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2014 Upper Deck USA Football Cards

2014 Upper Deck USA Football Cards


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With all the headlines being made by top college players potentially risking the college eligibility by signing autographs, it might seem surprising that there are already controversy-free autograph cards of Heisman winner Jameis Winston and Todd Gurley. That's because Upper Deck is getting them to sign as prospects before their college days. 2014 Upper Deck USA Football is another set in the line that captures players before NCAA rules kick in and even further from their possible NFL debuts.

2014 Upper Deck USA Football is a hits-heavy product that includes 11 autographs per box. Collectors will also find a pair of game-used jersey cards and one game-used patch card.

While most of the autographs are signed versions with the base set design, it averages out that every other box has a hard-signed Signings Day Signatures card. Some of these are also inscribed.

The base set has 198 cards with subsets for the 19U and 18U teams. 17U players are highlighted on dual-player cards. Like 2013, Football Canada 19U players are also included. More than 50 players in the base set have committed Division-1 schools. Samaje Perine, Jon Hillman, Justin Jackson and Saeed Blacknall are among them.

Product Configuration: 18 packs per box, 12 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Football Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2014 Upper Deck USA Football Box Break

  • 11 Autographs
  • 2 Game-Worn Jersey Cards
  • 1 Game-Used Patch Card
  • 216 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2014 Upper Deck USA Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist


1 Tyler Wiegers
2 Saeed Blacknall
3 Samaje Perine
4 Jay Hayes
5 Isaiah Wynn
6 Blake Mahon
7 Moral Stephens
8 Greer Martini
9 TJ Harrell
10 Dalton Risner
11 Deionte Thompson
12 Brady Taylor
13 Christian Lezzer
14 Dylan Thompson
15 Charles Grant
16 Ishmael Zamora
17 Jalan McClendon
18 Vincent Jackson
19 Craig Evans
20 Alique Terry
21 Trey Lealaimatafao
22 Tajee Fullwood
23 Billy Hirschfeld
24 Nagee Toran
25 Micah Thomas
26 Grant Watanabe
27 Nick Ruffin
28 Jonathan Hillman
29 James Hendren
30 Jalen Jelks
31 James Mayden
32 Justice Luce
33 Avery Edwards
34 Chris Durkin
35 Justin Jackson
36 Nile Sykes
37 Alonzo Saxton
38 Steven Moss
39 Enoch Smith Jr.
40 Trai Mosley
41 Brent Morrow
42 Harrison Phillips
43 Charles Nelson
44 Renell Wren
45 Tommy Mister
46 Montel McBride
47 Alex Spence
48 Luke Lancaster
49 Chayce Branson
50 Rob Ennis
51 Colton Beebe
52 Jordon Franklin
53 DJ Wilson
54 Luke Vassos
55 Brandon Menjares
56 Diondre Wallace
57 Dakota Jones
58 Cobi Rose
59 Wyatt Hendrix
60 Kelvin Melgar
61 Alexander Wilson
62 Keaton McKoy
63 Clayton Oliver
64 Derrick Porter
65 Marshall Lefferts
66 Kristofer Johnson
67 Dione Alston
68 Sid Irwin Jr.
69 DeeJay Johnson
70 Kevin Muller
71 CJ Hill
72 Noah Meyers
73 Colton Sis
74 Sydney Davis
75 Christian Vendal
76 Casey Gernat
77 Mason Reedom
78 Jonathan Acevedo
79 Greg Peace II
80 Samuel Murphy
81 Julian Angulo
82 Shareef Boddie
83 Tucker Beirne
84 Jeremy Hunt
85 Jesse Delgado
86 Rylee Simon
87 William Nicholson Jr.
88 Stefen Land
89 Jordan Choukair
90 Donald Wilhite
91 Jared Stenger
92 Randy Taylor
93 Jeremiah McCullough
94 Michael Leagan
95 Lawon Darion Carney
96 Cory Giordano
97 Ramar Williams
U-17 Duos
98 Devin Floyd
Robert Ferguson
99 Charles Frederick IV
Brandon Morrissey
100 Chase LeCroy
Michael St. Lewis
101 Grant Ludgar
Roosevelt Calhoun Jr.
102 Zack Flores
Ricky Wild
103 Anthnoy Howard
Sebastien Lubrano
104 Andrew Glover
Alex Jauregui
105 Timothy Jones
Kyree Calli
106 Robert Washington
Jerron Bitloy
107 Miles Brown
Jordan Edwards
108 Vincent Karabatsos
Ricky Wild
109 Luke Hudson
Jared Mayden
110 Michael Nobile
Anthony Nobile
111 Samuel Spiceson
Londyn Craft
112 Joel Dublanko
Lorenval Donta Evans
113 Daton Faires
Adam Bailey
114 Trey Gentry
Merrick Sims II
115 Christian Wasik
Ezra Wrice
116 Mark Birmingham
Ryan Rutkowski
117 Jamarian Caston
Joshua Johnson
118 Will Eason
Taylor Rapp
119 Dylan Daniels
Lucas Plate
120 Tristan Hawn
Adam Bailey
121 James Volino
DJ Dobins
122 John Flores
Anthony Brown Jr.
123 Camari Murray
Samuel Butler
124 Logan Green
Will Eason
125 Beau Stewart
Jack Fording
126 Nico Russolillo
Reese Forest
127 Wesley Smith
Daniel Martinez
128 Collin Dowling
Ryan Casey
129 William Humphreys
Mark Birmingham
130 Dan Lukawski
Jason Pirtle
131 Aaron Speight
Taylor Rapp
132 Dylan McDonald
Darren Fauntleroy Jr.
133 Jawaan Taylor
Tristan Jenkins
134 Michael Esquivel-Lieb
Kawelu Recca
135 Beau Stewart
Miles Brown
136 Alec Stevenson
Matthew Yarbrough
137 Troy O'Connor
Tristan Jenkins
138 Nazir Hopson
Wesley Smith
139 Trey Lovisone
Ryan Casey
140 Michael Kay
Robert Washington
141 Gerald Wiley
Nick Valentine

Team Canada U-19 Rivals Base Set Checklist

58 cards

C-1 Brett Hunchak
C-2 Jackson Ryan
C-3 Cedric Lussier- Roy
C-4 Christophe Bouchard
C-5 Kyle Van Wynsberghe
C-6 Rossini Sandjong- Djabome
C-7 Royce Metchie
C-8 Shane Richards
C-9 Vincent Desjardins
C-10 Logan Fischer
C-11 David Blain
C-12 Samuel Thomassin
C-13 Tom Schnitzler
C-14 Garrett Meek
C-15 Logan Thacker
C-16 Josh Dahl
C-17 Karym Kartsonis
C-18 Mason Dick
C-19 Mitch Hillis
C-20 Reyd Kessler
C-21 Ethan Makonzo
C-22 Louis-Philippe St- Amant
C-23 Louis-Mathieu Normandin
C-24 David Sevigny
C-25 William "Bill" Aziz
C-26 Jayden McCoy
C-27 Trivel Pinto
C-28 Brayden Twarynski
C-29 Pierre- Karl Lanctot
C-30 Dante Djan
C-31 Troy Hansen
C-32 Mathieu Boutin
C-33 Gabriel Ferraro
C-34 Wade Leeroy Cyr
C-35 Ed Iinicki
C-36 Quinton Bowles
C-37 Jadon Johnson
C-38 Trysten Dyce
C-39 Frederik Xavier Duhamel
C-40 Cedric Joseph
C-41 William Jouan- Ladouceur
C-42 Nick Parisotto
C-43 Hergy Mayala
C-44 Jesse Lawson
C-45 Lance Bashutsky
C-46 Mathieu Betts
C-47 Joe McQuary
C-48 Edouard Montemiglio
C-49 Nathanael Rostek
C-50 Tristian Koronkiewicz
C-51 Cole Klughart
C-52 Evan Machibroda
C-53 Eric Verity
C-54 Ryan Sceviour
C-55 Felix Pelletier
C-56 Dominic Levesque
C-57 Jozua Cote
C-58 Chris Brown-Fillion

Base Jersey Parallel Set Checklist

45 cards

1 Tyler Wiegers
2 Saeed Blacknall
3 Samaje Perine
4 Jay Hayes
6 Blake Mahon
7 Moral Stephens
8 Greer Martini
9 TJ Harrell
11 Deionte Thompson
14 Dylan Thompson
16 Ishmael Zamora
17 Jalan McClendon
27 Nick Ruffin
28 Jonathan Hillman
31 James Mayden
32 Justice Luce
33 Avery Edwards
34 Chris Durkin
35 Justin Jackson
36 Nile Sykes
43 Charles Nelson
45 Tommy Mister
48 Luke Lancaster
49 Chayce Branson
50 Rob Ennis
51 Colton Beebe
53 DJ Wilson
54 Luke Vassos
56 Diondre Wallace
57 Dakota Jones
61 Alexander Wilson
63 Clayton Oliver
66 Kristofer Johnson
67 Dione Alston
68 Sid Irwin Jr.
69 DeeJay Johnson
71 CJ Hill
72 Noah Meyers
73 Colton Sis
74 Sydney Davis
79 Greg Peace II
83 Tucker Beirne
87 William Nicholson Jr.
90 Donald Wilhite
92 Randy Taylor

U-19 Signing Day Sigs Set Checklist

40 cards

SD-1 Johnathan Hillman
SD-2 Charles Grant
SD-3 James Hendren
SD-4 Dylan Thompson
SD-5 Micah Thomas
SD-6 Harrison Phillips
SD-7 Saeed Blacknall
SD-8 Charles Nelson
SD-9 Tajee Fullwood
SD-10 Isaiah Wynn
SD-11 Enoch Smith Jr.
SD-12 Jalen Jelks
SD-13 Trai Mosley
SD-14 Alonzo Saxton
SD-15 Jay Hayes
SD-16 Ishmael Zamora
SD-17 Nick Ruffin
SD-18 Chris Durkin
SD-19 Nagee Toran
SD-20 Vincent Jackson
SD-21 Avery Edwards
SD-22 Jalan McClendon
SD-23 Montel McBride
SD-24 TJ Harrell
SD-25 Greer Martini
SD-26 Justin Jackson
SD-27 Billy Hirschfeld
SD-28 Samaje Perine
SD-29 Craig Evans
SD-30 James Mayden
SD-31 Nile Sykes
SD-32 Blake Mahon
SD-33 Tyler Wiegers
SD-34 Moral Stephens
SD-35 Brady Taylor
SD-36 Steven Moss
SD-37 Deionte Thompson
SD-38 Tommy Mister
SD-39 Justice Luce
SD-40 Trey Lealaimatafao

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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