2010 Tristar TNA Icons Wrestling

2010 Tristar TNA Icons Wrestling

Box Price: NA

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Release Date: August 11th, 2010
Box Configuration: 20 Packs Per Box/6 Cards Per Pack
Pack Price: NA
Product Type: Mid-End Wrestling
Geared Toward: Hardcore Wrestling Fans, 80's & 90's Wrestling Fans, Wrestling Card Collectors

What's In The Box?!?

  • 2 Autograph Cards numbered to 50 or less
  • 1 TNA Memorabilia Card numbered to 199 or less
  • 1 Parallel Card numbered to 25 or less

Product Highlights/Details:

  • 6 Autograph Cards (6 auto's on one card)
  • Single, Double, Triple, & Quad Autograph Cards
  • 30 Different Hulk Hogan 1/1 Auto's
  • Hulk Hogan Bandana Relic Letterman Cards
  • Hand signed "Iconigraph" Autograph Cards including versions with unique Inscriptions
  • Only 100 Cases Produced
  • 100 card base set focusing on TNA Icons
  • "Sugar & Spice" inserts featuring TNA Knockouts


Tristar takes a trip down memory lane with it's latest wrestling card product TNA Icons. One of the coolest inclusions in Icons is the presence of Hulk Hogan bandana relic letter-man cards. TNA Icons should have plenty of "flair" to please any wrestling collector.

Card Gallery:

2010 Tristar TNA Icons Wrestling 32

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