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1964 Topps Beatles Color Trading Cards

1964 Topps Beatles Color Trading Cards

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There certainly wasn't a shortage of Beatles trading cards at the height of Beatlemania. 1964 Topps Beatles Color trading cards is one of seven sets made by the card maker that year. It's also one of the most insightful.

As the name suggests, 1964 Topps Beatles Color features full-color photos. This is a stark contrast from the company's multi-series Beatles Black and White set. Card fronts offer a lively look at the band, with a large color photo framed by a thin white border. Several of the images are very similar to those used in other Topps Beatles sets.

Card backs are also a big step up from the plain backs of the Black and White sets. They have an orange background with illustrations of all four of the Beatles running down the side. The top of the card reads, "Beatles Color Cards." Below that is a large box that has a question for one of the band members. Either John, Paul, Ringo or George answer the question.

The 1964 Topps Beatles Color checklist has 64 cards.

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Set Checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Color Checklist

Base Set Checklist

64 cards. Checklist notes who is on the front and who is featured on the back.

1 Meet John Lennon
2 Meet Paul McCartney
3 Meet George Harrison
4 Meet Ringo Starr
5 John, Paul, George, Ringo - Paul Speaking
6 John, Paul, George, Ringo - John Speaking
7 George and Paul - Ringo Speaking
8 Paul - George Speaking
9 Ringo and Paul - Paul Speaking
10 John - John Speaking
11 George - Ringo Speaking
12 John, Paul, Ringo - John Speaking
13 John and Paul - Paul Speaking
14 John - George Speaking
15 John, Paul, George, Ringo - Ringo Speaking
16 Ringo, Paul, John - John Speaking
17 Ringo, George, John, Paul - George Speaking
18 Ringo, George, John, Paul - George Speaking
19 John - Ringo Speaking
20 Ringo - John Speaking
21 George, John, Ringo, Paul - Paul Speaking
22 Paul, George, John, Ringo - George Speaking
23 John, Paul, Ringo - Ringo Speaking
24 John, Ringo, Paul - John Speaking
25 John, Paul, Ringo, John - Ringo Speaking
26 George - Paul Speaking
27 Paul, Ringo, John - Paul Speaking
28 Ringo - George Speaking
29 Paul, John, Young Boy, Ringo - Ringo Speaking
30 Paul, George, John, Ringo - Paul Speaking
31 Ringo, George, John, Paul - George Speaking
32 John, Dog, Ringo - John Speaking
33 Ringo, George, John, Paul - John Speaking
34 Paul, John, Ringo - Ringo Speaking
35 Paul, Ringo, George, John - George Speaking
36 Paul, John, George, Ringo - Paul Speaking
37 Paul, George, John - Ringo Speaking
38 Paul - John Speaking
39 John and George - John Speaking
40 John, Ringo, Paul - Paul Speaking
41 Paul - Paul Speaking
42 Ringo, John, Paul - George Speaking
43 Paul, Ringo, John, George - Ringo Speaking
44 Paul, George, John - John Speaking
45 Ringo - Paul Speaking
46 Paul, George, John, Ringo - Ringo Speaking
47 Ringo and John - John Speaking
48 Ringo, John, Paul - George Speaking
49 Paul - Ringo Speaking
50 Paul, George, Ringo - John Speaking
51 Paul and Ringo - Ringo Speaking
52 Ringo, Paul and John - Paul Speaking
53 Ringo, Paul, John and George - Paul Speaking
54 Paul and Ringo - John Speaking
55 Paul, Ringo, George, John - John Speaking
56 Ringo - Paul Speaking
57 Paul, Ringo, John - John Speaking
58 Ringo and Paul - George Speaking
59 John, Paul, Ringo - Ringo Speaking
60 John, Ringo, Paul - Paul Speaking
61 Paul, George, John, Ringo - Paul Speaking
62 John, Paul, Ringo, George - Paul Speaking
63 George and John - Paul Speaking
64 Ringo, Paul, John - John Speaking
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Jeff Lamb
Jeff Lamb

Wondering if you were aware of a variant on card #148 from the 3rd series of the B&W cards. Variation concerns the airbrushing of the cleavage of the young lady at the right side of the card. I have several that are not airbrushed but one that has obviously been touched up to hide her exposure.

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