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2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards Checklist

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards Checklist

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If you're a prospector looking for some sharp-looking, high-end cards, 2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball has them. Like previous offerings under the Trinity name, the all-autograph product has three types of cards.

Everything is either an autographed patch, inscribed autograph or autographed plexiglass card.

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Set Details

Autographed Patch cards carry the combined power of a generous swatch and an on-card signature. Although the swatches haven't seen game use, they come from jerseys worn by the players.

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards Checklist 1

Inscribed Autographs are also signed directly on the card. These have not only a signature, but a hand-written note to go with it. Collectors can expect anything from team-focused images to stats to awards and anywhere in between.

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards Checklist 2

The final type of card in 2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball is the return of Pure Autographs. These thick cards use plexiglass for the card stock giving them a clear look. Images and text are layered throughout the card making them something that really does need to be seen in person to truly appreciate.

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards Checklist 3

Besides the prospects found in other parts of the set, there are also Perfect Game All-American Classic Pure Autographs with signatures from some of baseball's top high school players.

Autographed Patch, Inscribed and Pure Autographs all have multiple levels of parallels numbered as low as 1/1.

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball focuses heavily on 2014 draft picks and top prospects. Every box has five cards. All have on-card signatures. Similar to Leaf's other draft-focused baseball sets, Metal Draft and Valiant, Trinity has a limited number of Johnny Manziel baseball autographs.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Box Break

  • 5 Autographs


Set Checklist

2014 Leaf Trinity Baseball Set Checklist



Trinity Signatures Set Checklist

40 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze, Silver #/25 or less, Gold #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1.

A-AB1 Alex Blandino
A-AG1 Aramis Garcia
A-AJ1 Alex Jackson
A-AN1 Aaron Nola
A-BF1 Brandon Finnegan
A-BZ1 Bradley Zimmer
A-CB1 Christian Binford
A-CG1 Casey Gillaspie
A-CJ1 Connor Joe
A-CR1 Carlos Rodon
A-CT1 Cole Tucker
A-DF1 Derek Fisher
A-DH1 Derek Hill
A-DP1 Dalton Pompey
A-DS1 Darnell Sweeney
A-EF1 Erick Fedde
A-FG1 Foster Griffin
A-GH1 Grant Holmes
A-GM1 Gareth Morgan
A-JG1 Jacob Gatewood
A-JG2 Joe Gatto
A-JH1 Jeff Hoffman
A-KF1 Kyle Freeland
A-KM1 Kodi Medeiros
A-KS1 Kyle Schwarber
A-LW1 Luke Weaver
A-MC1 Matt Chapman
A-MC2 Michael Chavis
A-MC3 Michael Conforto
A-MG1 Michael Gettys
A-MI1 Matt Imhof
A-MP1 Max Pentecost
A-MP2 Mike Papi
A-NH1 Nick Howard
A-RC2 Rusney Castillo
A-SB1 Scott Blewett
A-SN1 Sean Newcomb
A-TB1 Tyler Beede
A-TK2 Tyler Kolek
A-TT1 Trea Turner


Patch Autographs Set Checklist

60 cards.
Short print (SP) autographs are noted.
PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze, Silver #/25 or less, Gold #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1.

PA-AB1 Alex Blandino
PA-AG1 Aramis Garcia
PA-AJ1 Alex Jackson
PA-AM1 Austin Meadows
PA-AN1 Aaron Nola
PA-BB1 Byron Buxton
PA-BD1 Braxton Davidson
PA-BF1 Brandon Finnegan
PA-BZ1 Bradley Zimmer
PA-CB1 Christian Binford
PA-CG1 Casey Gillaspie SP
PA-CJ1 Connor Joe
PA-CR1 Carlos Rodon
PA-CS1 Carson Sands
PA-CT1 Cole Tucker
PA-CV1 Cameron Varga
PA-CV1 Chase Vallot
PA-DC1 Dylan Cease
PA-DF1 Derek Fisher
PA-DH1 Derek Hill
PA-DJP D.J. Peterson
PA-DP1 Dalton Pompey SP
PA-DS1 Darnell Sweeney
PA-EF1 Erick Fedde
PA-FG1 Foster Griffin
PA-GH1 Grant Holmes
PA-GM1 Gareth Morgan
PA-JF1 Jack Flaherty
PA-JG1 Jacob Gatewood
PA-JG2 Joe Gatto
PA-JG3 Joey Gallo
PA-JH1 Jeff Hoffman
PA-JS1 Justus Sheffield
PA-JT1 Justin Twine
PA-KF1 Kyle Freeland
PA-KM1 Kodi Medeiros
PA-KS1 Kyle Schwarber
PA-LG1 Lucas Giolito
PA-LO1 Luis Ortiz
PA-LW1 Luke Weaver
PA-MC1 Matt Chapman
PA-MC2 Michael Chavis
PA-MC3 Michael Conforto
PA-MG1 Michael Gettys
PA-MH1 Monte Harrison
PA-MI1 Matt Imhof
PA-MK1 Michael Kopech
PA-MP1 Max Pentecost
PA-MP2 Mike Papi
PA-NH1 Nick Howard
PA-RC1 Ryan Castellani SP
PA-RC2 Rusney Castillo
PA-SA1 Spencer Adams
PA-SB1 Scott Blewett
PA-SN1 Sean Newcomb
PA-SRF Sean Reid-Foley
PA-TB1 Tyler Beede
PA-TF1 Ti'quan Forbes
PA-TK2 Tyler Kolek
PA-TT1 Trea Turner


Pure Autographs Set Checklist

77 cards.
Short print (SP) autographs are noted.
PARALLEL CARDS: Charcoal #/99 or less, Blue #/25 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple/Fuchsia 1/1.

P-AB1 Alex Blandino
P-AJ1 Alex Jackson
P-AM1 Austin Meadows
P-AN1 Aaron Nola
P-BB1 Byron Buxton
P-BD1 Braxton Davidson
P-BF1 Brandon Finnegan
P-BZ1 Bradley Zimmer
P-CB1 Christian Binford
P-CF1 Clint Frazier
P-CG1 Casey Gillaspie
P-CJ1 Connor Joe
P-CR1 Cody Reed
P-CR2 Carlos Rodon
P-CS1 Carson Sands
P-CT1 Cole Tucker
P-CV1 Cameron Varga
P-CV2 Chase Vallot
P-DC1 Dylan Cease
P-DF1 Derek Fisher
P-DH1 Derek Hill
P-DJP D.J. Peterson
P-DP1 Dalton Pompey
P-DS2 Darnell Sweeney
P-EF1 Erick Fedde
P-FB1 Franklin Barreto
P-FG1 Foster Griffin
P-FM1 Francellis Montas
P-GH1 Grant Holmes
P-GM1 Gareth Morgan
P-JA1 Jose Almonte
P-JB1 Jake Bauers
P-JF1 Jack Flaherty
P-JG1 Joey Gallo
P-JG2 Joe Gatto
P-JG3 Jacob Gatewood
P-JH2 Jeff Hoffman
P-JL1 Jacob Lindgren
P-JM1 Johnny Manziel SP (Redemption)
P-JS1 Jorge Soler
P-JS2 Justus Sheffield
P-JS3 Jake Stinnett
P-JT1 Justin Twine
P-KB1 Kris Bryant
P-KF1 Kyle Freeland
P-KM1 Kodi Medeiros
P-KS1 Kyle Schwarber
P-LG1 Lucas Giolito
P-LO1 Luis Ortiz
P-LS1 Luis Severino
P-LT1 Luis Torrens
P-LW1 Luke Weaver
P-MC1 Michael Chavis
P-MC2 Matt Chapman
P-MC3 Michael Conforto
P-MF1 Maikel Franco
P-MG1 Michael Gettys
P-MH1 Monte Harrison
P-MI1 Matt Imhof
P-MK1 Michael Kopech
P-MP1 Max Pentecost
P-MP1 Mike Papi
P-NB1 Nick Burdi
P-NH1 Nick Howard
P-RC1 Ryan Castellani
P-RN1 Renato Nunez
P-SA1 Spencer Adams
P-SB1 Scott Blewett
P-SN1 Sean Newcomb
P-SRF Sean Reid-Foley
P-TB1 Tyler Beede
P-TF1 Ti'quan Forbes
P-TH1 Teoscar Hernandez
P-TK1 Tyler Kolek
P-TS1 Taylor Sparks
P-TT1 Trea Turner
P-YY1 Yeyson Yrizarri


Perfect Game Pure Autographs Set Checklist

47 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Charcoal #/99 or less, Blue #/25 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple/Fuchsia 1/1.

PGP-AJ1 Alonzo Jones
PGP-AR1 Ashe Russell
PGP-AR2 Austin Riley
PGP-AS1 Austin Smith
PGP-BB1 Beau Burrows
PGP-BR1 Brendan Rodgers
PGP-BS1 Brandt Stallings
PGP-CA1 Christifer Andritsos
PGP-CB1 Chris Betts
PGP-CC1 Christopher Chatfield
PGP-CG1 Cadyn Grenier
PGP-CR1 Cornelius Randolph
PGP-DC1 Dazmon Cameron
PGP-DD1 Devin Davis
PGP-DD2 Doak Dozier
PGP-DF1 Drew Finley
PGP-DR1 Daniel Reyes
PGP-GP1 Greg Pickett
PGP-HH1 Hogan Harris
PGP-IG1 Isiah Gilliam
PGP-JA1 John Aiello
PGP-JD1 Joe DeMers
PGP-JH1 Juan Hillman
PGP-JH2 Justin Hooper
PGP-JI1 Jonathan India
PGP-JJ1 Jahmai Jones
PGP-JN1 Josh Naylor
PGP-KA1 Kolby Allard
PGP-KB1 Kep Brown
PGP-KC1 Kody Clemens
PGP-KD1 Kyle Dean
PGP-KH1 Ke'Bryan Hayes
PGP-KM1 Kyle Molnar
PGP-KT1 Kyle Tucker
PGP-LB1 Luken Baker
PGP-LW1 Lucas Wakamatsu
PGP-MH1 Mitchell Hansen
PGP-MN1 Mike Nikorak
PGP-NF1 Nick Fortes
PGP-NS1 Nicholas Shumpert
PGP-PS1 Patrick Sandoval
PGP-RCM Ryan Cole McKay
PGP-RJ1 Ryan Johnson
PGP-RM1 Ryan Mountcastle
PGP-TE1 Tristin English
PGP-TM1 Triston McKenzie
PGP-WC1 Wyatt Cross

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


So I got a social media autograph of Beau Burrows on a Pure Glass card… its #23/40 thats just the regular number… I have seen only one other social media auto out of this on ebay. How rare are they?


Actually I’m surprised how many repeats there are in the pure set. And a lot more players overall!


Guaranteed! However he won’t be in this years.should be draft picks from this yr and hopefully some surprises. ’13 product is picking up demand. Now I just need to complete my pure set and maybe try this year


I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mark Appel does a Bible verse on his Inscribed Auto cards

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