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2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards

2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards

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As far as the main X-Men movies go, the general consensus is that the third film is the weakest. However, as far as trading cards go, it might be the best. 2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand offers lots of variety, the film franchise's first sketch cards and a very strong autograph list (even if some of the best ones are incentives and not in packs).

The base set has 72 cards and is broken into three very distinct subsets. After the title card, 17 character cards profile the film's many heroes and villains. The set also includes Movie Action and Quotable cards that look at specific moments of the film.

Autographs are the big box hit. In packs collectors can find the likes of Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin and James Marsden, all of whom signed for either Topps' X-Men or X2 sets. Rittenhouse added several other signers, including Kelsey Grammer, Vinnie Jones and Olivia Williams.

In addition to the pack-inserted autographs, there are a few that aren't in packs. The most valuable is Hugh Jackman who was a six-case incentive. Iconic Marvel creator and spokesman Stan Lee was a two-case incentive while director Brett Ratner was a case topper. Finally, there is Academy Award nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo who was only available in the album.

SketchaFex sketch cards land 1:320 packs. Though the artist checklist is small, all are high-quality pencil renditions.

2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand also has several basic insert sets. Art and Images offer characters on a canvas-style card stock. Casting Call uses foil as another way to highlight characters. Other inserts include the rare Take a Stand and Wolverine: Portraits of a Hero.

It is worth noting that this is one of a handful of Marvel-themed sets that Rittenhouse produced in partnership with Upper Deck.

2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand boxes have 40 packs of five cards.

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2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Checklist

Base Set Checklist

01 Title Card
02 Professor Xavier
03 Wolverine
04 Jean Grey
05 Storm
06 Beast
07 Rogue
08 Iceman
09 Kitty Pryde
10 Angel
11 Cyclops
12 Colossus
13 Magneto
14 Mystique
15 Pyro
16 Callisto
17 Juggernaut
18 Multiple Man
19 Movie Action
20 Movie Action
21 Movie Action
22 Movie Action
23 Movie Action
24 Movie Action
25 Movie Action
26 Movie Action
27 Movie Action
28 Movie Action
29 Movie Action
30 Movie Action
31 Movie Action
32 Movie Action
33 Movie Action
34 Movie Action
35 Movie Action
36 Movie Action
37 Movie Action
38 Movie Action
39 Movie Action
40 Movie Action
41 Movie Action
42 Movie Action
43 Movie Action
44 Movie Action
45 Movie Action
46 Movie Action
47 Movie Action
48 Movie Action
49 Movie Action
50 Movie Action
51 Movie Action
52 Movie Action
53 Movie Action
54 Movie Action
55 Quotable
56 Quotable
57 Quotable
58 Quotable
59 Quotable
60 Quotable
61 Quotable
62 Quotable
63 Quotable
64 Quotable
65 Quotable
66 Quotable
67 Quotable
68 Quotable
69 Quotable
70 Quotable
71 Quotable
72 Quotable
2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 1

Art and Images Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:40 packs.

Art1 Professor Xavier
Art2 Wolverine
Art3 Jean Grey
Art4 Cyclops
Art5 Magneto
Art6 Mystique
Art7 Rogue
Art8 Storm
Art9 Beast
2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 2

Autographs Checklist

Inserted 1:40 packs. Incentives and exclusives not found in packs noted.

Print Run Info: VL = Very Limited (200-300 copies), L = Limited (300-500 copies)

2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 3

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Dr. Kavita Rao - Album Exclusive
Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Cayden Boyde as Young Angel
Cameron Bright as Leech
Daniel Cudmore as Peter Rasputin/Colossus L
Bill Duke as Bolivar Trask L
Omahyra Garcia as Arclight
Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast VL
Bryce Hodgson as Artie
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - Six-Case Incentive
Vinnie Jones as Cain Marko/Juggernaut L

Casting Call Checklist

16 cards. Inserted 1:20 packs.

CC01 Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier
CC02 Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
CC03 Ian McKellen as Magneto
CC04 Halle Berry as Storm
CC05 Famke Janssen as Phoenix
CC06 Anna Paquin as Rogue
CC07 Rebecca Romijn as Mystique
CC08 Kelsey Grammer as Beast
CC09 Shawn Ashmore as Iceman
CC10 Ellen Page as Shadowcat
CC11 Aaron Stanford as Pyro
CC12 James Marsden as Cyclops
CC13 Daniel Cudmore as Colossus
CC14 Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut
CC15 Dania Ramirez as Callisto
CC16 Ben Foster as Angel
2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 4

SketchaFex Checklist

The following artists contributed sketch cards to the set.

Steven Miller
Sean Pence
Scott Rosema
Cat Staggs
2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 5

Take a Stand Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:80 packs.

MP1 Wolverine
MP2 Storm
MP3 Phoenix
MP4 Rogue
MP5 Beast
MP6 Angel
2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 6

Wolverine: Portraits of a Hero Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:13 packs.

2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 7

Promo Cards Checklist

P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update
P3 Album
2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Trading Cards 8

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