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1967 Leaf Star Trek Trading Cards

1967 Leaf Star Trek Trading Cards

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1967 Leaf Star Trek is the first set of trading cards for the landmark franchise. It's also somewhat tough to find. Believed to have been originally released regionally, the cards soon disappeared from the market.

The set has black and white images on the front taken directly from the show. Some also appear to be stills taken during filming. 1967 Leaf Star Trek card backs have Captain Kirk and Spock standing on the right side. A block of text is surrounded by a red border. The top-left corner has the Star Trek symbol with the card number inside. Although the writing on the card backs is extensive, it doesn't connect to any episode. 1967 Leaf Star Trek is a 72-card set.

As with a lot of sets that are both rare and pricey, reprints exist. Genuine 1967 Leaf Star Trek trading cards use different colored card stock. When flipped on their sides, the top and bottom layers of the stock are white and the middle is gray. An unauthorized reprint from 1981 is easy to tell because they state they're just that in the copyright info. There is also some controversy over a find of uncut sheets in Europe as to whether the cards were printed in the 1960s and authorized by Paramount. Other unmarked reprints are slightly smaller and are printed on a lesser quality card stock.

Collectors may also encounter cards numbered higher than 72. These cards are legit although not a part of the original 1967 Leaf Star Trek set. A pair of sets released by Rittenhouse in 2006 and 2008 honoring the show's 40th anniversary included expansion inserts that added another 36 cards to the checklist. These are clearly marked and have updated Rittenhouse copyright info. While these are not officially a part of the 1967 Leaf Star Trek set, some collectors may still want to include them in their collection.

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Set Checklist

1967 Leaf Star Trek Trading Cards Set Checklist

72 cards.

1 No Time For Escape
2 Attempted Mutiny
3 A Grup Appears
4 Come In, Captain Kirk
5 Murasaki Mischief
6 Beam Down to Dawn
7 Beside Himself
8 Back Through Time
9 Horta Emerging
10 Spock's Box
11 Spock in Command (Sitting)
12 Spock in Command (Standing)
13 Befuddled Bones
14 Prepare to Fire Phasers
15 Command Decision
16 Kirk Battles a Gorn
17 Phaser Daser
18 Space Race
19 Fight Fire With Fire
20 Captain's Bluff
21 Underground Pursuit
22 The Bird
23 Teeny Bopper
24 Time Warp
25 You're Kidding
26 Beam Out
27 Burn Out
28 Interference Out
29 Not So Funny
30 Prisoner of the Mind
31 Stalking a Killer
32 The Earth Killer
33 Fight for Lithium
34 Destruction Decision
35 Return My Ship
36 Frozen at the Controls
37 Christmas Present
38 Amnesia Victim
39 Decoy
40 Beyond Tomorrow
41 Trapped
42 Kirk Outside Spock Inside
43 Spock Takes a Job
44 Kirk Held Hostage
45 Big Joker
46 A Scream of Pain
47 Captain's Statue
48 Call Me Senator
49 Into a New World
50 Tranquilized
51 Time for Shore Leave
52 Ice Age
53 Ambushed
54 Pain of Victory
55 Cornered
56 Jungle Hunt
57 Collision Course
58 Corbomite Maneuver
59 You Give Me a Headache
60 Shore Leave Surprise
61 Killer Aboard
62 Mindless Man
63 Pirates at Bay
64 Off Course
65 Attack by Nothing
66 Funny Little Enemies
67 Poison Attack!
68 Warp Out for Rescue
69 Out of Control
70 Return to the Living
71 Space Prisoner
72 Raspberries
1967 Leaf Star Trek Trading Cards 1

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Qi Xi
Qi Xi

1981 reprint

Qi Xi
Qi Xi

I have a full deck of these unopened. What is the value?

tom hedger
tom hedger

Have 81 original star trek cards from 1967. Some are doubles.


The 1967 set was printed By Economy Folding Box Corporation In Chicago. I received a full set when they were printed. all 72 . . I did not like the show and I was 7. I used them as Motor sounds on my Bicycle. :(

I have set of the 1967 Leaf card set. It must have also been released in Michigan because i bought mine a Woolworths in 1967. I have kept a complete set (ungraded) and about 5 wrappers that i managed to not rip up when i opened them. Years ago i sold my extras to someone at a con.


I have a Not Funny 1967 card that is signed by both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. I am wondering how much it may be worth? Actually it is a Not So Funny card #29. It’s a 2011 reproduction. Shatner drew a mustache on Nimoy. Pretty funny.

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