2010 Topps Tribute Football

2010 Topps Tribute Football

Box Price: $275-$325 (Varies based on demand)

User Rating:

Release Date: 2/16/11
Box Configuration: 6 packs per box
Pack Price: $40-$60
Product Type: High-End Football
Geared Toward: high-end collectors, book card collectors, relic collectors, old school collectors, autograph collectors

What's In The Box:

  • 4 Autographs/Autographed Relics
  • 3 Multi Piece Relics

Product Highlights/Details:

  • 200 card base set - 48 rookies, 40 veterans, 12 Legends of the Game
  • Red, Gold, Green, Black, Blue, Printing Plate Parallels
  • Multi-Piece Relics - 30 single, 65 quad, 75 triple
  • Cut signatures, single, triple, quad autographs
  • 4-8 Player Book Cards!

Topps Tribute is a high-end football card offering that packs 7 hits into each 6-pack hobby box. Tribute offers collectors a chance to collect relics, book cards, autographs, and cut signatures from a wide array of players ranging from early Super Bowl era heroes like Joe Namath to 2010 NFL rookies like Sam Bradford and Dez Bryant. 2010 Topps Tribute is set to hit hobby store shelves January 31st, 2011.

Card Gallery:

2010 Topps Tribute Football 12

User Reviews

  1. Big hits but WAY too many rookies for the price! Also, if it’s going to be priced greater than Bowman Sterling, it should continue the same trend and at least have 1 auto per pack.

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