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1961-62 Fleer Basketball Cards

1961-62 Fleer Basketball Cards

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In 1961, Fleer decided to try what Topps and Bowman already tried and moved on from. They printed a set of basketball cards. Like the others, they stopped production after only one season. While the company would become very successful issuing basketball cards a quarter century later, 1961-62 Fleer Basketball didn't appear to have sold  well.

Card fronts were broken into two parts. The player appeared in the bottom part, in a posed shot set against a solid background. His team name and logo appeared in the top box, with his name and position appearing in a white strip between the two parts. The backs were oriented horizontally, with a blue stripe down the right side. A near-circular notch in the stripe had the card number inside. The player's name, position and team appeared at the top, followed by his vital statistics, which were underlined in blue. Most of the rest had a written biography of the player, followed by is stats from the previous year and lifetime totals.

There are 66 cards in the 1961-62 Fleer Basketball set. The first 44 are regular player cards, and the last 22 were In Action cards featuring players who also appeared in the first 44 cards. The players in each section are arranged in alphabetical order by their last names. Most cards in the set are found with centering issues, which makes true high-grade specimens especially valuable.

The key card in the set is Wilt Chamberlain's rookie card, but several NBA superstars' first cards are found here. These stars include Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor and Len Wilkins. All of these rookies except for Wilkins are also featured on action cards.

Key 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Cards:

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Set Checklist

1961-62 Fleer Basketball Card Checklist

66 cards.

1 Al Attles RC
2 Paul Arizin
3 Elgin Baylor RC
4 Walt Bellamy RC
5 Arlen Bockhorn
6 Bob Boozer RC
7 Carl Braun
8 Wilt Chamberlain RC
9 Larry Costello
10 Bob Cousy
11 Walter Dukes
12 Wayne Embry RC
13 Dave Gambee
14 Tom Gola
15 Sihugo Green RC
16 Hal Greer RC
17 Richie Guerin RC
18 Cliff Hagan
19 Tom Heinsohn
20 Bailey Howell RC
21 Rod Hundley
22 K.C. Jones RC
23 Sam Jones RC
24 Phil Jordon
25 John Kerr
26 Rudy Larusso RC
27 George Lee
28 Bob Leonard
29 Clyde Lovellette
30 John McCarthy
31 Tom Meschery RC
32 Willie Naulls
33 Don Ohl RC
34 Bob Pettit
35 Frank Ramsey
36 Oscar Robertson RC
37 Guy Rodgers RC
38 Bill Russell
39 Dolph Schayes
40 Frank Selvy
41 Gene Shue
42 Jack Twyman
43 Jerry West RC
44 Lenny Wilkens RC
45 Paul Arizin
46 Elgin Baylor
47 Wilt Chamberlain
48 Larry Costello
49 Bob Cousy
50 Walter Dukes
51 Tom Gola
52 Richie Guerin
53 Cliff Hagan
54 Tom Heinsohn
55 Bailey Howell
56 John Kerr
57 Rudy Larusso
58 Clyde Lovellette
59 Bob Pettit
60 Frank Ramsey
61 Oscar Robertson
62 Bill Russell
63 Dolph Schayes
64 Gene Shue
65 Jack Twyman
66 Jerry West
1961-62 Fleer Basketball Wilt Chamberlain RC

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Chris is an avid vintage sports card collector who is The Cardboard Connection's resident expert of all things vintage.

User Reviews

  1. In my opinion one of the greatest sets ever made. Awesome rookies, beautiful cards, and a great set to put together. My dad started this set and never completed it. He passed away in 06 and I hope I hit the lottery so I can complete it. Thanks.

  2. Halfway done building my 1961 Fleer PSA set!! 33 down & 33 to go!! Started building this set about a year ago.. Excited to see it start coming together!! I do have some duplicates that I would be open to trading for other cards in this set.. Also open to trades for cards from 1948 Bowman and 1957 Topps.. Decided to try to build all of “The Big Three” for vintage basketball!!

    And thanks for the info CardboardConnection!!

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