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2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards

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Set Checklist

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

80 cards.

01 The Walking Dead
02 On the Road
03 Memory Lane
04 Traffic Jam
05 Price of Supplies
06 A Brief Reprieve
07 Always Vigilant
08 Gassing Up
09 Just Like That
10 Get Down!
11 On Their Own
12 Quick Thinking
13 Not Safe Yet
14 Frightened and Alone
15 A Tough Choice
16 Gotta Know
17 Guilt
18 Searching for Sophia
19 Opted Out
20 Church Bells
21 Faith
22 Pure Joy
23 Save My Son
24 Solace from a Friend
25 A Beautiful Place
26 Saving Carl
27 Overrun
28 A Desperate Escape
29 Erasing the Guilt
30 White Lie
31 Necessities
32 Down a Well
33 Cherokee Rose
34 Up and Out
35 Alone at Last
36 Coming Clean
37 A Gift from Dale
38 A Clue
39 Walker!
40 A Safe Return
41 He's Wearing Ears
42 Roll in the Hay
43 Target Practice
44 Focus
45 What Kind of a Future?
46 Andrea Steps Up
47 Desperation
48 This Is Home
49 Seeing Red
50 Fury
51 The Search Ends
52 A Mother’s Cry
53 Mourning
54 We Bury the Ones We Love...
55 ...And Burn the Rest
56 Quick Draw
57 Saves on Ammo
58 Drop Point
59 Maggie's Schoolmate
60 Masking His Scent
61 A Second Chance
62 Judge and Jury
63 Terror in the Night
64 Tragic End
65 Honoring Dale
66 Patrol
67 Carl's Guilt
68 Point of View
69 Man-to-Man
70 Tracking Down the Truth
71 Showdown
72 Back from the Dead
73 First Kill
74 Roaming Death
75 Scattered
76 Out of Gas
77 A Need for Hope
78 Infected
79 Confessions
80 Checklist
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 1

Autographs Checklist

A1 Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
A2 Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
A3 Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale
A4 Steven Yeun as Glenn
A5 Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
A6 Melissa Suzanne McBride as Carol
A7 Madison Lintz as Sophia
A8 Madison Lintz as Walker Sophia
A9 Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
A10 Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
A11 IronE Singleton as T-Dog
A12 Greg Nicotero - Executive Producer
A13 Laurie Holden as Andrea
A14 Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 2

Autographs - Season 1 Set Checklist

Two cards fill in the gap from the Season 1 set.

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 3

Character Bio Cards Set Checklist

9 cards.

CB01 Rick Grimes
CB02 Lori Grimes
CB03 Shane Walsh
CB04 Carl Grimes
CB05 Glenn
CB06 Andrea
CB07 Daryl Dixon
CB08 Dale Horvath
CB09 Carol
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 4

Foil Puzzle Set Checklist

9 cards.


Sketch Card Artist Checklist

Kyle Babbitt
Mikey Babinski
Dan Bergren
Joe Corroney
Hayden Davis
Mick and Matt Glebe
Trevor Grove
Charles Hall
Ingrid Hardy
Robert Hendrickson
Chris Hoffman
Scott Houseman
Gary Kezele
Shane McCormack
Trev Murphy
Ashleigh Popplewell
Tim Proctor
Jack Redd
M. Jason Reed
Eli Rutten
Tim Shay
Bob Stevlic
Gabby Untermayerova
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 5

Walker Shadowbox Set Checklist

9 cards.

SB01 Safety
SB02 Infected
SB03 Brain Trauma
SB04 Devoured
SB05 Decay
SB06 Relentless
SB07 Roaming
SB08 Fear the Living
SB09 Impossible
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 6

Wardrobe Costume Card Set Checklist

33 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs (combined with Dual Wardrobe cards). M33 is exclusive to binder and not in packs. Click here for a complete Wardrobe Card guide and visual checklist.

M1 Rick's Sheriff Tee
M2 T-Dog's Cargo Pants
M3 Shane's Blue Jacket
M4 Carl's Orange Jacket
M5 Andrea's Blue Hoodie
M6 Glenn's Brown Shirt
M7 Lori's Cream T-Shirt
M8 Dale's White Tank Top
M9 Sophia's Blue Shirt
M10 Maggie's Green Tank
M11 Shane's Blue Shirt
M12 Andrea's Striped Top
M13 Carol's Floral Top
M14 Hershel's Beige Shirt
M15 Glenn's Blue Shirt
M16 Rick's Green Shirt
M17 Lori's Plaid Shirt
M18 Carl's Striped Hoodie
M19 Andrea's Cargo Pants
M20 Sophia's Cargo Pants
M21 Carol’s Grey Pants
M22 Hershel's Pinstripe Shirt
M23 Maggie's Purple Top
M24 Dale's Hawaiian Shirt
M25 T-Dog's Shirt
M26 Andrea's Striped Top
M27 Daryl's Jeans
M28 Walker Horde
M29 Walker Horde
M30 Walker Horde
M31 Walker Horde
M32 Walker Horde
M33 Bus Walker's Blue Uniform
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 7

Dual Wardrobe Costume Card Checklist

Three cards.

DM01 Rick and Sophia
DM02 Hershel and Maggie
DM03 Lori and Shane
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 8

Oversized Redemptions Checklist

25 of each card made.

OM1 – OM25 Triple Wardrobe featuring pieces of Shane Walsh’s Sheriff Uniform Pants, Shirt, and Patch
DA1 – DA25 Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Autographed Cards
2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 9

Promo Card Checklist

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards 10

Product Details

User Rating:

Zombies walk again in 2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2, the follow-up set to last year's phenomenon that lit the hobby on fire. Combining the same elements that made the first set so popular, hits include a mix of autographs, costume cards and sketch cards.

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 recaps the show's hit second season and all 13 of its episodes. The main cast returns along with a host of new survivors. Of course, there are plenty of zombie walkers as well.

When it comes to inserts, there's a little more variety this time around. Autographs once again fall one per box. Cryptozoic has changed the design, making them vertical. Signers include Andrew Lincon (Rick Grimes) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes), both of whom were not in the first season set. Among the other signers are Gary Reedus (Daryl), IronE Singleton (T-Dog), Jeffery DeMunn (Dale), Madison Lintz (Sophia) and Scott Wilson (Hershel). Other inserts include Wardrobe Cards (1:12 packs), Walker Shadow Box cards (1:24 packs), Foil Puzzle Cards (1:12 packs), and Character Bios (1:12 packs). 2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 also sees the return of Sketch Cards as a case hit. Hugely popular in the Season 1 set, these art cards once again fall 1:288 packs.

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 comes with 24 packs of five cards.

2011 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 1 was immensely popular. Within a couple of months, boxes had more than doubled in price, a testament to the show's tremendous popularity. A large autograph checklist that included most of the main cast and case-hit sketch cards drove secondary market sales. Some autograph sales topped $100 while many of the sketch cards went for several hundreds.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Walking Dead Fans, Entertainment Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors, TV Memorabilia Collectors

2012 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 2 Costume Cards
  • 1 Walker Shadow Box Card
  • 2 Character Bio Cards
  • 2 Foil Puzzle Cards
  • 120 Total Cards
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