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2013 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards

2013 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards


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2013 Panini Black Friday trading cards cast a wide net when it comes to subject matter. Combining baseball, football, basketball, hockey and even a little hip hop, the promo set has quickly become synonymous for ushering the hobby into the holidays.

The promo set does have an exclusive base set that features 49 regular cards and 12 Rookie Memorabilia cards, which are numbered to 99. Some of the non-memorabilia rookies are numbered to 299. All four major sports are covered on the checklist.

Base cards, as well as a lot of the inserts, have different types of parallels. Cracked Ice have a reflective background that resemble a stone mosaic. Lava Flow cards have a wavy background. Progression Proofs are single-color cards. Proofs for memorabilia cards do not have the swatch.

Panini Collection is a basic insert set that uses strong photography as a focal point. Besides superstars from baseball, basketball, football and hockey, the checklist includes DJ Kool, who has appeared at Panini VIP parties at the 2013 National and the 2013 Toronto Fall Expo.

He isn't the only hip hop star in the promo product. Legendary rappers Tupac, the Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dogg have HRX inserts. These have a QR code on the back that, when scanned, unlock video content.

One of the things that the Panini Black Friday program has done to distinguish itself in a short period of time is bring more unique pieces of memorabilia to the hobby forefront. One example of this is Happy Holidays. These festive relics have pieces of player-worn Santa hats embedded in them. While they may not pack the same prestige as a swatch of game-used jersey, they do make for some interesting -- and fluffy -- cards.

Falling under a similar category are Tools of the Trade. The majority of these pieces of colorful towels used by athletes at photo shoots.

Other memorabilia cards in 2013 Panini Black Friday include NBA Championship cards honoring the Miami Heat, Breast Cancer Awareness and Rookie Materials.

Promo packs also have randomly inserted autographs. A lot of these are parallels of existing sets. However, there are a couple of exceptions. Ink has on-card autographs from top 2013 NBA Draft Picks like Michael Carter-Williams, Anthony Bennett and Victor Oladipo. Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013 is a set of hard-signed cards from the latest Canton inductees.

An exclusive 2013-14 Select Hockey Red Prizm parallel is also included. These are numbered to 35 and not included in Select packs.

2013 Panini Black Friday packs are available at hobby shops who are part of the manufacturer's Roundtable program. They're designed as an incentive to drive sales with most shops giving out packs for in-store purchases. Collectors may notice two different pack colors. These differentiate packs that were given to shops for free, simply for being a qualifying shop. The other packs are ones given for ordering Panini product. All packs come from the same production run. According to Panini, one color doesn't offer better odds on rare cards over the other.

It should be noted that packs with memorabilia cards are noticeably thicker. This means that they cherry picking isn't hard. If you're buying 2013 Panini Black Friday packs online, it is important to be aware of this. Some sellers, but not all, do note thicker packs.

Price Point: Multi-Sport Promo Card
Target Audience: Set Builders, Promo Card Collectors

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Set Checklist

2013 Panini Black Friday Checklist

Base Set Checklist

49 cards. #32 does not exist.

PARALLEL CARDS: Lava Flow (150 or less), Cracked Ice (35 or less), Autographs (25 or less), Progression Proof (5 of each color)

No Cracked Ice, Lava Flow, or Progressions exist for #33-50.

1 Colin Kaepernick
2 Kobe Bryant
3 Sidney Crosby
4 Mike Trout
5 Tom Brady
6 Kevin Durant
7 Alex Ovechkin
8 Miguel Cabrera
9 Andrew Luck
10 Dwight Howard
11 Steven Stamkos
12 Chris Davis
13 Adrian Peterson
14 Blake Griffin
15 Patrick Kane
16 Paul Goldschmidt
17 Peyton Manning
18 Kevin Garnett
19 Tuukka Rask
20 Matt Harvey
21 Russell Wilson
22 Kyrie Irving
23 Max Scherzer
24 Aaron Rodgers
25 Anthony Davis
26 Yadier Molina
27 Eric Fisher
28 Luke Joeckel
29 C.J. McCollum
30 Tim Hardaway Jr.
31 Hyun-jin Ryu
33 Eddie Lacy #/299
34 Montee Ball #/299
35 Matt Barkley #/299
36 Manti Te'o #/299
37 Le'Veon Bell #/299
38 Cordarrelle Patterson #/299
39 Nerlens Noel #/299
40 Trey Burke #/299
41 Ben McLemore #/299
42 Yasiel Puig #/299
43 Evan Gattis #/299
44 Shelby Miller #/299
45 Wil Myers #/299
46 Jose Fernandez #/299
47 Jurickson Profar #/299
48 Nathan MacKinnon #/299
49 Giovani Bernard #/299
50 Seth Jones #/299
2013 Panini Black Friday Base Set Kobe Bryant

Rookie Memorabilia Checklist

12 cards. #/99.
PARALLEL CARDS: Lava Flow (150 or less),Cracked Ice (35 or less), Autographs  (25 or less), Progression Proof (5 of each color)

51 E.J. Manuel
52 Geno Smith
53 Tavon Austin
54 Nail Yakupov
55 Jonathan Huberdeau
56 Alex Galchenyuk
57 Anthony Bennett
58 Otto Porter
59 Victor Oladipo
60 Cody Zeller
61 Alex Len
62 Manny Machado

Black Friday Patch Autograph Checklist

AB Anthony Bennett
AG Alex Galchenyuk
AL Andrew Luck
BK Brian Kolfage
CJM C.J. McCollum
JH James Harden
JQ Jonathan Quick
KCP Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
KW Kendall Wright
RGIII Robert Griffin III
SM Shabazz Muhammad
TB Tim Brown
TB Trey Burke
VO Victor Oladipo

Breast Cancer Awareness Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Autographs (10 or less)

1 Cordarrelle Patterson
2 DeAndre Hopkins
3 Eddie Lacy
4 EJ Manuel
5 Geno Smith
6 Giovani Bernard
7 Le'Veon Bell
8 Manti Te'o
9 Marcus Lattimore
10 Matt Barkley
11 Montee Ball
12 Ryan Nassib
13 Robert Woods
14 Tyler Eifert
15 Tavon Austin
16 Denard Robinson
17 Chris Johnson
18 Sam Bradford SP
19 Greg Zuerlein SP
20 Ryan Tannehill SP

Breast Cancer Awareness Patch Autograph Checklist

AG Antonio Gates
AL Andrew Luck
BC Brandon Carr
BW Ben Watson
DM Doug Martin
RB Rex Burkhead
RT Ryan Tannehill
WR Willie Roaf

Happy Holidays Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Progression Proof (no memorabilia)

DR Denard Robinson
EJM EJ Manuel
EL Eddie Lacy
GE Gavin Escobar
GM Geno Smith
JP Jurickson Profar
MB Montee Ball
MT Manti Te'o
RGIII Robert Griffin III SP
TA Tavon Austin

HRX Checklist

Notorious B.I.G
Snoop Dogg

Inked Checklist

AB Anthony Bennett
AL Alex Len
BM Ben McClemore
CZ Cody Zeller
MCW Michael Carter-Williams
NN Nerlens Noel
OP Otto Porter
TB Trey Burke
TH Tim Hardaway Jr.
VO Victor Oladipo

Jumbo Material Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less)

AB Antonio Brown
AD Anthony Davis
JG Jimmy Graham
JW Jason Witten

NBA Championship Relic Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Autographs (10 or less), Progression Proof (no memorabilia)

1 LeBron James
2 Dwyane Wade
3 Chris Bosh
4 Shane Battier
5 Mario Chalmers
6 Ray Allen

Panini Collection Checklist

20 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Lava Flow (150 or less),Cracked Ice (35 or less), Autographs  (10 or less)

1 Tim Duncan
2 Yasiel Puig
3 Andrew McCutchen
4 Bryce Harper
5 Robinson Cano
6 Troy Tulowitzki
7 LeBron James
8 Kobe Bryant
9 Anthony Bennett
10 Damian Lillard
11 J.J. Watt
12 Wes Welker
13 Colin Kaepernick
14 Tim Tebow
15 Andrew Luck
16 Arian Foster
17 Robert Griffin III
18 Jonathan Toews
19 Nail Yakupov
20 DJ Kool
20 DJ Kool Autograph #/49

Panini VIP Rookies Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Lava Flow (150 or less),Cracked Ice (35 or less), Autographs  (25 or less)

1 Yasiel Puig
2 Manny Machado
3 Justin Hunter
4 Ryan Nassib
5 Marcus Lattimore
6 DeAndre Hopkins
7 Tyler Eifert
8 Anthony Bennett
9 Alex Galchenyuk
10 Jonathan Huberdeau

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Autographs Checklist

1 Warren Sapp
2 Cris Carter
3 Larry Allen
4 Jonathan Ogden
5 Bill Parcells
6 Curley Culp
7 Dave Robinson

Rookie Materials Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Autographs (10 or less), Progression Proof (no memorabilia)

BK1 Anthony Bennett
BK2 Michael Carter-Williams
BK3 Otto Porter
BK4 Trey Burke
BK5 Tim Hardaway Jr.
BK6 Nerlens Noel
BK7 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
NM Nathan MacKinnon

Rookie Materials Headbands Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Autographs (10 or less), Progression Proof (no memorabilia)

1 Anthony Bennett
2 Victor Oladipo
3 Nerlens Noel
4 Trey Burke
5 Ben McLemore
6 Otto Porter

Score Hot Rookies Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Lava Flow (150 or less),Cracked Ice (35 or less), Autographs  (10 or less)

1 Anthony Bennett
2 Trey Burke
3 Nerlens Noel
4 Michael Carter-Williams
5 Shabazz Muhammad
6 Cody Zeller
7 Victor Oladipo
8 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
9 Alex Len
10 Otto Porter

Super Bowl XLVII Memorabilia Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Autographs (10 or less), Progression Proof (no memorabilia)

SB-JF Joe Flacco MVP
SB1 Joe Flacco
SB2 Ray Rice
SB3 Anquan Boldin
SB4 Ed Reed
SB5 Haloti Ngata
SB6 Jacoby Jones
SB7 Torrey Smith
SB8 Bernard Pierce
SB9 Colin Kaepernick

Tools of the Trade Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (10 or less), Progression Proof (no memorabilia)

1 Anthony Bennett
2 Victor Oladipo
3 Alex Len
4 C.J. McCollum
5 Tim Hardaway Jr.
6 Trey Burke
KB Kobe Bryant

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. Anquan Boldin is also in the Super Bowl set, making it 8. I’m also guessing that Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs bump the total to 10 cards. Can’t have a SB set w/o Ray.

  2. I also got a Select hockey red prism #148 ( Brian Campbell ) in a pack. What does this mean? Did they insert these regular issue inserts amongst some packs?

  3. david henry They’re exclusive to Panini promo packs. Some appear to have also been included in Toronto Fall Expo packs as well.

  4. Pulled a Nassib cracked ice hat tag card. Didn’t see it listed. Any idea how rare?

  5. Add Andrew luck to the black Friday auto checklist saw one up on ebay

  6. In the Super Bowl XLVII Memorabilia Checklist Ed Reed is SB4 I got a cracked ice one of him.

  7. cody Thanks!

  8. cody are you looking to sell the ed reed?

  9. Anyone have any idea on the print run of black & white cards with blank backs from this set? Cannot seem to find any info on this.

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