Complete Guide to the Top 2013-14 NBA Rookies

Complete Guide to the Top 2013-14 NBA Rookies

Just like the 2013 NFL rookie class, the 2013-14 NBA rookie class suffers from an apparent lack of big-name talent. This is magnified as the anticipation builds for a strong group of rookies on the horizon. Already being hailed as the top NBA draft since 2003, the 2014-15 NBA Draft class is shaping up to include a powerhouse group of players, including Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, Dante Exum, Aaron Gordon, and many others. While the upcoming rookie class might get more attention, the current group of rookies presents quite a few appealing players for collectors to pursue in the meantime.

The following list includes the top players from the 2013-14 NBA rookie crop. Are there any other rookies from the 2013 NBA Draft that you are collecting? Mention them in the comments below.

Top 2013-14 NBA Rookies

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1. Michael Carter-Willams - Philadelphia 76ers, PG

2013 Draft: 11th Overall
College: Syracuse

The 2014 Rookie of the year and collecting favorite this rookie class, Michael Carter-Williams came into the league on day one, ready to play. The lanky point guard dropped 26 points, 10 assists and nine steals in a win against the Miami Heat and has looked strong most of the year. He led all rookies in points, rebounds, assists and steals per game. The only thing to keep an eye on is his recurring battle with injuries.

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2. Victor Oladipo - Orlando Magic, SG

2013 Draft: 2nd Overall
College: Indiana

Arguably the most-hyped rookie heading into the season, Victor Oladipo has not disappointed and his cards are among the most popular in the league. He even went head-to-head with MCW in a game on December 3rd, and both players recorded a triple-double in the double overtime game, the first time this has happened in NBA history. While Carter-Williams was the ROY, Oladipo was not too far behind.

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3. Trey Burke - Utah Jazz, PG

2013 Draft: 9th Overall
College: Michigan

A big name from his NCAA Tournament play, Trey Burke struggled in the NBA summer league and suffered a finger injury just before the season started. This delay kept his card values in check. He finally made his debut about a month into the season and has shown considerable progress and is already a main feature in the Jazz's lineup.

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4. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Milwaukee Bucks, SG/SF

2013 Draft: 15th Overall
College: Kansas

With a name like Giannis Antetokounmpo, it is no surprise that fans quickly embraced his nickname, "The Greek Freak." If you want to know how to properly say his name, let Antetokounmpo be your guide. In reality, Giannis Antetokounmpo was supposed to be a guy to watch in the future. He is incredibly raw and was not expected to get many minutes. Well, the Milwaukee Bucks are bad. Really bad. And although his play has not been inconsistent, Antetokounmpo has already shown enough to indicate that he could be the top player from this draft class in a few years.

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5. Nerlens Noel - Philadelphia 76ers, C

2013 Draft: 6th Overall
College: Kentucky

Widely considered the first overall pick for much of the 2012-13 college year, Nerlens Noel slipped to New Orleans because of an ACL tear, and was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Jrue Holiday. Although he missed his entire rookie season, Noel should be at 100% for the 2014-15 season.

6. Tim Hardaway Jr. - New York Knicks, SG

2013 Draft: 24th Overall
College: Michigan

When you share a name and genetic material with a five-time NBA All-Star, people are going to take notice. Much bigger than his father, Tim Hardaway Jr. has multiple qualities that contribute to his cardboard success. The family name recognition, big-market team, and college success with Michigan, combine to boost his rookie card stock. Although he is coming off the bench for the Knicks, he his making the most of his minutes and looks to be a steal based on his draft spot.

7. Ben McLemore - Sacramento Kings, SG

2013 Draft: 7th Overall
College: Kansas

Arguably the best overall athlete from the class, Ben McLemore has not had the immediate success that many expected. Part of this is due to McLemore not adapting as quickly to the league and part of that is more limited minutes than other top names on the list. Collectors will be forced to remain patient with McLemore and hope he continues to build his game and add to his minutes.

8. C.J. McCollum - Portland Trail Blazers, PG/SG

2013 Draft: 10th Overall
College: Lehigh

Another player with an injury to start the year, C.J. McCollum broke a bone in his foot before the season began. McCollum was expected to offer early production and looked strong in the summer league before the injury. Now healthy and back with the team, he has struggled to find consistent minutes and it might be some time before collectors can get a good idea of what he can offer longterm.

9. Anthony Bennett - Cleveland Cavaliers, SF

2013 Draft: 1st Overall
College: UNLV

Although he is not a true number one talent, Anthony Bennett is finally showing some ability and confidence. His career started off very poorly, making only one field goal in his first six games, and playing in 31 games before recording a double-digit point total. He followed that by recording four double-digit point totals in eight games. As the number one overall pick, Bennett will receive increased criticism, but will still remain a well-known name to collectors.

10. Steven Adams - Oklahoma City Thunder, C

2013 Draft: 12th Overall
College: Pittsburgh

Most teams that are as good as the OKC Thunder don't get a lottery draft pick. But due to the trade that sent James Harden to Houston, Oklahoma City ended up with the Toronto Raptor's draft pick. They  made good use of this fortunate circumstance, and grabbed Steven Adams, a big man from New Zealand. He is still trying to work his way into the rotation, but collectors have shown interest in the seven-footer.

Other Notable 2013-14 NBA Rookies

While they may not fall in the top ten, the following players are still notable for being high draft picks, collecting sleepers, or fan favorites.

Otto Porter - Washington Wizards, SF

2013 Draft: 3rd Overall
College: Georgetown

Cody Zeller - Charlotte Bobcats, PF/C

2013 Draft: 4th Overall
College: Indiana

Alex Len - Phoenix Suns, C

2013 Draft: 5th Overall
College: Maryland

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Detroit Pistons, SG

2013 Draft: 8th Overall
College: Georgia

Kelly Olynyk - Boston Celtics, PF/C

2013 Draft: 13th Overall
College: Gonzaga

Dennis Schroeder - Atlanta Hawks, PG

2013 Draft: 17th Overall
Former Team: Phantoms Braunscheig (Germany)

Shane Larkin - Dallas Mavericks, PG

2013 Draft: 18th Overall
College: Miami

Tony Snell - Chicago Bulls, SF

2013 Draft - 20th Overall
College: New Mexico

Mason Plumlee - Brooklyn Nets, C

2013 Draft: 22nd Overall
College: Duke

Archie Goodwin - Phoenix
Suns, SG

2013 Draft: 29th Overall
College: Kentucky

Nate Wolters - Milwaukee Bucks, PG

2013 Draft: 38th Overall (2nd Round)
College: South Dakota State

Ryan Kelly - Los Angeles Lakers, C

2013 Draft: 48th Overall (2nd Round)
College: Duke

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