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2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards

2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards

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2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 marks a different approach from the card maker to cover the show's third season. This is the first of two sets that tell the wide scope of season three. Each will focus on different aspects. Set 1 looks at life at the prison. Set 2 switches over to Woodbury. Cryptozoic explains the change in detail here.

Much like the show, 2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 is largely character-driven. All 72 base cards take images direct from the show. The base set has four parallels done on metal: Standard (four sets), Silver (four sets), Gold (three sets) and Red (one-of-one). Metal parallels combine to land 1:288 packs.

Every box has an Autograph and Wardrobe Card featuring a piece of a show-worn costume. Autographed Wardrobe Cards are inserted 1:144 packs. These take the place of regular autographs. Wardrobe cards have a new style for the third season, which has the swatch window cut in the shape of the number '3.' A handful of costumes from the second season are also included. These use the Season 2 design.

Other rare hits include sketch cards (1:288 packs) and Prop Cards (1:769 packs) that have shell casings in the key prison attack.

2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 hobby boxes have two basic inserts. The Prison (1:12 packs) cards are foil stamped. The Grimes Family (1:12 packs) uses a shadowbox design.

Hobby boxes also have 25 redemption cards randomly inserted. These are good for an over-sized Dual Wardrobe Autographed card. It has autographs from both Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus signed on pieces of Walker costumes.

Retail packs have much longer odds on autographs, but they also have and exclusive Walker insert set.

Sold separately, a binder comes with an exclusive Prisoner Wardrobe card.

2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 and Part 2 are expected to release within a few months of each other.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Walking Dead Fans, Autograph Collectors, TV Memorabilia Collectors, Set Builders

2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Costume Card
  • 4 Basic Inserts
  • 120 Total Cards
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2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

72 cards. Shop for base sets on eBay.

METAL PARALLEL CARDS (1:288 packs): Standard (4 sets), Silver (4 sets), Gold (3 sets), Red (1/1)

1 Leading the Way
2 On the Run
3 Scavengers of the Dead
4 Unbroken Spirit
5 Hunting
6 The Perfect Place
7 Breaking into Prison
8 Growing Up
9 Cover Fire
10 The Gauntlet
11 Fighting for New Life
12 A Mother's Worry
13 Prison Camp
14 Back to Back
15 Surrounded
16 Not Over Yet
17 Spoils
18 Jail Break-In
19 As Quiet as the Dead
20 An Overdue Rest
21 Emergency Surgery
22 Standoff
23 Loose Ends
24 Not a Moment to Spare
25 A Fatal Wound
26 A Hero's Death
27 One Life for Another
28 Life and Death
29 A New Member
30 A Curious Discovery
31 Returned from the Dead
32 Present for Judith
33 Crossing Paths
34 Too Late
35 Newcomer
36 Having to Decide
37 Making the Decision
38 Trapped
39 Close Shave
40 Force Fed
41 Rescue Mission
42 Broken but Together
43 Getting Out
44 No One Gets Left Behind
45 Brother's Again
46 A Quick Plan
47 Enemies at the Gate
48 Who to Trust?
49 Parting Ways
50 Not Clear
51 Quick Draw
52 From the Past
53 Needed Supplies
54 He Saved Me
55 Just Around the Corner
56 Get In and Get Out
57 Watching Your Back
58 Building Trust
59 And So They Meet
60 Uncompromising
61 The Devil's Deal
62 Not Who We Are
63 Proposal
64 Our Love
65 Tucked Away
66 Thank You
67 Attack on the Prison
68 Organized Assault
69 Carl's Choice
70 In Cold Blood
71 Rick’s Hope
72 Checklist
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 1

Autographs Checklist

2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 2

Autographed Wardrobe Card Checklist

Inserted 1:144 packs. Replace regular autograph in a box.
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 3

Grimes Family Shadowbox Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

GF-01 Lost Youth
GF-02 Growing Concerns
GF-03 Tangled Heart
GF-04 Valued Member
GF-05 Holding On
GF-06 Goodbye
GF-07 I Still Love You
GF-08 Doubt
GF-09 Growing Rift
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 4

The Prison Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

TP-01 The Prison of the Dead
TP-02 Walls of Chain
TP-03 A Narrow Path
TP-04 Vantage Point
TP-05 A Tomb
TP-06 Double Edged
TP-07 A Darkness Within
TP-08 Dead at the Doors
TP-09 The Best Defense
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 5

Prop Cards Checklist

Inserted 1:769 packs.

SC-o1 Shell Casings
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 6

Sketch Cards Checklist

Inserted 1:288 packs. The following is a list of artists contributing to the set.

Ashleigh Popplewell
Bill Pulkovski
Bob Stevlic
Brad Utterstrom
Brian Kong
Brian S. Canio
Chris Hoffman
Chris Meeks
Clay Sayre
Dan Bergren
Dan Gorman
Danny Silva
François Chartier
Gabby Untermayerova
Gavin Hunt
Ingrid Hardy
Fer Galicia
J.D. Seeber
Jader Correa
Jason Potratz and Jack Hai
Joe Corroney
John Haun
Ken Gordon
Lee Lightfoot
M. Jason Reed
Marcia Dye
Matias Streb
Matt Hansen
Mikey Babinski
Mick and Matt Glebe
Patricia Ross
Plinio M. Pinto
Richard Salvucci
Robert Hendrickson
Sam Hogg
Scott Blair
Scott Houseman
Sean Pence
Seth Ismart
Stephanie Swanger
Ted Dastick Jr.
Tim Proctor
Vince Sunico
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 7

Walkers Checklist

Exclusive to retail packs.

Wardrobe Cards Checklist

Inserted 1:24 packs. M28 exclusive to binder. M29-WG exclusive to Walgreen's blister packs. M30-HT exclusive to Hot Topic packs.

M1 Daryl
M2 Lori
M3 Maggie
M4 Carol
M5 Beth
M6 Rick
M7 Hershel
M8 T-Dog
M9 Glenn
M10 Carl
M11 Maggie
M12 Carol
M13 Axel
M14 Prisoners' Shoes
M15 Lori
M16 Oscar
M17 Carl
M18 Carol
M19 Glenn
M20 Maggie
M21 Carl
M22 Lori
M23 Carol
M24 Beth
M25 T-Dog
M26 Lori
M27 Maggie
M28 Prisoners' Shirts
M29-WG Walker Wardrobe
M30-HT Walker Wardrobe
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 8

Season 2 Wardrobe Cards Checklist

Combined with Season 3 Wardrobe cards to be inserted 1:24 packs.

M34 Carl
M35 Maggie
M36 Glen
M37 Carol
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 9

Over-Sized Dual Wardrobe Autograph Checklist

Available via redemption. 25 produced. Features autographs from Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, who both signed on swatches of Walker wardrobe.
2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Trading Cards 10

Promo Card Checklist

P1 Non-Sport Update

Product Review

2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 Product Review

Reviewed by Ryan Cracknell

Good: Excellent checklist, best design yet for franchise, several new elements.

Bad: Season Two Wardrobe cards may frustrate some who went deep with last season’s set, Family Portrait inserts don’t work as shadow box cards.

The Bottom Line: Cryptozoic continues to set a high bar with their Walking Dead TV line. In a lot of ways, it has become the benchmark for the entertainment side of the hobby. And while it would have been easy to stick strictly with worked in the past, they’ve added several new elements. Perhaps the biggest problem isn’t for this set, but what collectors will expect from Cryptozoic in their other releases going forward.

Staff Rating:
4.6 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.7/5.0

All three Walking Dead TV sets so far have looked good. That said, as I look back on Season 1, it doesn’t hold up quite as well as I originally thought. Part of that is how strong this set is in almost every regard in the design department. The base set centers on dramatic images. Like previous sets, it doesn’t limit itself to horizontal images. Many are cropped vertically to focus even further on the action at hand. It’s also nice to see that the Walkers have a bigger role in the base set than in the past.

The dark look of the Autographs is fantastic. It captures both the character as well as the grim feel of the show. It’s like the actors are trapped in a grave.

Wardrobe cards have a bit of a change in how they’re presented. Swatch windows are cut in the shape of a “3.” For sports collectors, die-cut windows are nothing new, but they’re fresh here. Personally, I’m not a fan of this particular choice of window, but the concept is worth revisiting.

As far as basic inserts go, both The Prison and Grimes Family Portrait look solid. The use of barbed wire foil accents to showcase the central locale of season 3 is a creative use of a sometimes overused card technology. The Family Portrait cards are marketed as having a shadow box style. This is somewhat misleading and was one of my few disappointments heading in. It’s not that they look bad, they’re just not what I imagine a shadow box card to be. They’re a picture in a frame, not a layered shadow box.

Checklist: 5.0/5.0

Big star autographs? Check. Extensive wardrobe pieces? Check, plus a couple of props. High-end sketch cards? Check. These are the major elements that made the Seasons 1 and 2 sets huge, both with collectors and on the secondary market. Season 3 Part 1 sticks with the same pattern, but then adds prop card and a few limited edition Metal parallels that make it even bigger.

Centering on the prison, not all the biggest stars of the season are present. They’re coming in Set 2. But you’ve still got virtually every major character from this side of the show signing. Cryptozoic has done a remarkable job with the Walking Dead license to secure multiple major autographs for every set. Often the big names are the exception in a box. Here, a main character is the norm, which is something few sets can say.

My one qualm with the checklist is the addition of Season 2 Wardrobe cards. These might have been better saved for a future release that might not be connected to a specific season. For those who thought they were done with Season 2, it adds something many will feel obligated to chase but might not want to.

Value: 4.0/5.0

In addition to a killer checklist, Cryptozoic has added some nice little touches to help justify (and fuel) the high secondary market prices boxes carry out of the gate. It’s rare that an autograph checklist cover much of the main cast. While most of the key signers have signed before, there are some notable additions that add some freshness. Also, the new design and Autographed Wardrobe cards help things from getting stale. Metal parallel case hits and Prop Cards, both late additions, are icing.

The toughest thing is the prices, which the market has dictated.

The Fun Factor: 4.5/5.0

From top to bottom, this is a great set. Busting a box, even at the $100 level, it’s tough to feel truly skunked. Sure, some boxes are going to be better than others, but the high prices are justified with the mix of compelling content that hits in every area it set out to.

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For more coverage of 2014 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1, check out the following:

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


Thanks Ryan. Do you have an idea if it’ll be released this year?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Steph It has been their biggest license so I suspect it will at some point.


Hi Ryan. Do you know when the 4th season of cards will be released?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Steph Nothing has been announced yet.


Hello,I have a question for you! With the autographed wardrobe cards,is the piece of the costume on the card something that the featured actor on the card wore on set or is it random pieces of costumes that could be from anyone on the set,including walkers?I am curious because on just the wardrobe cards it specifies that the piece of wardrobe was used by the actor featured on the card but the signed wardrobe cards do not specify that detail and just say that it was a piece of wardrobe on set. I realize this is an older thread but i am very curious about the card i have. I hope someone will be able to answer :)

Frank Gardner
Frank Gardner

I recently pulled what i thought was a Michonne Red metal card #1/1. But i was told that it was not red and it was a regular metal #/4 Can you help Thanks Love your site


Have some cards that we’re never signed. How do I find out who the artist was

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

David Your best bet is to contact Cryptozoic.

Bryan Shaffer
Bryan Shaffer

Your season 2 wardrobes are wrong. M34 is Carl, M35 is Maggie, M36 is Glen, and M37 is Carol

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Bryan Shaffer Thanks for the heads up! Hope your breaks go well!


this is how an auto checklist should look like with all the stars from the show unlike breaking bad


@ryan cracknell. $150 is for one box.

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Correct – now it is $150 but at some point a seller had a lot. These are ads that post the best price currently listed on eBay. They change. It just so happens that at this particular moment there are very few listed (likely in part because a firm release date hasn’t been announced).


The price is 49.99 per box not 150.00 dollars.

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

luis The price currently showing is for a lot of 3 boxes. It updates automatically as new boxes are listed.

Matt Loving
Matt Loving

I just noticed today that they have a few names for both sets that are scheduled for those sets. I’m sure they will add more as the release comes closer but in the set one release the only new signer scheduled is “Oscar” and has A.Lincoln, Carol, Maggie, and Glen too but the second set has “Melton, Martinez, Karen, Sasha and one other character as well along with A.Lincoln. Check out cryptozoics website to see the preview list


There are no mention of any chase cards?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

gdkool There probably will be some aside from the autographs, costume cards and sketches, but Cryptozoic hasn’t announced any yet.


Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

christine No but as they become available this page will have links to boxes offered on eBay — even sorted by price so you can look for the best deal. I don’t believe the set has been solicited to dealers yet, just early details announced.

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