2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Team Logo Patches Guide

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Team Logo Patches Guide

The 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Team Logo Patches are one of the set's major hits. These manufactured patch cards look at several eras of NHL logos as well as a couple that are there for fun. Team Logo Patches fall 1:96 packs of 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Hockey. With a massive checklist and several short prints, a complete set is a big-time challenge.

Like other manufactured patch sets made by Upper Deck, the O-Pee-Chee Team Logo Patches have several tiers. Each tier carries a different theme and rarity. The Cartoons are the major short prints, combining to fall 1:14,056 packs.

A complete set of Team Logo Patches has 100 cards.

Below we have outlined each of the different tiers and odds for each tier. We also calculated approximate insertion rates for individual cards based on the number of cards in their group and the overall odds.

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Team Logo Patches Short Print Info

Overall odds for 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Team Logo Patches - 1:96 packs

Modern Era - inserted 1:125 packs

Odds for individual cards: 1:6,250 packs.

TL-1 NHL 2005-06 to Present (Primary)
TL-2 Eastern Conference 2005-06 to Present (Primary)
TL-3 Western Conference 2005-06 to Present (Primary)
TL-4 Anaheim Ducks 2006-07 to Present (Primary)
TL-5 Boston Bruins 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-6 Buffalo Sabres 2010-11 to Present (Primary)
TL-7 Calgary Flames 1994-95 to Present (Primary)
TL-8 Carolina Hurricanes 1997-98 to Present (Primary)
TL-9 Chicago Blackhawks 1964-65 to Present (Primary)
TL-10 Colorado Avalanche 1995-96 to Present (Primary)
TL-11 Columbus Blue Jackets 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-12 Dallas Stars 1999-00 to Present (Primary)
TL-13 Detroit Red Wings 1948-49 to Present (Primary)
TL-14 Edmonton Oilers 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-15 Florida Panthers 1993-94 to Present (Primary)
TL-16 Los Angeles Kings 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-17 Minnesota Wild 2000-01 to Present (Primary)
TL-18 Montreal Canadiens 1956-57 to Present (Primary)
TL-19 Nashville Predators 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-20 New Jersey Devils 1999-00 to Present (Primary)
TL-21 New York Islanders 2010-11 to Present (Primary)
TL-22 New York Rangers 1978-79 to Present (Primary)
TL-23 Ottawa Senators 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-24 Philadelphia Flyers 1967-68 to Present (Primary)
TL-25 Phoenix Coyotes 2003-04 to Present (Primary)
TL-26 Pittsburgh Penguins 2000-01 to Present (Primary)
TL-27 San Jose Sharks 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-28 St. Louis Blues 1998-99 to Present (Primary)
TL-29 Tampa Bay Lightning 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-30 Toronto Maple Leafs 1982-83 to Present (Primary)
TL-31 Vancouver Canucks 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-32 Washington Capitals 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-33 Winnipeg Jets 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-34 NHL 1917-18 to 2004-05 (Primary)
TL-35 Eastern Conference 2005-06 to Present (Alternate)
TL-36 Western Conference 2005-06 to Present (Alternate)
TL-37 Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011-12 (Primary)
TL-38 Stanley Cup Final 2011-12 (Alternate)
TL-39 All-Star Game 2011-12 (Primary)
TL-40 All-Star Game 2011-12 (Alternate)
TL-41 Winter Classic 2010-11 (Alternate)
TL-42 Heritage Classic 2010-11 (Alternate)
TL-43 Boston Bruins 1976-77 to 1994-95 (Alternate)
TL-44 Boston Bruins 1995-96 to 2006-07 (Script)
TL-45 Chicago Blackhawks 1964-65 to Present (Alternate)
TL-46 Minnesota Wild 2000-01 to Present (Script)
TL-47 Montreal Canadiens 1956-57 to Present (Script)
TL-48 Quebec Nordiques 1979-80 to 1994-95 (Alternate)
TL-49 Toronto Maple Leafs 2010-11 to Present (Secondary)
TL-50 Winnipeg Jets 2011-12 to Present (Script)

10th Anniversary - inserted 1:852 packs

Odds for individual cards: 1:10,224 packs.

TL-51 Atlanta Thrashers 2008-09 (10th Anniversary)
TL-52 Buffalo Sabres 1979-80 (10th Anniversary)
TL-53 Calgary Flames 1989-90 (10th Anniversary)
TL-54 Colorado Avalanche 2005-06 (10th Anniversary)
TL-55 Edmonton Oilers 1988-89 (10th Anniversary)
TL-56 Hartford Whalers 1981-82 (10th Anniversary)
TL-57 Nashville Predators 2007-08 (10th Anniversary)
TL-58 New Jersey Devils 1991-92 (10th Anniversary)
TL-59 Ottawa Senators 2001-02 (10th Anniversary)
TL-60 Quebec Nordiques 1981-82 (10th Anniversary)
TL-61 San Jose Sharks 2010-11 (10th Anniversary)
TL-62 Winnipeg Jets 1981-82 (10th Anniversary)

Expansion Era "Season One" - inserted 1:1,704 packs

Odds for individual cards: 1:18,744 packs.

TL-63 Atlanta Flames 1972-73 to 1979-80 (Primary)
TL-64 California Golden Seals 1967-68 (Primary)
TL-65 Colorado Rockies 1976-77 to 1981-82 (Primary)
TL-66 Kansas City Scouts 1974-75 to 1975-76 (Primary)
TL-67 Los Angeles Kings 1967-68 to 1974-75 (Primary)
TL-68 Minnesota North Stars 1967-68 to 1973-74 (Primary)
TL-69 New York Islanders 1972-73 to 1994-95 (Primary)
TL-70 Pittsburgh Penguins 1967-68 (Primary)
TL-71 St. Louis Blues 1967-68 to 1983-84 (Primary)
TL-72 Vancouver Canucks 1970-71 to 1977-78 (Primary)
TL-73 Washington Capitals 1974-75 to 1994-95 (Primary)

Pre-WW2 "Season One" - inserted 1:1,922 packs

Odds for individual cards: 1:24,986 packs.

TL-74 Boston Bruins 1924-25 (Primary)
TL-75 Chicago Blackhawks 1926-27 to 1934-35 (Primary)
TL-76 Detroit Cougars 1926-27 to 1929-30 (Primary)
TL-77 Detroit Red Wings 1932-33 to 1933-34 (Primary)
TL-78 Hamilton Tigers 1920-21 (Primary)
TL-79 Montreal Canadiens 1917-18 to 1918-19 (Primary)
TL-80 Montreal Maroons 1924-25 to 1937-38 (Primary)
TL-81 New York Americans 1925-26 to 1929-30 (Primary)
TL-82 New York Rangers 1926-27 to 1934-35 (Primary)
TL-83 Ottawa Senators 1917-18 to 1933-34 (Primary)
TL-84 St. Louis Eagles 1934-35 (Primary)
TL-85 Toronto Arenas 1917-18 to 1918-19 (Primary)
TL-86 Toronto Maple Leafs 1926-27 (Primary)

Ceremony - inserted 1:3,748 packs

Odds for individual cards: 1:37,480 packs.

TL-87 Colorado Avalanche 2009-10 (Joe Sakic "19")
TL-88 Edmonton Oilers 1999-00 (Wayne Gretzky Hall of Fame)
TL-89 Edmonton Oilers 2006-07 (Mark Messier "11")
TL-90 Los Angeles Kings 1993-94 (Wayne Gretzky "802")
TL-91 New Jersey Devils 2008-09 (Martin Brodeur "552")
TL-92 New York Rangers 1998-99 (Wayne Gretzky Retirement)
TL-93 New York Rangers 2006-07 (Brendan Shanahan "14")
TL-94 St. Louis Blues 2005-06 (Brett Hull Jersey Retirement)
TL-95 Washington Capitals 2001-02 ("9 - 11" Memorial)
TL-96 Winnipeg Jets 1995-96 ("Cherished Memories")

Cartoons - inserted 1:14,056 packs

Odds for individual cards: 1:56,224 packs.

TL-97 Nashville Predators 2001-02 to 2006-07 (Cartoon)
TL-98 Detroit Red Wings 1951-52 to Present (Cartoon)
TL-99 Hartford Whalers 1979-80 to 19984-85 (Cartoon)
TL-100 Vancouver Canucks 2006-07 to Present (Cartoon)

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