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2013 Leaf Trinity Football Cards

2013 Leaf Trinity Football Cards

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2013 Leaf Trinity Football has only three types of cards, but it's doubtful many collectors will complain -- at least those who chase the high-end hits. Six-card boxes deliver a mix of inscribed autographs, jumbo patches and glass autographs. The prospect set includes key names from the 2013 NFL Draft.

Pure Signatures are done on glass cards. All are signed directly on the card, which have a thick, glass-like surface. There are several color-based parallels numbered as low as one-of-one.

Longer autographs come in the form of Inscriptions. Also hard-signed, the players' signatures are joined by a short note. Like the Pure Signatures cards, Inscriptions come with multiple parallels.

Jumbo Player-Worn Patches all have large memorabilia swatches. The patch pieces come from player-worn jerseys. These also have parallels.

Of the six cards per 2013 Leaf Trinity Football box, at least four are autographs.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Football Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors, Patch Card Collectors, Inscribed Autograph Collectors

2013 Leaf Trinity Football Box Break

  • 4 Autographs
  • 2 Total Jumbo Patch or Additional Autograph Cards
  • 6 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

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Set Checklist

2013 Leaf Trinity Football Checklist

Inscriptions Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/60, Silver #/25, Gold #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1

DI-AE1 Andre Ellington
DI-AM2 Aaron Mellette
DI-AO1 Alex Okafor
DI-BM1 Barkevious Mingo
DI-BS1 Brad Sorensen
DI-BW1 Bjoern Werner
DI-CH1 Cobi Hamilton
DI-CK1 Collin Klein
DI-CM1 Christine Michael
DI-CP2 Cordarrelle Patterson
DI-CV1 Conner Vernon
DI-CW1 Cierre Wood
DI-DA1 David Amerson
DI-DAH DeAndre Hopkins
DI-DM1 Dee Milliner
DI-DR1 Denard Robinson
DI-DRR Da'Rick Rogers
DI-DS1 Dion Sims
DI-EJM E.J. Manuel
DI-EL1 Eddie Lacy
DI-ER1 Eric Reid
DI-GB1 Giovani Bernard
DI-GS1 Geno Smith
DI-JB2 Josh Boyce
DI-JF1 Joseph Fauria
DI-JF2 Johnathan Franklin
DI-JH1 Justin Hunter
DI-JH2 Johnathan Hankins
DI-JJ4 Jarvis Jones
DI-JR1 Joseph Randle
DI-JR2 Jordan Reed
DI-JS1 Jake Stone Burner
DI-JW2 Jesse Williams
DI-KB1 Kenjon Barner
DI-KS1 Kawann Short
DI-KS2 Kenny Stills
DI-LJ1 Landry Jones
DI-LT2 Levine Toilolo
DI-LVB Le'Veon Bell
DI-MB1 Matt Barkley
DI-MD1 Marcus Davis
DI-MG1 Mike Gillislee
DI-MG2 Mike Glennon
DI-MG3 Marquise Goodwin
DI-ML1 Marcus Lattimore
DI-MM1 Miguel Maysonet
DI-MT1 Manti Te'o
DI-MW2 Michael Williams
DI-QP1 Quinton Patton
DI-RB1 Rex Burkhead
DI-RG1 Ray Graham
DI-RN1 Ryan Nassib
DI-RS2 Rodney Smith
DI-RS3 Ryan Swope
DI-RW1 Robert Woods
DI-SF1 Sharrif Floyd
DI-ST1 Stepfan Taylor
DI-TA1 Tavon Austin
DI-TB1 Tyler Bray
DI-TE1 Tyler Eifert
DI-TJ1 Tony Jefferson
DI-TJM T.J. McDonald
DI-TW1 Tyler Wilson
DI-TW2 Terrance Williams
DI-ZD1 Zac Dysert
DI-ZL1 Zach Line

Patch Card Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/60, Silver #/25, Gold #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1

DP-AE1 Andre Ellington
DP-AM2 Aaron Mellette
DP-AO1 Alex Okafor
DP-BM1 Barkevious Mingo
DP-CH1 Cobi Hamilton
DP-CK1 Collin Klein
DP-CM1 Christine Michael
DP-CP2 Cordarrelle Patterson
DP-CV1 Conner Vernon
DP-CW2 Cierre Wood
DP-DAH DeAndre Hopkins
DP-DM1 Dee Milliner
DP-DR1 Denard Robinson
DP-DS1 Dion Sims
DP-EJM E.J. Manuel
DP-EL1 Eddie Lacy
DP-GB1 Giovani Bernard
DP-JB2 Josh Boyce
DP-JF1 Joseph Fauria
DP-JF2 Johnathan Franklin
DP-JH2 Johnathan Hankins
DP-JJ4 Jarvis Jones
DP-JR1 Joseph Randle
DP-JS1 Jake Stoneburner
DP-JW2 Jesse Williams
DP-KA1 Keenan Allen
DP-KS1 Kawann Short
DP-KS2 Kenny Stills
DP-LJ1 Landry Jones
DP-LT2 Levine Toilolo
DP-LVB Le'Veon Bell
DP-MB2 Montee Ball
DP-MD1 Marcus Davis
DP-MG1 Mike Gillislee
DP-MG2 Mike Glennon
DP-MG3 Marquise Goodwin
DP-ML1 Marcus Lattimore
DP-MW2 Michael Williams
DP-QP1 Quinton Patton
DP-RB1 Rex Burkhead
DP-RN1 Ryan Nassib
DP-RS2 Rodney Smith
DP-RS3 Ryan Swope
DP-RW1 Robert Woods
DP-SF1 Sharriff Floyd
DP-SL1 Star Lotulelei
DP-ST1 Stepfan Taylor
DP-TB1 Tyler Bray
DP-TJ1 Tony Jefferson
DP-TJM T.J. McDonald
DP-TM1 Tyrann Mathieu
DP-ZD1 Zac Dysert
DP-ZL1 Zach Line

Pure Autographs Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Charcoal #/55 or less, Blue #/25 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1

P-AE1 Andre Ellington
P-AM2 Aaron Mellette
P-AO1 Alex Okafor
P-BM1 Barkevious Mingo
P-BS1 Brad Sorensen
P-BW1 Bjoern Werner
P-CH1 Cobi Hamilton
P-CK1 Collin Klein
P-CM1 Christine Michael
P-CP2 Cordarrelle Patterson
P-CV1 Conner Vernon
P-CW2 Cierre Wood
P-DAH DeAndre Hopkins
P-DM1 Dee Milliner
P-DR1 Denard Robinson
P-DRR Da'Rick Rogers
P-EJM E.J. Manuel
P-EL1 Eddie Lacy
P-ER1 Eric Reid
P-GS1 Geno Smith
P-JF1 Joseph Fauria
P-JF2 Johnathan Franklin
P-JH1 Justin Hunter
P-JJ4 Jarvis Jones
P-JR1 Joseph Randle
P-JR2 Jordan Reed
P-KA1 Keenan Allen
P-KB1 Kenjon Barner
P-LJ1 Landry Jones
P-LVB Le'Veon Bell
P-MB1 Matt Barkley
P-MB2 Monte Ball
P-MG2 Mike Glennon
P-MG3 Marquise Goodwin
P-ML1 Marcus Lattimore
P-MM1 Miguel Maysonet
P-MT1 Manti Te'o
P-RB1 Rex Burkhead
P-RN1 Ryan Nassib
P-RS3 Ryan Swope
P-RW1 Robert Woods
P-ST1 Stepfan Taylor
P-TA1 Tavon Austin
P-TB1 Tyler Bray
P-TE1 Tyler Eifert
P-TM1 Tyrann Mathieu
P-TW1 Tyler Wilson
P-TW2 Terrance Williams

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


Okay, so I just gave it four stars because 1…My redemption actually came back…A lot faster than I actually expected. I think it was about 2 weeks.

But, no2….
My montee ball came back as numbered 2/2-SOOOOOOO happy. Was kind of what I was suspecting though as there were NONE on ebay at the time that I bought the redemption.

Although to be honest the cards were not quite as attractive as I expected. This one is probably going to the bay.


all the Justin Hunters are redemptions – really annoyong – there is no reason to even have redemption cards – wastes time and money


Went to redeem the card……Didn’t say it was base or short print…But, the pic didn’t have any numbering on it. So dissapointed but the one I redeemed seems to be a base auto. Will clarify when it actually comes in the mail


bought a couple of the jersey cards – anyone know what point size the top loaders are for these ? didnt know where to ask this question —


Very nice box. I am also wondering about the redemption pure cards, as far as short print or base


got a glass redemption card….Anyone know if these are for base or the short printed ones. It doesn’t state anything on the card itself


Extremely impressive cards, despite the lack of NFL or NCAA licenses. The Jumbo patches are huge and though I am not a jersey expert as michael from June 23 apparently is, the ones I have seen really are sweet. From the two boxes I have opened so far I got two 1/1 jumbo patch cards plus a 1/1 inscriptions auto printing plate. Additionally, I got two Pure Glass autos numbered /22 or less. The Pure Glass auto cards are well designed, thick (135 pt.?), clear like glass, hand-numbered and I just really like them. The Inscription cards in this set are very nice as well. In my opinion a similar, but much-improved design compared to the Leaf Inscriptions set from last year.


patches are from cheap replica jerseys – every thing screened on.


While the draft class is not that of 2012, these cards are pretty slick. All cards come in cases, which is cool and the large patch cards are sick. All the cards I got were numbered to 60 or less including a Manti Te’o autograph to 8. $82 for the box was well worth it. Kudos Leaf. Cards: Teo Pure Glass 2/8, Eric Reid Inscription Auto 01/10, Joseph Randle patch 13/60, jake Stoneburner patch 08/25, Giovani Bernard inscription auto 14/60 & Ryan Nassib inscription auto 16/60


Great product just a little lit because of the draft class.


Cards on ebay today — is there a checklist yet ?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Hopefully in the next couple of days we’ll have one.


Sounds like another — for the idle rich collector only type card

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