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1964 Topps Beatles Movie Hard Day's Night Trading Cards

1964 Topps Beatles Movie Hard Day’s Night Trading Cards

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1964 Topps Beatles Movie Hard Day's Night trading cards center on the iconic band's big screen debut. The 55-card set is one of seven Beatles-themed releases that year. Although not rare, it's one of the tougher sets to put together.

Card fronts are very simple. A black and white photo is accompanied by a small white border. Images are a mix of shots from the film and on-set photos. Unlike the three 1964 Topps Beatles Black and White sets, 1964 Topps Beatles Movie Hard Day's Night cards do not have a facsimile signature on the front.

Card backs come with a descriptive caption. They heavily publicize the film and roughly outline some of the movie's plot. A video camera graphic is in the background. The card number is set is the middle of the camera. The bottom of the card has a bold headline announcing the film as well as copyright information.

While 1964 Topps Beatles Movie Hard Day's Night cards are available, they're not as plentiful as most of the other Topps Beatles sets released that year. Prices, however, are in line with all of the other sets except 1964 Topps Beatles Plaks.

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Set Checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Movie Hard Day's Night Checklist

1 There were always spectators on the set of A Hard Day's Night.
2 All the boys proved to skeptics that they had fine acting ability besides being fine singers.
3 The Beatles left the studio sets to film this scene outdoors.
4 Here's a close-up of George Harrison.
5 John Lennon and George Harrison chat on the set after doing one of the musical numbers from A Hard Day's Night.
6 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr pose in front of the cameras during a brief break in the filming of A Hard Day's Night.
7 Don't get excited.
8 In this candid snapshot, George Harrison of the fabulous Beatles speaks to one of the technicians on a sound stage.
9 Paul gets to dance with the young actress that plays a girlfriend in A Hard Day's Night.
10 Ringo Starr is having a one-way conversation with himself as he speaks into a phone that doesn't work.
11 Paul is snapped in a reflective mood on the set of A Hard Day's Night.
12 Ringo gets some last-minute instruction from a movie technician.
13 Quiet on the set.
14 Look out because here comes another Beatle.
15 Here's one of the wildest scenes from A Hard Day's Night.
16 It's early in the morning and most people are still fast asleep. But not the Beatles.
17 Ringo Starr speaks to a young admirer in a scene from A Hard Day's Night.
18 George, John, Paul and Ringo get some last-minute instructions from the movie's director.
19 Paul's grandfather is the villain in A Hard Day's Night.
20 Who is the man in the beard?
21 Beatles, Beatles everywhere.
22 One of the funniest sequences in A Hard Day's Night involves Paul and his grandfather on a railroad station.
23 Here comes the big fight scene.
24 Paul gets a call from his song publisher on the set of A Hard Day's Night.
25 Ringo takes a coffee break on the set of A Hard Day's Night.
26 The final chore for the boys was to make a trailer.
27 Paul, Ringo and George are getting ready to shoot their favorite scene in A Hard Day's Night.
28 Ringo looks a little unhappy according to the script because grandfather has been up to his old tricks again.
29 Ringo Starr is in trouble with the police, but in the movie only.
30 The Beatles get their famous hair combed just before the day's shooting began on A Hard Day's Night.
31 Meet the Beatles.
32 In A Hard Day's Night, Ringo Starr disappears and the three Beatles are frantic.
33 John Lennon gets ideas for new songs almost everywhere.
34 George Harrison poses for a publicity shot.
35 George Harrison takes a welcome break between scenes in A Hard Day's Night.
36 Paul McCartney is on a train in this scene from A Hard Day's Night.
37 Paul McCartney in his movie debut is dress as a London banker in this scene from their movie, A Hard Day's Night.
38 In the Beatles' first movie, Ringo Starr makes his film debut.
39 The Beatles are onstage in the Scala Theatre in Soho performing Can't Buy Me Love
40 John, Paul, George and Ringo are getting set to run through the title song from their movie A Hard Day's Night.
41 In this scene from A Hard Day's Night, it is just before the Beatles are scheduled to appear on a live television show.
42 Movie grandfather, John McCartney, is going to work on Ringo to try to split up the group.
43 John Lennon has met Paul's grandfather for the first time in their train compartment.
44 Paul McCartney has his eye on his grandfather in this scene from A Hard Day's Night.
45 A Hard Day's Night, starring the Beatles, presents a fictional adventure of 36 hours in the lives of the Liverpool four.
46 Ringo Starr has quit the Beatles.
47 Which one is the real Beatle?
48 Popular Beatle, John Lennon, poses for publicity shots for the Beatles' first motion picture, A Hard Day's Night.
49 The Beatles are actors now and they mug it up for the cameras during their shooting break.
50 Here come all four Beatles on the dead run.
51 Beatle George Harrison relaxes in his dressing room waiting for the word to begin the next scene of A Hard Day's Night.
52 Paul McCartney holds a clapboard on the set of A Hard Day's Night.
53 In this scene from A Hard Day's Night, Paul, John, George and Ringo open fan mail and relax in their hotel suite.
54 The Beatles are on stage during a live television show performing several of their numbers.
55 The Beatles are about to board a train and this is where their troubles start in A Hard Day's Night.

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