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1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series Trading Cards

1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series Trading Cards


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1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series is one of seven sets the card maker produced of the band that year. Picking up from where the first set left off, it's a simple release that still captures the iconic spirit of Beatlemania.

The 1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series checklist has 55 cards. This is down from the previous set's 60 cards. The design holds true with a small white border giving way to a large photo. Shots include box group pictures and photos of individual members. While lots show them performing, many are much more candid. Card fronts also have a facsimile signature from one of the Fab Four.

Card backs are once again extremely simple. A red box at the bottom of the card states has the number and series. Other than copyright info, there are no other details.

Centering makes truly high-grade cards tough to find. Although there isn't a significant difference, 1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series cards appear to be slightly more plentiful than those from the first set.

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Set Checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series Checklist

55 cards. Numbering continues from where 1st Series left off. Card titles indicate facsimile autograph on card front.

61 John Lennon
62 Paul McCartney
63 Ringo Starr
64 Paul McCartney
65 Paul McCartney
66 George Harrison
67 John Lennon
68 George Harrison
69 Paul McCartney
70 Ringo Starr
71 Paul McCartney
72 George Harrison
73 John Lennon
74 Paul McCartney
75 John Lennon
76 Ringo Starr
77 John Lennon
78 Paul McCartney
79 George Harrison
80 Ringo Starr
81 John Lennon
82 George Harrison
83 George Harrison
84 Paul McCartney
85 John Lennon
86 Ringo Starr
87 George Harrison
88 John Lennon
89 Paul McCartney
90 Ringo Starr
91 George Harrison
92 Paul McCartney
93 Ringo Starr
94 Paul McCartney
95 Ringo Starr
96 Paul McCartney
97 John Lennon
98 Ringo Starr
99 John Lennon
100 Paul McCartney
101 John Lennon
102 Paul McCartney
103 George Harrison
104 John Lennon
105 John Lennon
106 George Harrison
107John Lennon
108 George Harrison
109 Paul McCartney
110 John Lennon
111 George Harrison
112 Ringo Starr
113 Ringo Starr
114 Ringo Starr
115 Ringo Starr
1964 Topps Beatles Black and White 2nd Series Card

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. To whom it may concern,
    hello my name is Lucas and I recently purchased an original Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album at Goodwill. When I took the album out of the sleeve 4 black and white Beatles black&white second series baseball cards fell out. It says it they are printed by TCG they are number 65 number 74 number 83 and number 111. I noticed that on your website you have card number 83 as the main picture for the second series cards. Do these cards have any value do you want to buy them? Thank you very much my name is Lucas. Thank you for your attention in this matter have a lovely day

  2. I have a signed 2nd series #100 black and white trading card .Can you please put a value on it .

  3. I think I have a signed John Lennon trading card. Thanks for any info.

  4. I have a signed 2nd series #82 black and white trading card .Can you please put a value on it .

  5. I have a signed 2nd series #100 black and white trading card .Can you please put a value on it.

  6. I have a 2nd series no. 93 card. Ringo

  7. I have 4, 2nd series (85, 93,102 & 76) signed in blue ink by Ringo, Paul and John. T.C.G. printed in USA. Could you put a value on them?

  8. hi,,,i have an odd card from series two black and white. Card #91 of all four beatles close up….front is normal…back is written accurately but it is in green like series three. Value? Rarity? I am really curious because i have looked at thousands of beatles cards over the decades and NEVER seen this type of error. Would appreciate your thoughts.

  9. Pouvez vous me dire le prix que cette carte vaut aujourd’hui…elle est en cadre blanc et signé par John Lennon#104.de la série 2ND. #61 trough #115.MERCI

  10. I have many Beatle cards. But the Second Series Card No. 102 is the famous “bald” Beatles card. I have both the “before and after” card” the original and the one where a production assistant “erased” the moptops hair and superimposed the butch haircut version. Not that many made it through the production line to the buying public. Worth??

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