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1971 Kellogg's Baseball Cards

1971 Kellogg’s Baseball Cards

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Remember when cereal boxes had treasure in them? 1971 Kellogg's Baseball is one such example. It made even eating the blandest breakfasts bearable. And while baking soda submarines and Wacky Wall Walkers were great, baseball cards were always better.

This marks the second set from the cereal maker following 1970 Kellogg's Baseball.

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Set Details

The 1971 Kellogg's Baseball set has 75 cards. Smaller than traditional cards, each card measures 2 1/4" by 3 1/2". But that's not what stands out most. In the grand Kellogg's baseball card tradition, they come printed in 3-D. Outside of the gimmicky technology, the design is simple. A thin white outer border gives way to a blue-spotted frame with "3-D Super Star" written across the top. The middle of the card has a posed player photo. And while ads for the cards say they're autographed, they are only facsimile signatures. A red star has the player's last name and position.

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Cards 1

Card backs have a standard layout, albeit one with lots of information. The top portion has the player's vitals, a small headshot, and logos for the team, MLB and MLBPA. Full career stats and a short bio are below. Every card in the set has a variation based on the copyright line. Cards can be found with or without "1970" written before the XOGRAPH registered trademark.

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Cards 2

Several other cards in the set have error-based variations, most with very subtle stat changes.

1971 Kellogg's Baseball cards came packaged one per specially marked box of Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran. To protect the cards, they were placed in white wrappers. These are easy to see through and know which player you're getting.

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Cards 3

Of all the baseball card sets Kellogg's made over the years, 1971 is considered to be the most difficult to complete. It's the only time there wasn't a mail-away offer for complete sets.

The main condition issue for 1971 Kellogg's Baseball is the plastic of the card stock. It's common for it to crack. Otherwise, cards hold up very well.

Key 1971 Kellogg's Baseball Cards:


Set Checklist

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Checklist



Base Set Checklist

75 cards.
Most cards can be found with or without "1970" in the copyright info.

1 Wayne Simpson - Cincinnati Reds
2 Tom Seaver - New York Mets
3 Jim Perry - Minnesota Twins
4 Bob Robertson - Pittsburgh Pirates
5 Roberto Clemente - Pittsburgh Pirates
6 Gaylord Perry - San Francisco Giants
7 Felipe Alou - Oakland Athletics
8 Denis Menke - Houston Astros
9 Don Kessinger - Chicago Cubs
10 Willie Mays - San Francisco Giants
11 Jim Hickman - Chicago Cubs
12 Tony Oliva - Minnesota Twins
13 Manny Sanguillen - Pittsburgh Pirates
14 Frank Howard - Washington Senators
15 Frank Robinson - Baltimore Orioles
16 Willie Davis - Los Angeles Dodgers
17 Lou Brock - St. Louis Cardinals
18 Cesar Tovar - Minnesota Twins
19 Luis Aparicio - Chicago White Sox
20 Boog Powell - Baltimore Orioles
21 Dick Selma - Philadelphia Phillies
22 Danny Walton - Milwaukee Brewers
23 Carl Morton - Montreal Expos
24 Sonny Siebert - Boston Red Sox
25 Jim Merritt - Cincinnati Reds
26 Jose Cardenal - St. Louis Cardinals
27 Don Mincher - Oakland Athletics
28 Clyde Wright - California Angels
29 Les Cain - Detroit Tigers
30 Danny Cater - New York Yankees
31 Don Sutton - Los Angeles Dodgers
32 Chuck Dobson - Oakland Athletics
33 Willie McCovey - San Francisco Giants
34 Mike Epstein - Washington Senators
35 Paul Blair - Baltimore Orioles
36 Gary Nolan - Cincinnati Reds
37 Sam McDowell - Cleveland Indians
38 Amos Otis - Kansas City Royals
39 Ray Fosse - Cleveland Indians
40 Mel Stottlemyre - New York Yankees
41 Clarence Gaston - San Diego Padres
42 Dick Dietz - San Francisco Giants
43 Roy White - New York Yankees
44 Al Kaline - Detroit Tigers
45 Carlos May - Chicago White Sox
46 Tommie Agee - New York Mets
47 Tommy Harper - Milwaukee Brewers
48 Larry Dierker - Houston Astros
49 Mike Cuellar - Baltimore Orioles
50 Ernie Banks - Chicago Cubs
51 Bob Gibson - St. Louis Cardinals
52 Reggie Smith - Boston Red Sox
53 Matty Alou - Pittsburgh Pirates
54 Alex Johnson - California Angels
55 Harmon Killebrew - Minnesota Twins
56 Billy Grabarkewitz - Los Angeles Dodgers
57 Rich Allen - Los Angeles Dodgers
58 Tony Perez - Cincinnati Reds
59 Dave McNally - Baltimore Orioles
60 Jim Palmer - Baltimore Orioles
61 Billy Williams - Chicago Cubs
62 Joe Torre - St. Louis Cardinals
63 Jim Northrup - Detroit Tigers
64 Jim Fregosi - California Angels
65 Pete Rose - Cincinnati Reds
66 Bud Harrelson - New York Mets
67 Tony Taylor - Philadelphia Phillies
68 Willie Stargell - Pittsburgh Pirates
69 Tony Horton - Cleveland Indians
70 Claude Osteen - Los Angeles Dodgers
71 Glenn Beckert - Chicago Cubs
72 Nate Colbert - San Diego Padres
73 Rick Monday - Oakland Athletics
74 Tommy John - Chicago White Sox
75 Chris Short - Philadelphia Phillies


Errors / Variations Set Checklist

*Scarcer version is noted.*

1 Wayne Simpson SO 120
1 Wayne Simpson SO 119*
3 Jim Perry IP 2238
3 Jim Perry IP 2239*
4 Bob Robertson RBI 94
4 Bob Robertson RBI 95*
6 Gaylord Perry IP 2014
6 Gaylord Perry IP 2015*
7 Felipe Alou 1970 Oak NL
7 Felipe Alou 1970 Oak AL*
9 Don Kessinger Hits 849
9 Don Kessinger Hits 850*
14 Frank Howard 1968 Wash. AL
14 Frank Howard 1968 Wash. NL*
21 Dick Selma SO 584
21 Dick Selma SO 587*
24 Sonny Siebert SO 1054
24 Sonny Siebert SO 1055*
26 Jose Cardenal Hits 828
26 Jose Cardenal Hits 829
28 Clyde Wright Cal. State Logo
28 Clyde Wright Angels Logo*
35 Paul Blair Runs 386
35 Paul Blair Runs 385*
36 Gary Nolan SO 577
36 Gary Nolan SO 581*
39 Ray Fosse RBI 69
39 Ray Fosse RBI 70*
46 Tommie Agee RBI 313
46 Tommie Agee RBI 314*
53 Matty Alou RBI 273
53 Matty Alou RBI 274*
54 Alex Johnson Cal. State Logo
54 Alex Johnson Angels Logo*
59 Dave McNally SO 1065
59 Dave McNally SO 1067*
60 Jim Palmer SO 564
60 Jim Palmer SO 567*
63 Jim Northrup Cal. State Logo
63 Jim Northrup Angels Logo*
64 Jim Fregosi Cal. State Logo, 1326 Hits
64 Jim Fregosi Cal. State Logo, 1327 Hits*
64 Jim Fregosi Angels Logo*
66 Bud Harrelson RBI 112
66 Bud Harrelson RBI 113*
70 Claude Osteen #70 on Back
70 Claude Osteen No Number*
73 Rick Monday AB 1705
73 Rick Monday AB 1704*
74 Tommy John BB 444
74 Tommy John BB 443*


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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Roger Ponds
Roger Ponds

The 1971 Kelloggs set is the most difficult (and most expensive) of all Kelloggs sets to complete. It is a rather attractive set. Although 1972 was the first year that I collected baseball cards, I did not add any cards from the 1971 Kelloggs set until 1976, when a friend of mine in high school, who also collected baseball cards, traded me his duplicate cards of 1971 Kelloggs Alex Johnson and Luis Aparicio, and that got me started in the 1971 Kelloggs set. I was able to add some more cards from this set over the years. Finally, I started buying baseball cards on eBay earlier this year (Summer 2022). I was able to put together the complete set of the 1971 Kelloggs set (all 75 cards), thanks to eBay.

Mike M
Mike M

A truly ugly card front, at least the back is a bit easier on the eyes.

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