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2014 Topps Baseball Variations Master Checklist

2014 Topps Baseball Variations Master Checklist

2014 Topps Baseball variations definitely cross the streams. Between Series 1 and Series 2, there are plenty of cards to keep track of. More than 200 to be a little more precise. Complicating matters further is the fact that many Series 2 variations are in Series 1 packs and vice versa. In a nutshell, figuring out where to find a particular variation can be confusing.

Even with our extensive visual guides (Series 1, Series 2, retail factory sets) and the Sparkle Spotter, making sense of all the 2014 Topps Baseball variations still might be complicated. To make things a little easier, we've compiled a master variations checklist that has all the Series 1 and Series 2 variations as well as where you will find them.

2014 Topps Baseball Variations Master Checklist

Please note, the pack or product type the cards are found in are listed at the end with the following abbreviations:

  • S1 = Series 1 Packs
  • S2 = Series 2 Packs
  • RFS = Retail Factory Sets

1 Mike Trout Gatorade Walmart S1
1 Mike Trout Sparkle S1
1 Mike Trout Future Stars S2
1 Mike Trout Sabermetric Stats S2
14 Yoenis Cespedes Photo S1
14 Yoenis Cespedes Sparkle S1
15 Paul Goldschmidt Sparkle S1
15 Paul Goldschmidt Future Stars S2
15 Paul Goldschmidt Sabermetric Stats S2
18 Jurickson Profar Sparkle S1
18 Jurickson Profar Future Stars S2
19 Joey Votto Sparkle S1
24 Manny Machado Sparkle S1
24 Manny Machado Future Stars S2
24 Manny Machado Sabermetric Stats S2
25 Troy Tulowitzki Sparkle S1
25 Troy Tulowitzki Sabermetric Stats S2
33 Matt Harvey Sparkle S1
33 Pedro Alvarez Future Stars S2
33 Pedro Alvarez Sabermetric Stats S2
36 Billy Hamilton Sparkle S1
36 Billy Hamilton Future Stars S2
36 Billy Hamilton Photo RFS
40 Hyun-Jin Ryu Photo S1
40 Hyun-Jin Ryu Sparkle S1
42 Mariano Rivera Sparkle S1
44 Matt Carpenter Sparkle S1
44 Matt Carpenter Sabermetric Stats S2
46 Kolten Wong Future Stars S2
50 Buster Posey Sparkle S1
50 Buster Posey Sabermetric Stats S2
56 Taijuan Walker Sparkle S1
56 Taijuan Walker Future Stars S2
57 Yadier Molina Photo S1
57 Yadier Molina Sparkle S1
57 Yadier Molina Sabermetric Stats S2
71 Anthony Rizzo Sparkle S1
77 Aroldis Chapman Sparkle S1
81 Anibal Sanchez Sabermetric Stats S2
82 Leonys Martin Sabermetric Stats S2
91 Starling Marte Sabermetric Stats S2
97 Alex Gordon Sparkle S1
100 Bryce Harper Sparkle S1
100 Bryce Harper Future Stars S2
106 Shin-Soo Choo Sparkle S1
110 Wil Myers Sparkle S1
110 Wil Myers Future Stars S2
118 Ian Desmond Sabermetric Stats S2
124 Jay Bruce Sparkle S1
124 Jay Bruce Sabermetric Stats S2
125 Joe Mauer Sparkle S1
125 Joe Mauer Sabermetric Stats S2
125 Joe Mauer Snoopy S2
133 Xander Bogaerts Sparkle S1
133 Xander Bogaerts Future Stars S2
133 Xander Bogaerts Photo RFS
134 Josh Reddick Sabermetric Stats S2
136 Wil Middlebrooks Future Stars S2
148 Chris Sale Sparkle S1
148 Chris Sale Sabermetric Stats S2
150 Andrew McCutchen Photo S1
150 Andrew McCutchen Sparkle S1
150 Andrew McCutchen Sabermetric Stats S2
161 Adrian Beltre Sparkle S1
161 Adrian Beltre Sabermetric Stats S2
166 Dustin Pedroia Photo S1
166 Dustin Pedroia Sparkle S1
166 Dustin Pedroia Sabermetric Stats S2
179 Gerrit Cole Sparkle S1
179 Gerrit Cole Future Stars S2
192 Pedro Alvarez Sparkle S1
192 Matt Harvey Future Stars S2
192 Matt Harvey Sabermetric Stats S2
195 Nick Castellanos Sparkle S1
195 Nick Castellanos Future Stars S2
195 Nick Castellanos Photo RFS
196 Cole Hamels Sparkle S1
198 Nick Swisher Photo S1
204 Adrian Gonzalez Photo S1
204 Adrian Gonzalez Sparkle S1
212 Jason Heyward Photo S1
212 Jason Heyward Sparkle S1
212 Jason Heyward Future Stars S2
217 Giancarlo Stanton Sparkle S1
217 Giancarlo Stanton Sabermetric Stats S2
227 Justin Upton Photo S1
228 Jayson Werth Sabermetric Stats S2
229 Justin Upton Sparkle S1
235 Jason Kipnis Sparkle S1
235 Jason Kipnis Future Stars S2
235 Jason Kipnis Sabermetric Stats S2
250 Miguel Cabrera Photo S1
250 Miguel Cabrera Sparkle S1
250 Miguel Cabrera Sabermetric Stats S2
251 Sergio Romo Sparkle S1
266 Zack Wheeler Sparkle S1
272 Joey Votto Sabermetric Stats S2
275 Nolan Arenado Future Stars S2
275 Nolan Arenado Sabermetric Stats S2
276 Alfonso Soriano Sparkle S1
283 Andrelton Simmon Sabermetric Stats S2
288 Julio Teheran Future Stars S2
296 Dominic Brown Sparkle S1
297 Max Scherzer Photo S1
297 Max Scherzer Sparkle S1
297 Max Scherzer Sabermetric Stats S2
300 Yu Darvish Sparkle S1
300 Yu Darvish Sabermetric Stats S2
301 Shane Victorino Sabermetric Stats S2
302 Carlos Gomez Sabermetric Stats S2
314 Hanley Ramirez Photo S1
314 Hanley Ramirez Sparkle S1
323 Jose Bautista Sparkle S1
323 Jose Bautista Sabermetric Stats S2
327 Pablo Sandoval Sparkle S1
329 Matt Holliday Sparkle S1
329 Matt Holliday Sabermetric Stats S2
330 Evan Longoria Photo S1
330 Evan Longoria Sparkle S1
330 Evan Longoria Sabermetric Stats S2
331 Yasiel Puig Future Stars Photo S1
331 Yasiel Puig Hands on Hips Photo S1
331 Yasiel Puig Sparkle S1
332 Stephen Strasburg Sparkle S2
336 Ben Zobrist Sabermetric Stats S2
338 Carlos Santana Sparkle S2
347 Matt Cain Sparkle S2
350 Carlos Gonzalez Sparkle S2
356 Jose Reyes Sparkle S2
358 Christian Yelich Future Stars S2
358 Christian Yelich Sparkle S2
375 Adam Wainright Waving Photo S1
375 Adam Wainwright with Molina Photo S1
375 Adam Wainwright Sabermetric Stats S2
375 Adam Wainwright Sparkle S2
378 Ryan Zimmerman Sparkle S2
383 Chris Archer Sparkle S2
388 Yovani Gallardo Sparkle S2
397 Tim Lincecum Sparkle S2
398 Adam Jones Sabermetric Stats S2
398 Adam Jones Sparkle S2
400 Clayton Kershaw Celebration Photo S1
400 Clayton Kershaw NL West fence Photo S1
400 Clayton Kershaw Sabermetric Stats S2
400 Clayton Kershaw Sparkle S2
401 Felix Hernandez Sabermetric Stats S2
401 Felix Hernandez Sparkle S2
412 Hunter Pence Sabermetric Stats S2
412 Hunter Pence Sparkle S2
414 Michael Wacha Sparkle S2
416 Josh Reddick Sabermetric Stats S2
416 Josh Reddick Photo S1
421 R.A. Dickey Sparkle S2
425 Craig Kimbrel Photo S1
425 Craig Kimbrel Sparkle S2
435 Ryan Braun Sparkle S2
450 Justin Verlander Photo S1
450 Justin Verlander Sabermetric Stats S2
450 Justin Verlander Sparkle S2
457 CC Sabathia Sparkle S2
460 Matt Kemp Sparkle S2
464 Evan Gattis Sparkle S2
473 Mike Napoli Sabermetric Stats S2
473 Mike Napoli Sparkle S2
475 David Ortiz Goggles Over Eyes Photo S1
475 David Ortiz Goggles on Head Photo S1
475 David Ortiz Sabermetric Stats S2
475 David Ortiz Sparkle S2
481 Allen Craig Sparkle S2
489 David Price Sparkle S2
496 Jose Abreu Photo RFS
500 Robinson Cano Sparkle S2
502 Chase Utley Sparkle S2
509 Brandon Phillips Sabermetric Stats S2
509 Brandon Phillips Sparkle S2
521 Anthony Rendon Sparkle S2
525 Chris Davis Sabermetric Stats S2
525 Chris Davis Sparkle S2
528 Shelby Miller Future Stars S2
528 Shelby Miller Sparkle S2
531 Dylan Bundy Future Stars S2
534 Ian Kinsler Sparkle S2
537 Madison Bumgarner Sparkle S2
548 Jered Weaver Sparkle S2
550 Prince Fielder Photo S1
550 Prince Fielder Sparkle S2
555 Adam Eaton Sparkle S2
571 Colby Rasmus Sabermetric Stats S2
579 Freddie Freeman Sabermetric Stats S2
579 Freddie Freeman Sparkle S2
580 Todd Frazier Sabermetric Stats S2
581 Tony Cingrani Sparkle S2
597 Mat Latos Sparkle S2
600 David Wright Sparkle S2
613 Mark Teixeira Sparkle S2
621 B.J. Upton Sparkle S2
625 Albert Pujols Sparkle S2
629 Cliff Lee Sabermetric Stats S2
629 Cliff Lee Sparkle S2
638 Michael Cuddyer Sparkle S2
650 Jacoby Ellsbury Sparkle S2
660 Jose Fernandez Future Stars S2
660 Jose Fernandez Sparkle S2
661 Masahiro Tanaka Future Stars S2
661 Masahiro Tanaka Photo RFS

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Kelly Dallof
Kelly Dallof

Ok, So I can’t figure out the difference between the “OTHER” variations
)Not The Sparkles !) I got that down. The base numbers on the back bottom of the card 7287, ok so I’m getting a lot of 8634’a and they are only on cards that either have a colored outline, or the card shows Action of some type, is there anyway you could possibly let me know if you know what those numbers mean? And, are there any other numbers? Ser. 1 see.2 and the updated series as well
Thank You Such Much

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