: 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball still carries that look that makes it stand out from all other Bowman sets for the sport, even if that look hasn’t changed a lot in three years. It’s all-autographs, which makes it great for those targeting signatures from baseball’s up-and-comers. However, the biggest names have signed in previous years. This cuts the product’s overall appeal by a tremendous amount — at least for those looking for a more high-end chase.

Staff Rating:
2.7 / 5.0

Card Design: 3.3/5.0

Does 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball look good? Yes. But very little has changed since the brand debuted in 2013. At least from 2013 to 2014 the backgrounds were distinct going from clouds to a woodgrain, a lot like a bat. This time, it’s like the bat was switched out for a baseball and that’s it. Cards have the same general layout save for a couple of tweaks. Images still have the same filtered look, which has been a trademark for Inception in both baseball and football.

This wouldn’t be so bad if so many of the players hadn’t appeared in Inception already. But they have.

I know that even in a few months I’m going to have to stop and think whether a Bowman Inception card is from 2014 or 2015. That doesn’t help either sets. While I like a sense of continuity and personality from a brand year after year, this is just too much.

Despite these issues, the cards are constructed well. They’re not only thick, but very solid. This gives a more high-end feel to help the cards stand out a little more from other Bowman sets. The majority of the signatures are also on-card, another major plus.

Checklist: 2.5/5.0

For the Kris Bryant hunters out there, he’s in 2015 Bowman Inception. Overall, though, there’s a lot of magic missing from this checklist. The biggest names all seem to have autographs from previous years of Bowman products. That makes a lot of these like second- and third-year cards. Outside of dedicated team and player collectors, there’s very limited crossover interest in most of these.

Like I thought with the 2015 Bowman Baseball Chrome Prospect Autographs, part of this has to do with Topps’ ability to land autographs of most of the major prospects in 2014 Bowman Draft. That didn’t leave much room to offer new names in earlier 2015 sets. While this may bode well for the long-term prospects of the Draft line, it may come back to continue to weaken other Bowman sets.

Value: 2.0/5.0

From the beginning, Inception autographs haven’t been held in as high regard as their Chrome counterparts. And that’s fine. This is a brand that’s about landing signatures in bulk. That hasn’t changed, however that lack of major signers without previous years of autographs really hurts this set, at least from the box ripping perspective. For those heading straight to the secondary market, it’s going to make for lots of affordable cards.

There are some nice high-end cards lurking in packs, but they’re tough enough that they should be a pleasant surprise and not the kind of thing one expects or even chases in packs.

Until boxes fall significantly, this is a tough box to bust if you’re looking for a monetary return or something to flip.

The Fun Factor: 2.8/5.0

The box I opened yielded a couple of solid names, but nothing close to major. Like any prospect-driven product, not all the players are going to mean much out of the gate. This was one of those busts where when it’s done, the cards are just there. While I don’t take much stock in most parallels, something with a bit of color would have broken up the Dust Bowl-esque monotony of the box. Some fresh names would have been even better.

The box used for this review was provided by Topps.

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He collected football and basketball cards as a kid and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews


Great design and love the on card autographs. My only complaint is the lack of diversity as many teams are left out on the checklist.

Justin Kohlman
Justin Kohlman

Design and on card autographs make the product beautiful, repeat signers isn’t nice. My personal box had a beautiful jumbo patch, plus two numbered autographs along with that. Hoping next year can be even better with bigger names!


I just want to commend revghost on that post. I like the way you think. That was an informative non-biased comment. Id like to save up some money and break a case one of these days. Never done it.


Got a $17.50 cleveland indians case break win off eBay,received a Francisco lindor auto relic 12/50 which is his jersey number,a James Ramsey auto relic not #d,and a Bradley zimmer base auto,not a bad deal considering the case price and got what I wanted out of a one time deal with the set….can not complain at all happy with this product as a small time home team buyer???


I hate Inception. They should have canned this product and stuck with Platinum. So mad that Platinum was shelved….


What’s with the blue parallels? I have a blue auto of Tyler Beede /150 but it isn’t on the checklist/ product info. Overall an OK product. Lot of on card autos but it would be nice to get rid of stickers.


For return buyers, Inception is the same break it was in 2013 and 2014. The only thing missing was an extra incentive: 2013 had Puig autos, 2014 had Bryant Draft autos, but nothing extra this year. I broke a case (my friend and I split the cost) and I have no complaints. But I’m familiar with the product, so I knew what to expect.
Colored parallels in Inception tend to flock together. Every case has about 3 or four boxes that are nothing but base cards. If you’re looking to break, multiple boxes (2+) are the only way to go. If you order one box, I can almost guarantee you won’t like this product.
Sticker autos on the relics are nothing new, again, product knowledge. You wouldn’t buy an $85 dollar raffle ticket without knowing what the prizes are, would you? That’s what gets me with products like Inception. The lack of product knowledge, well, it’s inexcusable. I understand people wanting to try something new, I like to do that from time to time. What I don’t get is people not taking 5 minutes on google to check up on a product before buying it. Cardboard Connection is like a bible for me, I use it religiously for checklists. Group Break Checklists is another great resource that updates regularly.
Point is, if you buy without doing research, that’s on you.
That being said, I had a decent case. For not hitting Bryant, Schwarber, Kang, Correa, this was still a very above average case: 2 Orange parallels (Shipley Relic, Barretto Auto), 1 blue (Renfroe), Three different Severino autos (1 being the Inceptioned Case Hit) and a monster 3 color patch auto of Joey Gallo /50.
One last thing, prospect heavy products are great if you follow milb. If you don’t, this product won’t hold much value for you. Inception is a great, low risk product if you get it on release day. But profits disappear after the first week so if you haven’t bought in on unopened product by now, hold your money and go for the singles you want in a couple weeks, they can be had for very little, and the quality of the base cards is second to none.
Just my two cents, I bought one box in 2013 (all base), one box in 14 (all base) then 5 boxes again in 14 (hit about six or seven parallels, killed it) and a case this year.


Opened 2 boxes yesterday. While didn’t get anything earth-shattering, the autographs were decent. A couple of the players are either in the big leagues or are about to come up. So can’t complain too much. Of course, had to look up every one as none of the names rang a bell.

Agree with the above comments about the relic pieces. Fairly bland, and it’s hard to tell if the piece is from. One was orange and looked like from the Futures All-Star Game from last year. But no indication on the card if it was or not.

Lastly, in the two boxes, only had one numbered card. IMO, for something like this with a premium price, wouldn’t have minded if each box had one. Did watch a couple other boxes opened at my local card store and that person did get a numbered version in each box.

So, not great, but not terrible either. My first time opening this product. And these two boxes were enough. Any further cards will probably come from the secondary market.

Bob Patterson
Bob Patterson

Was in 5 case breaks today and although I got fairly lucky, this product just doesn’t do it for me. The comments above point out some of the problems, i.e., teams with no or very limited prospects, and a regurgitation of last year’s players. I swear, if I see another Bryce Brentz auto……..Also, these sticker auto relic cards are primarily a waste. I didn’t see a single one that had a multi-colored relic, even ones numbered to 50. I did see a 1/1 Francisco Lindor Jumbo Patch Auto, very nice. Drop the price $10-15 per box and maybe worth a gamble. If you get in a group break of a case and draw the usual suspects, Cubs, Twins, White Sox, Yankees…and man!, Diamondbacks…you’re in tall cotton.

Jamey Feuer
Jamey Feuer

I use Cardboard Connection as a barometer for those products I wish to purchase…& I trust other collectors do also. Therefore, I take my rating-responsibility very seriously.

Towards that end, and while I like the design and on-card ink, this feels uncomfortably like a re-heated hobby leftover.
Forgetting for a moment that a number of teams have no prospects included in the product, many of those athletes who ARE included in the ’15 iteration appeared in the ’14 release. And, as has been observed above, many of those who are included in the product are marginal players at best.
For me, a disappointing encore.

Stated Below Average due to, not only no cards for Cardinals or Rays, but Orioles, Tigers, Marlins, Angels and Giants all only rep 2 players and Braves and Brewers only rep one player! Chance is way too high to buy a box of 5 autos and none have played in MLB and possibly never will.

Ken Hammel
Ken Hammel

Where are the Cardinals on this checklist?

Brian Philbrick
Brian Philbrick

The design is excellent and on-card autos always beats stickers, but according to the checklist there are zero cardinals and Angels fans get a bit of a shaft too. Every team has noteworthy prospects so there is no excuse to exclude an entire team.


This is a great product. Great design, 5 hits for $100 is a great price in today’s hobby. I would purchase this product on release day. A+++++++++++


Like the design and mostly on card autos…. Too many parallels but something for everyone

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