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1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball Trading Cards

1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball Trading Cards


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1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball is a lot like a standalone expansion of the multi-film James Bond set released by the company the previous year.

1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball cards feature a black and white action photo on the front, bordered by a small white frame. Stills use both vertical and horizontal shots. Card backs have a James Bond banner across the top along with an illustration of the iconic spy wearing diving gear. A short write-up accompanies the card. Thunderball is mentioned specifically in the card's fine print at the bottom of the card.

1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball has a Code Quiz on the back as well. Every pack comes with a decoder that can be used to unscramble answers to trivia questions. This code activity is not in the 1965 Philadelphia James Bond set.

The set has a total of 66 cards.

1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball 13

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Set Checklist

1966 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Thunderball Checklist

66 cards.

1 James Bond, Secret Agent 007
2 The Incredible Aston Martin
3 Never Hit a Lady!
4 A Brutal Affair
5 Flying Fists and Figures
6 Defeat of an Assassin
7 A Jet Get Away
8 Flying Solo
9 Let's Get Out of Here!
10 Water Gentlemen?
11 Hatching an Evil Plot
12 A New Enemy - Emilio Largo
13 A Relaxing Rubdown
14 A Marked Man
15 Terror on the Traction Machine
16 Heat Treatment Deluxe!
17 Evil Work Ahead
18 Death Dealing Damsel
19 Rockets On the Road
20 Grand Scheme Underway
21 On the Ocean Bottom
22 A New Assignment
23 Felix Leiter, CIA
24 Hardly a Proper Pet
25 Domino
26 Enemies at the Gambling Table
27 SPECTRE Fails Again
28 The Disco Volante
29 Underwater Peril
30 Grenades In the Water
31 Fiona Kelly
32 Trapped by Black Suited Killers
33 A Frantic Search
34 Prisoner of SPECTRE
35 Bold Escape Foiled
36 Visions of a Watery Grave
37 Killer of the Deep
38 Q Branch to the Rescue
39 Target for Tonight
40 Going Down for A Close Look
41 Where Are the Bombs?
42 An Important Find
43 A New Ally
44 Silencing an Eavesdropper
45 Checking Weapons
46 A Big Job to Do
47 Secret Agent In Disguise
48 An Intruder Discovered
49 'Copter to the Rescue
50 Escape from the Tide
51 Parachuting to Battle
52 No Mercy Expected
53 On the Way to Battle
54 Water Borne Murderers
55 See-Saw Battle
56 Undersea Villainy
57 Defeat For SPECTRE!
58 There Goes Largo!
59 Ace In the Hole
60 Like Riding a Rocket
61 Final Bid For Freedom
62 Justice Must Prevail
63 Facing Death Weaponless
64 Welcome Assistance
65 Disaster Ahead
66 Success for James Bond

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