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2011 Topps Heritage Baseball

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball returns for another season of old school fun this March. The latest installment of Heritage pays homage to the wood bordered 1962 Topps set. Each 24-pack box of Topps Heritage will deliver 1 relic or auto and plenty of intriguing inserts, parallels and short prints.

Release Date: Mid-March 2011
Box Configuration: 24 Packs Per Box
Pack Price: $3-$4
Product Type: Low-Mid End Baseball
Geared Toward: Old school collectors, Vintage card fans, Set builders, Short print seekers, Fans of 1962 Topps & wood border cards

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball Set Checklists

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball 1

Chrome Parallels Checklist

1962 Flashback Relic Set Checklist

1962 Mint Set Checklist

Real One Autographs Set Checklist

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball 1

Real One Dual Autographs Set Checklist

Clubhouse Collections Autograph Relic Cards Set Checklist

Baseball Flashbacks Inserts Set Checklist

New Age Performers Inserts Set Checklist

1962 Cut Autographs Set Checklist

Then and Now Set Checklist

News Flashbacks Set Checklist

Topps Stamps Set Checklist

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball Product Information

What's In The Box:

  • 1 Autograph or Memorabilia Card

Product Highlights/Details:

  • Feature classic wood bordered card design from 1962 Topps.
  • 500 Card Base Set - 425 players + World Series highlights, combo cards, league leaders, team cards, Sporting News All-Stars, Rookie Parade and In-Action cards.
  • Plenty of short print seeking fun - 75 Base Set Short Prints
  • Chrome Parallels and Topps Stamps!
  • '62 Mint Cards featuring coins from 1962 embedded within cards!
  • Penny cards featuring a player's birthday, Nickel cards featuring their MLB debut, Dime card featuring personal accomplishments, Quarter cards featuring career highlights and Silver Dollar cards commemorating Hall of Famers!
  • Flashback Stadium and Clubhouse Collection Relics!
  • Every autograph is on-card - Real One autographs featuring players whose last appearance was in 1962 Topps, Flashbacks, Cut Signatures and NEW 60th Anniversary Autographs from legendary players commemorating Topps' Diamond Anniversary!
  • Auto checklist highlighted by Frank Robinson, Frank Thomas, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, David Wright, Hanley Ramirez, Ernie Banks and more!
  • Cut signature checklist highlighted by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris!
  • Baseball Bucks inserts - mock currency featuring over 100 players!

Card Gallery

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball 40

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball 1
2011 Topps Heritage Baseball, reviewed by Brett Lewis on 2010-10-29T17:18:44-04:00 rating 4.3 out of 5
Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

User Reviews

David Modeen
David Modeen

This is the most exciting topps heritage issue to date. I love collecting errors and varieties plus all of the green, red and blue tinted cards. Plenty of surprises and something for everyone.

David Modeen
David Modeen

Overall rating of five stars. This is the most exciting topps heritage issue to date. I really like the green, red and blue tinted cards.


Just a lot of fun to collect. My pulls have been disproportionate, probably because I always pick up a few packs from out of state when I’m traveling. For example, I have three #142’s — a green tint, a blue tint and a Jackie Robinson. Also two refractors but no chromes or news flashes. Still working on it.

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