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1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards Trading Cards

1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards Trading Cards

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1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards is one of the toughest mainstream trading card sets from the 1980s to complete. Today, it's also one of the most valuable. Mixing iconic art used on the toy packaging with shots from the cartoon, the set captures the nostalgia of a franchise at its peak.

The 1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards base set is 192 cards. Nearly 50 character cards use the detailed paintings found on the fronts of action figures. About another 50 follow a similar approach for G.I. Joe and Cobra vehicles. The rest of the set centers on the cartoon, delivering screen shots and story synopses.

1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards do not come packaged in traditional wax packs. Rather, they come in eight-card blister packs. The top card is always showing. This can result in premiums for packs with key character cards on top. Find full cases of blister packs is rare. When they do surface, they command high prices. As a result, busting packs (which are also relatively difficult to find) is the avenue most must go through to amass enough cards to work towards a set.

Every pack also comes with one of 12 small stickers.

The set's design and configuration is nearly identical to 1985 Hasbro Transformers, another extremely popular set. Cards come with rounded corners, like a deck of playing cards.

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Set Checklist

1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards Checklist

Base Set Checklist

192 cards.

1 Scarlett
2 Rock 'n Roll
3 Flash
4 Short-Fuze
5 Zap
6 Breaker
7 Ripcord
8 Snake-Eyes
9 Snow Job
10 Gung-Ho
11 Airborne
12 Blowtorch
13 Roadblock
14 Spirit
15 Duke
16 Recondo
17 Mutt
18 Footloose
19 Quick Kick
20 Airtight
21 Barbecue
22 Bazooka
23 Shipwreck
24 Flint
25 Alpine
26 Dusty
27 Torpedo
28 Tripwire
29 Lady Jaye
30 Doc
31 Mauler M.B.T. Tank
32 Jet Pack (JUMP)
33 Rapid-Fire Motorcycle (RAM)
34 Attack Cannon (FLAK)
35 Attack Vehicle (VAMP)
36 Heavy Artilllery Laser (HAL)
37 Motorized Battle Tank (MOBAT)
38 Amphibious Personnel Carrier (APC)
39 PAC/RAT Flame Thrower
40 PAC/RAT Machine Gun
41 Tin Battle Gun (Whirlwind)
42 Armored Missile Vehicle (Wolverine)
43 Polar Battle Bear (Skimobile)
44 Skystriker XP-14F
45 Assault Copter (Dragonfly XH-1)
46 Falcon Glider
47 Machine Gun Defense Unit
48 Mortar Defense Unit
49 Bivouac
50 Watch Tower
51 Mountain Howitzer
52 Check Point
53 Air Defense
54 Vamp Mark II
55 Self-Propelled Cannon (Slugger)
56 Hovercraft
57 Sky Hawk V.T.O.L.
58 Weapons Transport
59 Bomb Disposal
60 Armadillo Mini-Tank
61 Silver Mirage Motorcycle
62 A.W.E. (All Weather and Environment)
63 Snow Cat
64 Bridgelayer
65 Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg
66 Captive Colonel
67 On Target
68 Zartan in Pursuit
69 Zartan Rules
70 Swamp Battle
71 Convoy vs. Cobra
72 Scarlett Defender
73 Fall From Power
74 Sharp Attack
75 Firefly Moves Up
76 Dreadnok Duty
77 Sky Hawk Action
78 Blackwater Prison
79 Can Opener Fires
80 Cobra Escape
81 An Evil Rescue
82 Basket Trick
83 Cobra Sleep Attack
84 Cobra Temple
85 Sky Pilots
86 Weather Dominator
87 Hurricane Alert
88 Snake-Eyes Fires
89 Fleeing Tyranny
90 Breakout!
91 Three to One
92 Fools for Gold
93 Unleashed Fury
94 Cobra Globe
95 Lightning Strike
96 Checklist
97 Cobra Officer
98 Cobra Commander
99 Major Bludd
100 Baroness
101 Scrap-Iron
102 Firefly
103 Storm Shadow
104 Torch Dreadnok
105 Buzzer Dreadnok
106 Ripper Dreadnok
107 Crimson Guard
108 Snow Serpent
109 Destro
110 Tomax and Xamot
111 Cobra Eel
112 Tele-Vipers
113 Zartan
114 S.N.A.K.E.
115 HISS Tank
116 F.A.N.G.
117 Cobra Bunker
118 Stinger
119 A.S.P. Cobra
120 Water Moccasin
121 C.L.A.W. Cobra
122 Swamp Skier Chameleon
123 Night Landing Cobra
124 Ferret Cobra
125 Rattler Cobra
126 Hydrofoil Cobra
127 In on Flint
128 The Last Tangle
129 Climate Changer
130 Phony Fight
131 Friend vs. Friend
132 D.C. Evacuation
133 Sharp Salute
134 Blowtorch
135 Test by Fire
136 On to Washington
137 Hail Storm
138 Save the Capital
139 Cobra!!!
140 Friendly Fire
141 Sun Sensitive
142 Destro's Plans
143 Tug of War
144 Flint in Disguise
145 Direct Hit
146 D.C. Defense
147 Monumental Hit
148 Energy Mirrors
149 White House Miss
150 The Big Bang
151 Sand Sailing
152 Sand Blaster
153 Cobra in Range
154 Aerial Assault
155 Palace of Doom
156 Home Again
157 Three's a Team
158 Cobra Cats
159 The Coral Reef
160 Pin Down
161 Hot Rocks
162 Whirlpool of War
163 Jungle Trouble
164 Major Mercenary
165 Cobra Wrecker
166 Round She Goes
167 S.H.A.R.C. Attack
168 That's the Spirit
169 Sea Sled Surfer
170 Jungle Burnout
171 Good vs. Evil
172 Battle for Doom
173 Cobra Victory!
174 Lady Jaye Helps
175 Safety Net
176 Climb to Safety
177 Killer W.H.A.L.E.
178 Cutter's Crew
179 Cavern of Death
180 Cobra Convoy
181 Cobra War Room
182 Who's in Charge?
183 Chilling Plane
184 Evil is Saved
185 Target is Cobra
186 Hot Feet
187 Withdraw!
188 Glacier Landing
189 Snow Storm
190 A Glacier Ride
191 Cruel and Cool
192 Checklist
1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards Trading Cards 1

Stickers Set Checklist

12 mini stickers. Inserted one per pack.

Cobra Emperor
Crimson Guard
Crimson Twins
Monkey Wrench
Quick Kick
1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards Trading Cards 2

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User Reviews

Brett Larkin
Brett Larkin


This is indeed one of the most difficult collections to fulfill. I would say that these collections are worth more likely in the 5k to 10k category. There are so few of them available that they command an extreme premium. For any serious toy collector, or Joe collector these only exist in top private collections. $200-300 is way under value. Single cards can go for as much as $150 each.

Dustin shorten
Dustin shorten

I have 3 whole sets of 1989 and 1990 G.I Joe trading cards for sale 250.00 if interested please call 8482216012

Michael Foster
Michael Foster

Hello I bought a complete set of the 1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Cards Trading Cards
In great shape no dings or rips on the cards no bent cards with stickers for 135.00 What is the book price if any? thanks any info would be very helpful

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