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2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards

2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards

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The jumbo patch, the glass and the inscription -- 2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball focuses solely on this trifecta of premium-style autographs. The prospect-focused checklist includes top players like Kris Bryant, Jose Abreu, Mark Appel and Austin Meadows.

Every box of 2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball comes with five cards, all of which are signed. None of these signed cards are run-of-the-mill either. They use some form of enhancement to help set them apart from other sets.

Pure Autographs are done on a thick, clear, glass-like stock. This gives them a see-through look and helps make the on-card signatures pop. Inscription Autographs are also signed on-card. According to Leaf, many of these come with additional inscriptions and notes signed by the players. Patch Autographs are an upgrade from 2013 Leaf Trinity Football. Rather than simply have a piece of memorabilia, these come signed. Like the Pure and Inscription Autographs, Patch Autographs are hard signed. Patches come from player-worn jerseys.

All cards have multiple color-based parallels.

2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball is limited to 250 cases. Each holds ten boxes.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid- to High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Prospectors

2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Box Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 5 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Checklist

Inscription Autographs Checklist

DTI‐AB1 Archie Bradley
DTI‐AB2 Aaron Blair
DTI‐AG1 Alex Gonzalez
DTI‐AG3 Angelo Gumbs
DTI‐AJ1 Aaron Judge
DTI‐AM1 Austin Meadows
DTI‐BB1 Byron Buxton
DTI‐BMK Billy McKinney
DTI‐BS1 Braden Shipley
DTI‐CA1 Chris Anderson
DTI‐CB1 Chris Bostick
DTI‐CC1 Carlos Correa
DTI‐CF1 Clint Frazier
DTI‐CK1 Corey Knebel
DTI‐CM1 Colin Moran
DTI‐DJP D.J. Peterson
DTI‐DS1 Dominic Smith
DTI‐DT1 Domingo Tapia
DTI‐EJ1 Eloy Jimenez
DTI‐EJ2 Eric Jagielo
DTI‐ER1 Eduardo Rodriguez
DTI‐GK1 Gosuke Katoh
DTI‐GP1 Gregory Polanco
DTI‐HD1 Hunter Dozier
DTI‐HH1 Hunter Harvey
DTI‐HR1 Hunter Renfroe
DTI‐HU1 Henry Urrutia
DTI‐IC1 Ian Clarkin
DTI‐JA1 Jorge Alfaro
DTI‐JA2 Jose Abreu
DTI‐JC1 Jonathon Crawford
DTI‐JG1 Jonathan Gray
DTI‐JH1 Jacob Hannemann
DTI‐JH2 Jason Hursh
DTI‐JH3 Josh Hader
DTI‐JPC J.P. Crawford
DTI‐JS1 Jorge Soler
DTI‐KB1 Kris Bryant
DTI‐KC1 Kyle Crick
DTI‐KS1 Kohl Stewart
DTI‐MA1 Mark Appel
DTI‐MA2 Miguel Almonte
DTI‐MF1 Maikel Franco
DTI‐MG1 Marco Gonzales
DTI‐ML1 Michael Lorenzen
DTI‐MS1 Miguel Sano
DTI‐NC1 Nick Ciuffo
DTI‐NS1 Noah Syndergaard
DTI‐OM1 Oscar Mercado
DTI‐OT1 Oscar Taveras
DTI‐PE1 Phillip Ervin
DTI‐RDP Rafael de Paula
DTI‐RE1 Ryan Eades
DTI‐RK1 Rob Kaminsky
DTI‐RM1 Rafael Montero
DTI‐RMG Reese McGuire
DTI‐SM1 Sean Manaea
DTI‐TA1 Tim Anderson
DTI‐TB1 Trey Ball
DTI‐TD1 Travis Demeritte
DTI‐TG1 Tyler Glasnow
DTI‐TW1 Taijuan Walker
2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 1

Patch Autographs Checklist

Regular base versions have a print run of 60. SP notes confirmed short prints. We have also noted the print runs of short prints. SPs apply only to base versions.

DTP‐AB1 Aaron Blair
DTP‐AB2 Archie Bradley
DTP‐AG1 Alex Gonzalez
DTP‐AG2 Angelo Gumbs SP 28
DTP‐AJ1 Aaron Judge SP 30
DTP‐AM1 Austin Meadows
DTP‐BB1 Byron Buxton
DTP‐BMK Billy McKinney SP43
DTP‐BS1 Braden Shipley
DTP‐CA1 Chris Anderson SP 18
DTP‐CC1 Carlos Correa SP 36
DTP‐CF1 Clint Frazier SP 27
DTP‐CK1 Corey Knebel
DTP‐CM1 Colin Moran
DTP‐DJP D.J. Peterson
DTP‐DS1 Dominic Smith
DTP‐DT1 Domingo Tapia
DTP‐EJ1 Eric Jagielo SP 33
DTP‐ER1 Eduardo Rodriguez
DTP‐GP1 Gregory Polanco
DTP‐HD1 Hunter Dozier
DTP‐HH1 Hunter Harvey
DTP‐HR1 Hunter Renfroe
DTP‐HU1 Henry Urrutia
DTP‐IC1 Ian Clarkin SP 24
DTP‐JC1 Jonathon Crawford
DTP‐JG1 Jonathan Gray
DTP‐JH2 Jason Hursh
DTP‐JPC J.P. Crawford
DTP‐JS1 Jorge Soler SP 5
DTP‐KB1 Kris Bryant SP 4
DTP‐KC1 Kyle Crick
DTP‐KS1 Kohl Stewart
DTP‐MA1 Mark Appel SP 40
DTP‐MF1 Maikel Franco SP 44
DTP‐MG1 Marco Gonzales SP 17
DTP‐MS1 Miguel Sano
DTP‐NC1 Nick Ciuffo
DTP‐OM1 Oscar Mercado SP 21
DTP‐OT1 Oscar Taveras SP 29
DTP‐PE1 Phillip Ervin
DTP‐RK1 Rob Kaminsky SP 20
DTP‐RMG Reese McGuire
DTP‐SM1 Sean Manaea
DTP‐TA1 Tim Anderson SP 22
DTP‐TB1 Trey Ball
DTP‐TD1 Travis Demeritte
DTP‐TG1 Tyler Glasnow
DTP‐TW1 Taijuan Walker
2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 2

Pure Autographs Checklist

AB1 Aaron Blair
AB2 Archie Bradley
AG1 Alex Gonzalez
AJ1 Aaron Judge
AM1 Austin Meadows
BB1 Byron Buxton
BMK Billy McKinney
BS1 Braden Shipley
CA1 Chris Anderson
CC1 Carlos Correa
CF1 Clint Frazier
CM1 Colin Moran
DJP D.J. Peterson
DS1 Dominic Smith
DT1 Domingo Tapia
EJ1 Eric Jagielo
ER1 Eduardo Rodriguez
GK1 Gosuke Katoh
GP1 Gregory Polanco
HD1 Hunter Dozier
HH1 Hunter Harvey
HR1 Hunter Renfroe
HU1 Henry Urrutia
JC1 Jonathon Crawford
JG1 Jonathan Gray
JH1 Josh Hader
JPC J.P. Crawford
JS1 Jorge Soler
KB1 Kris Bryant
KS1 Kohl Stewart
MA1 Mark Appel
MA2 Miguel Almonte
MF1 Maikel Franco
MG1 Marco Gonzales
MS1 Miguel Sano
NC1 Nick Ciuffo
OM1 Oscar Mercado
OT1 Oscar Taveras
PE1 Phillip Ervin
RDP Rafael de Paula
RK1 Rob Kaminsky
RM1 Rafael Montero
RMG Reese McGuire
SM Sean Manaea
TA1 Tim Anderson
TB1 Trey Ball
TG1 Tyler Glasnow
TW Taijuan Walker
2013 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 3

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