2012 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 2 Wardrobe Costume Card Guide

2012 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 2 Wardrobe Costume Card Guide

Most of us don't have the chance to buy costumes used on our favorite shows and movies. That's a big part of the appeal of costume cards. They offer small swatches at much more affordable prices. 2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Wardrobe cards include costumes from all of the hit show's key characters plus some of the trademark zombies.

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The cards fall two per hobby box. A set is attainable but a big challenge. The 2012 Walking Dead Season 2 checklist has 32 basic Wardrobe cards, another that's exclusive to the binder and three dual costume cards.

Some of the cards are more plentiful than others. Those going after the set will have no trouble tracking down the Walker Horde cards, numbers 28 to 32. On the other end of the spectrum, collectors can also be on the lookout for tougher variant versions that might have graphics from a shirt, unique seams or distinct cuts -- kind of like patch cards found in sports products. For example, while most of the Sophia T-shirt cards are plain blue, a small number have swatches from the rainbow on the shirt's front.

Here's a look at the entire set of Wardrobe cards. You can click on the card names to shop for singles on eBay.

2012 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 2 Wardrobe Card Visual Checklist

M1 Rick Grimes Sheriff Uniform White Tee

2012 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 2 Wardrobe Costume Cards M1 Rick Grimes Sheriff Uniform White Tee

M2 T-Dog Cargo Pants

M3 Shane Walsh Dark Blue Jacket

M4 Carl Grimes Orange Jacket

M5 Andrea Blue Hoodie

M6 Glenn Brown Shirt

M7 Lori Grimes Cream T-Shirt

M8 Dale Horvath White Tank

M9 Sophia as a Human Blue Rainbow Shirt

M10 Maggie Greene Green Tank

M11 Shane Walsh Blue Shirt

M12 Andrea Striped Top

M13 Carol Peletier Black Floral Top

M14 Hershel Greene Beige Shirt

M15 Glenn Blue Shirt

M16 Rick Grimes Dark Green Shirt

M17 Lori Grimes Plaid Shirt

M18 Carl Grimes Striped Hoodie

M19 Andrea Cargo Pants

M20 Sophia as a Walker Khaki Cargo Pants

M21 Carol Grey Pants

M22 Hershel Greene Blue Pinstripe Shirt

M23 Maggie Greene Purple Top

M24 Dale Horvath Hawaiian Shirt

M25 T-Dog Red Dirt Shirt

M26 Andrea Striped Top

M27 Daryl Dixon Olive Green Jeans

M28 Walker Horde

M29 Walker Horde

M30 Walker Horde

M31 Walker Horde

M32 Walker Horde

M33 Bus Walker Blue Uniform - Exclusive to Binder

DM01 Rick Grimes Dark Green Shirt, Sophia Peletier Khaki Cargo Pants

DM02 Hershel Greene Beige Shirt, Maggie Greene Green Tank

DM03 Lori Grimes Plaid Shirt, Shane Walsh Blue Shirt

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