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2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards

2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards

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Back again after a successful stint for the 2012 Summer Olympics, 2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls brings the same basic formula to collectors. This time, the product is based around the 2014 Winter Olympics, which are being held in Sochi, Russia. Each hobby box includes one autograph and two team relic or commemorative relic cards. The product also incorporates Paralympic athletes who will compete in the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games. This event is also held in Sochi, Russia, during the month following the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The 2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls base set features 100 top U.S. Olympic athletes. Parallels are once again based around the winning medals, with Bronze, Silver and Gold versions.

Easily the top draw in the product, several autograph options are available to collectors and combine to fall one per box. Autographed Base Parallel Cards include up to 50 of the athletes featured in the base set. The base autographs also feature Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold Rainbow parallels. U.S. Olympic Champions Autograph Cards include on-card signatures and a ten-card checklist with many well-known names in U.S. Olympic history. Nancy Kerrigan, Peggy Fleming, Brian Boitano, Bonnie Blair, Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton, Picabo Street and Dan Jansen are among the biggest names.

Offered in several versions, two relics are found in each box. The US Olympic Team Relics set features up to 50 different athlete-worn relic swatch cards and also includes Bronze, SilverGold, and Gold Rainbow parallels.  The remaining options are commemorative relics and include US Olympic Team Patch CardsUS Olympic Team 2014 Patch Cards and US Olympic Team Logo Pins.

Rounding out 2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls are several basic insert sets. Games of the XXII Winter Olympiad showcases U.S. athletes in their chosen sport. These insert cards also include the basic rules for the particular game or sport. Venues of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games provides a rundown of different Olympic locations and events featured in Russia. Lastly, Olympic Heritage chronicles past Olympic Winter games, beginning with the 1924 Olympic Winter Games.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack
Price Point: Low-End Multi-Sports Card
Target Audience: Olympics Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors

2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Box Break

  • 1 Autographed Card
  • 2 Team Relic or Commemorative Relic Cards
  • 192 Total Card
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Set Checklist

2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Rainbow
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 23

1 Max Aaron, Figure Skating
2 Jeremy Abbott, Figure Skating
3 Eddy Alvarez, Short Track Speedskating
4 Jamie Anderson, Snowboarding
5 Lowell Bailey, Biathlon
6 Allison Baver, Short Track Speedskating
7 Gretchen Bleiler, Snowboarding
8 Brittany Bowe, Long Track Speedskating
9 Maddie Bowman, Freeskiing
10 Erika Brown, Curling
11 Bobby Brown, Freeskiing
12 Tim Burke, Biathlon
13 Heath Calhoun, Alpine Skiing
14 J.J. Celski, Short Track Speedskating
15 Kelly Clark, Snowboarding
16 Julia Clukey, Luge
17 Stacey Cook, Alpine Skiing
18 Emily Cook, Freestyle Skiing
19 John Coughlin, Figure Skating
20 John Daly, Skeleton
21 Meryl Davis, Figure Skating
22 Shani Davis, Long Track Speedskating
23 Billy Demong, Nordic Skiing
24 Patrick Deneen, Freestyle Skiing
25 Caydee Denney, Figure Skating
26 Simon Dumont, Freeskiing
27 Susan Dunklee, Biathlon
28 Katie Eberling, Bobsled
29 Grete Eliassen, Freeskiing
30 Kaitlyn Farrington, Snowboarding
31 Jazmine Fenlator, Bobsled
32 Pete Fenson, Curling
33 Dylan Ferguson, Freestlye Skiing
34 Bryan Fletcher, Nordic Skiing
35 Taylor Fletcher, Nordic Skiing
36 Travis Ganong, Alpine Skiing
37 Christina Gao, Figure Skating
38 Lana Gehring, Short Track Speedskating
39 Nick Goepper, Freeskiing
40 Gracie Gold, Figure Skating
41 Chas Guldemond, Snowboarding
42 Erin Hamlin, Luge
43 Keri Herman, Freeskiing
44 Elena Hight, Snowboarding
45 Steven Holcomb, Bobsled
46 Nate Holland, Snowboarding
47 Lindsey Jacobellis, Snowboarding
48 Lolo Jones, Bobsled
49 Hannah Kearney, Freestlye Skiing
50 Gus Kenworthy, Freeskiing
51 Hilary Knight, Ice Hockey
52 Scott Lago, Snowboarding
53 Jocelyne Lamoureux, Ice Hockey
54 Monique Lamoureux, Ice Hockey
55 Steve Langton, Bobsled
56 Ted Ligety, Alpine Skiing
57 Evan Lysacek, Figure Skating
58 Devin Logan, Freeskiing
59 Julia Mancuso, Alpine Skiing
60 Chris Mazdzer, Luge
61 Alice McKennis, Alpine Skiing
62 Heather McPhie, Freestlye Skiing
63 Elana Meyers, Bobsled
64 Bode Miller, Alpine Skiing
65 Andy Newell, Nordic Skiing
66 Alana Nichols, Alpine Skiing
67 Steve Nyman, Alpine Skiing
68 Noelle Pikus-Pace, Skeleton
69 Amy Purdy, Snowboarding
70 Kikkan Randall, Nordic Skiing
71 Justin Reiter, Snowboarding
72 Heather Richardson, Long Track Speedskating
73 Rico Roman, Sled Hockey
74 Laurenne Ross, Alpine Skiing
75 Maia Shibutani, Figure Skating
76 Alex Shibutani, Figure Skating
77 Jessica Smith, Long Track Speedskating
78 Leanne Smith, Alpine Skiing
79 Evan Strong, Snowboarding
80 Marco Sullivan, Alpine Skiing
81 John Teller, Freestyle Skiing
82 Hannah Teter, Snowboarding
83 Curt Tomasevicz, Bobsled
84 Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton
85 Danelle Umstead, Alpine Skiing
86 Lindsey Van, Nordic Skiing
87 Louie Vito, Snowboarding
88 Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skiing
89 Ashley Wagner, Figure Skating
90 Jeremy Wagner, Biathlon
91 Tom Wallisch, Freeskiing
92 Seth Wescott, Snowboarding
93 Charlie White, Figure Skating
94 David Wise, Freeskiing
95 Torin Yater-Wallace, Freeskiing
96 Agnes Zawadzki, Figure Skating
97 Ashley Caldwell, Freestyle Skiing
98 Bree Schaaf, Bobsled
99 Jessica Schultz, Curling
100 Nick Baumgartner, Snowboarding

Autographs Checklist

50 cards. Set is skip-numbered. Click here for a detailed visual guide.
PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/50, Silver #/30, Gold #/15, Gold Rainbow 1/1

1 Max Aaron
4 Jamie Anderson
6 Allison Baver
7 Gretchen Bleiler
10 Erika Brown
13 Heath Calhoun
14 J.J. Celski
15 Kelly Clark
21 Meryl Davis
22 Shani Davis
23 Billy Demong
26 Simon Dumont
31 Jazmine Fenlator
32 Pete Fenson
39 Nick Goepper
40 Gracie Gold
42 Erin Hamlin
45 Steven Holcomb
47 Lindsey Jacobellis
48 Lolo Jones
49 Hannah Kearney
51 Hilary Knight
52 Scott Lago
55 Steve Langton
56 Ted Ligety
57 Evan Lysacek
59 Julia Mancuso
63 Alena Meyers
64 Bode Miller
66 Alana Nichols
68 Noelle Pikus-Pace
69 Amy Purdy
70 Kikkan Randall
72 Heather Richardson
75 Maia Shibutani
76 Alex Shibutani
79 Evan Strong
82 Hannah Teter
83 Curt Tomasevicz
84 Katie Uhlaender
86 Lindsey Van
87 Louie Vito
88 Lindsey Vonn
89 Ashley Wagner
91 Tom Wallisch
92 Seth Wescott - Redemption
93 Charlie White
94 David Wise
95 Torin Yater-Wallace
96 Agnes Zawadzki
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 24

U.S. Olympic Champions Autographs Set Checklist

UOC-BB Bonnie Blair
UOC-BBO Brian Boitano
UOC-DB Dick Button
UOC-JC Jim Craig
UOC-JC Dan Jansen
UOC-KY Kristi Yamaguchi
UOC-ME Mike Eruzione
UOC-NK Nancy Kerrigan
UOC-PF Peggy Fleming
UOC-PS Picabo Street
UOC-SH Scott Hamilton
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 25

Commemorative 2014 Olympic Team Patch Checklist

44 cards.

USO-AC Ashley Caldwell
USO-AN Andy Newell
USO-AP Amy Purdy
USO-BBR Bobby Brown
USO-BF Bryan Fletcher
USO-BM Bode Miller
USO-CG Christina Gao
USO-CM Chris Mazdzer
USO-CT Curt Tomasevicz
USO-CW Charlie White
USO-DF Dylan Ferguson
USO-DL Devin Logan
USO-DU Danelle Umstead
USO-EA Eddy Alvarez
USO-EM Elana Meyers
USO-ES Evan Strong
USO-GB Gretchen Bleiler
USO-GE Grete Eliassen
USO-GK Gus Kenworthy
USO-HC Heath Calhoun
USO-HK Hannah Kearney
USO-JA Jeremy Abbott
USO-JC J.R. Celski
USO-JCO John Coughlin
USO-JD John Daly
USO-JS Jessica Smith
USO-JT John Teller
USO-KE Katie Eberling
USO-KF Kaitlyn Farrington
USO-KH Keri Herman
USO-KR Kikkan Randall
USO-KU Katie Uhlaender
USO-LG Lana Gehring
USO-LJ Lindsey Jacobellis
USO-LVO Lindsey Vonn
USO-MD Meryl Davis
USO-PD Patrick Deneen
USO-SDU Simon Dumont
USO-SW Seth Wescott
USO-TF Taylor Fletcher
USO-TG Travis Ganong
USO-TW Tom Wallisch
USO-TYW Torin Yater-Wallace
USO-LVI Louie Vito
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 26

Commemorative Sochi Patch Set Checklist

38 cards.

USP-AB Allison Baver
USP-AC Ashley Caldwell
USP-AM Alice McKennis
USP-ANI Alana Nichols
USP-AP Amy Purdy
USP-AW Ashley Wagner
USP-BB Brittany Bowe
USP-BD Billy Demong
USP-BM Bode Miller
USP-CG Christian Gao
USP-CGU Chas Guldemond
USP-CM Chris Mazdzer
USP-DF Dylan Ferguson
USP-EB Erika Brown
USP-EL Evan Lysacek
USP-GB Gretchen Bleiler
USP-GG Gracie Gold
USP-GK Gus Kenworthy
USP-JA Jeremy Abbott
USP-JL Jocelyne Lamoureux
USP-JS Jessica Smith
USP-JT John Teller
USP-KC Kelly Clark
USP-KE Katie Eberling
USP-LR Laurenne Ross
USP-LS Leanne Smith
USP-LV Lindsey Van
USP-MD Meryl Davis
USP-ML Monique Lamoureux
USP-MSU Marco Sullivan
USP-NB Nick Baumgartner
USP-PF Pete Fenson
USP-RR Rico Roman
USP-SD Shani Davis
USP-SH Steven Holcomb
USP-SL Scott Lago
USP-SN Steve Nyman
USP-TF Taylor Fletcher
USP-TG Travis Ganong
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 27

Commemorative Logo Pins Set Checklist

29 cards.

USP-AN Andy Newell
USP-ANI Alana Nichols
USP-BB Brittany Bowe
USP-CG Christina Gao
USP-GU Chas Guldemond
USP-CT Curt Tomasevicz
USP-CW Charlie White
USP-EA Eddy Alvarez
USP-EB Erika Brown
USP-EC Emily Cook
USP-EH Erin Hamlin
USP-EHI Elena Hight
USP-EL Evan Lysacek
USP-EM Elana Meyers
USP-HK Hannah Kearney
USP-HM Heather McPhie
USP-JR Justin Reiter
USP-KE Katie Eberling
USP-KR Kikkan Randall
USP-LS Leanne Smith
USP-MD Meryl Davis
USP-ML Monique Lamoureux
USP-NP Noelle Pikus-Pace
USP-PD Patrick Deneen
USP-SD Shani Davis
USP-SH Steven Holcomb
USP-SL Scott Lago
USP-TG Travis Ganong
USP-TW Tom Wallisch
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 28

Games Of The XXII Winter Olympiad Set Checklist

15 cards.

OLY-BD Billy Demong
OLY-EB Erika Brown
OLY-EH Erin Hamlin
OLY-GG Gracie Gold
OLY-HK Hilary Knight
OLY-JD John Daly
OLY-JS Jessica Smith
OLY-KR Kikkan Randall
OLY-LV Lindsey Vonn
OLY-LVA Lindsey Van
OLY-MA Max Aaron
OLY-PF Pete Fenson
OLY-SD Shani Davis
OLY-SH Steven Holcomb
OLY-TL Ted Ligety
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 29

Olympic Heritage Set Checklist

22 cards.

OH-1 Chamonix, France 1924
OH-2 St. Moritz, Switzerland 1928
OH-3 Lake Placid, New York, USA 1932
OH-4 Bavaria, Germany 1936
OH-5 St. Moritz, Switzerland 1948
OH-6 Oslo, Norway 1952
OH-7 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy 1956
OH-8 Squaw Valley, California, USA 1960
OH-9 Innsbruck, Austria 1964
OH-10 Grenoble, France 1968
OH-11 Sapporo, Japan 1972
OH-12 Innsbruck, Austria 1976
OH-13 Lake Placid, New York, USA 1980
OH-14 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 1984
OH-15 Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1988
OH-16 Albertville, France 1992
OH-17 Lillehammer, Norway 1994
OH-18 Nagano, Japan 1998
OH-19 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2002
OH-20 Torino, Italy 2006
OH-21 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2010
OH-22 Sochi, Russia 2014
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 30

Relic Set Checklist

32 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/75, Silver #/50, Gold #/25, Gold Rainbow 1/1

OR-AS Alex Shibutani
OR-AP Amy Purdy
OR-AW Ashley Wagner
OR-BD Billy Demong
OR-BM Bode Miller
OR-CW Charlie White
OR-DW David Wise
OR-EM Elana Meyers
OR-EB Erika Brown
OR-EH Erin Hamlin
OR-ES Evan Strong
OR-GG Gracie Gold
OR-HK Hannah Kearney
OR-HT Hannah Teter
OR-HR Heather Richardson
OR-HKN Hilary Knight
OR-JA Jamie Anderson
OR-JM Julia Mancuso
OR-KC Kelly Clark
OR-KR Kikkan Randall
OR-LJ Lindsey Jacobellis
OR-LVO Lindsey Vonn
OR-LVI Louie Vitto
OR-MS Maia Shibutani
OR-MA Max Aaron
OR-MD Meryl Davis
OR-NG Nick Goepper
OR-SW Seth Wescott
OR-SD Shani Davis
OR-SH Steven Holcomb
OR-TL Ted Ligety
OR-TYW Torin Yater-Wallace
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 31

Venues of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games Set Checklist

11 cards.

WOV-AA Adler Arena
WOV-BD Bolshoy Ice Dome
WOV-FS Fisht Olympic Stadium
WOV-IC Ice Cube Center
WOV-IP Iceberg Skating Palace
WOV-LC Laura Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Center
WOV-RC Rosa Khutor Alpine Center
WOV-RG Russki Gorki Jumping Center
WOV-RP Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
WOV-SA Shayba Arena
WOV-SC Sanki Sliding Center
2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Trading Cards 32

Product Review

2014 Topps US Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls Product Review

Reviewed by Kerwin Leong

Good: Three hits per box. Very affordable. Clean and crisp base card designs. Some on-card autographs.

Bad: Too many parallel cards that may be hard to spot for casual collectors. Some big names, like Shaun White, missing.

The Bottom Line: Topps returns with another affordable US Olympic Team products. Many athletes in this niche product are getting their first cards and autographs.

Staff Rating:
3.3 / 5.0

Card Design: 3.0/5.0

The base cards have a glossy front with very crisp and clear photography. A colorful photo of the athelete is centered in the middle of the card, putting the sole focus on them. I like how the background stands out with a marble-like setting against the picture of the American flag. The only difference between the base cards and the four parallel sets is the color of the medal in the nameplate. I would prefer if Topps changed the color of the whole border of the card and numbered the cards. To a casual collector, the parallel cards might be hard to spot if you don't know what you are looking for.

Insert cards showcase the different games of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics, Olympic heritage, and Olympic venues. The Games Of The XXII Winter Olympiad insert is the nicest looking of the bunch. The blue background goes well with the silhouette of the athlete. I found the Olympic heritage and venue cards to be rather boring and dull. From a historical standpoint, the Olympic heritage cards do have a lot of good information.

The base relics and patch cards are what you would expect. It would have been nice if the relic and patch cards used different photography than the standard base card counterpart. Some of the autographs are on-card, which is great. However, they use the same base card photography as well.

Checklist: 4.0/5.0

The base card set is comprised of 100 US Olympic athletes. I don't follow winter sports at all so the only names out of the base set that I recognized were Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller. The only other current athlete I have heard of is Shaun White, who is no where to be seen in this product. Athletes from various sports such as skiing, hockey, figure skating, snowboarding, bobsledding, curling, and more are represented here. The autograph checklist is highlighted by past standouts like Lindsey Vonn, Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, Brian Boitano, Bonnie Blair, Scott Hamilton, and Bode Miller.

Value: 3.5/5.0

From a monetary standpoint compared to other products, this is a low-end product that boasts numerous base cards, inserts, and three hits or premium inserts. There is some value here for niche collectors who want to build parallel sets and inserts. There are several autographs from famous athletes. with the Winter Games still to come, there's a prospecting element here too as several cards in the summer set got a boost when they won gold.

The Fun Factor: 2.5/5.0

This product was fun to open. Each pack has a parallel card in it, but considering it is basically the same base card with only a small medal coloring that differentiates it, packs seem repetitive. The card backs of the cards have a lot of information, which can be a good educational tool.

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Winter olympics are great. The key athletes will hold value, hot women athletes are hot autos in all products ….. 5 stars

I give steve-o one star …. for being tech savy, his typing and grammar, as well as providing evidence to back up his …. question ….. is garbage…. rempind me of Topps Magic …. as a matter of fact maybe he can get a job with Topps customer service ….


I like the Winter Olympics way more than the summer games. These cards are fun and it will be even more fun in Feb to see how our athletes do in the events.


LOL @ Steve-O… who cares about trading cards??? You need to get out more Steve-o. With all your tech-savvy intelligence, one would think that you would know more about market trends etc… or about what’s going on in the world.


Who cares about trading cards these days? Are we returning to the 1960s, in this tech-savvy days? NO ONE is interested in these. Just check out the after-market sales of ’em on eBay. CRICKETS!

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