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1965 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Trading Cards

1965 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Trading Cards

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It had to start somewhere. Just as he's had a long career in films, 007 has a storied history with trading cards. For collectors in North America, it all began with 1965 Philadelphia Gum James Bond.

The set is nothing fancy. The cards feature black and white photos and a small white border. Most are movie stills, although there are some promotional shots as well. Card backs are a little more elaborate. The top has a large banner declaring James Bond as a "Secret Agent." The left corner has a series of red circles that hold the set number. Running down the left side are two black silhouettes of Bond. One is pointing a gun. The other has Bond opening a door. Finally, the cards have a large writeup describing the action.

The 66-card set includes cards from the first three James Bond movies. Dr. No kicks off the set with 18 cards. From Russia With Love runs from numbers 19 to 41. The final 25 cards are dedicated to Goldfinger.

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Set Checklist

1965 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Checklist

66 cards.

1 Debonair But Deadly
2 Vacation Over, Back To Work
3 Trouble In Jamaica
4 Passions Rise!
5 Quarrel
6 The Allies Meet
7 Licensed To Kill
8 Dr. No's Pet
9 Bond Reduces The Enemy By One
10 The Dragon Tank
11 007's Luck Runs Out, Almost
12 A Prisoner Of Dr. No
13 Dr. Julius No
14 Dr. No's Underground Laboratory
15 Dr. No's Tunnel Of Torture
16 An Anxious Moment For Dr. No
17 Dr. No's Finish
18 "Where Is She, Quick?"
19 James Bond, Secret Service Agent 007
20 The Big Three
21 Dress Rehearsal For Assassination
22 SPECTRE, International Crime Organization
23 Agents Of SPECTRE
24 Graduate Of A College For Killers
25 Kronsteen, The Planner
26 Looking In On The Russians
27 The Lovely Tatiana
28 Double Bait
29 Head Of Secret Service Station "T"
30 Attacked By The Russians
31 "She Should Have Kept Her Mouth Shut"
32 A Taped Message From The Middle East
33 The Fight With Grant
34 Hunted By Helicopter
35 James Bond vs SPECTRE
36 Armed With "Q's" Special Equipment
37 Chase By Sea
38 Always Burn Your Boats Behind You
39 Rosa
40 The Dagger Shoes
41 SPECTRE's Final Effort
42 007 Puts The Heat On
43 Gin Rummy By Radio
44 "Not A Personal Affair, 007, A Job."
45 The Incredible Aston-Martin
46 A Study In Cheating
47 A Powerful Demonstration
48 Tilly Masterson
49 The 24 Carat Rolls-Royce
50 Captured At Last
51 The Incredible Laser Ray
52 Spying On A Spy
53 Felix Leiter Of The CIA
54 The Hoods' Convention
55 One Good Turn Deserves Another
56 Goldfinger Vs. The United States
57 The U.S. Army Strikes Back
58 A Treacherous Escape
59 Oddjob The Invincible
60 More Than A Demonstration
61 The Fight With Oddjob
62 Oddjob's Deadly Derby
63 Death Of A Killer
64 Racing The Clock At Fort Knox
65 Auric Goldfinger
66 The Final Encounter
1965 Philadelphia Gum James Bond Trading Cards 1

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I have an uncut sheet of black and white sean connery/james bond cards. Wondering how much they’d be worth and how to find out.

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