1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards Trading Cards

1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards Trading Cards

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1985 Hasbro Trasformers Action Cards are the first trading cards based on the iconic toy line. The set features a large checklist made even more challenging thanks to lots of variations. The set remains extremely popular today as the franchise reaches another generation and original collectors look for a nostalgia fix.

1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards have a 192-card checklist. They include both Autotbot and Decepticon profiles as well as recaps from the classic 1980s cartoon. Autobot profiles make up the set's first 41 cards. Megatron, Soundwave and the rest of the Depcepticons get their turn in set between numbers 97 and 122. Profile card fronts have an illustration of the character based on the toy line. The look is distinct from the cartoon with more details. Card backs include a character quote, their specialty and a bio. The bottom of the card includes "Tech Specs," a ten-point ranking of various skills. Many of the profile cards have variations based on the background colors on the front of the cards. This site has a breakdown of them all. Most collectors consider a basic 192-card set to be complete.

The remaining part of the set features story synopses from a handful of cartoon episodes. Images are arranged horizontally with a write-up on the back.

All 1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards have rounded corners, similar to a deck of playing cards. The card stock is also similar, including a glossy front.

Every pack also came with one of 24 different mini stickers. Each has a motto or quote from the featured Transformer. Skywarp is considered a short print.

1985 Hasbro Transformers Actions Cards came in eight-card hanger packs. These made them ideal for retail locations. They're also much larger than traditional wax packs.

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Set Checklist

1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards Checklist

Base Set Checklist

192 cards.

1 Optimus Prime
2 Jazz
3 Bluestreak
4 Ratchet
5 Tracks
6 Trailbreaker
7 Inferno
8 Smokescreen
9 Skids
10 Sunstreaker
11 Sideswipe
12 Mirage
13 Red Alert
14 Wheeljack
15 Ironhide
16 Prowl
17 Grapple
18 Perceptor
19 Blaster
20 Topspin
21 Twin Twist
22 Huffer
23 Brawn
24 Cliffjumper
25 Gears
26 Cosmos
27 Windcharger
28 Bumblebee
29 Powerglide
30 Seaspray
31 Warpath
32 Beachcomber
33 Slag
34 Grimlock
35 Swoop
36 Snarl
37 Sludge
38 Jetfire
39 Hound
40 Hoist
41 Omega Supreme
42 The Planet Cybertron
43 An Energy Wasteland
44 A Quartex of Energy
45 Wheljack on Cybertron
46 Spaceway to Iacon
47 Aerial Attack
48 Autobpts Domed Home
49 Soundwave Launches Laserbeak
50 Jazz Gets the Job Done
51 Starscream Challenges Megatron
52 Megatron in Command
53 Prol Navigates
54 Prowl Rolls Into Battle
55 Sudden Meteor Shower
56 Ironhide at the Laser Gun
57 Starscream Demands Control
58 The Fallen Leader
59 Skywarp Revives Megatron
60 Physical Damage
61 Decepticons Are Energized
62 Decepticons Spot Autobots
63 Starscream's Negative Effects
64 Operation Destruction
65 Soundwave Tunes In
66 Decepticon Hideout
67 Megatron in the Viewfinder
68 Megatron a Near Miss
69 Autobots Transformed
70 Ratchet and Sunstreaker
71 An Autobot Operation
72 Ravage Released
73 Double Trouble for Decepticons
74 Optimus Prime Rolls into Battle
75 Two Deadly Decepticons
76 Attack on an Oil Rig
77 Megatron Transforms
78 Starscream in Jeopardy
79 Prowl on the Attack
80 Good Versus Evil
81 A Decepticon Victory
82 Primed for Battle
83 Leaders Fight it Out
84 Small-Scale Operation
85 The Smallest Autobot
86 Ruby Crystals of Burma
87 Decepticon Strike Force
88 Flying High
89 Evil Plan of Action
90 Decepticon Braintrust
91 Follow the Leader
92 Storing Energon Cubes
93 Sinister Plot
94 Sureshots Hound and Gears
95 Poised for Destruction
96 Checklist
97 Megatron
98 Starscream
99 Dirge
100 Thrust
101 Skywarp
102 Thundercracker
103 Ramjet
104 Soundwave
105 Buzzsaw
106 Rumble
107 Ravage
108 Laserbeak
109 Frenzy
110 Astrotrain
111 Blitzwing
112 Shrapnel
113 Kickback
114 Bombshell
115 Devestator
116 Mixmaster
117 Scavenger
118 Long Haul
119 Bonecrusher
120 Hook
121 Scrapper
122 Shockwave
123 An Autobot Lesson
124 Autobot Trapped
125 Autobot Repair
126 Grateful Earthlings
127 Autobot Rescue
128 Trailbreaker Rolls Into Battle
129 Jazz Rolls Into Battle
130 Prowl and Jazz
131 Starscream the Traitor
132 Return to Cybertron
133 Rocket Pack Flight
134 A Decepticon Disaster
135 A Decepticon Fireball
136 A Panic-Striken Megatron
137 Invincible Warriors
138 Hound Rolls Into Battle
139 Bumblebee and Hound
140 A Megatron Blast
141 Dreaded Walther P-38
142 Two Frightening Foes
143 Autobot Firepower
144 Mirage Rolls Into Battle
145 Starscream Fails Again
146 Starscream Hit by Megatron
147 Decepticons Forever
148 Ironhide Rolls Into Battle
149 A Defeated Ironhide
150 The Decepticon Strategy
151 The Meteorite Menace
152 Dinobots Versus Decepticons
153 Dinobots Aim to Impress
154 Flamethrower Slag
155 Megatron in Trouble
156 Indestructible Dinobots
157 The Dinobot Commander
158 The Contemptuous Starscream
159 Decepticon Destroyers
160 Dinobots Destroy Optimus Prime
161 The Powerful Dinobots
162 The Mean Mixmaster
163 Safe Volcanic Hideout
164 Constructicon Intruders
165 Dinobot Protectors
166 A Heavy-Metal Battle
167 Megatron's Strength Injection
168 Constructicons Transformed
169 A Deceptive Plan
170 Powerful Energy Source
171 Constructicon Trio
172 A Constructicon Converter
173 A Charged-Up Leader
174 Megatron Overpowers Sunstreaker
175 Autobots Spot Insecticons
176 Jetfire the Protector
177 The Flight for Food
178 A Plague on Insecticons
179 Insecticons at Home
180 Evil Seeking Evil
181 A Scent of Insecticons
182 Insecticon Braintrust
183 Thirst for Oil
184 Decepticon Troublemakers
185 Delicious Crude Oil
186 Autobots to the Rescue
187 A Warm Welcome
188 Real Lightning Bug
189 Shrapnel Transforms
190 Power to Insecticons
191 Insecticons Trap Bumblebee
192 Checklist
1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards Trading Cards 22

Stickers Set Checklist

24 stickers.

1 Dirge
2 Frenzy
3 Grimlock
4 Inferno
5 Jazz
6 Laserbeak
7 Long Haul
8 Megatron
9 Optimus Prime
10 Prowl
11 Ravage
12 Red Alert
13 Rumble
14 Sideswipe
15 Skywarp SP
16 Slag
17 Smokescreen
18 Soundwave
19 Starscream
20 Swoop
21 Thrust
22 Tracks
23 Twin Twist
24 Wheeljack
1985 Hasbro Transformers Action Cards Trading Cards 23

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. how much is a complete set of 1985 transformer cards worth

  2. I have 6 cards, most in good condition, Series 1. I have the card number 10, 25, 68, 102, 179 and 182. Any suggestions? I live in Guatemala

  3. Is there a place I could go to find the value of these cards. I have a stack of series 1. I have series 1 card 1 but cannot find a value. Any help?

  4. Darren Singles are usually a dollar or two. Completed eBay auctions is the easiest way to find what things are going for. For a set like this, head to the trading cards section and search for “1985 transformers” and you should get results. Some singles may have a small premium, but not much.

  5. Cards are valued as common or variation.Commons are $2.00,variations range from $5-$25.Stickers common $1-$2 and Skywarp can be up to $50.Sets are valued at $200-$250(COMMONS ONLY),the last “complete”set sold for $600(249 cards) but expect to pay more depending on amount of cards on set. Yes there are more than 249 cards.

  6. I have 812 series 1 cards for sale, all between cards 49 and 89. Selling all for $1 each. Message if interested

  7. I have multiple complete sets of the Australian version of the 1985 cards. This set which only had 100 cards in its set. A complete set is almost impossible to find in Australia. I would say impossible to find outside of Australia.

    My sets are what I would call near mint and very good conditions. How much would these complete sets sell for?

  8. Hi all, I have quite a few doubles of the 1985 card set. I am looking to complete my set by trading. If interested please email me at nelseng@hotmail.com

    I also collect Diamond sticker sets and Panini sticker sets.

    Email if interested.


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