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1936 Goudey Baseball Cards

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards

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Issued primarily as a card game, 1936 Goudey Baseball flies under the radar in comparison to other Goudey releases of the time. The simple, black-and-white release is also more affordable, but because of the the many card back variations, a master set is no small task.

Clearly attempting to mix things up, immensely popular Goudey sets in 1933 and 1934 gave way to the 4-in-1 cards in 1935 Goudey and followed that up with the R322 cards in 1936 Goudey Baseball. Measuring the relatively standard 2-3/8" by 2-7/8", there is really not much to the cards. The card fronts only feature a black-and-white photo, white border and the player's name in a cursive font.

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 1 1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 2

1936 Goudey Baseball card backs are where the "game" comes into play. Two possible outcomes are featured, with each displayed using a different text orientation. A short bio for the player pictured on the front is sandwiched in-between the two plays. There are a total of 25 different card back options. However, each front is paired with multiple backs, putting the total amount of possible cards much higher.

Coming in at just 25 cards, the small checklist misses a few big names, but still features several Hall of Fame players. The most notable options are Hank Greenberg and Mickey Cochrane. The biggest omissions include Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio, who was a rookie in 1936.

For those collectors looking for more depth from the season, there is a 1936 Goudey Wide Pen Premium (R314) set with a much larger checklist. The 3-1/4" by 5-1/2" set features a very similar front design to 1936 Goudey Baseball.

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 3

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Key Cards

Key 1936 Goudey Baseball Cards

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Hank Greenberg

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 4

Mickey Cochrane

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 5

Lefty Gomez

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 6

Paul Waner

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 7

Chuck Klein

1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 8

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Set Checklist

1936 Goudey Baseball Set Checklist

The cards are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Each card front is paired with multiple card backs listed below.
1936 Goudey Baseball Cards 9

Wally Berger
Zeke Bonura
Frenchy Bordagaray
Bill Brubaker
Dolph Camilli
Slick Castleman
Mickey Cochrane
Joe Coscarart
Frankie Crosetti
Kiki Cuyler
Paul Derringer
Jimmy Dykes
Rick Ferrell
Lefty Gomez
Hank Greenberg
Bucky Harris
Rollie Hemsley
Pinky Higgins
Oral Hildebrand
Chuck Klein
Pepper Martin
Bobo Newsom
Joe Vosmik
Paul Waner
Bill Werber
!!Home Run!! - Ball
Ball (out-drop) - Out (sharp grounder)
Ball (right over) - Out (long high fly)
Ball (close) - Out (pop fly)
Ball (low) - Out (1st baseman spears)
Bunt - Stolen Base!
Double (To left center) - Foul
Foul (liner into home) - Ball (batter fell)
Foul (over the press boxes) - Ball (high, wide)
Foul - Double!!
Foul - Force Out
Foul Tip - Strike!
Hit By Pitched Ball - Out
Out (long fly) - Strike (slow ball)
Out (short fly) - Ball (almost a wild pitch)
Out - Double Play
Out - Single
Out!! - Error!!!
Steals Home!! - Strike
Strike (fast in-shoot) - Ball (low)
Strike (wide out-curve) - Ball (outside, low)
Strike (caught napping) - Foul (high up)
Strike (right over) - Ball (high, inside)
Strike - Wild Pitch
Three Bagger - Out

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