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2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards

2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards

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2003 Topps X2: X-Men United trading cards bring the mutants back for an encore. And like most sequels, there are bits and pieces to like, but the overall impact doesn't reach the same levels as the original.

A lot of the focus is on autographs and costume cards. Key signers include Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler), James Marsden (Cyclops) and director Bryan Singer. However, that's a far cry from the first film's set that had Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellan and Anna Paquin. Inserted 1:30 hobby packs, it is possible to pull two autographs from one box.

Movie Memorabilia cards (1:64 hobby packs) have pieces of costumes used in the film's production. Wolverine, Storm and Lady Deathstrike are featured. The Storm costume card is the rarest of the three.

Basic inserts highlight retail boxes. These include X-Citing and X-Treme Foil. While neither are terribly tough to find in packs, they can be tough to find on the secondary market because there isn't a lot of retail floating around.

It's important to note too that retail boxes don't have autographs and costume cards. Both are noted prominently on hobby boxes.

The 2003 Topps X2: X-Men United base set has 72 cards.

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2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Checklist

Base Checklist

1 Professor X
2 Wolverine
3 Jean Grey
4 Cyclops
5 Storm
6 Magneto
7 Mystique
8 Colonel Stryker
9 Lady Deathstrike
10 Rogue
11 Iceman
12 Nightcrawler
13 Pyro
14 Colossus
15 Mutant 143
16 Terror Is a Mutant
17 The White House Invaded
18 An Ominous Warning
19 Of Power and Passion
20 The X-Team Confers
21 Stryker's Game
22 Logan's Return
23 Off on a Mission
24 Where Demons Dwell
25 Attacked by Nightcrawler
26 The Teleporter Nabbed
27 Birth of a Mutant
28 Friends or Deadly Foes?
29 Heroes Under Siege
30 Deadly Opponents
31 The Defeat of Cyclops
32 Night Raid on the X-Mansion
33 Colossus The Rescuer
34 Wolverine's Fury
35 His Wrath Unleashed
36 Escape and Survive
37 The Prize
38 Mutants on the Run
39 Magneto Takes Control
40 Logan Comes Quietly
41 Pyro's Revenge
42 Grand Illusion
43 Fracas in the Sky
44 An Unlikely Alliance
45 What Nightcrawler Knows
46 For the Love of Logan
47 War Games
48 Mission...Accomplished
49 The Professor's Little Girl
50 Inside Dark Cerebro
51 Mutants Invade the Base
52 The Power of Cyclops
53 Beam of Destruction
54 Love Is Blind
55 Rescues and Revelations
56 Lady Deathstrike Attacks!
57 When Mutants Collide
58 Magneto's Counterplan
59 The Showdown
60 Cool World
61 Logan's Temptation
62 Against the Flood
63 Rescued by Rogue
64 Escape from Armageddon
65 By George, It's Nightcrawler!
66 Here to Stay
67 A Director's Challenge
68 Filming Fantastic Femmes
69 Checkmaters
70 Kids with Something X-tra
71 Just the Beast in Him
72 Checklist
2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards 3

Autographs Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:30 hobby packs. Singer is a short print, inserted 1:4,337 packs.
2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards 4

Shawn Ashmore as Iceman
Daniel Cudmore as Colossus
Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler
Bruce Davison as Senator Kelly
Michael Reid Mackay as Jason/143
James Marsden as Cyclops
Bryan Singer - Director
Aaron Stanford as Pyro
Katie Stuart as Shadowcat
Kea Wong as Jubilee

Movie Memorabilia Checklist

3 cards. Inserted 1:64 hobby packs.

Lady Deathstrike - 1:138 packs
Storm - 1:315 packs
Wolverine - 1:187 packs
2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards 5

X-Citing Cling Cards Checklist

5 cards. Inserted 1:12 retail packs.

C1 Magneto
C2 Nightcrawler
C3 Storm
C4 Wolverine
C5 Lady Deathstrike
2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards 6

X-Treme Foil Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:6 retail packs.

1 Cyclops
2 Jean Grey
3 Magneto
4 Mystique
5 Nightcrawler
6 Professor Xavier
7 Rogue
8 Storm
9 Wolverine
10 Lady Deathstrike
2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards 7

Promo Card Checklist

2003 Topps X2: X-Men United Trading Cards 8

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