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1934 Goudey Baseball Cards

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards

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1934 Goudey Baseball is the follow-up to the popular 1933 release and carries over much of what made the original a hobby staple. Taking things to the next level, Lou Gehrig was brought on in an official capacity and is synonymous with the vintage set. While that is not enough to overcome the lack of Gehrig's more famous teammate, Babe Ruth, the set still maintains a prominent place in the collecting world and features cards for 19 Hall of Fame inductees.

As the only player with two cards in the product, not to mention his face appearing on the bottom of 84 of the set's 96 cards, Lou Gehrig is the clear focus of 1934 Goudey Baseball. In addition to his image on most of the cards, Gehrig also adds his commentary for each featured player, including his own cards. While Gehrig covers players from both leagues with a blue color scheme, he is not the only player prominently featured in the set. The remaining 12 cards are all National League subjects and replace Gehrig with Chuck Klein, a Hall of Fame slugger that mainly played for the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs. Klein's cards offer a red color scheme.

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 11934 Goudey Baseball Cards 2

The 1934 Goudey Baseball design is very familiar to collectors and considered by many to be more attractive than the 1933 set. The same design is also on display on the infamous Nap Lajoie mashup card that showcases a 1934 Goudey front and 1933 Goudey back. The 2-3/8" by 2-7/8" cards include an action or portrait player drawing with a colorful background in yellow, red, blue, light blue, green, purple or blue-green. Various baseball diamond outlines can be seen in the background along with in-action baseball player silhouettes. The player's name is featured at the top of the card and the bottom employs a blue or red banner with a tagline that reads "Lou Gehrig says.." or "Chuck Klein says..." Finally, a black-and-white photo is shown for either Gehrig or Klein.

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 31934 Goudey Baseball Cards 4

While the 1934 Goudey Baseball fronts showcase an updated look, the card backs are very similar to the 1933 design. Other than the notation at the top as the 1934 series, little is changed in one version. Instead of a basic bio with player stats, the information on the back is presented as a direct quote from either Lou Gehrig or Chuck Klein. Another version tweaks the layout a tad and adds a notation that references an arrangement with Christy Walsh, widely regarded as baseball's first agent.

At just 96 cards, 1934 Goudey Baseball is a much more manageable set that its predecessor. Although there are no official short prints, the high numbers (#73-96) are noticeably more difficult to locate. Because this applies to none of the key cards and only one Hall of Fame player (#90 Kiki Cuyler), this is mostly an issue for set collectors. HOF cards always command interest among vintage sets and there are several official rookie cards for these esteemed former players. The key option in this group is the rookie card for Hank Greenberg.

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Key Cards

Key 1934 Goudey Baseball Cards

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#37 Lou Gehrig

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 26

#61 Lou Gehrig

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 27

#1 Jimmie Foxx

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 28

#62 Hank Greenberg

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 29

#6 Dizzy Dean

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 30

#2 Mickey Cochrane

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 31

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Set Checklist

1934 Goudey Baseball Set Checklist

All cards with an asterisk (*) feature Chuck Klein, while the rest showcase Lou Gehrig.
1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 51

1 Jimmy Foxx
2 Gordon (Mickey) Cochrane
3 Charlie Grimm
4 Elwood (Woody) English
5 Ed Brandt
6 Jerome (Dizzy) Dean
7 Leo Durocher
8 Tony Piet
9 Ben Chapman
10 Charles (Chuck) Klein
11 Paul Waner
12 Carl Hubbell
13 Frank Frisch
14 Willie Kamm
15 Alvin Crowder
16 Joe Kuhel
17 Hugh Kritz
18 Henry (Heinie) Manush
19 Robert (Lefty) Grove
20 Frank Hogan
21 Bill Terry
22 Floyd Vaughan
23 Charley Gehringer
24 Ray Benge
25 Roger Cramer RC
26 Gerald Walker RC
27 Luke Appling RC
28 Ed Coleman RC
29 Larry French RC
30 Julius Solters RC
31 Baxter Jordan RC
32 John (Blondy) Ryan RC
33 Frank (Don) Hurst RC
34 Charles (Chick) Hafey RC
35 Ernie Lombardi RC
36 Walter (Huck) Betts RC
37 Lou Gehrig
38 Oral Hildebrand RC
39 Fred Walker RC
40 John Stone RC
41 George Earnshaw RC
42 John Allen RC
43 Dick Porter RC
44 Tom Bridges
45 Oscar Melillo RC
46 Joe Stripp RC
47 John Frederick RC
48 James (Tex) Carleton RC
49 Sam Leslie RC
50 Walter Beck RC
51 Jim (Rip) Collins RC
52 Herman Bell RC
53 George Watkins RC
54 Wesley Schulmerich RC
55 Ed Holley RC
56 Mark Koenig
57 Bill Swift RC
58 Earl Grace RC
59 Joe Mowry RC
60 Lynn Nelson RC
61 Lou Gehrig
62 Henry Greenberg RC
63 Minter Hayes RC
64 Frank Grube RC
65 Cliff Bolton RC
66 Mel Harder RC
67 Bob Weiland RC
68 Bob Johnson RC
69 John Marcum RC
70 Ervin (Pete) Fox RC
71 Lyle Tinning RC
72 Arndt Jorgens RC
73 Ed Wells RC
74 Bob Boken RC
75 Bill Werber RC
76 Hal Trotsky RC
77 Joe Vosmik RC
78 Frank (Pinkey) Higgins RC
79 Eddie Durham RC
80 Marty McManus *
81 Bob Brown RC *
82 Bill Hallahan *
83 Jim Mooney RC *
84 Paul Derringer RC *
85 Adam Comorosky *
86 Lloyd Johnson RC *
87 George Darrow RC *
88 Homer Peel RC *
89 Linus Frey RC *
90 Hazen (Ki-Ki) Cuyler *
91 Dolph Camilli RC *
92 Steve Larkin RC
93 Fred Ostermueller RC
94 (Red) Rolfe RC
95 Myril Hoag RC
96 Jim DeShong RC

1934 Goudey Baseball Cards 5Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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james stram
james stram

Hey Trey, does the 1933 set of these cards have any dating that would tell you it is the 1933 series? I understand the 1934 series has 1934 series written on the back top left of card. I think this is a really cool set and probably undervalued in my opinion. Please reply about how to determine if it is a 1933 card or not. I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks, Jim

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

You can tell from the layout of the back and the lack of any year notation. This is the page for the 1933 set – https://www.cardboardconnection.com/1933-goudey-baseball-cards

This is one of my favorite non-Topps vintage sets.

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