1976 Topps Star Trek Trading Cards

1976 Topps Star Trek Trading Cards


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Few will argue the impact Star Trek trading cards have had on the hobby. Since 1967, dozens of sets have been released for the original series alone. Together they cover all angles of the show. 1976 Topps Star Trek marked the second time the franchise appeared in a set of mainstream trading cards. It was also the first to use color images.

1976 Topps Star Trek has an 88-card base set. Cards have a thin white border that gives way to a large image taken directly from the show. Card fronts have a small descriptive captive that leads to a more in-depth writeup on the back. A miniature U.S.S. Enterprise accompanies the caption. Unlike 1967 Leaf Star Trek, the text matches up with something that actually happened in the show.

As with most Topps entertainment card sets of the era, 1976 Topps Star Trek includes a sticker in every pack. The checklist has 22 different stickers. They come with the classic Topps sticker design. A die-cut image has a thick single-color border. The background has a space theme. The vast majority of the images are head shots from various characters.

1976 Topps Star Trek is extremely popular with collectors. The cards are somewhat common but still command strong prices. Complete sets can fetch hundreds of dollars.

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Set Checklist

1976 Topps Stars Trek Checklist

Base Set Checklist

88 cards.

1 The U.S.S. Enterprise
2 Captain James T. Kirk
3 Dr. "Bones" McCoy
4 Science Officer Spock
5 Engineer Scott
6 Lieutenant Uhura
7 Ensign Chekov
8 The Phaser - Tomorrow's Weapon
9 The Shuttle Craft
10 Opponents
11 Energize!
12 The Alien Mr. Spock
13 Men of the Enterprise
14 Story of Voyage One
15 "Live Long and Prosper"
16 View from the Bridge
17 Toward the Unknown
18 Enterprise Orbiting Earth
19 The Purple Barrier
20 Outwitting a God
21 Planet Delta Vega
22 Charlie's Law
23 Mysterious Cube
24 Dwarfed by the Enemy
25 Balok's Alter - Ego
26 Last of its Kind
27 Frozen World
28 Spock Loses Control
29 The Naked Time
30 The Demon Within
31 "My Enemy...My Self!"
32 Monster Android
33 Korby's Folly
34 The Duplicate Man
35 Balance of Terror
36 Attacked by Spores
37 Spock Unwinds!
38 Duel at Gothos
39 Timeship of Lazarus
40 Dagger of the Mind
41 The Lawgivers
42 Hunting the Tunnel Monster
43 Battling the Horta
44 Strange Communication
45 A Startling Discovery
46 McCoy...Insane!
47 The Guardian of Forever
48 Visit to a Hostile City
49 Mystery at Star Base 6
50 Fate of Captain Pike
51 The Talosians
52 Ordeal on Rigel Seven
53 Capturing the Keeper
54 Blasted by the Enemy
55 Trapped by the Lizard Creature
56 The Gorn Strikes!
57 Earthman's Triumph
58 Specimen: Unknown
59 Mirror, Mirror
60 Spock's Wedding
61 Strangled by Mr. Spock
62 Grasp of the Gods
63 The Monster Called Nomad
64 The Companion
65 Journey to Babel
66 Death Ship
67 The Tholian Web
68 The Architects of Pain
69 The Mugato
70 The Deadly Years
71 Ancient Rome Revisited
72 The Melkotian
73 The Vulcan Mind Meld
74 Possessed by Zargon
75 Creation of a Humanoid
76 Captured by Romulans
77 A War of Worlds
78 Space Brains
79 I, Yarneg!
80 Death in a Single Cell
81 The Uninvited
82 The Lights of Zetar
83 Invaded by Alien Energy
84 Kirk's Deadliest Foe
85 The Trouble with Tribbles
86 The Nazi Planet
87 The Starship Eater
88 Star Trek Lives!
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Stickers Checklist

22 cards.

1 James Kirk
2 Mr. Spock - Unearthly!
3 Spock of Vulcan
4 Dr. "Bones" McCoy
5 Engineer Scott
6 Lieutenant Uhura
7 Ensign Chekov
8 The Starship Enterprise
9 Kirk Beaming Up!
10 Star Trek Lives!
11 "Highly Illogical!"
12 The Keeper
13 Commander Balok
14 The Mugato
15 Lal, the Interrogator
16 The Parallel Spock
17 Ambassador Gav
18 Alien Possession!
19 Spock Lives!
20 Evil Klingon Kang
21 Spock Forever!
22 The Romulan Vessel
1976 Topps Star Trek Trading Cards 20

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. Hello.
    I have a 1976 Topps Captain’s Log set, it is missing card # 24.
    How much do you think that ticket is worth, knowing that the turn out to that show was at a loss ?
    905-804-0786 Canada.

  2. Just reading through and thought I’d answer some of the questions.

    Idil, the value is really going to be based on the condition of your set. I have sold several of these sets for under $100. However, I have a highly PSA graded set that is worth thousands.

    Marc, Ryan is correct. Each pack came with 5 cards and 1 sticker. I actually have a bunch of these packs unopened.

  3. I actually have an unopened box of these it’s still sealed. I have no idea of how to value that, or really, who to ask.

    In addition to that box I have two 36″ card boxes, and several other sets. IS there a definitive guide?

  4. Hello,

    I ask that you get back to me, and let me know, if you have the Set of Star Trek Trading Cards from 1976 or ans set of Trading Cards, from 1976-1990, featuring the Women from the Planet Orion? I am looking for the Original Set of Star Trek, with that Episode in it! I ask that you get back to me, and let me know if youi have the Woman of the Planet Orion, on the Original Star Trek please! I contacted the Tops card Company, but no reply! I look to an answer from my you.

    Thank you

    William Eric Huggins

    Thank you

  5. Hello,

    I ask that you get back to me, and let me know, who can I contact about buying the Original Star Trek Trading Card Series, featuring the Woman, from the Planet Orion? How much is he set? Who do I contact, about buying the 1976 Star Trek Series Trading Cards, featuring, the Woman from the Planet Orion? I look to your reply, ASAP.

    Thank you

    William Eric
    William Eric Huggins

  6. Have the sticker collection star trek from 1976 missing one out of the 22 card set. Also have Topps 1976 #1-#87 out of set of 88

  7. Hi, I have what I thought was a complete set of the 197 Topps cards – but I only have 1 – 72 and on the backs of the cards it says ’36 of 72′ for example. What are the extra 16 cards? Were they released later? (I also do not have any stickers – guess I didn’t keep those!


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