1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 1st Series Trading Cards

1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 1st Series Trading Cards


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1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 1st Series is one of several trading card sets of the band released that year. With Beatlemania firmly entrenched, the demand for anything with the Fab Four was hot. Today, the set remains popular with collectors.

The 60-card set uses a mix of photo styles. They range from musical shots to portraits to candid pictures of the band goofing around. Some show the entire band while others only have individual members. As the set's title suggests, photos are black and white. Card fronts have a small white border and a blue facsimile signature. Cards with more than one band member have just one facsimile signature.

1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 1st Series card backs are very simple. The are complete plain except for a small blue box at the bottom that has the card number.

Topps produced two additional black and white Beatles releases in 1964. These sets continue the numbering scheme.

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Set Checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 1st Series Checklist

60 cards. Card titles indicate facsimile autograph on card front.

1 George Harrison
2 John Lennon
3 Paul McCartney
4 Paul McCartney
5 John Lennon
6 Ringo Starr
7 John Lennon
8 Ringo Starr
9 George Harrison
10 George Harrison
11 Paul McCartney
12 Ringo Starr
13 Ringo Starr
14 George Harrison
15 George Harrison
16 John Lennon
17 John Lennon
18 Paul McCartney
19 Ringo Starr
20 John Lennon
21 Paul McCartney
22 Paul McCartney
23 George Harrison
24 Ringo Starr
25 Paul McCartney
26 Ringo Starr
27 Paul McCartney
28 Ringo Starr
29 Ringo Starr
30 George Harrison
31 Paul McCartney
32 Ringo Starr
33 John Lennon
34 John Lennon
35 Paul McCartney
36 George Harrison
37 Paul McCartney
38 Ringo Starr
39 Paul McCartney
40 John Lennon
41 George Harrison
42 John Lennon
43 Ringo Starr
44 John Lennon
45 Paul McCartney
46 George Harrison
47 John Lennon
48 George Harrison
49 Ringo Starr
50 John Lennon
51 Ringo Starr
52 George Harrison
53 George Harrison
54 Paul McCartney
55 John Lennon
56 George Harrison
57 John Lennon
58 Paul McCartney
59 Ringo Starr
60 Paul McCartney
1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 1st Series Trading Cards 19

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User Reviews

  1. I have a small card like these signed John Lenon,…… Found in a wall in an old house!…… Plse call need more info on it…..5023302830. Thx

  2. Klinton burke (ID 73097) Unfortunately, it’s likely a facsimile (printed) signature and not a real one. All of the cards have them. Unless, of course, you see an autograph on the front besides the facsimile one.

  3. Found a wallet size picture when tearing up floor of an older house. Shows John Lennon and Paul McCartney, both holding guitars but setting up the stage? Blond hair guy with black rim glasses, another bald guy, and three security guards on stage. Can’t find replica of it on line anywhere

  4. I have #’s 2,12,44 & 58 from the 1-60 original series. They are in good condition but have a piece of tape on each one. I also have my ticket stub from the Civic Arena concert of the Beatles Sept 14th 1964. Paid $5.90 for 5th row seats.

  5. I have #1 of 60….a couple bad spots on the photo, but that’s it. George Harrison signed. Found in the wall of a home.

  6. i have a #5 with blue print signature

  7. All are like that. They are facsimile (printed, not real) signatures.

  8. I have original # 32 picture sign by Ringo star anybody knwo how much are this worth ??? $

  9. I have Beatles card number 49 in a series of 60 TCG printed in USA signature by Ringo Starr on the front it shows all four Beatles left to right Paul Ringo Georgia John anyone interested send me a message on my email about thank you Donna

  10. I have a #2 of John Lennon (black and white). Does it have a volume outside the group of #60 cards? Thanks for an answer.

  11. Sandy T Hi Sandy, I’m not sure what you mean by “volume.”

  12. Need to know value of the following Beatles cards:
    Beatles color cards #1,6,13,21
    Beatles diary cards#16A,21A,34A,45A
    Beatles movie Hards day night total 15 cards ranging from 4-52
    Beatles series 1 ranging 4-56
    Beatles series 2
    Beatles series3

  13. i would like to know the value of Beatles cards from the TCG set of 60. I have #17,#34,#44 and #45. I have had them for45 years. Thankyou.

  14. I have a uncut black and white sheet of 55 cards. There are no numbers on the cards or blue signatures, also there is nothing printed on the back of the sheet, is this worth anything?

  15. I have a lot of beatle cards. Unfortunately I put my name on the back of all of them and a red dot so I would know they were mine as a kid. Does this change the value? I also have a long wall decoration with their faces and things,again I wrote things on it.

  16. nancie Unfortunately, writing brings down the value significantly.

  17. I have a 2nd series No.92 that is printed T.C.G. Printed in U.S.A. The backside is white…..but the ink is GREEN , like the later 3rd Series…..Not the usual RED ink! Anybody know what’s up with that?
    Many with a dark back, also printed in GREEN, seem to be printed in Canada.

    Maybe I should have said ORANGE ???

  18. I have several complete sets. Color. B and w movie cards. Are any of them worth anything?

  19. I had 3000 mint trading card stolen from me a few months ago. I am now trying to deal with the insurance company. The cards were never touch except when new and the put into a small case were they have been all these years. I had every set in duplicate. Can you give me an ideal of the value. All mint and pristine condition, all very white.

  20. I’m looking for # 58 in the original b/w 1964 set of 60. Does anyone have one to trade. I have many duplicates for trading….all in excellent condition.

  21. While a family member was working on my Mother in laws antique cars a box was found in it were several paintings and in the bottom was a black and white card from the 1-60 series, featuring John Lennon in the barber shop with another band member. It looks to be signed by John Lennon, but it is a printed bluish green signature. On the back is the same color bluish green box with # 55 of 60. Unfortunately the left side of the card has a place that looks like paper mites may have eaten away at it. Is there any value to this card and if so how much is it worth? I’m very interested in the whole collection. I don’t mind paying for them but I don’t want to be taken advantage of either! Any one specialized in the collection? Thank you in advance? Dino}

  22. i have 2nd series black and white #s 61-66, 68-74, 76-81, 83-101, 104-107, 109-112, 114,115. black and white series of 60 photos #s 1, 4-8,18,21,26,34,35,
    38,48,51,52,58. beatles color cards #s
    2-7, 10-14, 16-18,20,22,23,25,27,29,30-36,38-49,51-64. all are in excellent condition any idea of value of these cards.

  23. I have the first original set complete. They are embossed. I searched for 2 yrs. mint condition. No gum or wrappers..all now encased. What is their value. BW only as they were at that time. thanks

  24. I have some Beatles black and white trading cards that from your website seem to be some from the 1-60 series. Sadly, they have been elmer’s glues to paper. I would like to get them to someone who could take them off without damaging them. Would you be interested? I do not want to keep them but think that they are at least worth something to a collector?? Are you interested and if so, I can send pictures.

  25. The Beatles signed my cast when I broke my arm in 1964. Because of this, I never let the doctor cut the cast off. Does anybody think my cast is worth anything? What would you pay for it? For the right price, I will consider having the cast removed. Hit me up.

  26. Have a beatles card nbr 24 from series 1 with a gray back. Is this a reprint

  27. I have original 1964 series 1 & 2 complete, good condition. Any idea of their value?

  28. My sister entered a drawing contest back in 1966. Her picture was featured in Teen Circle magazine. A young man named Mick, from England, started up as a pen pal. He sent her 2 letters, one from Paul to Mick and the other George to December. Pauls letter mentions someone named Dalana or Dalara. She also had an autographed picture of the Beatles holding record awards. Ringo in a long overcoat. How do I check to see if these are authentic?

  29. I have a black @ white photo with Beatles, number 5 in a series of 60 photos ( T.C.G ) printed in U.S.A. Signature by John Lennon on the front in blue pen. It shows all four Beatles shopping. Recently found this photo in a box, in good condition. I would like to inform me the current value or any interest. Thank you.

  30. I have 6 unopened green packs os Beatle cards any value to them????

  31. Hi

    I have a set maybe 2 sets of Beatles bubble gum cards. Very basically how much are they worth?
    1st edition, I bought the myself. And I still have my teeth!!!
    Original Beatles fan

  32. I have a sheet of 132 uncut Beatles color cards. Roughly 28×42 1/2. Can someone provide me with information as to their value?

    Most of the uncut sheets I find on-line are only 64 cards, and usually black and white.


  33. Going through some old stuff and found a card from the original series. #54, Paul McCartney. Are they worth anything? Or maybe I should just say what are they worth or do they have any value at all.
    Thanks for responding.

  34. We found some packs… were told they were o-pee-chee. But apparently they are topps 1964.how Can I find out the series and value.?

  35. I have the following complete Beatle card sets:1st series #1-64 complete/2nd series #65-115 complete, 3rd series #116-165 complete also 1970 Classic Hit series complete, 1960-1964 American Images Series (limited ed of 5,000 with 36 cards) complete, Beatle Diary Card set complete,
    all cards are in excellent condition and are stored in hard plastic card boxes each set.
    plus I have the
    Full Collection of most current Beatle cards in the binder that came out with them probably in the 90’s.
    Trying to figure the value to sell the whole collection

  36. I have 3 cards B&W don’t know anything about them, #8 #30 and #55 are they worth anything?

  37. I have …..an uncut, black and white with blue “signatures” lithographer’s sheet of Beatle cards. The “front” is blank.

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